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Understanding the Grey Hair Reversal Process

Most people start getting grey hair at quite an early age due to the lack of an important protein, catalase, in our body. Catalase, which is responsible for breaking down hydrogen peroxide into simpler elements, can start getting depleted at any age. As a result, hydrogen peroxide damages the cells in our hair and makes them go grey. However, it is still possible to get rid of grey hair is still possible by sustaining catalase levels in your body by means of proper diet and supplements.

Catalase supplement, Get Away Grey, triggers a grey hair reversal process building back catalase supply in your body and making your hair go back to its original color. However, they are not some magic pills that will make your hair go back to original overnight. Grey hair reversal is a slowly occurring process that takes time, but in the end you will surely have your original hair color back.

The Initial Step

After you start taking Get Away Grey, your body will start building up its catalase level. Once the body has a sufficient protein source, it will start working to break the hydrogen peroxide and preventing your hair from any further damage. Since the grey hair you have is already damaged, they cannot be revived. Hence, the hair already grown will remain grey. Catalase supplements affect the new growing hairs, protecting their cells from getting damaged.

That way, the new hair that will grow out on your head will be your natural color. New hair growth can take up to 12 weeks therefore you need to be patient initially to see a positive change. The good part is that if you still feel that you have not noticed any effective change in your hair after 12 weeks, you can claim 100% money back guarantee on Get Away Grey.

Moving Ahead

Once you start noticing that new hair in its original color is growing back, you should continue with the supplements to keep up the catalase supply in your body. Eventually, all of the grey hair on your head will be replaced by new hair while you keep cutting off the grey parts. If you give up the supplements at this stage, the hairs will once again start getting grey because your body will no longer have sufficient catalase.

Maintain Your Hair

After getting rid of grey hair completely, you should still continue with your Get Away Grey supplements to maintain your original color over time. Once you stop the supplements, your body will eventually start losing catalase, the grey hair reversal process will stop and the new hair that will grow out will once again be grey. The good thing is that Get Away Grey is made from natural vitamins and nutrients, and its regular use is not at all harmful.

You can easily get Get Away Grey by visiting their website at GetAwayGrey.com and placing your order; it is a perfect way for getting rid of grey hair.