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"I have been taking GetAwayGrey for the last three months. I am delighted to say it is working... The new hair is my natural color."


"A Simple, but powerful enzyme, catalase, has been found to be the culprit for causing gray hair."


We are so confident that GetAwayGrey can help treat gray hair that we back our product with a risk free 100% money back guarantee.

Not Your Typical Gray Hair Treatment

GetAwayGrey doesn't cover gray hair; it's actually a treatment for gray hair—it may be your new Grey Defense.

Gray Hair Causes

The most common cause of grey hair is due to the natural process of aging. Scientists have found that a buildup of hydrogen peroxide is the main grey hair cause. As we age, there is a drop in the production of the catalase enzyme which stops hydrogen peroxide from breaking down melanin (melanin is what gives our hair and skin pigment). Other suspects for grey hair causes include vitamin deficiency (such as the vitamin B12), stress, medical conditions such as thyroid imbalance, smoking and heredity. Plucking grey hair does not cause more grey hair to grow. As a result of preliminary scientific research, GetAwayGrey has been developed to restore the catalase enzyme which could help halt or slow down the grey hair process! Further clinical research on catalase supplements is still necessary.

Premature Grey Hair

It is a myth that grey hair in women and men only occurs with older age. Grey hair in 20s, and grey hair at 30 is known as premature grey and most commonly occurs due to heredity. To prevent or stop premature grey hair naturally, GetAwayGrey could be what you’re looking for. GetAwayGrey may work to stop early grey hair from the inside out with healthy vitamins, herbs, and extracts, so your natural hair has a chance to grow back through your roots!

You no longer need to use toxic chemicals to cover up your grey because you now have a possible way to stop gray hair naturally! We help stop grey hair by using a vitamin that includes the Catalyse enzyme. Just two vitamin pills a day could bring back your natural hair color. Best of all, if our product does not work, we will give you a complete refund through our money-back guarantee!

Put aside the typical gray hair treatment. No more costly hair dye that causes permanent damage to your hair. No more hiding your hair under hats to get the grey away and out of sight. GetAwayGrey attempts to treat hair causes at their roots—no pun intended! email us, dial 1-800-991-3122 or start a live chat session now to learn more!

Not Your Typical Gray Hair Treatment

What are your current options when it comes to grey hair? Options that aren't really able to halt or slow gray hair at all. You can hide it or cut your hair really short to minimize the effect of the grey. Or, more likely, you're used to dying it. Did you know that grey hair is actually the most resistant hair color to hair dye, due to the decrease in melanin? Dying is not only costly, it's time-consuming and damages your hair, turning it into a brittle, dry mess. You may also just do nothing right now to hide the grey. But having grey hair can make you look years older than you actually are—not to mention the fact that most people's grey doesn't grow in evenly, giving you a skunk-like appearance. How embarrassing!

GetAwayGrey doesn't cover gray hair; it's actually a promising treatment for gray hair. These all-natural vitamin supplements work to help prevent or slow down gray hair and there's no cover-up required.

The Promising Grey Hair Answer

Get Away Grey's all-natural ingredients primarily strengthen the catalase enzyme in the body; lack of catalase causes grey hair. Over a period of just a few months, the gray hairs may naturally diminish. For gray hair remedies to actually work, they need to reverse the process of catalase under-production. GetAwayGrey may do precisely that—and additional supplements can help to reverse the damage caused by previous chemical treatments. The end result could be not only hair restored to its natural color, but shiny and healthy-looking hair. You'll positively glow when you see how you appear years younger!

Don't Just Cover Gray Hair

Vow to no longer cover up the problem. Don't color gray hair—actually attempt to attack grey hair at its roots. Rely on the all-natural GetAwayGrey treatment for grey hair. No other method of grey hair treatment may actually treat the problem at its roots.

Get Help for Grey Hair

We're so sure that in two to three months, you'll love how well our gray hair treatment works for you, that you'll never want to try other methods of sending gray away again. You have nothing to lose by trying GetAwayGrey because we're willing to give you your money back if you're not satisfied with our promising gray hair solution. Join us in saying, "Gray hair goes away!!"

Place your order today or learn more about grey hair causes by getting in touch with our customer service reps. Start a live chat session, email us or call us at 1-800-991-3122. You can also find us on Google+.

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