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The 5 Quickest and Easiest Anti-Aging Options

Many people worry about looking older. But there’s one thing that’s far more unattractive than natural aging: an older person trying too hard to look 25 again.

Sure, looks change with the years. But just because you are middle aged or older doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money or time to look good. In fact, many of the things that make mature adults look great have to do with minimizing beauty routines. Here are 5 of the quickest and easiest anti-aging options.

Real beauty has no expiration date.

1. With Make-Up, Less Is More

Don’t think that just because you’re 40 you need more makeup to look good. Usually, the opposite is true. Taking care of your skin is the most important thing you can do to have a beautiful face. As you get older, makeup doesn’t blend in as well, and can actually make you look older. Try paring back your makeup to just a few basics, like mascara and lip color in a soft shade. You might be surprised at how naturally beautiful you are.

2. A Little Bronzer Goes a Long Way

Tanning damages skin, and who has time to either lie out in the sun or visit a tanning bed regularly? A little bronzer on your cheeks can give you an effortless glow. Just be sure to use a shade that’s at most a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone. Trying to look really tan with a bronzer almost always turns you orange, and that’s not a good look for any age.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Pare down your make-up routine in the morning and spend those extra few minutes in bed. A good night’s sleep does wonders for your looks. Sure, everyone’s going to stay up occasionally, but regularly getting eight hours sleep is one of the best gifts you can give your body and face. If it’s time for a new mattress, invest in a high quality one, because the concept of “beauty sleep” has its basis in reality.

4. Visit Your Dentist

A great smile can take a person from “attractive” to “stunning.”

Have dental problems fixed and inquire about simple cosmetic dental procedures that can transform your smile. You can have chipped or worn-down teeth made beautiful again with veneers, and if your teeth are dull or yellow, a cosmetic dentist can brighten your teeth by several shades in just one visit. A terrific smile is the best “makeup” anyone can have, regardless of age.

5. Be Kind to Your Hair

Daily use of a flat iron or hair dryer can make hair crunchy and brittle, as can harsh chemicals in hair dye. If you want to get rid of grey, you don’t necessarily have to use dye to do so. Whether you have premature grey hair, or are of an age when grey hair is natural, you can now take a daily supplement called GetAwayGrey that helps your hair grow back in its natural color. GetAwayGrey helps your body make Catalase, a substance that breaks down hydrogen peroxide. As we age, we make less Catalase, meaning that circulating hydrogen peroxide bleaches hair before it emerges from the scalp. GetAwayGrey is the natural solution to grey hair .

Photo Credits: Ana, Thomas Quine