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Turn Gray Away: Could Positive Affirmations Help Men and Women Reverse Gray Hair?

gray hairMen and women who hate the idea of having gray hair in their late 20s or early 30s would try just about anything to go back to beautiful, strong, fully pigmented hair. Unfortunately, banishing those first grays and preventing others from appearing on your temples can be quite challenging at any age.

Let’s face it: hair dyes only camouflage grey hair for a limited period of time; homemade masks based on active ingredients such as amla powder or Camellia oil may lead to minor improvements, but only if you’re really patient and consistent throughout your entire anti gray hair campaign.

Moreover, in the long run, you could easily get tired of hats, hairbands and special haircuts designed to mask those grays. Before thinking about embracing the grays that really scare you to death, opt for a different approach.

Discover the power of positive thinking. Since beauty starts from the inside out, it may not be a bad idea to rely on positive affirmations to turn gray away. Certain therapists firmly believe that motivation, perseverance and the right attitude can lead to much-needed changes. Positive affirmations that may help you recover your youthful appearance can be divided into three different categories:

a)      Present tense affirmations like for instance “I am reversing gray hair as we speak” or “it is in my power to stop gray hair from shattering my confidence”

b)      Future tense affirmations: “I will reverse gray hair and restore my natural color in a matter of a few weeks” or “ everyone will notice the first signs of improvement in less than a few weeks”

c)      Natural affirmations: “my hair cells are perfectly healthy and active” or “I am tranquil and perfectly able to send positive energy to my hair follicles and scalp”

Naturally, the first thing on your mind may be that this process is mambo jambo in its purest form. Truth be told, this simple practice can’t hurt you. Furthermore, specialists who promote this alternative therapy think that positive affirmations represent the best way to eliminate gray hair from the inside out, by boosting melanin production and restoring the natural color of your hair.

It is in your power to direct healing energy towards your subconscious, reduce stress levels (one of the main causes of premature graying) and promote hair cells health the risk-free way. There are several eBooks that can guide your steps in the right direction by offering you unlimited access to positive affirmations.

Opt for a Hair Cure Based on Science

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