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3 Misconceptions about Gray Hair That You Should Forget about

iStock_000054801930_SmallGray may be one of the hottest hues of the season spotted during this year’s runway shows, but for more than a few people it represents the most dreadful hair color. Associated with old age and its virtually endless list of problems, grays can impact your everyday image and make you question your appeal. Truth be told, gray hair often gets blamed for a number of things that it isn’t actually responsible for: the promotion that you didn’t get, a relationship that ended badly or your reduced level of self-confidence. Silver strands may not be a major turn on for everyone, but one thing’s certain: their bad reputation is also amplified by a few bedtime stories that you’ve probably heard more than once. Here are three excellent examples of the common gray hair misconceptions.

Plucking One Hair Can Trigger the Appearance of Multiple Angry Grays

Let’s get one thing straight: plucking isn’t exactly the best gray hair management technique. However, one plucked gray won’t be replaced by an army of colorless hairs. This is just an old myth that should be debunked once and for all. On the other hand, plucking can damage your hair follicles in an irreversible manner and prevent the growth of new hairs. In other words, excessive plucking can result in balding spots, a major aesthetic concern that can be very difficult to address or conceal.

You Can “Give” Yourself Grays

According to Huffington Post, scientists are yet to find a solid connection between premature graying and constant stress levels. Therefore, it is safe to say that your negative thinking and the tension that you are experiencing on a daily basis have no real, measurable impact on your hair color.  Nonetheless, do keep in mind that stress can be one of the causes of telogen effluvium, also known as temporary hair loss. As your pigmented strands fall out at a faster pace, your new hairs could grow back less pigmented than the ones that you used to have, especially if premature graying is a problem that runs in the family or you are over 35. This phenomenon explains why your incorrect approach to handling stress is often blamed for the appearance of your first grays.

Hair Dyes Are the Sole Solution to Your Premature Graying Problem

Your mom has been coloring her hair for decades. You have decided to follow in her footsteps, thinking that hair coloring kits are the sole valid option when it comes to masking those nasty white roots. In reality, there is a new category of products that could help you treat gray hair. Vitamins for gray hair based on catalase break H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) into water and oxygen, interfering with the hair oxidation process that is responsible for your fading color. Based on natural plant and mineral extracts, this innovative product could deliver promising results, enabling users to take pride in radiant, stronger and potentially darker hairs after a few weeks of utilization.

3 Things That You Probably Didn’t Know about Catalase

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) molecular structure isolated on whiteThe idea of sporting more than a few gray hairs while you’re still in your 30’s can be quite upsetting. On the other hand, the thought that you could become addicted to expensive salon coloring treatments can be even more daunting. The good news is that science has gone a long way. At this point, respectable scientists have already identified, tested and introduced a new generation of gray hair solutions based on catalase. But what exactly is this amazing ingredient that everyone is talking about these days? Here are three interesting things that you should know about this prominent enzyme.

  1. Catalase Is an Enzyme Contained by the Bodies of Nearly All Living Creatures

Catalase is actually found in the bodies of all living organisms that are exposed to a source of oxygen. In short, catalase catalyzes the disintegration of hydrogen peroxide molecules into hydrogen and water. Catalase was first identified as a substance in 1818, when Louis Jacques Thénard, the discoverer of hydrogen peroxide, realized that this oxidative agent is being decomposed by a certain chemical element. Following a similar path, Oscar Loew named this element “catalase” and identified its presence in a great variety of animals and plants.

  1. Catalase Is the Enzyme with the Highest Turnover Rate

Catalase is an extremely powerful enzyme that can turn an impressive number of hydrogen molecules (approximately 400 million) into oxygen and water in only one second. 

  1. Catalase Is the Main Ingredient Comprised by Advanced Gray Hair Treatments

New research and studies conducted by respectable team of scientists suggest that catalase could help users unlock a plentitude of health and beauty benefits. For starters, according to the Global Healing Center, catalase provides a considerable antioxidative support, has potential anti-degenerative and anti-aging effects, manages to prevent DNA damage and contributes to a rapid and safe fat reduction. As this wouldn’t be enough, this amazing enzyme is also the main ingredient listed by advanced gray hair solutions designed to stop, prevent or reverse silvery strands. Comprising the ideal amount of catalase and several other top natural ingredients used on a large scale in the hair care industry, Getawaygrey is the most convenient product available for men and women who want to rejuvenate their tresses completely naturally and safely. For more info on how this product works, just check out its official website and get the details that you need to take better care of your aging hair.

3 Reasons Why Artificial Gray Hair Coloring Techniques Are Bad for You

beautiful young woman dyeing hairsGray hair is not one of your worst problems. Sure, you hate its frizziness and its lifeless aspect, but your colorist is so nice to you all the time and offers you the best treatments that you need to address these issues. Hair dye is your best ally. You apply it on your colorless roots every 3 to 4 weeks and your grays vanish in no time. In theory, this sounds like the perfect story with a happy ending, but we all know that the results you manage to achieve through this method are ephemeral. Need another motive to ditch the old coloring kit and see your stylist less often? We can give you at least three good reasons that would justify this move.

  1. Hair Dyes May Comprise Toxic Beauty Compounds. Here is a piece of information that might actually shock you: according to a Huffington Post article, the beauty industry is highly unregulated, as new beauty products do not have to pass through a pre-approval process before entering the market and landing in your shopping cart. According to the same source, many of the synthetic chemicals comprised by creams, lotions and coloring agents are known as skin penetrators, skin irritants and endocrine disruptors and are potentially carcinogenic. After assimilating this info, at this point you probably have a strong base to motivate your preference for all-natural anti gray hair products.
  2. Experimenting with Hair Dyes Is Not Always a Good Idea. You wanted blonde, but your hair dye didn’t listen. You’ve read and followed the step-by-step instructions that came with the products, and still somehow your grays have become light orange. The results provided by DIY coloring kits are often unpredictable, especially when you dye gray hair, which usually tends to absorb as much pigment as possible from the environment.
  3. Hair Dyes Only Manage to Conceal Your Grays. Here’s the ugly truth that nobody wants to hear: dyes are only a temporary solution to your gray hair problem. Moreover, sometimes they actually impact your hair health, making you cope with a few additional issues, such as split ends and an excessively dry scalp. Instead of opting for short-term improvements, go for a different alternative that actually addressed the cause of your loss of pigment. Getawaygrey contains catalase, the powerful enzyme that turns hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. By neutralizing the agent that is responsible for your hair oxidation process, these pills for hair can help you rejuvenate and protect your strands from the inside out.

To become more familiar with the notable benefits of gray hair supplements based on science, just visit the official Getawaygrey website and discover the ingredients that can help you say go away grey in only a few weeks.

5 Tips on How to Identify and Use Natural Anti Gray Hair Solutions

Happy Senior WOman Man Couple On Tropical BeachGray hairs are not an accurate indicator of your age. As a matter of fact, you can start to go gray in your early 20s; in this case, those silvery strands are most likely a part of your genetic heritage and should not be interpreted as a sign that you are getting old. But truth be told, ugly, coarse, white hairs that pop out of your raven mane can impact your image and make you look and feel old. So what’s the best route that you should follow to restore your youthful appearance? Instead of relying on coloring kits and other artificial, chemical-rich products, stick to the natural anti gray hair solutions that real science has brought to you. Here are a few easy tips on how to rejuvenate and beautify your locks without using any potentially dangerous chemicals.

  1. Eat Fresh Foods That Are Rich in Catalase. Start by adjusting your eating habits. Include as many catalase-rich foods in your daily diet. Catalase is a powerful enzyme that puts the hair oxidation on hold by decomposing hydrogen peroxide molecules into oxygen and water. According to Livestrong, potatoes, beef liver, carrots and wheat sprouts are among the most popular ingredients representing excellent sources of catalase. Just imagine how many fantastic dinners you could prepare using these basic super foods.
  2. Rinse Your Hair with Homemade Potions Ensuring a Subtle Darkening Effect. After every single washing cycle, choose to rinse your gray hair with a homemade gray hair remedy based on boiled sage leaves, coffee, amla powder or black tea. All these compounds ensure a very subtle darkening effect that could last for days or weeks in a row.
  3. Apply Essential Oils on Your Graying Hair. According to eHow, a few drops of essential oils can allow you to protect, nourish and beautify your grays almost instantly. An instant gray hair remedy based on thyme and sage essential oils may bring you closer to darker, stronger hair.
  4. Choose the Best Catalase Supplements That Finally Let You Say Go Away Grey! Don’t have time to explore the gradual improvements brought to you by oils and homemade potions? Not to worry! There is a much more effective way to restore the original brilliance and intensity of your locks. This time, the changes will take place from the inside out. By taking scientifically-proven catalase supplements on a day to day basis you could succeed in making the gray go away in a matter of a few weeks. Aside from the fact that such supplements help you protect your natural pigment, they also fortify your strands due to their herbal and mineral ingredients.
  5. Include Vitamins for Hair in Your Daily Diet. At this point, you should know that there is no such thing as a miracle cure that could turn your hair from white to pitch-black overnight. Major changes take time and require consistency. Getawaygrey lets you go back to your youthful image by taking two pills on a daily basis. These pills are entirely safe and natural and prove that catalase is the key to achieving darker tresses without bombarding your body with all kinds of more or less risky chemicals. Land on the official Getawaygrey website for more info related to this product and find out how it could get you closer to ideal hair health and beauty.

Going Gray Gracefully: Things That You Should Know about This Important Process

Blowing Out Small Candles On CakeYour mother has lost her battle with gray hair decades ago. She has been the slave to expensive coloring products for as long as you can remember. Unfortunately, her dyed locks look anything but natural; not to mention the fact that she is always complaining about the unaesthetic regrowth that always makes her schedule an appointment with the best colorist in town, hoping for a miracle. But the truth is that there is nothing miraculous about the pigment that comes from a tube. Sooner or later, its positive effects will fade away, leaving you with a bunch of dry, unruly grays. This doesn’t have to be your story. You can actually go gray in style and learn how to take care of your aging hair every single step of the way. Here are a few easy tips on how to become a stylish silver fox.

  1. Perfect Your Makeup Skills. Your skin should always be in perfect harmony with your gray hair. Keep in mind that, as we age, our skin also tends to become lighter. This is the main reason why the gray hair-pale face combo is often perceived as unflattering. However, you can change the rules of this game by perfecting your makeup style. Smokey eyes could be the central piece of your new signature look. If you’d rather accentuate your full lips, you may want to rely on matte trendy colors that will minimize the paleness of your face. For a wow effect, also choose to rely on a complementary blush with a subtle shimmery effect.
  2. Make Wiser Fashion Decisions. When your hair and skin look like a million dollars, you can pretty much wear whatever you like. However, when you’re dealing with a fading color, you can seldom afford the same luxury. According to an article published by the Telegraph, women who want to go gray in style should stick to the same family of colors and favor softer versions of their favorite tones. Love fuchsia? Well, in this case, couldn’t you settle for dusty pink or salmon pink? Softer colors are easier to wear and will also help you avoid the dull funeral look that may also add years to your face.
  3. Take Vitamins for Hair. Pills for hair based on catalase will enable you to take pride in a beautiful, natural color and also achieve stronger, healthier, more luscious hair in a matter of a few weeks. Catalase breaks down hydrogen peroxide molecules, ensuring a more uniform, youthful hair tone.
  4. Remember That Sometimes No Plan Is the Best Plan. In some cases, you may want to delay your decision when it comes to getting a new cut or altering your color by adding highlights, lowlights or extensions. It’s OK to be indecisive. As a matter of fact, you may want to put your makeover project on hold until you notice the first two or three inches of gray hair. This will help you get used to your new “bleached” image and determine whether or not you should rely on any other tricks (extra layers, face-framing highlights and so on) to go gray in style. At the end of the day, remember that going gray is a personal decision that should only be influenced by your own perception of beauty.


Ali MacGraw Proves That White or Gray Hair Can Be Incredibly Appealing

ed7d2ad5adae33a3428b101397afd1beWhen was the last time that you actually listened to what your graying hair had to say? “Dear aging hair, you are colorless and frizzy, you don’t get to have an opinion!” If most women could maintain a dialog with their discolored tresses, this is probably the first sentence that would roll off their tongue. But how does this rocky relationship with your locks actually benefit you? It doesn’t. Ali MacGraw is one of the very few (famous) women who are no longer intimidated by white strands and the perfectly normal aging process whose changes become visible after the age of 50.

Ali MacGraw Proves That Natural White Hair Is the Foundation of a Immaculate Look

Those who watched Oprah’s show in 2010 got the chance to hear what Ali MacGraw, a 71-year old beautiful brunette, had to say about aging and the inherent transformations linked to this stage in one’s life. Four years later, just in time for her 75th birthday party, Ali decided to ditch her coloring sessions and learn to love her graying hair as is. Due to the fact that Ali now lives in Santa Fe, far away from the spoken and unspoken rules of beauty and style dictated by celebrities, she feels free to go natural and flaunt her faultless snowy white locks. Ali now spends most of her time among mature, independent women who respect her decision and share her own values and principles in life. Once you manage to banish all that tiresome Hollywood pressure, you realize that hair color isn’t all that important. You can go blonde, go dark or just shave your head and wear a wig, as long as your choice makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.

According to Huffington Post, the transition from dark to all-white wasn’t so easy for Ali. The 75-year old American actress even said that her transitional locks “looked awful for a while.” However, the series of changes that she has undergone flatter her perfect features and also give her the self-confidence that she needs at this point.

To Color or Not to Color? Should you dye your graying hair or should you just let it be? In the end, this is a personal choice that has very much to do with the level of pressure that you might experience at home or in your work environment. Nonetheless, if you wish to stay true to yourself and embrace your graying hair without relying on a single drop of dye, consider taking catalase supplements. These pills for hair could help you address the fading color issue by restoring the natural brilliance of your tresses and fortifying them from within.

How to Keep Your Grays Healthy without Spending a Fortune on Salon Treatments

gray-hair-color-6Picture this: you run into one of your best friends from high-school and she doesn’t even recognize you! To make things even worse (if possible) she blames this incident on your hair. “What on earth did you do to your hair? It looks so…different.” In this case, we all know that she’s actually referring to the things that you haven’t done. For some reason or another, you never have enough time to condition your graying hair properly. Since you can’t stand hair dyes, you haven’t done anything to improve that dull fading color. Furthermore, you have also ignored the fact that you should upgrade your current cut, which indicates that you’re still stuck in the early 80s. OK, so in these terrible circumstances, how could you work on your appearance by bring your gray hair back to life? If your goal is to keep your strands healthy and shiny, here are a few useful tips that will support your mission.

Try a Glossing Treatment. Gray hair follicles can work against you, simply because they deliver a reduced level of natural oil and negligible amounts of melanin. This is why gray hair tends to become frizzy and lifeless. The solution to this problem is within reach and comes in the form of a glossing treatment that you can apply in your own home. Results can last for up to one week, especially when you use a quality product like John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze. To maximize the effect, condition your gray hair twice on a weekly basis, to nourish and protect the outer layer of your cuticles and create a luscious, light-reflecting surface.

Fatten Up Your Locks. Nobody says that you would look good with a voluminous mane that could make you resemble Diana Ross, but this doesn’t stop you from giving your aging tresses a little bit of TLC. To add volume to your flat grays, you can try different types of sprays that can be pulverized right at the root of your hairs. Or better yet, you could rely on mousse-like aids that coat every single strand and boost the diameter of your grays.

Utilize Gray Hair Smoothers. The texture of gray hairs is different than the one displayed by pigmented strands. So how could you possibly style and beautify wiry, rebellious hairs that refuse to lie flat? According to More, you should try to tame your aging locks by applying a smoothening serum, like the ones introduced by Pantene or Kerastase. Aids based on silicone are particularly effective because this ingredient has remarkable cuticle-flattering properties.

These three steps will guide you towards healthier gray hair. Nonetheless, if you think that real beauty flourishes from within, choose to feed and protect your strands from the inside out by taking vitamins for hair based on catalase on a daily basis.

Discover the Link between Exercise and Healthy Gray Hair

Mother And Daughter Cycling Through A ParkYou try to eat healthy, drink those 8 glasses of water on a daily basis and use the most expensive shampoos and conditioners that you can find on the market, and still your gray hair doesn’t seem to appreciate your effort. At the end of the day, your grays are still lifeless and unappealing. Where did you go wrong? To help you solve this dilemma, we’ll ask you a different question: How often do you hit the gym? Are you one of those people who think that they exercise more than enough simply because they climb the stairs, vacuum the carpets and dust their entire house regularly?  In this case, you should know that this type of physical activity won’t help you unlock the real benefits of a sustained exercising routine.

Is There a Solid Connection Between Healthy Grays and Exercise?

According to Health Analysis, exercise represents the key to maintaining a full hair line. Sustained physical effort can improve your quality of life in various ways. By boosting your circulation, improving your metabolism, increasing your energy levels and enabling you to control your appetite, exercise will always give you the opportunity to implement positive changes in your life. Exercise stimulates your circulation, speeding up the transportation of nutrients that need to reach your body cells. The result is not difficult to anticipate: physical activity will lead to a healthier scalp, a fuller hair line and healthier, much more luscious strands.

But what kind of physical exercises should you perform when you’re in your 50s? Pushups and squats may not be the best choice, especially when you’re constantly complaining about your aching back and joints. On the other hand, according to WebMD, dance exercise, walking and jogging are the safest, most effective alternatives for women over 50 who want to stay in excellent shape. Aerobic exercise could also be good for your cardiovascular system; plus it could also support your weight loss goals. Exercise tailored to your very own medical history may also allow you to prevent a wide range of diseases, including osteoporosis, heart disease and diabetes. Moreover, an exercising routine can also tame some of the most annoying symptoms associated with menopause, including sleep problems and hot flashes.

Give Your Grays a Helping Hand

Therefore, before trying to fabricate new excuses for your sedentary lifestyle, reevaluate the main ways in which exercise can benefit your gray hair and your body as a whole. If you think that your grays could use a stimulant to regain their intensity and unique glow, start taking vitamins for hair based on catalase. Two pills taken every single day could allow you to beautify and fortify your strands from the inside out.

Ways in Which Menopause Can Affect Your Graying Hair

gray hairMenopause is a very delicate topic that inevitably triggers feelings of anxiety of frustration. Most women over 40 already associate menopause with dry, itchy skin and lifeless, deteriorated, dull hair. But does the natural aging process always lead to such changes? Could menopause be responsible for all these negative alterations displayed by your aging skin, scalp and graying hair? Let’s find out.

Graying Hair, Hair Loss and Dry Scalp-3 Pressing Problems That You Should Focus on

Hydrogen peroxide buildups linked to a decrease in catalase production is responsible for gray hair. Catalase is the enzyme that would normally decompose hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen, two harmless compounds. Reduced levels of catalase can’t stand in the way of the hair oxidation process; this is why men and women get gray hair. On the other hand, menopause affects the normal collagen production and makes the scalp area become drier. Hairs can also become excessively dry and brittle.

According to Livestrong.com, thinning hair is another aspect that women impacted by menopause should worry about. Thinner hair is a major aesthetic concern that could compromise your looks and lower your self-confidence, especially when it is also doubled by a more serious problem: excessive hair loss. Minoxidil (also known as Rogaine) is the sole FDA-approved type of medication that women can take to address hair loss caused or accelerated by menopause. Nonetheless, this treatment should only be recommended by a doctor, as several other underlying causes could be at the root of your hair loss issue.

As a matter of fact, hair loss can also be the unwanted side-effect of a drastic diet, lack of exercise, stress, medication and physical damage to one’s scalp.

Can Menopause Affect Your Hair Color?

Believe it or not, menopause may also influence the end result of your dye job. Apparently, hot flashes associated with menopause could boost the processing speed of your coloring product. In other words, if you’re using foil and bleach to obtain a lighter color, body heat that comes out through your scalp can speed up the coloring process. In some cases, this “intervention” is beneficial, as body heat makes the pigment hold better. On the other hand, according to Newbeauty.com, excessive heat can also lead to damaged hairs. Therefore, women experiencing hot flashes during the coloring process should keep an eye on their mane at all times to make sure that their new shade doesn’t become too light too fast.

If you want to take good care of your grays, start by following a balanced diet based mostly on proteins and take vitamins for hair to maintain their natural glow and healthy aspect.

3 Ways to Beautify Gray Hair with Cheap Ingredients That You Already Have in Your Home

Grey-HairAre you desperately looking for secret formulas that could wipe years off your hair and face in record time? Truth be told, scientists are yet to find an effective, risk-free skin or gray hair cure providing permanent results. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you should consider your aging mane a lost cause. Even the simplest ingredients that you store in your fridge can help you beautify your tresses. By applying at-home DIY masks you can nourish and protect graying hair and prevent major aesthetic concerns, like frizziness and excessive dryness.

Lighten up Your Mane with Lemon Juice

Lemon juice and sunlight exposure represents a wonderful combination that could lighten up your discolored hairs and enable those grays to blend in easier. Rinse your hair with freshly squeezed lemon juice after every washing cycle and let your hair dry naturally in an outdoor area. In a couple of weeks you’ll witness a subtle change in color without relying on commercially available dyes.

Use Curry Leaves to Prepare Your Own Anti Gray Hair Oil

Would you rather prepare an anti-gray hair mask using only natural, entirely safe ingredients? Grab a handful of curry leaves and let them dry on your terrace until they become crisp and brownish. Next, grind them to perfection to obtain a fine powder. Mix 4 tsp. of powder with olive oil and coconut oil and boil the anti-gray hair solution. Afterwards, let it dry, stir it and apply it on your hair. Let it rest for a few hours before washing your locks. According to Style Craze, his mix will ensure a gradual darkening effect that will suit you like a glove.

Use Coconut Oil to Detangle and Feed Your Grays

We all know that excessive dryness can turn your graying hair into a real foe. If fading color is not one of your main concerns and you would much rather focus on a DIY conditioner recipe that could leave your aging tresses shiny and silky, choose to apply pure, organic coconut oil on your hairs after washing them with a specially formulated shampoo. Coconut oil smoothensaging strands and boosts their appeal.

All these DIY treatments are fairly accessible and you can personalize them based on the unique needs of your hair. For a wow effect, don’t forget to take scientifically proven vitamins for gray hair that rejuvenate and beautify your tresses from within.