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Hair Advice to Prepare For Spring and Summer

As we move along with the changing seasons from cold to dry, from moist to hot, from winter to spring, our hair changes as well. Our hair will go from being dry and static in the winter to sun bleached and frizzy in the summer. So, it’s important to prepare hair for summer and in general for these changing seasons which will result in better hair days throughout the year.

The first thing you need to focus on is the…

Moisture Balance 

One of the most difficult things to control is moisture balance in the hair. Just when you get your hair ready for the dry season, it soon gets humid and wet, and then out comes the sun to simply ruin your locks.

As the weather gets warm and humid, it’s time you change your conditioning habits to save your hair. This does not mean that you completely stop conditioning; you just have to make some minor changes. For example, if you conditioned your hair once a week, change that to once every alternate week. If you were using heavy conditioner, change that to a much lighter or balancing conditioner.

If you’ve been noticing static, dry ends, loads of tangles and your hair feels rough, then that means you’re lacking moisture. However, if your hair is oily and limp, then you need to ease up on the conditioning.

You can even think about…

Healthy Highlights

Trying to balance the moisture in your hair when you want to add highlights can be a whole different issue. Dry and frizzy hair with highlights can be more prominent during the summer, especially if you decided to lighten your hair, spend time in the water or even out doors in the sun. Protein enhanced conditioners or protein treatments can restore the strength in your highlighted hair. What you need to do is balance the strength of your highlights with some good conditioning treatments.

And above all, you need to…

Control the effects of the Sun

Just like the sun has an ageing affect on your skin, it can damage your hair as well. You may have noticed that during the summer, your hair begins to lighten. In fact, many people may have noticed when they were children that their hair color would be blond during the summer and would seem darker during the winter.

Although the sun’s natural light may not cause significant damage to hair, constant exposure to the sun can cause your hair to lighten and dry up. So, in order to keep the effects of the sun at a minimum, you should try to use shampoos, conditioners and styling aids that have UV protection.

However, here are some thoughts on …

Deep Conditioning

You need to regularly condition your hair during the spring and summer seasons, as you would during autumn and winter. While there’s no need to deep condition your hair as often, you may need to go for monthly treatments that will keep your hair soft and will prevent damage.

To protect your hair, you should think about …

Get Away Grey

Staying out in the sun or going for a dip in the water, during this hot and humid season can turn your hair grey. To prevent hair graying and keeping your hair damage free, try using GetAwayGrey.