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Richard Gere Says No to Gray Hair Treatment- Should You Do the Same?

Richard-gere-projectcastingWe all know that one person who can wear just about any type of clothing items and sport the most pretentious hair colors and get away with it. Richard Gere is one of them. For years in a row, Gere has always managed to maintain an ideal relationship with his colorless strands. He has always stood far away from the drama triggered by the natural aging process, taking pride in the normal changes that have made him even more appealing in the eyes of millions of women worldwide.

Why Is Richard Gere Turning Down the Idea of Trying a Gray Hair Treatment?

At this point, Gere is a proud silver fox who has no intention of coloring his hair. According to his own statement published by Daily Mail, the A-lister only relied on hair coloring tactics for a couple of movies. He has never applied a single drop of hair dye on his gorgeous locks to upgrade his off-the-set image and plans to keep things this way. He has everything it takes (including a fantastic light complexion) to embrace his natural white hair and turn it into the perfect accessory matching his elegant, unostentatious style. Gere thinks the same way about plastic surgery and indicates that he is not the biggest fan of unnatural alterations implemented to help people look a few years younger.

Should You Try a New Gray Hair Treatment?

Gere may be right: dramatic changes, such as a too-dark hair color contrasting with a pale, wrinkly face, could work against you, making you look ridiculous (and much older than you really are). On the other hand, Gere’s white locks fit him like a glove, so why would he feel tempted to lift a finger to reverse gray hair? You may not be as lucky as he is. Millions of men and women worldwide complain about the fact that their white hairs make them look pale, older and less attractive. If you also share this concern, remember that you could always count on an innovative gray hair treatment to try to protect your natural pigment.  Getawaygrey is the natural vitamin complex for aging hair that you’ve been waiting for all along. Its concentration of catalase enables your body to neutralize the culprit for premature graying-hydrogen peroxide- by decomposing it into water and oxygen. In the absence of excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide that could bleach your tresses from the inside out, your hair may have a real shot at preserving its natural color for a longer while. If you want to find out more about the usage and benefits of this new gray hair pill, just go to www.getawaygrey.com and get all the info that you could ever need to make your first purchase.

3 Gray Hair Care Mistakes That Add Years to Your Face

Mature woman with smart phoneAt some point in your life, you may be wondering: how could I prevent the first graying hairs from impacting my image, as well as my personal and professional life? To identify and follow the simplest solution to this challenge, you just have to take a closer look at Hollywood’s most renowned silvery foxes. What do these aging celebs have in common, aside from their daring approach to embracing and styling their gray hair in a successful manner? Their hairstyles reflect an ideal balance between the ideal texture, color and cut. Here are 3 of the most common gray hair care mistakes that could destroy this equilibrium.

You Go for the Wrong Cut. Blunt lines require constant maintenance and do not always favor your facial features. On the other hand, a slightly shaggy cut may accentuate your modern, youthful appearance and distract the attention from your transitional hair.

You Refuse to Lighten up or Darken Your Locks. Gray hair is usually considered unappealing because of the powerful contrasts that it brings along. White streaks coupled with pitch-black strands can be quite a misfortunate combination, especially when you flaunt the same outdated cut that you used to sport in high school. Therefore, don’t be afraid to experiment with color. You don’t necessarily have to become addicted to expensive monthly coloring sessions to achieve your goal. By getting lighter or darker lowlights and highlights every 3 to 6 months you could wipe years off your face, redefine your cut and make your best features pop out. All in all, highlights and messy partings can help you require fewer touchups and grow out your grays in style with minimal effort.

You Ignore Natural Products Designed to Restore Your Natural Pigment. On the other side of the coin, assuming that you don’t want to apply any chemicals on your strands to boost their appeal, maybe you’re neglecting the fact that the newest generation of vitamins for gray hair has been especially designed to tackle the cause of premature graying, by dissolving hydrogen peroxide accumulations. Known as innovative gray hair solutions created and introduced to rejuvenate, fortify and beautify your tresses from the inside out, catalase supplements are the key to obtaining a celebrity-inspired mane that will define and upgrade your personal style for many more years to come.

3 Fun Things That Men Should Know about Their Gray Hair

Woman Receiving Gift From Man At HomeYou often look in the mirror and blame your stressful life for the premature appearance of those silvery strands, but do you actually know and understand the story of your gray hair? In its purest form, graying hairs are neither a curse, nor a blessing. They are a part of who you really are and demand as much respect (and proper maintenance) as your pitch-black hairs. If you want to upgrade your hair care ritual or identify and address the causes of your colorless streaks, start by analyzing and assimilating the interesting info listed below.

  1. The Process of Going Gray Is Influenced by Two Categories of Factors. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot go gray overnight, unless you rely on artificial pigments coming from a box. The natural aging process and our genetic heritage determine the pace of our hair oxidation. According to scientists, a change in hair pigmentation may also be influenced by other extrinsic (pollution levels, chemical exposure, toxins and climate) and intrinsic factors (age, body distribution, hormones and genetic defects).
  2. Your Gray Hair Is Stronger Than You May Actually Think. Here is another interesting hair-raising fact: a scalp counts anywhere from 100,000 to 150,000 hairs. Each hair can support a weight of approximately 100 grams (the equivalent of 3.5 ounces). This means that your locks could easily hold anywhere from 10 to 15 tones. But the fact that gray hairs can be frail because of their loss of natural oils is also true. This is precisely why you should aid your aging tresses by taking the right type of vitamins for gray hair based on mineral and herbal compounds.
  3. You Can Win the Fight with the Hair Oxidation Process. These days, you don’t have to live with gray hair if you don’t want to. Assuming that you consider dyes a cheap trick employed to camouflage white strands and would much rather rely on real scientific breakthroughs to bring back your natural pigment, choose to buy and use catalase supplements. Pills based on catalase interfere with the oxidation process, by removing hydrogen peroxide from your hair shafts and preventing the gradual loss of natural pigment triggered by this oxidative agent.

If you would like to find out more about the safe, totally natural approach to gray hair rejuvenation and beautification, just visit www.GetAwayGrey.com and find out how you could order the innovative product that could help you keep your pigment on your strands for many more years to come.

Kylie Jenner Flaunts Gorgeous Gray Hair

graWhat do you do when you realize that your raven hair is gradually losing its pigment and makes more room for nasty looking gray hair? Do you take some time to mourn its lost brilliance and fading color or do you focus on finding the best solution to address this upsetting problem?

What Exactly Should You Do with Your Gray Hair?

Truth be told, there are half a million ways in which you could camouflage your first grays. You could dye your mane and try a funky new color, get blonde highlights to make those silvery strands become less noticeable, take vitamins for gray hair to intensify the color of your tresses or prepare and apply homemade potions to achieve a darker hue. If none of these alternatives appeal to you, you could actually consider getting a set of natural hair extensions with a gorgeous gray ombre effect. Apparently, this is the secret behind Kyle Jenner’s extreme makeover, which took place when we were all sleeping.

Gray Hair, Don’t Care!

Kylie Jenner is one of the bold models who actually prove that gray hair can be extremely seductive. The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family has been recently photographed in her usual black on black attire, which was complemented by long, sultry gray hair with a delightful ombre effect. Basically, her pitch-black roots create an unexpected contrast with a light shade of gray with metallic accents. Throughout time, Kylie has managed to develop and preserve her iconic image reflecting her predilection for black and neutral colors.

Also, she is known as a flip-flopper in terms of hair length, as she has always gone from the longest extensions to classic shoulder-length cuts with different variations. Even if consistency is not exactly her thing, Kyle does a great job at letting the whole word know that going gray can be a smart move. Whether you need a break from your gorgeous raven hair or you are looking for an effective method to conceal your first grays, silvery extensions can become your best friend.

What If Gray Is Not Your Cup of Tea?

But then again, extensions can complicate your styling routine and make you invest a bit more time and money in salon treatments. If you’d rather stick to your all-natural image without abandoning your plan to darken your hair naturally, remember that catalase supplements could help you achieve this goal. These pills are based on herbal and mineral extracts that can improve the color and texture of your hairs in a matter of a few weeks.

For more gray hair supplement ideas, check our Get Away Grey site.

Best Essential Oils for Stronger, Healthier, More Beautiful Gray Hair

natural hairFor many years in a row, you have felt compelled to dye your aging locks. But at this point, you are tired of coloring processes that cost you a lot of money and require a strict maintenance routine. Does this mean that you should give up on your dream of having superb gray hair? Fortunately, this is not the case. If you are determined to love your locks as they are, you should know that Mother Nature lends you a helping hand, by giving you access to natural plant extracts that could do wonders even for the frizziest, most untamable grays. Some of the best natural aids that you could ever count on to upgrade your hair care regimen come in the form of essential oils. This category of safe, eco-friendly gray hair products is also inexpensive and highly effective, as long as you choose to use it on a regular basis. But what kind of formulas should you buy and apply on your tresses? It all depends on your specific beautification goals.

#1 Goal: Fighting the Dull, Fading Color

Essential oils can contribute to a much more youthful appearance, by accentuating the natural color of your tresses. According to Livestrong, a mix of castor oil, jojoba oil and mustard seed oil could help you reverse gray hair safely and absolutely naturally. You would just have to apply the mix at the roots of your grays and let it rest for a few hours. Unused portions can be kept in a dry, cool place for up to one month without losing their properties. To support this important goal, you may also want to rely on a natural herbal rinse based on parsley, black tea, catnip, sage and rosemary (for dark hair) and rosehips, turmeric, yellow broom, privet and red hibiscus (for lighter hair).

#2 Goal: Keeping Your Grays Healthy

Scalp massages allow you to speed up the nutrient transportation. This means that gentle massaging techniques may lead to healthier, much more vigorous strands. To maximize the effect of this pampering treatment, consider adding a few drops of apricot kernel, sweet almond and olive oil. These base oils are great for your hair. Five to six drops of each will condition and fortify your tresses, generating visible signs of improvement after your first applications.

Don’t have much faith in the power of plants? In this case, note that you can achieve both of your beautification goals by taking the right vitamins for gray hair. Pills based on catalase let you restore your color gradually by interfering with the oxidation process. On top of that, they also keep your strands healthy and shiny.

Gray Hair Diary: What Are the Factors That Can Accelerate the Growth of Your Locks

make-up-for-gray-hairMost women are fully aware of the fact that long, silky, glossy hair is one of the most powerful weapons of seduction. This is precisely why they spend a lot of money on salon treatments and always hesitate when it comes to upgrading their cut. “My hair is so long and pretty. I don’t have the heart to trim it.” If you hear yourself making this statement quite often, this means that you are striving to maintain a solid relationship with your graying hair. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t trim your split ends regularly. At the same time, if you have experimented with your scissors only to achieve disastrous results and now you wish you could turn back time, we have good news for you. There are several factors that could accelerate your hair growth safely and effortlessly.

Scalp Massages. Who doesn’t love a long, relaxing scalp massage? This type of pampering treatment will help you unwind, but it will also improve your blood circulation and channel a greater amount of nutrients towards the roots of your hairs. According to Schwarzkopf, you could also perform this simple and absolutely free therapy by combing your strands with your fingers and pulling on your hair in a very gentle manner. Tapping and pulling techniques are very effective and can enable you to grow longer, more luscious hair faster than ever before.

Special Shampoos and Conditioners Designed to Help You Achieve Thicker Hair. Hair care products containing Q10 coenzyme are a great ally for all men and women who are trying to make their hair become stronger and more voluminous. This coenzyme boosts keratin production and leads to healthier-looking, more resistant hairs. Some shampoos coat every single strands with a protective film based on a collagen complex and various other essential ingredients. The film serves a very important purpose, as it stimulates your aging hair to become thicker and less fragile.

Catalase Supplements. Vitamins for hair are a great choice, simply because they allow users to feed and rejuvenate their strands from the inside out. Catalase works against the hair oxidation process, by destructuring hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. On top of that, these pills for gray hair also contain a mix of natural extracts from excellent sources of vitamins and minerals that give you the chance to grow longer, healthier, more luscious hair and say goodbye to clip-on extensions and other tricks that you may rely on at this point to display an envy-generating mane.


5 Declared Enemies of Healthy Gray Hair and Best Ways to Address Them

long blond human hair close-upSometimes, we take the natural beauty of your tresses for granted, thinking that we deserve it just because we eat well, exercise regularly and drink plenty of water. Is this how it works? According to Examiner, human hair is incredibly strong and fairly resilient, meaning that it is capable of preserving its strength on its own. Even so, there are at least 5 gray hair enemies that could threaten the silky texture and unique glow of your aging locks.

  1. Heat. Heat makes hair become prone to breakage. This is precisely why you should hide your grays under a hat or an umbrella at the beach and use heat-based styling appliances less often. Heat makes cuticle scales open up, causing an endless list of problems, including split ends and frizziness.
  2. Physical Damage. Are you harming your own grays? To find out, just pay more attention to your everyday styling routine. Do you love tight ponytails and buns? Do you like to comb your hair as soon as you get out of the shower? These apparently harmless habits can damage your strands. Wet hair is up to 30% more vulnerable than dry hair, so try to style your graying hair only when it is 100% dry.
  3. Harsh Shampoos/an Incorrect Washing Routine. According to Women Fitness, harsh shampoos can and will irritate your scalp and force your grays to cope with an excessive dryness. On the other hand, shampoos and conditioners especially designed for aging hair condition and protect your strands and also fight the unpleasant yellow tint that often affects the look of silvery manes.
  4. Poor Nutrition and Lack of Exercise. A well-balanced diet based mostly on proteins will ensure a prominent source of minerals and vitamins that your body requires to keep your aging hair in excellent condition. You may be wondering: what does physical activity have to do with all this? Well, exercising will improve your metabolism and increase your blood flow. A normal blood circulation will influence your hair’s condition in a positive manner.
  5. Chemical Damage. All manmade changes in terms of color and texture cause minor damage. Therefore, you may want to think twice before straightening, perming or coloring your graying hair. Chemical processes break down the protein bonds in your hair, and then they alter and re-harden them. Sounds quite scary, doesn’t it? To avoid this gray hair enemy, just learn to love your locks in their natural form.

If you think that your grays deserve a little bit of TLC, start taking scientifically proven vitamins for hair based on catalase, to achieve a more intense color and a healthier aspect.

Gray Hair Diary: Best Ways to Keep Your White Hair 100% White

young_man_with_grey_hairYou’ve never been a big fan of man-made or commercially available dyes for a number of reasons. They smell bad, are fairly unpredictable and can damage the natural texture of your aging hair in the blink of an eye, especially when you don’t bother to read the product instructions. We hear you. Gray hair can be beautiful, so why work against it at all costs? To be completely honest, most of us would give just about anything to become the proud owners of a flawless silvery mane like the one displayed by Helen Mirren, John Slattery or Meryl Streep.

But silver is a very pretentious color that requires special care. Gray hair absorbs color molecules from the environment very fast. If you’re using regular shampoos and conditioners on your aging hair, after some time you may notice a very unpleasant yellowish tint that ruins your modern look and makes you look like a dull, moll-eaten wool sweater. Are you seeking the most reliable solution to this problem? Here are a few easy ways in which you could prevent this issue or make it go away.

Glazing Treatments. Talk to your colorist about getting a glazing treatment. Such gray hair pampering sessions actually serve a practical purpose: they close your cuticles, making it much more difficult for your depigmented strands to absorb pollutants leading to a flat look and an appalling uneven color.

Vinegar Rinse. Don’t have the time or the money required by salon treatments? Not to worry! There are quite a few DIY fixes for your gray hair problem. An old-school vinegar rinse could help you keep your grays shiny and clean. You would just have to put some vinegar in an old spray bottle and apply it on your tresses. Afterwards, comb your hair and let it dry naturally. According to eHow, a quick vinegar rinse would be enough to dissolve pollutant buildup and restore the natural brilliance of your gray locks.

Use a Quality Clarifying Shampoo. Women who have already witnessed the first changes triggered by premature graying know just how important it really is to use premium shampoos and conditioners that have been especially designed to protect and beautify aging hair. Opt for a clarifying shampoo with a beneficial violet base. Purple tones fight the yellowish accents and allow you to take pride in the brightest silvery tones that you have ever contemplated.

If you feel that you could do more for your aging hair, start by nourishing and defending it from the inside out. By taking catalase supplements you may be able to delay the hair oxidation process and obtain luscious, more resistant hair that could soon become your favorite iconic accessory.


3 Easy Fixes for Gray Roots That Work Every Single Time

britney-hairIf you are addicted to color coming from a tube, then you probably know that dyes are a great friend that can become a very annoying foe in only a couple of weeks. “How so?” you might ask. Remember when you complimented your colorist for his fantastic work while contemplating that intense, yet natural-looking, rich color in the mirror? That was a month ago. Now you hide your mane under a fedora hat in an attempt to camouflage the regrowth. You don’t need to rely on head accessories to conceal your gray roots in between coloring appointments. Here are 3 foolproof ways to handle gray hair that can do no wrong.

1. Switch to a Sleek Gray Hairstyle. Middle parting and side partings are fun and easy to wear, but only when you have nothing to hide. If your discolored roots represent your main concern, you may want to go for a messy parting and a hot, slightly edgy layered cut. This way, you will achieve a subtle ombre effect that will make you look a few years younger. If you’d rather not alter your current cut, just style your locks into a high bun or a high ponytail. Also, if you’re no stranger to additions guaranteeing a uniform look and extreme volume, you could add a set of clip-on extensions that are fairly close to your natural color to conceal your colorless roots under new darker layers.

2. Opt for a Dry Shampoo. Who would have thought that a shampoo could actually work to your best advantage when it comes to masking regrowth? Dry formulas (spray or powder) alternatives eliminate excessive amounts of oil that flatten your aging hair and accentuate color irregularities. According to Prevention.com, a quality dry shampoo could enable you to reduce the frequency of your coloring sessions without displaying a messy, careless look.

3. Apply Dirty Old-School Tips and Tricks. You’ve probably heard about women who used to apply mascara on their grays to achieve a dramatic darkening effect. Well, mascara has its downsides. Clumpy or leaky mascara may lead to a styling disaster, especially if you don’t count on a reliable waterproof formula. Fortunately, according to Huffington Post, now men and women can choose from a great variety of touch-up products for gray roots, including pens and so-called magic wands. Don’t have time to fetch these innovative elements? In this case, if you’re a natural blonde you could use baby powder to conceal your regrowth. If you have dark hair and just want to hide the unpigmented strands that have started to pop out, feel free to use your brownish eyelid shade to remediate this problem.

Last but not least, don’t forget to take your catalase supplements on a daily basis. These vitamins for gray hair contribute to the health and appeal of your aging locks and represent a viable, tested solution for men and women who want to improve their appearance.

Gray Hair Chronicles: Demystifying 3 Common Myths Related to Aging

gray hair“Old people are incompetent.” “Men and women over 60 always suffer from extremely rigid thinking.”“Dementia represents an inevitable part of the aging process.” We hear such statements all the time and we can’t help but wonder: is there a grain of truth in these controversial affirmations? Can you actually influence the way in which you age or are your hands tied in this direction? It’s no secret that some elder people require special assistance to maintain a satisfying quality of life, but this fact shouldn’t leave much room for generalizations. Here are some of the most common stereotypes linked to the natural aging process.

1. As People Grow Older, They Inevitably Have to Cope with Dementia. A recent article published by Psychology Today shows that this is one of the biggest myths about aging. Recent studies indicate that dementia should be considered a modifiable health concern. If it occurs, it should be addressed as a medical condition, rather than being labeled as one of the main elements of the aging process. The fact that you become forgetful could be linked to a great variety of factors that have nothing to do with Alzheimer’s, including medication, a poor diet or existing modifiable medical problems.

2. If You Have Never Exercised before, It’s Too Late to Start in Your 60s. Wrong again! It is never too late to embrace an active lifestyle. According to a study cited by healthywomen.org, 50 women and men with ages below or above 87 exercised on a regular basis for 10 weeks, using weights. The result of this test were truly extraordinary: all participants managed to boost their muscle strength by 113%, proving that issues like premature grayingand old age have nothing in common with the ability to exercise and the desire to stay healthy and active.

3. The Basic Needs of Elder People Differ a Great Deal from the Ones Described by Younger People. As people grow older, their priorities change. But this doesn’t mean that they undergo a radical transformation overnight and become unrecognizable. According to Psychology Today, the basic human needs associated with men and women are the same at any age. We all require water, food, shelter, don’t we? Furthermore, most people over 40 who are already witnessing the first signs of the natural aging process (wrinkles, gray hair) are hell-bent on erasing them by using a powerful arsenal that usually includes anti-aging creams and serums and hair dyes or vitamins for gray hair. No matter how old they are, people want to feel attractive, loved and appreciated, and this does not change with age.