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How Do Gray Hair Pills Actually Work?

Thoughtful senior man looks at his many pillsIf you are determined to banish those white strands once and for all, chances are that you are already contemplating the idea of testing the very best gray hair pills currently available on the market. But how could you possible make an informed purchase and select the most suitable product for your aging tresses? You can start by checking out the list of ingredients comprised by each product. Every single active ingredient serves a very specific purpose, potentially allowing you to notice a natural darkening effect by addressing the underlying causes of premature graying.

What Type of Formulas Should You Consider?

If goes without saying that no two types of commercially available gray hair treatments are alike. Even though they promise similar benefits, they incorporate different concentrations of active ingredients that combat the hair oxidation process, one way or another. So what kind of gray hair pills should you choose? First of all, focus on finding a gray hair solution based solely on safe, all-natural ingredients, taking into consideration the fact that you probably wouldn’t want to deal with potential side-effects associated with the administration of potent chemicals.

Here’s another aspect that may capture your attention: according to information provided by the Institute for Traditional Medicine, cited by Livestrong, the functionality of the kidney and the liver influences the appearance of gray hairs. Deficiencies present in one’s kidneys and liver disorders, which could be identifying by doing blood tests, could be corrected by taking a certain type of gray hair pills, based on a mix of Chinese herbs. This is only one possible approach to treating gray hair.

Secondly, opt for a formula that is developed around a scientific breakthrough. For example, Getawaygrey contains catalase, the enzyme that interferes with the hair bleaching process by blasting hydrogen peroxide deposits and converting them into oxygen and water. Aside from its ideal concentration of catalase, Getawaygrey also incorporates important minerals and vitamins added to promote the health of the users’ aging locks. Ingredients such as nettle root extract, B6 vitamins, biotin, support the growth of thicker, more vigorous hair. If you want to make the most of the advantages delivered by high-quality gray hair pills designed to rejuvenate, protect and feed your strands from within, order your first bottles of Getawaygrey on its official website and discover the effectiveness of catalase, combined with the right type of all-natural hair-friendly plant extracts.

What Kind of Gray Hair Supplements Should You Actually Take?

iStock_000040858074_SmallEvery single day, we are bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages created to promote different categories of products that promise to make us look younger and more attractive. When it comes to finding the most effective aid for aging locks, how could you possibly identify the best kind of gray hair supplements? Here are a few aspects that you should consider before making a purchase.

  1. The Real Needs of Your Hair. Those awful fifty shades of gray are not the only aesthetic issue associated with aging tresses. Lack of color is only one problem that most people over 40 are already dealing with. Thinning hairs, balding spots, lack of volume, excessive dryness and frizziness are other popular concerns that could also give you a hard time in the years to come. You don’t necessarily have to rely on a plethora of styling aids to keep the situation under control. Instead, you could start taking gray hair supplements with a complete advanced formula, developed to help you address all these inconveniences and promote healthy hair growth.
  2. Product Ingredients. This brings us to the next important element that you should always factor in: the list of active ingredients comprised by any vitamin complex for hair that you may be willing to purchase. A complex formula that tackles the root of the graying problem while also ensuring healthier, stronger, more radiant locks is always an invaluable asset worthy of your time and money. For instance, Getawaygrey could help you treat gray hair due to its optimal dosage of catalase (5,000 iu). Furthermore, this vitamin complex also contains a wide range of ingredients used to improve the appearance of gray hair (nettle root extract), favor the natural pigmentation of hair, skin and eyes (copper), boost the immune system and accelerate hair regrowth (vitamin B6) and so much more. So there you have it: a product comprising a mix of ingredients created to support the beauty, color and vigor of aging strands is much more useful than any other gray hair treatment that you may have used in the past.
  3. Last but not least, don’t forget to find out what people are actually saying about the gray hair pills that you are planning on taking. A respectable product will always count on positive client feedback. The testimonials listed on the Getawaygrey official website indicate that this product leads to positive changes experienced by numerous users who have been struggling to reverse gray hair. If you would like to get more details on how these pills containing catalase actually work, go to www.getawaygrey.com, and find out everything you should know about the latest gray hair management techniques based on science.

3 Things That You Should Know Before Trying to Reverse Gray Hair

Mature doctor with megaphone and pillsYou’ve always loved your natural hair color. Now that you have finally noticed that you’re gradually losing it, you are desperately looking for a product that could help you reverse gray hair rapidly and safely. While dealing with this problem, there are a few things that you should consider before declaring war to premature graying and hydrogen peroxide-the element that is responsible for this intimidating process.

  1. You Can Fight Gray Hair from the Inside Out. Some people choose to rely on gray hair pills that allow them to stop gray hair and beautify their locks from the inside out. At the same time, others decide to go for local gray hair treatments based on plant extracts. What type of approach should you embrace? For excellent results, you may want to combine these two methods to reverse gray hair. You can interfere with the graying process from the inside by making sure that you are getting the ideal dosage of zinc, iron and copper on a daily basis. These minerals play an important part in hair pigmentation and also help you prevent potentially dangerous deficiencies that may affect your general state of health and wellbeing.
  2. Local Gray Hair Treatments Could Also Be Helpful. Simultaneously, you can speed up the gray hair reversal process by applying local treatments based on a series of natural ingredients, such as barley grass and wheat grass. According to com, these two ingredients are rich in catalase, the powerful enzyme that could restore your hair color by neutralizing hydrogen peroxide, the culprit for your grayish strands. Onion juice could serve the same purpose, as long as you apply it on your scalp as often as possible.
  3. The Simplest Way to Treat Gray Hair Is Based on Science. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to rub smelly onion juice into your scalp to address the graying problem naturally. If you wish to find the best solution to this issue, consider taking catalase supplements. These pills for gray hair contain a long list of active compounds (including catalase, barley grass and wheat grass), designed to bring back your natural pigment over a short period of time. Getawaygrey offers you the chance to treat gray hair by taking two pills each day. Order your first bottles here and discover the simplest, most convenient method to beautify and potentially rejuvenate your tresses from the inside out.

Richard Gere Says No to Gray Hair Treatment- Should You Do the Same?

Richard-gere-projectcastingWe all know that one person who can wear just about any type of clothing items and sport the most pretentious hair colors and get away with it. Richard Gere is one of them. For years in a row, Gere has always managed to maintain an ideal relationship with his colorless strands. He has always stood far away from the drama triggered by the natural aging process, taking pride in the normal changes that have made him even more appealing in the eyes of millions of women worldwide.

Why Is Richard Gere Turning Down the Idea of Trying a Gray Hair Treatment?

At this point, Gere is a proud silver fox who has no intention of coloring his hair. According to his own statement published by Daily Mail, the A-lister only relied on hair coloring tactics for a couple of movies. He has never applied a single drop of hair dye on his gorgeous locks to upgrade his off-the-set image and plans to keep things this way. He has everything it takes (including a fantastic light complexion) to embrace his natural white hair and turn it into the perfect accessory matching his elegant, unostentatious style. Gere thinks the same way about plastic surgery and indicates that he is not the biggest fan of unnatural alterations implemented to help people look a few years younger.

Should You Try a New Gray Hair Treatment?

Gere may be right: dramatic changes, such as a too-dark hair color contrasting with a pale, wrinkly face, could work against you, making you look ridiculous (and much older than you really are). On the other hand, Gere’s white locks fit him like a glove, so why would he feel tempted to lift a finger to reverse gray hair? You may not be as lucky as he is. Millions of men and women worldwide complain about the fact that their white hairs make them look pale, older and less attractive. If you also share this concern, remember that you could always count on an innovative gray hair treatment to try to protect your natural pigment.  Getawaygrey is the natural vitamin complex for aging hair that you’ve been waiting for all along. Its concentration of catalase enables your body to neutralize the culprit for premature graying-hydrogen peroxide- by decomposing it into water and oxygen. In the absence of excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide that could bleach your tresses from the inside out, your hair may have a real shot at preserving its natural color for a longer while. If you want to find out more about the usage and benefits of this new gray hair pill, just go to www.getawaygrey.com and get all the info that you could ever need to make your first purchase.

Can Topical Pseudocatalase Actually Help You Reverse Gray Hair?

iStock_000007935452_SmallWouldn’t it be nice to be able to change your hair color at a touch of a button? Unfortunately, science hasn’t gotten that far yet. However, the latest technological breakthroughs give us more freedom of choice when it comes to dealing with the unpleasant effects of premature graying. Not too long ago, men and women over 30 who were intimidated by the first silvery strands turned to hair coloring kits representing their sole exit strategy and most effective way to look and feel young. Things appear to be very different at this point: the new generation of catalase supplements promises us rapid signs of improvement, coming in the form of darker, more vigorous locks. What more or less secret ingredients do these formulas actually contain and why are they considered the closest thing to the fountain of youth?

Catalase Supplements- The Best Gray Hair Solution for Those Who Don’t Have Time to Wait for a Miracle

Plant-based, homemade gray hair management tactics sound awesome, but have one obvious drawback: they’re not infallible. Based on the wisdom and experience of our ancestors, these so-called remedies are fairly messy and require commitment and perseverance. If you don’t really want to walk around the house with gross, oily locks and would much rather find a quick way to stop the hair oxidation process from the inside, choose to take catalase supplements. Catalase is the naturally abundant enzyme present in all creatures that require oxygen in order to survive. Low levels of catalase lead to the formation of hydrogen peroxide accumulations. In large quantities, hydrogen peroxide will trigger the premature graying process, forcing you to handle the presence of the first silvery locks much sooner than expected. According to the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) pseudocatalase contained by a new line of supplements can correct the loss of skin and hair color. Initially researched as a viable cure for vitiligo, catalase supplements have been recognized for their ability to stop, prevent and even reverse the first signs of premature graying. According to the same source, additional supplementation with certain minerals, such as selenium and zinc, may lead to faster, more satisfying results and give uses an extra helping hand when it comes to battling the hair oxidation process.

Test These Pills for Gray Hair on Your Own

Unlike abstract concepts that look good solely on paper, the innovative catalase supplements actually work and are widely available as we speak. To find out more about their action, formula and proven effectiveness just visit www.GetAwayGrey.com and find out how two pills administered daily can turn your hairs from gray and dull to dark and fabulous in only a few weeks.

3 Natural Formulas Designed to Help You Reverse Gray Hair

iStock_000011113235_SmallPeople cope with premature graying differently. Some learn to accept their silvery strands and don’t make a big fuss about this unexpected change, while others are desperately looking for effective ways to reverse gray hair naturally. If you can’t stand the idea of rocking grayish locks while you’re still in your 30s, you should know that natural gray hair solutions designed to restore your pigment are now widely available. Here are three all-natural, risk-free formulas that you should apply on your tresses to prevent further discoloration and hold on to your youthful appearance for many more years to come.

Onion Juice. Freshly cut onions may make you shed a few tears, but at the end of the day their juice could allow you win the first battle with the premature graying process. Here’s the story behind this somewhat odd gray hair management tactic: the decreased production of catalase leads to the formation of hydrogen peroxide buildups, which are responsible for the appearance of the first silver strands. According to Livestrong, onion juice applied locally increases the amount of catalase, preventing the formation of gray hair. While this solution is not strong enough to generate permanent improvements, it could represent a major first step towards a darker mane.

Mustard Seeds, Jojoba and Castor Oil. Natural oils are always a good idea when it comes to profiting from relaxing massage therapies. Moreover, a combination of jojoba oil, mustard seeds and castor oil could work to your best advance to keep those grays at a distance. According to “The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies” written by Vasant Lad, this mixture should be applied on wet locks and left there for approximately 20 minutes.

Catalase. Let’s face it: DIY gray hair solutions can be messy and difficult to apply. Truth be told, who has enough time to prepare a thick paste and let it rest for half an hour or so on damp locks? In the era of speed, we require simpler, less time-consuming ways to reverse gray hair. If you also share this opinion, start testing the new generation of pills for gray hair based on catalase right away. Enriched with a generous selection of herbal and mineral compounds, catalase supplements neutralize the culprit for hair oxidation, helping you stop, prevent and even reverse the first signs of premature graying. To get additional details related to the formula that can protect your natural hair pigment, simply visit www.GetAwayGrey.com, find out how these remarkable supplements can transform your aging locks and place your first order.


4 Gray Hair Coloring Rules That You Should Respect After Reaching 40

Portrait Of Happy Man With Towel On ShoulderFor many years in a row, your hair has been your absolute pride and joy. Its lovely hues and silky texture have always allowed you to stay in the center of everyone’s attention. Nonetheless, at this point things are a little bit different. You have more than a few gray hairs around your temples and don’t know how to deal with the aesthetic problems posed by the frizziness and fading color of your tresses. In this context, you are determined to dye your locks. But before you actually embrace this option, take a few minutes to read the gray hair coloring rules that every single person over 40 should know by heart.

  1. When You Dream about Reddish Tones, Go Blonde Instead. Natural red is fantastic and can do no wrong. However, red pigment coming from a tube is a completely different story. Instead of adding warmth to your face, it will only manage to accentuate your wrinkles, sallow undertones and brown spots. On the other hand, you can’t go wrong with subtle blonde highlights, which will frame your face and make it seem brighter and younger-looking.
  2. Avoid Odd Contrasts or at Least Learn How to Balance Them. According to More Magazine, after reaching 40, you should try to recreate the natural color of your graying hair, rather than going for unnatural shades that won’t do you any justice. If you insist on undergoing a dramatic change in terms of hair color (after all, Beyonce succeeds in rocking the platinum blonde, so why shouldn’t you try to bend this coloring rule?), choose to crop your hair short or at least leave it natural-looking and don’t abuse any other styling tricks.
  3. Replace Your Permanent Dye with a Semi-Permanent One. Semi-permanent dyes are your best friend for a number of reasons. They are gentler with your hair, ensure a much more natural color and still manage to cover your grays. What more could you ask for?
  4. Remember That Your Gray Hair Requires a Lot of TLC on a Day to Day Basis. Gray hair will always demand a little bit more time and effort to look its best. Therefore, do not hesitate to use a special shampoo and conditioner especially formulated for depigmented locks and start feeding and protecting your grays from the inside out by taking catalase supplements. These pills for gray hair will help you achieve a beautiful, natural color and a perfect texture in only a few weeks.


Best Essential Oils for Stronger, Healthier, More Beautiful Gray Hair

natural hairFor many years in a row, you have felt compelled to dye your aging locks. But at this point, you are tired of coloring processes that cost you a lot of money and require a strict maintenance routine. Does this mean that you should give up on your dream of having superb gray hair? Fortunately, this is not the case. If you are determined to love your locks as they are, you should know that Mother Nature lends you a helping hand, by giving you access to natural plant extracts that could do wonders even for the frizziest, most untamable grays. Some of the best natural aids that you could ever count on to upgrade your hair care regimen come in the form of essential oils. This category of safe, eco-friendly gray hair products is also inexpensive and highly effective, as long as you choose to use it on a regular basis. But what kind of formulas should you buy and apply on your tresses? It all depends on your specific beautification goals.

#1 Goal: Fighting the Dull, Fading Color

Essential oils can contribute to a much more youthful appearance, by accentuating the natural color of your tresses. According to Livestrong, a mix of castor oil, jojoba oil and mustard seed oil could help you reverse gray hair safely and absolutely naturally. You would just have to apply the mix at the roots of your grays and let it rest for a few hours. Unused portions can be kept in a dry, cool place for up to one month without losing their properties. To support this important goal, you may also want to rely on a natural herbal rinse based on parsley, black tea, catnip, sage and rosemary (for dark hair) and rosehips, turmeric, yellow broom, privet and red hibiscus (for lighter hair).

#2 Goal: Keeping Your Grays Healthy

Scalp massages allow you to speed up the nutrient transportation. This means that gentle massaging techniques may lead to healthier, much more vigorous strands. To maximize the effect of this pampering treatment, consider adding a few drops of apricot kernel, sweet almond and olive oil. These base oils are great for your hair. Five to six drops of each will condition and fortify your tresses, generating visible signs of improvement after your first applications.

Don’t have much faith in the power of plants? In this case, note that you can achieve both of your beautification goals by taking the right vitamins for gray hair. Pills based on catalase let you restore your color gradually by interfering with the oxidation process. On top of that, they also keep your strands healthy and shiny.

3 Easy Ways to Add More Volume to Your Gray Hair

long blond human hair close-upWe all know just how difficult it is to address the every-growing needs of aging hair after turning 50. In an attempt to tame their frizzy strands, most women apply tons of styling products on their mane. Unfortunately, this tactic is usually counterproductive and leads to flat, boring hairand a lot of product buildup that sticks to the graying hairsand contributes to a very unflattering greasy look. Should we ditch styling aids and learn to love our aging tresses as is? Not necessarily! If you want to make your hair seem bigger and fuller, here are a few tips that you should apply right away.

1. Opt for Blunt Ends and Bangs. Frail, discolored ends will only make your locks seem thinner and less attractive. No matter how much you love your hair, trim it on a regular basis. According to WikiHow, a modern hairstyle based on bold bangs and healthy-looking blunt ends could create the impression that you are flaunting the biggest, thickest, most gorgeous hair.

2. Get Big, Romantic Curls. Are you looking for a very flattering hairstyle suitable for 50 something women who follow trends religiously? In this case, why don’t you tell your hairdresser to work his magic and create a few loose, romantic curls? Curls are a great method to put your glossy graying hair on full display while adding volume to your mane. Remember the iconic 80s perms? You don’t have to go that far to get big, bold, beautiful hair. Just use a bunch of hot rollers or your curling iron to create curls in a matter of a few minutes and rely on your favorite hairspray to define them and keep them in place.

3. Get Extensions. Extensions are the key to fuller tresses. Clip-on models are extremely easy to apply. You can literally find hundreds of online tutorials providing easy step-by-step instructions. Maybe you’ve always wondered how celebrities who are in their 40s and 50s never complain about thinning hair, a common problem triggered by hormonal imbalances. The answer is simple: most of them use extensions made from real human hair. If you are ready to gown down the same path to add volume to your graying hair, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get a few highlights in order to help the additions blend in well.

At the end of the day, you could also take vitamins for gray hair based on a generous selection of natural ingredients, including Fo-ti, horsetail, folic acid and nettle root extract. These elements keep graying hair in excellent condition, while the ideal dosage of catalase contained by these pills combats the oxidation process by decomposing excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide.

3 Effective Ways to Lighten Graying Hair Naturally

herbal-hair-dyeWe all know that premature graying can be quite an alarming cosmetic concern impacting one’s looks and level of confidence. When people notice the first unwanted silver strands, their first impulse is to pick a DIY coloring kit and start experimenting with their aging tresses. Why use chemical-rich products when you can actually include all-natural ingredients in your hair care routine to lighten up your locks and conceal grays the easy way? In case you want to brighten up your mane and achieve a lighter, uniform color, opt for one of the 3 simple methods described below.

  1. Apply Raw Honey on Damp Hair. Raw honey can sweeten your tea, but it can also be used to lighten your hair. Prepare a mask by mixing honey with olive oil and apply in on your graying hair. Let it rest under a shower cap for a couple of hours; afterwards rinse your hair. For similar results, you could add honey to the conditioner that you’re currently utilizing.
  1. Rinse Your Tresses with Chamomile Tea. According to WikiHow, chamomile tea is an excellent choice if you are interested in obtaining a much more luminous color. Use dried flowers or tea bags to make a few cups of tea. Once it gets cold, you can either add ½ cup of tea to your regular shampoo or conditioner, or you could just utilize it to rinse your tresses. If possible, let your graying hair dry naturally and stay in direct sunlight for as long as you can. Sunlight will speed up the discoloration process and enable you to make your grays less visible.
  1. Use Lemon Juice. In case you want to take pride in radiant, lighter hair, pour some freshly squeezed lemon juice on your tresses. Lemon juice is known as one of the very best natural hair lighteners mostly due to its elevated concentration of citric acid that opens up hair cuticles and manages to strip pigment from hairs. Naturally, both chamomile teaand lemon juice act better and faster when they are correlated with extensive sun exposure. Lemon extract works well for all hair colors, including darker tones, and ensures a very subtle chromatic effect.

All in all, these 3 easy methods to lighten up aging hair will enable you to cope with premature graying rapidly and cost-effectively. Those who don’t want to change their hair color can always count on catalase supplements to restore their natural pigment and put the oxidation process on hold.