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The Ultimate Premature White Hair Guide: How to Select the Best Shade of Gray Based on Your Skin Tone

Fragment Of Woman's Head ColoringAre you one of those people who think that gray hair is a real nightmare? If so, you may want to take a closer look at A-list celebs like George Clooney, Emmylou Harris, Jamie Lee Curtis, Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep and John Slattery, who rock the silver fox style and are always admired for their subtle refinement and awesome fashion choices. Letting hair go gray may be a good call, especially if you’re not the biggest fan of coloring products that require lots of time and money and often deteriorate your tresses and contribute to an untidy, artificial look. In time, with just a little bit of patience and motivation you can obtain a uniform color and turn your graying hair into a beautiful, iconic accessory.

Gray Is the New Black

Are you fashion-forward and over 40? In this case, you should know that gray is the new black. Instead of bending over backwards to conceal their upsetting loss of pigment, many men and women who have already been impacted by premature white hairchoose to embrace their discolored locks. Their rebellious attitude backed by a strong desire to break the pattern and eliminate preconceived ideas related to gray hair has given birth to a new trend: snowy white, natural-looking tresses are now considered a big fashion statement.

Numerous celebrities play the gray hair card and win the big jackpot. Regardless of their eye color and skin tone, lots of famous men and women decide to go gray and impress with their effortlessly chic, natural image. Does this mean that gray hair is a good pick for anyone? Of course! Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that there is a standard “one-size-fits-all” solution that could take your grays to a whole new level, from boring to absolutely flawless. Just think about it: there are numerous shades of gray and endless possibilities that you can explore. The gray tone that compliments Oprah’s gorgeous chocolate skin wouldn’t work for Helen Mirren. Slattery’s bright silvery locks would probably look odd on George Clooney. You get the point: there is a fine balance between hair color and skin tone that you should strive to preserve.

Despite the fact that gray is an incredibly versatile color, it has many variations that you should factor in when it comes to selecting the right hue. So how could you make the right decision without consulting a stylist? Let’s find out.

First Step: Understand Your Natural Color

According to Kelly Van Gogh, a respectable hair colorist, we all have 3 main colors on our tresses: yellow, red and blue. Obviously, these colors are available in different percentages. This mix of shades results in a neutral brown, anchored by melanins, our natural pigments. Graying hair is losing its brown undertones. Van Gogh explains that women and men who wish to obtain a natural-looking color by utilizing hair dyes should realize that gray hair acts as a blank slate. Before applying color coming from a tube, you should be prepared to flaunt a very intense, bright shade.

This is what happens when you add a drop of color on a top of a shiny, white piece of paper. If you still think that using hair coloring products is a good idea, keep in mind that you should aim for a subtle hue that should be 2 tones lighter than it was 2 decades ago. As we grow old, our skin tone lightens; by opting for a lighter hair color we avoid unpleasant, powerful contrasts that would make our face seem wrinkled, tired and unappealing.

Second Step: Choose the Perfect Shade of Gray Based on Your Complexion

Many people feel the need to skip salon appointments. This is perfectly understandable. After all, hair coloring processed require frequent touchups that can cost you a few hundreds of dollars on an annual basis. You can avoid all this fuss by simply going gray. Selecting a wonderful shade of gray will eliminate the need for pricy upkeep and help you love your hair in its natural form. To obtain marvelous results, you should understand the connection between your skin tone and the ideal shade of gray. Here’s how it works:

  • Light Skin Tones Demand Pale Grays. If you have a light complexion, keep in mind that you should opt for paler shades of gray. Pristine white gray or a dusty pale yellow represent great picks for you. Gold tones are not very flattering, so it is recommended to stick to creamy shades that compliment your aging skin.
  • Medium Skin Tones Require Creamy or Steely Shades of Gray. Delicate creamy or steely grays are perfect for people with a medium skin tone. If this is your case, you are very fortunate because you can feel free to experiment. For instance, you could trade your salt and pepper look for a much more uniform bright silvery color. There is one exception that you should consider: if your skin has a prominent red undertone, you may want to stay far away from the snowy white hue. This powerful radiant color would amplify the redness of your skin and make you look like Santa.
  • Dark Skin Tones Demand Well-Balanced Contrasts. Lots of celebs with a dark skin tone, including Oprah, Queen Latifah and Jennifer Lopez maintain a youthful, attractive appearance by displaying beautiful contrasts. In this case, lowlights and highlights are of the essence. Brighter white strands surrounding your face could accentuate your best features and lighten up your complexion. However, you should always remember that powerful yellowish hues are not recommended, because they would only make your skin seem unhealthy, odd and drab.

Color from a tube is never the best option when it comes to coping with grays. Nonetheless, you could always make a compromise by relying on coloring products to achieve an optimal shade of gray that would enable you to embrace your lack of pigment later on.

THE ALTERNATIVE:Fighting Gray Hair with a Powerful Pill Based on Science

OK, the fact that many celebs have decided to go gray doesn’t mean that silvery strands are the best choice for you. After all, trends come and go; nobody can force you to adopt a certain style just because it’s cool and everybody else is doing it. Discolored tresses can be a real blessing, but they can also represent a real burden.

Gray hair is frizzy, difficult to tame and demands a complex maintenance routine, tons of products especially formulated for silvery locks and lots of extra measures of protection. To keep your grays shiny and health, you’d have to limit your sun exposure and protect it against chemicals and environmental factors that could lighten your hair color and increase the vulnerability of your locks. Fortunately, you can avoid all these hassles by taking the right pills. Get Away Grey is a remarkable gray hair cure based on science. Its ideal dosage of catalase allows users to reverse gray hair in only a few weeks. You can also witness a positive, dramatic change by simply ordering your first bottles and taking this premium vitamin for a short period of time ranging from 8 to 12 weeks. Buy this exceptional grey defense, test it, love it and tell the whole world that white hair is 100% reversible!

Easy Yoga Poses that Can Help You Get Rid of Gray Hair

bigstock-Lower-part-of-young-woman-doin-51433816Dealing with gray hair while you’re in your late 20s can be quite a hassle, for a number of reasons. First of all, gray hair looks unnatural on a young person. It can definitely lower your self-esteem and make you feel unattractive. Secondly, premature white hair requires the skills of an army of experienced stylists, expensive salon treatments or at least tons of specially formulated cosmetic products created to restore its brilliance. Last, but definitely not least, gray hair can impact your carrier and can convince your superiors to replace you with a younger-looking candidate.

Physical Exercises Can Help You Attain Your Anti-Aging Goals

These are the main reasons why so many men and women choose to find the best methods to reverse gray hair from the inside out. Did you know that regular workouts can support your goal in the long term? A few researchers who have recently conducted an experiment on mice have reached the conclusion that physical exercises represent the key to a more than satisfactory general state of health and a youthful appearance.  According to Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky, the expert who supervised the experiment, exercises can modify the natural course of aging.

Rely on Yoga Poses to Kiss Those Grays Goodbye

Running on a treadmill may not be your all-time favorite activity. In this case, note that yoga can also enable you to get rid of gray hair naturally. There are a few easy poses that you should focus on, to obtain excellent results fast. The Camel pose, the Plough pose, the Triangle pose, the Cobra pose and Sukhasana are only 5 of the most popular poses enabling men and women to stay young and win the fight with the effects of premature greying.

The Triangle pose is really easy: you just have to stand straight with your legs apart, raise both of your hands and let them create a straight line with your shoulders; then slowly bend to the right and let the fingers of your right hand touch the toes of your left foot. Inhale and exhale a couple of times while maintaining this position then alternate and let the fingers of your left hand touch the toes of your right foot. You may be wondering: what is the connection between gray hair and yoga poses?

All the poses listed above enhance blood flow and favor the rapid transportation of important nutrients in our bodies. This is why most people who practice yoga manage to delay the first signs of premature aging without making any special efforts. You can find more info about these simple exercises online, or you could schedule an appointment with a certified yoga instructor and let him/her show you how to put the hair whitening process on hold with simple exercises.

Fight Those Grays with a Revolutionary Vitamin Complex

Don’t have the time, the energy of the patience required to rely on yoga classes to reverse gray hair? In this case, count on a revolutionary gray hair cure to make your dream come true. Get Away Grey is a last-generation vitamin complex comprised of catalase and countless mineral and herbal additives. It can restore your natural pigment safely and rapidly and make your hairs look healthier and softer. Order Get Away Grey today, use it regularly and get rid of gray hair with this magnificent product based on real science.

Most Stylish Accessories for People Affected by Premature Greying

shortgreyhaircutsbobcurlyThere’s one thing that you should know: silvery hair is clearly not the end of world. As long as you learn how to care for it and how to boost its natural beauty in a classy, non-ostentatious manner, you should be able to rock the silver fox or the salt and pepper look and preserve your youthful appearance. Did you really think that only celebrities can pull off the spectacular all-white/gray hairstyle that makes them look stunning and much more interesting than their younger colleagues?

In this case, tiny details make all the difference in the world, separating the dull washed-out, messy look from a distinctive, elegant style. If you don’t want to start looking for a gray hair cure right away, choose to discover the very best accessories designed to turn the effects of premature graying into powerful, bold declarations of style. Just check out the suggestions provided below to make an inspired choice.

Less is Always More

First lesson: don’t overdo it. Yes, cute headbands, colorful scarfs, funky bobby pins and flower clips can do wonders for your gray hair, but only as long as you don’t mix and match them. Flower clips painted in black create a delightful contrast with your bleached hair, so they represent a fabulous option for you. Moreover, discrete bobby pins or clips adorned with pearls or colorful gems are a great alternative for women who prefer to stand out by wearing delicate, feminine hair accessories.

A Plentitude of Chic Possibilities Are Waiting for You Just Around the Corner

Bobby pins, headbands and scarfs are excellent options, which can be worn with pride during the entire day. Nonetheless, if you are looking for truly fascinating, eye-catchy hair accessories for special occasions, you could opt for a colorful, stylish headpiece. A fascinator embellished with red, green or dark blue feathers or gemstones can complete your attire and give it a personal touch. Models available in vibrant, electric colors make your gray hair seem brighter and healthier.

Most men aren’t very fond of hair accessories. For them, styling products are considered the most powerful allies, guaranteeing an envy-generating look. If you are going for a really elaborate style, don’t forget to use products specially formulated for gray hair; otherwise your grays could get tinted.

Get Rid of Gray Hair Naturally

Don’t want to rely on accessories to revive your hair? In this case, note that you can stop, prevent and even reverse premature white hair with a revolutionary cure. Get Away Grey is a powerful gray defense, based on catalase and several mineral and herbal compounds that rejuvenate your hairs and restore your natural pigment rapidly and safely. Order your first bottles today and put premature graying on hold.

Letting Hair Go Gray: 3 Important Things You Should Know Before Making This Decision

bigstock-Closeup-portrait-of-happy-midd-47986184Gray hair makes our lives much more complicated. Most men and women who are impacted by premature white hair are desperate to identify and use the best camouflaging methods to go back to fully pigmented locks. This is how they end up testing dozens of types of hair dyes. These products have a long list of drawbacks: they damage our hair structure, make us invest hundreds of dollars in salon hair care treatments and sometimes provide artificial results.

But most importantly, hair coloring products feed our addiction to glossy, younger-looking hairs. No wonder that more and more men and women think about letting hair go gray. If you are one of them, keep reading to discover some of the most important facts that could influence your decision.

1)      Gray Hair Requires Extra Care

Need a good reason to reverse gray hair? In this case, note that gray hairs gradually lose their natural oils and become frizzy and virtually impossible to tame. To keep them in excellent shape, you’ll need pricy shampoos, conditioners and styling products especially designed for gray hair.

2)      Gray Hair Compels You to Upgrade Your Personal Style

Men and women who are in their 30s are appalled premature graying and want to prevent or cure gray hair. After all, silvery locks are associated with seniority and its endless list of problems. If you don’t want to look like grandma and grandpa while you are still very young, start by changing your wardrobe.

Avoid pastel colors that could lead to a dull, uninspiring washed-out look and opt for bright, vivid hues (dark blue, red, dark green, Bordeaux) that can accentuate your bold grays and help you turn heads effortlessly. Black and white are also great options worth considering, if you plan to age gracefully. Follow new trends and invest in high-quality clothes and accessories that will most likely stay in fashion for the longest period of time.

3)      Gray Hair Could Impact Your Professional Life

Are you intimidated by premature white hair? Join the club! Let’s face it: numerous professionals of both genders choose to dye their hair not because they are insecure or eager to look and feel younger, but because they acknowledge the fact that gray hairs could irreparably damage their carriers. This is the awful truth that nobody wants to hear.

According to a survey conducted by a team of UK-based researchers, gray hair makes businessmen look savvy and distinguished, but they make women look dull and old. In some cases, women affected by premature graying can be replaced with younger coworkers who are not dealing with this problem. Silvery hairs are interpreted as badges of honor only in a few fields of activity, like accounting for instance, where gray hairs are associated with years of experience, stability, intelligence and excellent decisions.

Stop Gray Hair with a Natural Cure

Need to prevent or cure gray hair in a timely fashion? In this case, use Get Away Grey, a remarkable product based on catalase, to reverse grays from the inside out. This product is based on science and will do wonders for your aging hair and scalp. If letting hair go gray is not an option, order this magnificent remedy and recover your natural pigment the easy way.

Check Out the Very Best Greying Hairstyles for Classy Senior Men

hairstyles seniorsAge is just a number. The fact that you’ve already detected more than a few silvery hairs while looking in the mirror doesn’t mean that you are old and unattractive. On the contrary, it means that you could be cataloged as experienced and savvy and that your personal style could become the main source of inspiration explored by younger fellows to perfect their own. You don’t have to be intimidated by gray hair. As a matter of fact, silvery hairs can be easily eliminated with just a little help from a revolutionary gray hair cure.

On the other hand, hair thinning and balding spots are two extremely delicate problems that require your full attention. Can you actually preserve your appeal by camouflaging these drawbacks? Absolutely! Here are a few clever gray hairstyles for senior men enabling you to restore your confidence and enhance your attractiveness.

It’s Never Too Late to Go Wild

Cool guys never get old. They just get better. If you have already embraced a nonconventional, semi-rebellious style, you could take it to the next level with a funky, wild layered look that will definitely manage to mask your hair thinning problem. Have you ever heard someone complain about the fact that Billy Idol looks old? Of course not! This is mostly because his bold, shiny, spiky hair allows him to preserve his youthful appearance.

If you have to deal with clients and you are forced to maintain a rather conservatory image at work, just comb your gray hair back and don’t style it with gel or other cosmetic products that you would normally use. This hairstyle is extremely versatile and enables you to look great 24/7.

Hairstyles that Mask Thinning Hair

Combover is so yesterday and it should be avoided at all costs. While growing your hair and strategically combing it over your balding spots may sound like a good plan, the results are incredibly tacky. Extensive frontal baldness can seldom be disguised in an effective manner. In this case, a buzz cut would be the one and only valid option at hand. A Jude Law-inspired finger-length haircut is ideal for men who have started to lose the hairs located above their temples. If you want to get rid of gray hair and also minimize the effects of hair thinning, it is highly recommended to rely on a natural vitamin complex based on catalase and various herbal and mineral additives. Get Away Grey is an exceptional solution to this common problem.

Finding the Perfect Cut for You

It is advisable to discuss your options with a hairstylist before opting for a new cut. Here’s a great tip: don’t choose someone who has been working in this business for more than 3 decades. Go in favor of a young stylist who follows the most recent trends and uses professional products and innovative techniques to help you stay classy.

Reversing Gray Hair with Get Away Grey

Senior men can look fabulous on a daily basis with minimal effort. Clever hairstyles can mask their hair thinning problems, while a revolutionary greying hair solution can help them get their natural pigment back. Get Away Grey is your trusted gray hair vitamin, based on all the right ingredients required to promote the growth of naturally pigmented, shiny, resistant hairs.

Give it a try and use this anti gray hair miracle to look and feel younger and much more attractive.