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Turn Gray Away: Thee Hot Hairstyles for Men Affected by Premature Graying

clooWhen you look like George Clooney or Richard Gere, it is fairly easy to rock the silvery fox look without being associated with Santa Claus. Nonetheless, there is nothing appealing about a chaotic mix of ugly shades of gray that often make non-celebrities look tired, older and less attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Fortunately, men who want to feel younger and less ordinary have many options at hand: some choose to reverse gray hair with a pill, while others try to conceal it by dyeing silver hairs. At the same time, more than a few individuals decide to embrace their grays and put them in a completely different light, by opting for some of the trendiest, classiest hairstyles.

1)      The George Clooney- Inspired Razor-Short Haircut

George Clooney is the symbol of the bold, incredibly handsome modern man who doesn’t want to stop gray hair. As a matter of fact, white hairs are his secret weapon of seduction. Both George Clooney and Matt Damon go in favor of the timelessly elegant razor-short haircut, requiring basic styling products and reduced grooming efforts.

2)      Shoulder-Length Hair Complimented by a Full Thick Beard

Do you still think that you have to cut your graying hair short to maintain your classy appearance? In this case, you may be terribly wrong. There are more than a few men who can easily pull off the shoulder-length hairstyle. Just take a closer look at Jeff Bridges, who wears his mix of white, gray and ash blonde locks with great pride. In this case, Bridges also opts for a thick beard that perfects this very interesting outdoors look. Discrete highlights could be the recipe for success in this case. The key is to avoid powerful contrasts that could make you look older.

3)      A Faux Hawk Is the Perfect Option for Bold, Trendy Men

If you want to reveal the fact that you are a fashion-forward person with no inhibitions and that premature graying doesn’t scare you one bit, consider getting a faux hawk. This is a daring haircut that will definitely guarantee a youthful appearance. It is basically a tapered haircut that looks a lot like a Mohawk. The only difference is that the sides aren’t shaved, so this haircut is less wild and much more suitable for men who want to preserve a classy image.

Reverse Gray Hair with a Pill

If you’re not one of the biggest fans of gray hair, rely on a great grey defense and choose to stop premature graying with a pill. Get Away Grey is a revolutionary gray hair cure based on catalase and numerous herbal and mineral additives, which your body needs to delay the hair oxidation process.

Order Get Away Grey and use this fabulous remedy to turn gray away in no time.