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Yellowing Grey Hair – Understanding and Fixing It

If you have discovered that there are yellow streaks in your gray hair, then you are not alone. But now, you have two problems to deal with: how to remove yellow hair, and possibly how to get away grey. The good news is that yellow hair has a simple cause and a simple solution.

That yellow tinge in your gray hair could have many causes, both internal and external. For example, if you are on medication, one of the side effects can be yellow streaks in your gray hair. And believe it or not, the products you may be using on your gray hair may also be causing it to turn yellow. Things like hair spray, gel and even conditioners can leave a color-changing residue behind.

The first thing to do is to try and identify the cause of your yellowing hair. Even eating a lot of food with carotene, like carrots and squash can cause the hair to turn yellow. Your water can also contribute to yellowing hair if it is high in iron.

Neutralizing Yellow

Painters understand how complementary colors have neutralizing properties when applied to their opposites. And you can use this same principle when addressing the yellow tinge in your graying hair. All that’s needed is to know this simple rule: that blue complements orange and purple complements yellow. That being said, there are shampoos available which contain subtle blue and purple highlights.

Natural Solutions

There are also a number of ways to neutralize yellow in gray hair naturally. Vinegar, that multi-purpose liquid that resides in just about every kitchen in the country can be used to neutralize yellow. Simply make a hair rinse of one tablespoon apple cider vinegar to one gallon of water. Apply to the hair, and let sit for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly. You will not only find this eliminates yellow streaks in your gray hair, but also leaves your hair looking shiny. As well, you will find it’s more manageable.

Tea infusions can also help eliminate yellow streaks. Combining purple hollyhock flowers with hot water, and then steeping until optimal shade is evident is one solution. The longer the flowers are steeped, the more intense the purple color will be. Purple Betony flowers can be used in place of hollyhocks.

Hydrogen peroxide is yet another solution. Making a mix of half peroxide with half of your normal hair conditioner can work well. Simply apply it to the hair and let sit for twenty minutes. Then, shampoo the mixture out of the hair.

There is also the possibility that noticing yellowing gray hair streaks has made you want to get away gray forever. If this is the case, you can learn more about this revolutionary natural gray hair removal product on our site.