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Anti Graying Solutions: Gray Isn’t the Only Sign of Aging Hair

640_Woman_in_mirrorAs we age, we may notice the common signs of aging on our bodies. Our faces may have more wrinkles than before, we may take longer to build muscle than we used to, and we could depend on our glasses more often when we need to read something up close.

But what about the signs of aging in our hair? Most people think that gray hair is the only sign. But this isn’t true. There are several signs that point to aging hair, and knowing these signs of age can help us to understand how better to deal with them. It can even lead to the ability to prevent graying hair. 

Brittle Hair

This tell-tale sign of aging is caused by decreasing elasticity. However, it can also be caused by the products we use that contain chemicals. Brittle hair can be reversed by trading in those chemicals for hair treatments which are rich in protein. You may also wish to consider taking supplements like biotin and silica. But experts warn that results won’t be seen in anyone taking these kinds of vitamins for about 6 months, as hair grows about 1 centimeter per month.

Dry Hair

Oil is produced less efficiently as we age. The less oil there is to travel the length of the hair follicle, the drier the hair can become. When you are older, the trick to battling this sign of aging hair is to replenish the oil. This can be done by applying oil to the hair that is high in moisture content, such as argan oil. As well, using as little heat on the hair as possible, along with staying away from those hairstyling techniques that could be considered aggressive is among the advice given by experts. 

Thinning Hair

Hair that looks less full than it used to a sure-fire sign of aging hair. While it is considered normal to lose about 100 hairs per day, but most of us draw the line when he hit middle age and it appears our hair has thinned drastically.  But what is the cause of this exasperating sign of age in the hair? According to experts, it’s the size of the hair follicles. They tend to get smaller as we age, and as such, produce a smaller hair that’s next to impossible to see with the naked eye.

If thinning hair is a sign of age you’re dealing with, expert recommend myoxin for treatment. While this will not make hair grow, it will improve the strength and fullness of the hair you already have.

Get Away Grey Can Help

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