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To Dye Your Hair or Not When Greying

To Dye Your Hair or Not When GreyingWe all get to a certain age where we ask ourselves, should we or should we not? Let’s just make something clear here; we’re talking about dyeing our grey hair and nothing else. Well let’s face it; we’re all getting there eventually, where a few strands of grey hair turn into a forest of salt and pepper only to drive us crazy to the extent of plucking each strand causing us to go bald, and we don’t want that now, do we? So, we decide to join the hair dye world.

Why Dye?

Why do we do it? Well, coloring is fun. However, once you color your hair, you can’t go back. You know, otherwise your roots will show and then your friends and family are going to ask you if you’re “tired” or “sick”, which is basically code for, “Hey! You’re looking old”.

Think about all those women you admire and who have gracefully tipped over the 40 mark. You have Madonna, Oprah, and even Judge Judy, neither one of them has sported their natural hair color. Although, there are some women who flaunt their grey hair in style and one such person that comes to mind is none other than Barbara Bush. She was bold enough to sport her grey hair along with being overweight, a combination more women would fear.

The Problems with Dyeing

The only problem with dyeing your hair is that it becomes a long term commitment, especially for those who want to maintain their youth. Sure, it seems easy when you’re 40, or perhaps even if you’re 50, but when you turn 60 it becomes ridiculous and tiring and eventually you stop.

Imagine for second a woman who has red hair and decides to maintain it till she turns 70. What may have seemed natural at the age of 50 would seem unnatural when she turns 70, especially if she continues to dye her hair red.  Why does she do that? Well, she still sees herself as being vibrant, fun and young, so how could she stop dyeing her hair and become a grey haired woman?

Most women can relate to this situation, so for them, dyeing their hair is the only way to preserve their youth. But, what most people will never understand is the true process of why your hair turns grey. We have cells in the hair follicles which are called “Melanocytes”; these cells produce pigments known as Melanin which gives the hair its dark color. As we age, an enzyme known as catalase begins to diminish, leaving an excess of hydrogen peroxide in the hair which decreases the level of melanin in the hair and bleaches it out. In general, the more melanin produced the darker the hair will be, and if there’s a decrease in melanin, the color of your hair will begin to lighten.

When Melanocytes stop producing these pigments, the result is transparent hair. It’s this transparent hair which, when aligned with your dark colored roots, makes the hair look grey. However, in reality, that hair isn’t grey or white, it’s basically transparent.

So, if you’re worried about your grey hair and find that dyeing your hair isn’t doing it for you any more, then why not try a formula that actually works. Why not try …

Get Away Grey

No longer will you have to use hair dyes or special coloring shampoos to cover your grey hair. GetAwayGrey is a natural formula that reverses that process of grey hair by breaking down the level of Hydrogen Peroxide, through an enzyme called Catalase, which returns melanin back to your hair color and thus covers up the greys, giving it a dark color.