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Trend Alert: Gray’s Huge Comeback in Fashion, Hairstyling and Home Décor

gray-grey-hair-fashion-dazed-mag-3Gray and silver represent two of the most versatile shades that can improve your personal style and your home décor at the same time. If, for some reason or another, you don’t feel ready to embrace a radical change, you can definitely go gray and assess the end result of your work. Chances are that you will witness major improvements.

Designers, architects and hairdressers will tell you the same thing: silver rocks this season. Whether we’re talking about perfectly groomed aging hair, a bright, spacious living room with grayish wallpaper or fashionable clothing items and accessories, one thing’s certain: silvery metallic accents are hotter than ever.

Shocking News: Gray Hair Can Actually Make You Look 10 Years Younger

large-msg-134229582046Who would have ever thought that gray hair could actually wipe a decade off your face and help you look younger and so much more attractive without forcing you to spend a fortune on aggressive cosmetic products?A recent article published by Detroit Free Press indicates that men and women who want to recover their youthful appearance should actually make peace with their discolored tresses and stay far away from hair dye. This hypothesis is backed by many renowned Hollywood celebs, including John Slattery, who state that their hair dye addiction led them to horrifying, totally unflattering results in the past.

How to Put the “G” in Glossy Grays

dye-g-12Most graying hair is dull, vulnerable and lifeless. But the good news is that you can change all this by turning your boring fading color into the brightest natural tone with exquisite silvery accents. A Daily Mail article sheds some light on this delicate matter, listing the main steps that you should follow to obtain smooth, silky, shiny and most importantly, all-natural gray hair.

  • Battle the Inherent Frizziness with the Best Products. Graying hair is extremely rebellious because it gradually loses all its natural oils that make it smooth and easy to style. Fortunately, numerous cosmetic aids have been designed to help you tackle the root of this common problem.
  • Add Volume. Grey hairs are considerable thinner because they comprise less protein. As a result, strands become finer and lose their power of seduction. Volumizing products, like John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Mousse for instance, may represent the perfect solution to your problem. Just apply it on your wet tresses, blow dry your hair and contemplate the end result.
  • Get Ready to Display a Glossy Image. Graying hairs are less reflective than fully pigmented ones. To eliminate this drawback, you just have to use special shampoos, conditioners and styling products containing optical brighteners ensuring a youthful, glossy shine.
  • Put Hair Thinning on Hold. After menopause, most women witness negative chances in terms of hair density. If you are one of them, you can stimulate the normal development of your aging tresses by relying on hair growing formulas based on Minoxidil, which reinvigorate decreased hair follicles.

What If Gray Hair Isn’t Your Cup of Tea?

If you dislike silvery accents and think that they aren’t matching your personal style, note that you can always count on viable substitutes tailored to your needs and preferences. When it comes to home décor and wardrobe changes you can mix and match a rainbow of colors until you are pleased with the end result. In what aging tresses are concerned, you can balance their fading color by adding highlights, dyeing them in a uniform color or taking catalase supplements to restore your pigment.