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Should You Go for a Short Cut to Address the Gray Hair Problem?

b2dc9063c51c9c407aca8a861b8d52dcGoing gray is a scary process that most people just don’t know how to handle. Some of them get trapped in a vicious circle revolving around the usage of hair dyes, while others prefer to cut their hair really short to facilitate their transition from a dark and fabulous mane to a colorless and flat one. But the question is this: why do so many women over 50 choose to say goodbye to their fabulous long locks, while going in favor of a bold pixie that doesn’t always manage to accentuate their femininity? Moreover, could a pixie or a short bob be considered the best method to cope with the effects of premature graying?

Why Do Most Gray-Haired Women Actually Prefer Shorter Hairstyles?

Truth be told, there are many reasons why millions of women decide to flaunt a bold, somewhat edgy short hairstyle in their 40s, 50s and 60s. First of all, a short cut does a great job at masking the signs of the graying process. Just think about it: when you see someone with dramatically short hair, you focus on the shocking length of the gray hairs, instead of paying attention to the tone of the locks. Moreover, more than a few women choose to cut their hair to address a wider range of problems associated with aging, hormonal imbalances and several other causes. Hair thinning, brassiness and frizziness are only a few of the aesthetic issues worth mentioning here.

Is a Short Cut the Best Solution to Your Gray Hair Challenge?

Indeed, a shorter cut can help you go from dark to fifty shades of gray seamlessly. On the other hand, according to an article published by The Guardian, colored hair should be treated like the finest cashmere, and gray hair always requires special styling tricks and deep conditioning treatments to stay healthy and shiny. Therefore, even if you choose to chop off your tresses to make the signs of graying seem less apparent, you will still have to invest in a generous selection of hair care products to maintain the attractiveness of your silver strands. No matter how short they are, your grays demand a complex pampering routine to keep you pleased in the long run.

Could Catalase Supplements Help You Intensify Your Hair Color?

While a short cut may not be the most satisfying answer to your gray hair challenge, you could always test the effectiveness of new vitamin complexes to beautify your aging hair and fortify it from the inside out. The innovative line of supplements based on catalase could delay the hair oxidation process by decomposing excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide, the element that is responsible for your loss of hair pigment. If you’re interested in this type of vitamin complexes, find out how Getawaygrey could improve the looks and feel of your tresses. Visit www.getawaygrey.com, take a look at its premium active ingredients and discover how they could help you achieve healthier, more luscious and powerful strands in only a few weeks.

Three Head-Scratching Gray Hair Facts That Deserve Your Attention

iStock_000028568214_SmallWhile you were still in your 20’s, you took your fabulous hair for granted. Now you’re in your late 30s and miss the strength, radiance and intense color of your strands. At this point, you’re stuck with a whole bunch of grays that are mixed with fully pigmented strands, leading to a somewhat dull salt and pepper look. In this context, you feel ready to dig a little deeper and find out more about premature graying and discolored hairs. What are the main factors that rob strands of their natural pigment? Could you actually delay the whole process without disrupting the normal balance of your body and without relying on hair dyes? To help you discover the simplest answers to these questions and more, we give you three head-scratching facts about gray hair.

Hair Is Initially White

When you think about the fact that there is a broad spectrum of natural hair colors, you find it difficult to believe that all hairs are initially white. As a matter of fact, this is the naked truth. Two kinds of melanin (phaeomelanin ensuring the blonde-reddish tones and eumelanin delivering the darker tones) influence our hair color. According to Mental Floss, a hypothesis developed to explain the natural graying process suggests that chronological aging stops human hairs from accessing melanin deposits; this is why men and women over 30 or 40 have to find the best solution to their fading color.

Hair Discoloration Is Linked to the Presence of Excessive Amounts of Hydrogen Peroxide

Another interesting hypothesis introduced and supported by esteemed researchers from different parts of the globe indicates that an elevated concentration of hydrogen peroxide in our organism could be the actual culprit from gray hair. As we grow older, our bodies start to produce less catalase. Insufficient amounts of this potent enzyme lead to hydrogen peroxide accumulations that bleach our hairs from the inside out.

There Could Be a Way to Boost the Amount of Catalase and Decompose Hydrogen Peroxide Buildups

If you are waiting for a simple and reliable gray hair solution that does not involve any chemicals and/or dyes, you should know that researchers have managed to deliver a vitamin complex based on catalase, designed to tackle and break the excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide. By decomposing these molecules and turning them into oxygen and water, these supplements could be used to treat gray hair and prevent the fading color that most people over 40 do not perceive as flattering. For more information about this promising category of products visit www.getawaygrey.com and find out how you can get closer to younger-looking, more vigorous and radiant hair.