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Anti Graying Solution: Why Does Premature Grey Hair Happen?

The silver strands have begun their descent down your lovely mane; but why so soon? Grey hair is considered premature when it occurs before the age of 30 for most individuals. You should be worrying about what restaurant to eat at with your new boyfriend, or how to catch a quick snooze while the baby slumbers next to you, not rushing to the nearest store to buy hair dye. With so many myths and facts, it can be difficult to understand how premature grey hair happens, and what you can do to stop it from progressing.

Contributing Factors

  • Stress is the first factor that experts seem to point at when giving advice about grey hair. While the evidence seems to point in that direction (take a look at our Presidents; no-grey pre-office, grey post-office. The conclusions seem clear!), stress itself cannot scientifically be a factor in the turning of hair color. Keep reading and we’ll get to the “why” of that question.
  • Smoking is another recently spun factor that supposedly contributes to premature gray hair. Cigarette smoke is unhealthy for you on so many levels, but the quality of your hair color isn’t one of them. At least, not for a very, very long time. After years of living in smog-laden cities, and surrounded by smokers, there are still many individuals who are left with their natural color. Definitely give up this nasty habit, but not in hopes that your premature grey hair will cease its existence.
  • Deficiency in specific vitamins and minerals that your body needs has been the factor most widely-accepted by experts and the public alike. B-12 assists in the production of your body’s melanin levels. Low melanin levels mean that fewer color-producing cells are reaching your hair follicles, and are instead focused on only the skin.
  • Genes: the classic nothing-you-can-do-about-it answer given to most of you with premature gray hair. Genes can definitely be a contributing factor, and you cannot change the chemical makeup of your body…or can you?

The Real Deal

Certainly the above factors can contribute to your premature grey hair problem, but if you have lowered your stress levels, stopped smoking, and begun a multi-vitamin regiment to no avail, then clearly these factors are not the actual issue. The only way to effectively reverse grey hair problems is to induce production of color-producing cells. GetAwayGrey has your solution for premature grey hair. With many vitamins and minerals included, this supplement is a one-of-a-kind cure for grey hair, allowing you to reverse premature gray hair forever! The main ingredient, Catalase, is an enzyme that significantly contributes to the production of melanin in the body. With the melanin production in your body continually increased by these daily supplements, your grey hair will not only diminish, but disappear, never again to return.

Check out GetAwayGrey and see what people are saying about this revolutionary supplement that can reverse grey hair, instead of just painting over the situation.