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The Gray Hair Obsession: More Than 60% of All Americans Are Dealing with It Before Turning 40

More and more people are haunted by the gray hair obsession. In most cases, there is an entire network of factors behind the dreaded premature graying process, including an incorrect nutrition, genetic heritage, smoking and even vitiligo, the medical condition that triggers extensive hair and skin depigmentation. The Get Away Grey infographic indicates that more than 60% of all Americans are forced to deal with silvery hair before turning 40.

In this context, it goes without saying that a huge percentage of those who are in this position are looking for the best way to reverse grey hair, boost their appeal and recover their youth and their confidence. So the question is this: what would be the best method to win the fight with premature hair oxidation?

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Going Grey In The USA

More Than 70% of all American women choose to dye their hair

Yes, hair dyes are somewhat expensive, have to be used on a regular basis to cover your grays in an effective manner and sometimes the end results generate only headaches and a lot of frustration. Extremely dry, deteriorated, frizzy hair that is almost impossible to tame is always a woman’s worst nightmare.

Even so, more than 70% American women choose to dye their hair. The most surprising fact is that, according to the info provided by Clairol, the biggest growth recorded in the hair dye sector is due to young clients (age 14-24) who are trying to camouflage their depigmented hairs.

Half a century ago, this cosmetic solution applied to mask grays was far less popular: only 7% of all American women used hair dyes to change their look and solve their premature graying problem in 1950.

Presently, hair dye enables women to look and feel younger and more attractive. However, while hair coloring products are extremely common and utilized on a large scale, they cannot be considered a solid ally in the battle with gray hair, simply because they do not tackle the root of the problem. So is there a different way to get rid of gray?

Get Away Grey: Your 100% Effective, Natural Cure for Grey Hair

Why choose to dye your graying hair, when you can actually reverse it? Yes, you can prevent the scary hair oxidation process in a completely natural, risk-free manner. Get Away Grey is a magnificent cure for gray hair and an important source of catalase.

Catalase is the enzyme that stops your hair from bleaching itself from the inside out. This specially formulated product will help you restore your confidence and feel younger and much more attractive.

The best part is that it comes with a money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. Order the Get Away Grey vitamin complex and get rid of gray hair the easy and convenient way.

Find a Solution for Gray Hair: Are Physical Exercises and Superfoods the Best Treatments?

857969393_1373891429These days, most people want to discover all-natural, accessible, entirely safe white hair treatments. They are tired of testing tons of unreliable cosmetic products that offer short-term benefits and cost a fortune.

Men and women who are currently looking for the best solution for gray hair wish to delay the aging process without exposing themselves to unwanted side effects. So the question is this: could a healthier lifestyle, based on a well-balanced diet and on regular workouts enable individuals to finally kick the silvery hair to the curb?

Delaying the First Signs of Premature Graying

If you want to witness radical improvements, you have to start implementing radical changes. In other words, if you want to get rid of grey hair naturally, you have to forget all about those guilty pleasures that make your hair and your skin look so much older. Quit smoking, stop eating junk food and stop drinking alcohol. These bad habits add many years to your face.

Eat Clean and Exercise on a Regular Basis

Instead, opt for fresh foods that are great sources of vitamin E and B (bananas, cereals, eggs, green veggies and meat).

Drink plenty of water. This will help you reduce wrinkles and delay premature graying. Why? The answer is simple: By ensuring an ideal hydration, you will also enable important nutrients to get to your hair follicles. Hair that doesn’t receive the right nutrients is prone to premature graying, so remember: an extra glass of water a day keeps that awful gray hair away.

Want to do everything in your power to find and implement a reliable long-term gray defense? If so, note that physical exercises play an important part in this equation: they improve your blood circulation and allow nutrients to reach your hair follicles. So spend a few more hours at the gym. Your hair will appreciate the effort! Also, if you want to enhance blood flow in the region of the scalp, gently massage your skin with the tips of your fingers.

Opt for a Reliable Gray Hair Cure

Undoubtedly, a well-balanced diet based on fresh, vitamin-rich ingredients, correlated with a workout routine, will help you delay premature graying. But you may need more than that to preserve your youth. In this case, count on the very best gray defense invented so far. Forget about white hair treatments that only provide satisfactory results for a limited period of time.

Get Away Grey is a powerful vitamin complex that will reverse gray hair and show you that it is actually possibly to turn back the clock and wipe years off your precious hair. Order Get Away Grey today and experience its spectacular results!

Should You Reverse Grey Hair or Try to Cover it Up Naturally?

337139-49217-2For centuries now, both men and women have been struggling to reverse grey hair in a time and cost-effective manner. At this point, people who are dealing with this pressing problem have a plentitude of options and hand: from semi-permanent dyes to hair makeup and clever hairstyles designed to mask those annoying silvery roots.

Moreover, there’s one other option worth considering: a vitamin complex based on catalase, the powerful enzyme that could easily become your personal fountain of youth. So what would be the best approach in this case: should you reverse gray hair by using the catalase-based product or should you try to camouflage the hairs that keep bleaching themselves from the inside? The final choice is up to you.

Covering Up Your Silvery Hairs

Want to stop greying hair? Now you can forget all about potentially dangerous dyes that could irreparably damage the structure of your hair. If you want to conceal those first signs of premature greying, go for all-natural agents that do not pose any risks. For instance, you could use homemade oils for hair, based on curry leaves or amla fruits.

Moreover, you could boost the appeal of your overly stressed hair by using henna. Both henna and amla have incredible properties: they can help you restore your natural color and take pride in softer, healthier, shinier hair in no time. In addition, a remedy based on black tea can enable you to keep those unwanted greys at a distance with minimal effort.

You should also know that sage water is an unbeatable ally when it comes to pulling the plug on premature greying; all you need to do is to boil a few sage leaves, let the liquid rest for a few minutes and then put it in a container and spray it evenly on your hair.

Prevention is the Key to a Successful Rejuvenation

Real beauty comes from the inside out. This is precisely why you should start your beautifying process from the inside. Want to stop greying hair? Opt for a diet based on healthy, vitamin-rich superfoods. Nuts, cashew, almonds and walnuts are excellent choices, leading to glowing hair and skin. Also, include foods that are excellent sources of vitamin B and vitamin E and avoid sodium, as this element plays an important part in premature greying.

Reversing Grey Hair

Don’t have much faith in the anti-aging properties of fruits and veggies? Don’t want to wait a century to witness the first signs of improvement? Want to learn how to get rid of grey hairs? If so, use Get Away Grey to reverse grey hair naturally.

Order this vitamin complex today and learn how you can grow beautiful, rejuvenated, fully pigmented hair in no time.


Reverse Gray Hair with These Natural Hair Dyes

grayhairOne thing is for sure: the majority of people do not like their greys and wish they could stop grey hair from ever coming in. Grey hair is due to a lack of catalase, among other factors, which cannot be changed with hair dyes. While it is possible to reverse grey hair, sometimes it can be fun to try different colors as you try and go away grey. But most hair dyes on the market today contain a number of chemicals. So how can you reverse grey hair without all the risk? The answer is to look to natural sources.

Blending Your Greys

If you only have a few greys that you want to get rid of on your brown hair, but you don’t want to have to dye all of the hair on your head to do it, then sage and rosemary may provide an answer. Just simmer ¼ cup of dried rosemary with a ½ cup of sage with 2 cups of water for half an hour.

Once the 30 minutes is up, allow the mixture to steep for 3 hours. Then, strain the liquid into a bowl large enough to fit your head. Dip your head into the bowl, and using a cup, pour over all of your hair, ensuring everything is being covered. Once completely covered, wring the hair and then clip if necessary. Wait until the mixture has dried, and then rise. This method requires repetition for best results.

Wake Up Your Locks

If you want to boost your brunette or dark blonde hair while you cover greys, then coffee is a good way to do it. Simply brew a strong pot, allowing it to cool, and then pour it into a head-sized bowl. Then, use a cup to distribute the mixture evenly over your hair. Then, wring the hair and clip if needed and let sit for no less than thirty minutes. The change in the color of your hair will be immediately noticeable, but several repetitions of this method will be needed for long-term coverage.

Get Wild about Saffron

At least one musician thinks saffron is something to sing about. But so do those with red or blonde hair. Saffron can definitely work to reverse greys when a half teaspoon is boiled in two cups of water. Once the mixture has steeped and is at room temperature, it can be strained and then applied by dipping the head into a bowl and evenly distributing the mixture using a cup. Then, wring out hair, clip it and allow to dry. Doing the above several times will allow for a nice and gradual color blend.

Henna Hype

This plant-based dye not only can provide rich deep red tones to the hair and cover greys, but it also contains nutrients that will improve the look of hair. This solution works well for those who want to cover all their greys in one easy step. Instructions for use will differ by brand and should be adhered to accordingly.

If you’ve ever wanted to get rid of grays naturally, you can also reverse your grey hair forever with Get Away Grey, an all-natural product.

Why not take advantage of an incredible offer to reverse gray hairtoday and start looking young again?


Stop Gray Hair: Premature Graying and the Sun’s Rays

uv-2If you are currently dealing with grey hair, you are likely already aware that it not only looks, but behaves differently than the hair you used to have. You may find that you have far less luster and shine than you used to, or may have noticed that your grey hair’s pattern or texture differs from that of your other hair.

But could all that time in the sun this past summer have been the reason why you are struggling with grey hair now and make you want to stop gray hair? The answer may surprise you.

Studies Conducted On Grey Hair and the Sun

There have been several studies conducted which compared the physical properties of particular hair colors both before and after they were exposed to UV radiation. The results of these tests were particularly interesting in one experiment, which compared a number of properties including tensile strength, cuticle abrasion and wet combing forces. In addition to the above properties, the hair’s color when exposed to UVA and UVB rays. All told, the information gathered from this particular study was able to provide much information about how the structure of hair strands was affected.

The UV Study Results

Among the surprising information revealed in the study was that gray hair was much more vulnerable to damage when exposed to UV rays than brown hair. Other changes observed in gray hair following UV exposure included increased yellowing and a greater degree of damage to the hair cuticle.

But the most fascinating aspect of the study results was that gray hair exposed to UV rays became hydrophilic rather than hydrophobic. Simply put, it attracted rather than repelled water. Other observations included an increased likelihood of hair breakage, tangling and moisture loss.

CATC – The Possible UV Protection Solution

CATC, or cinnamidopropyltrimonium chloride, a UV absorber, was found to have protective properties when applied to gray hair samples as part of a shampoo solution and then rinsed away. These properties remained when CATC was included as part of leave-in sprays which were oil-based. In addition, the inclusion of CATC also resulted in more conditioning being applied to gray hair samples.

The above results offer very good news for those who are attempting to protect their gray hair from the sun. In fact, several products exist on today’s market which can offer adequate protection and conditioning for those with gray hair.

The Best Way to Prevent UV Damage to Hair

Get Away Grey, a natural product may offer the best solution to the increased vulnerability of gray hair to the sun’s rays. This is because Get Away Grey allows you to reverse grey hair using a special formulation of 100% natural and safe ingredients that replenish your body’s depleted stores. You may see measurable results in just six months.

And right now, there is nothing to lose but your grey hair, because you can get a discount on a three-month supply of this revolutionary product.

Stop gray hair, enjoy a healthier life with our new and revolutionary all natural supplement!

Gray Hair Solutions: Is Enzyme Treatment Right for You?

The body’s everyday chemical processes rely on enzymes. The purpose of enzymes is to increase the speed at which chemical reactions occur in the body. In fact, enzymes boost the speed of these chemical reactions millions of times.

Enzyme treatment may be a familiar term, simply because it has been used for decades to improve our health. However it has only recently earned exposure for the treatment of gray hair. Now being touted as a solution for gray, enzyme therapy appears to be taking the world by storm. It was a recent discovery by European scientists that made enzyme therapy a popular gray hair solution.

How Enzymes Work

An enzyme is a protein. Enzymes exist in two forms: those that join, and those that separate. In order to make a chemical reaction happen, an enzyme must join two substrates. To prevent a chemical reaction, enzymes break up substrates. And the latter is exactly what happens to cause gray hair.

How Enzyme Therapy Works To Prevent Gray Hair

Sometimes, products are formed within the body that can be toxic if they exceed a certain concentration. Such is the case with hydrogen peroxide. When it is present in the body, it is basically toxic to the hair’s natural color, causing gray.

But when two important enzymes are introduced, the situation can be reversed. Those enzymes are Catalase and Glutathione Peroxidase. When they are introduced, the hydrogen peroxide molecules are broken down into harmless oxygen and water. Just one molecule of Catalase can convert over 40 million molecules of hydrogen peroxide, and it takes just one second to do so. This means that enzyme therapy is an incredibly efficient and effective way for anyone to get rid of their gray hair.

Other Benefits of Enzyme Therapy

Using enzyme therapy for gray hair can also have a host of additional benefits for the body. Because many illnesses are directly related to deficiencies in minerals, vitamins and enzymes, this type of therapy can provide ways for people to improve their health when prescription medications have failed.

Get Away Grey – Another Natural Gray Hair Solution 

In addition to enzyme therapy, help exists in the form of other natural solutions like Get Away Grey. Currently, a promotion is being offered that gets new customers three month’s worth at a deep discount. Many men and women have discovered the power of Get Away Grey to gradually but naturally reverse their grey hair. Will you be next?

There are many testimonials about this product, and each one contains a story that could be very similar to your own.

Even if you’ve never tried this kind of gray hair solution to reverse graying before, you can get great results by trying it now. Take advantage of our special offer of all natural anti graying supplements! Getting rid of your gray hair and never having to see it return is worth every penny.

Grey Hair Supplements: What’s the Big Deal?

Vitamin B-12

Consuming more Vitamin B-12 can help you combat gray hair.

There have been many studies on the possibility of curing grey hair with a simple pill, but is it true? Could there be one simple solution to the natural graying process? With all of the research done in the last few years, we can conclusively say, yes!  Supplements are a great way to integrate a natural grey hair reversal, but only if you have the right ingredients. Let’s look at a few different adaptations of the grey hair supplement.


Many of the more recent supplements on the market have channeled a melanin-triggering element in their ingredient list. Supplements such as Melancor tout melanin producing components that work to revitalize grey hair. With ingredients that are difficult to pronounce, let alone know the function of, this supplement would seem to be an all-encompassing vitamin with natural elements as well as manufactured ones. While these manufactured elements may indeed trigger the production of melanin, one might wonder just what all those ingredients are meant to do. After all, it takes quite a few links to even find this list of ingredients.


This element is newer to the supplement industry, and is a proven component that stimulates the growth of melanin-producing cells. Though this may sound the same as the paragraph above, it is quite different. By stimulating the production of cells, you can be certain that reversal of your grey hair is eminent. Instead of promising an encouragement of melanin itself, this supplement works to encourage cell growth. These cells are responsible for producing melanin, and allowing your hair color to return to its natural luster.

Your Cure – and Yes, It’s a Supplement!

Not only do these supplements contain Catalase, but also Biotin, Chlorophyll and Plant Sterols. This means you are getting natural ingredients from the earth’s environment to help you maintain your natural color. The extracts and vitamins included in this supplement allow your body to naturally maintain an environment that will produce your body’s physical process of hair and skin color.

GetAwayGrey is this solution for anti-grey pills. Daily doses of this supplement allow your body to obtain the stimulation it needs to begin producing melanin for your skin and hair. Grey hair can be directly reversed with this daily use. No dyes. No harsh chemicals. And best of all – no new hairstyles! Just simple and easy grey hair reversal to give you your life back.

Contact us today to partake in our risk-free solution, use our gray hair supplements and start changing your life!

Discover the Amazing Secret to a Grey Hair Cure

We are all looking out for that one grey hair cure-all for the silver strands of wisdom that we wish would disappear. Despite the idea that grey hair can be seen as a sign of wise maturity, the stigma of the term “old” remains. In this day and age, old will never be in style, no matter how many movie stars let their grey roots show. There are many theories on the best way to treat and/or cover those wiry strands.

The Dye Solution

This gray hair cure comes in many box sizes and colors. Some of them even cover the gray in 10 minutes flat! This solution can quickly and easily fix your gray hair problem. The simplicity allows you complete the task and then forget about it. You can choose your natural color, or experiment with other colors. The use of hair dye could become your new way to experience life. But this isn’t the amazing secret cure for grey hair! Hair dye has to be reapplied at least every six weeks, if not sooner to cover the fast-growing roots. With the eternal attention this solution needs, there is no way to cure your gray hair problem with hair dye.

The De-stressing Solution

Many studies have shown that stress levels can contribute to the frequency of grey hair occurrences, premature or otherwise. Reducing stress from work, home, or simply taking a break from watching the news are all helpful for your life. But the evidence to conclusively say that reducing stress is your cure for grey hair just isn’t there. There are, in fact, many individuals with comparable stress and no grey! This solution just doesn’t have enough data to support a “cure” status. While a less stressful life will be sure to add years to your life, those years will still be fraught with the gray hair problem.

What Is the Amazing Secret?

Catalase. This mineral is essential to your body in reversal of grey hair. As your body ages, the color-producing cells in your body diminish, causing a colorless follicle to result. This lack of color comes out as grey hair. Vitamins and minerals that can increase the production of these cells are an excellent way to help your gray hair problem. Vitamin B12 is one of the ingredients responsible for the production of melanin in the body, contributing to hair and skin color. Despite the various vitamins and minerals that can assist the resistance to grey hair, there is one mineral that can be considered your miracle cure.

Catalase stimulates the production of the cells that produce melanin. With the bump in cell production, your cells will again begin pumping out that color, bringing back your glorious locks of hair. This solution can literally reverse your gray hair, and with GetAwayGrey your problem can be resolved.

There is no better feeling that walking outside with your natural hair color and having that color be anything but grey. Take back control of your hair color, and try GetAwayGrey risk free today!

Reverse Grey Hair: Fact or Fiction?

Old age, smoking, and stress, oh my! These are the classic reasons “experts” tout as the cause of grey hair. Along with those come all kinds of random information about how to cure and reverse grey hair. But are they true? Let’s try to separate the fact from the fiction when looking at reversing grey hair.

Old Age: Old age alone is not a reason for grey hair. While it IS part of the natural aging process, there is not one specific age at which it happens, and furthermore, many people in their 20s and 30s have grey hair!


Smoking in no way causes gray hair.

Smoking: This cause of grey hair is almost funny when you think about it. Smoke is incredibly unhealthy for a myriad of reasons, but turning your hair grey is not one of them. Smoke can certainly tinge hair after many years of meetings, but grey hair starts at the root. Grey hair does not just “appear,” but rather grows one strand at a time.

Stress: Stress has been shown to affect the grey hair issue for many years, but medically speaking, this cannot occur. Because stress does affect the hormones of the body, it is logical to think that stress may also be a factor in grey hair. But hormones are not responsible for the production of grey hair follicles. Because they do not play a part in the hair follicle production, they cannot assist in grey hair production.

Carrot Juice

While it is healthy, carrot juice will not reverse your gray hair.

Carrot Juice is Your Solution: Sure, vegetables are important, and I would definitely agree that adding more of them to your diet is a great idea. Vitamins and minerals found naturally in the food we eat are essential to the healthy growth and maintenance of your body. Though adding vitamins from carrots WILL assist in healthy cell production in your body, it will not assist your grey hair in producing color.

Just the Facts, Ma’am

Now that we’ve covered some fiction, let’s take a look at the facts surrounding the possibility of reversing gray hair:

  • Old age DOES play a part in the grey hair issue, but is not solely responsible. If it were, reversal of your grey hair would not be possible. You can reverse your grey hair by learning more about what actually causes it.
  • Melanin is a color-producing nutrient that is responsible for allowing hair and skin to have a “color.” It breaks down the naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide in your body. Without these nutrients to break down the hydrogen peroxide, your hair follicles will be bleached of their color, leaving your hair grey. In order to reverse grey hair, you need to fix the problem at its root – pun intended!

Your solution for reversing gray hair is in GetAwayGrey’s supplements. These supplements contain vitamins and minerals that you aren’t getting from your regular diet. But there’s more! These daily supplements contain catalase, an enzyme that adds to the production of your cells. It aids in the breakdown of the hydrogen peroxide and helps melanin continue production.

Change the way you look and feel by fighting gray hair today, with help from GetAwayGrey!

Why Does Hair Turn Grey: 4 Essential Reasons

When that first grey hair pops up, you are left wondering why this hair must show up now. Is it stress? Is it my diet? Many are left wondering if there is a solution to this grey hair, or if cover-ups are the only option. GetAwayGrey knows there is a great option that can reverse your grey hair forever. Look at some of the reasons that grey hair occurs, first.



Yes, it’s true – stress can cause more gray hair.

Stress is a horrible creature, intervening at the most inopportune times. It can cause you and your body to do things you never thought you would. With depression and anxiety becoming more common, along with its association to stress, it’s not too much to consider that grey hair may also be a result of stress. The human body reacts to stress in many different ways, and not all of them are visible. Grey hair, however, is a visible sign that you may be just a little too tense in your daily routine. Constricted blood vessels due to tension can inhibit your hair follicles from being able to produce their oxygenated color. Take some time for relaxation, and let your blood cells flow peacefully through your system.


It is human nature to grow older, whether we like it or not. Unfortunately, there isn’t a reverse aging machine. There are, however, ways to alter the look of aging. Facelifts, wrinkle-free creams, and hair dye are consistently advertised and shown to reduce the signs of aging in many men and women. As we age, the physical signs of wrinkles and grey hair are coupled with forgetfulness and slower movements. Nutritional diets are an excellent way to stop the aging process from drastic changes in your life. Take vitamins to increase bone density and red blood cell production. Drink water to flush out toxins and increase the flow of nutrients to your body.



Increasing your iron intake might help you battle grey hair.

While this may sound strange, low red blood cell count can contribute to grey hair production. Because oxygenated red blood cells are responsible for the production of color-producing hair cells, a decrease in them would lower the ability of cells to create your beautifully tinted locks of hair. Solution? Get more iron in your diet! Eat fish and drink plenty of water. Contribute to your body’s mineral makeup by adding nutrients wherever possible. Your body will react to non-nutritious living; and it won’t be pretty!


Catalase is the chemical that your body uses in color-producing cells. Without catalase, these cells will not produce color, and therefore, your hair will be colorless – or grey. Gray hair is a sign that your hair follicles have stopped producing color and you need a cure! GetAwayGrey has a solution for you: supplements that contain the exact ingredients your body needs. By taking 2 of these vitamins/supplements every day, you will be well on your way to not only stopping grey hair, but reversing it completely. Get the vitamin everyone is talking about, and start reversing your gray hair today!