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Could the Cause of Your Gray Hair Could Be In Your Bathroom?

White Teeth Gray HairYou may not think that your gray hair was caused by anything other than stress or age. But it’s been scientifically proven that gray hair’s root cause – pardon the pun – is actually due to a surplus of hydrogen peroxide in the body. When too much H202 is present, the excess usually ends up accumulating in the hair follicles.

An accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicles affects the store of catalase – the enzyme responsible for coloring the hair – by depleting it. Peroxide also affects the store of other enzymes which are key to hair color maintenance including MSRA and Tyrosinase. Following the depletion of these enzyme stores, the hair follicles are left unprotected, and the peroxide is free to bleach the hair follicles.

Your Toothpaste

If you use whitening toothpaste, it may be the culprit of your graying hair. Most people don’t understand how this can be, given that most whitening toothpastes contain very little peroxide. Surely such a small amount can’t be causing their gray hair! But the truth is that it only takes 0.04 grams of hydrogen peroxide to start the enzyme destruction process. When you consider that some products contain a whopping six percent concentration of peroxide, it’s no wonder many consumers are experiencing early grays!

Whitening Your Teeth

The same is true for those systems that can be purchased for whitening teeth at home. These may be especially harmful to hair enzymes, as they usually contain a very high amount of hydrogen peroxide. Some of the products that claim to provide fast whitening often contain the highest amounts.

Stress and Peroxide – A Dangerous Combination

Stress has been identified as a definite cause of gray hair. So those who are already leading high-stress lives are already dealing with high hydrogen peroxide levels in their systems. Adding whitening toothpaste or home tooth whitening systems to their personal routines can definitely spell disaster.

Despite this fact, teeth whitening, whether with toothpaste or home whitening continues its rise in popularity. These days, there are more whitening products on the market than ever. As well, recent studies revealed that many consumers spoke of whitening as something that was essential to a better quality of life.

Get Away Grey May Help the Problem

One can certainly improve their gray hair situation by limiting the amount of peroxide that enters the body via the use of teeth whitening products. But another way to reverse gray hair is Get Away Grey, a natural and safe product. Just a few months of use could see noticeable results that last for the long term. Their web site currently has a special that offers 3 bottles, or a 3-month supply at a discounted price, costing you less than you expected to try this breakthrough product.

Premature Gray Hair in Children: Why Does It Happen?

When you think about premature gray, the thought of your kid’s hair may not even cross your mind. After all, their diet may be healthy. But what if their hair becomes gray? This can often be a shocking and frightening experience for both the parent and the child to endure. However, there is good news about this condition: it can be helped by diet, as there are many foods that are considered to be hair vitamins.

Why Does Hair Go Gray In Kids?

Premature gray hair in children can be due to a genetic disorder. The most common cause, genetic disorder cannot be cured, unfortunately. However, another common cause of this condition is depleted melanocytes, which provide the hair with color. In this case, premature graying can be reversed by adding certain foods to the diet; specifically, those that contain vitamin B12.

Oftentimes, thyroid disorders like hyperthyroidism can cause gray hair to develop in kids. Vitiligo, while most widely known as a skin condition can also cause gray hair in both adults and kids.

Solutions for Premature Gray in Kids and Adults

Improving the care of hair is the first step to helping solve the problem of graying hair. Consider a hot oil scalp massage using olive or coconut oil twice weekly. Following the massage, wrap the head in a hot towel, which will increase circulation.

Another potential solution is to apply nutrients topically. One way is to use eggs. Take one egg and mix with water until a paste has formed. Then, apply the mixture to completely cover the hair from root to tip. Leave on for twenty minutes, and then wash using a mild shampoo.

Curry leaf can also be a good solution for graying hair on heads of all ages. Eating curry leaf daily, as well as boiling leaves in coconut oil and then applying to the hair can help reverse gray hair.

The above solutions can be used by both adults and children if gray hair is premature and is, as a result, unwanted.

Get Away Gray – the Solution for Gray Hair in Adults

While you may find the solution for premature gray hair in your child is easy to find, you may have discovered that some of the solutions mentioned above didn’t work for you. If this is the case, then you may want to consider another solution for ridding yourself of gray hair: Get Away Grey. This product offers a safe, all-natural way to reverse your gray hair.

Containing ingredients specially formulated to increase the amount of catalase in the body, Get Away Grey also contains minerals, vitamins and plant extracts that, when combined work together to give you the healthy and beautiful hair you’ve always wanted. All it takes is two tablets daily to start reversing your gray hair today.

And right now, you can get 3 bottles for three months with this great special! So don’t wait another day to get rid of your gray!

Premature Gray Hair: What Are Your Options?


Stress alone cannot be the cause of your grey hair.

Silver strands, locks of wisdom, salt and pepper; no matter how you refer to it, grey hair happens to all of us. For some of us, though, grey hair happens much earlier than the classic 40’s. What’s a 20-year-old to do if they suddenly start seeing those silver areas in their hair? Grey hair occurs because the body has ceased production of color-producing cells. These cells are responsible for hair and skin color, and diminish in production as we age. Unfortunately, some individuals have to deal with this lowered cell production much sooner. What are the options for dealing with this premature grey hair?

Hide the Grey

This option is classic. Why deal with these random patches of grey hair when you can cover it up with your natural hair color? For those who want to maintain their color, this option is perfect. There are box dyes that can be purchased at any local drug store, and then there is your local salon. Both options allow for grey coverage, and the prices can certainly vary depending on location. Box dyes are much cheaper and don’t require any drastic changes to your routine. Visiting a salon can either help you with grey coverage or can help you find a new hairstyle that strategically hides those new bright colors. For those with grey hair at the temples, dye may be your best option.

Embrace the Grey

For those not wanting to try a new hairstyle, or are opposed to the chemicals that hair dyes contain, embracing your new color is the way to go! There are many fantastic ways to maintain the grey color, including nourishing shampoos that will help you keep a healthy shine. Go all natural and be flexible with the hair your body is giving you.

Cure the Grey

If you just want your grey hair to stop growing altogether, there is a solution! Reversing your grey hair problem is possible; great news for those gaining premature grey hair. As we talked about in the beginning of this article, grey hair is a result of color-producing cell reduction. These cells can be stimulated to begin their production once again with the use of GetAwayGrey’s supplements! These vitamins contain Catalase, an ingredient responsible for encouraging melanin. With the help of this supplement, your grey hair will literally begin the reversal process, letting your natural hair color once again show through.

Check out our risk-free trial options, and start reversing your premature grey hair today!

Leading Causes of Premature Greying: Are You in The Loop?

Here’s what you need to know about premature greying.

What is Premature Greying?

Gray hair

Grey hair showing up earlier than expected? You’re not stuck with it!

Premature greying is happening to people everywhere, but why exactly does this happen, and at what age is grey hair considered premature? Grey hair occurs when the cells producing color cease their pigment production. So, grey is merely the absence of any color. This absence of color has been considered as a symbol of wisdom, but for most of us, it’s just another finger pointing at us and laughing. When this color deficiency appears sooner than we could have anticipated, it’s an extra disappointment.

How Soon Is too Soon?

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper is a classic example of premature grey hair.

Thinking your grey hair is showing up a bit too early on in life? Studies show that grey hair makes its appearance much earlier than most of us want to believe. For Caucasians, graying typically occurs during the mid-30s, with premature graying labeled as before age 20. For Asians, the normal graying process starts in the late 30s, and for African-Americans, their 40s! Signs of grey earlier than age 30 for African-Americans is considered premature. Classic examples of premature grey hair include Anderson Cooper and Taylor Hicks.

Did those numbers fall in line with your original thoughts? A grey hair cure is needed!

Why Does This Happen?

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 deficiency can contribute to prematurely greying hair.

Some studies tout genetics and an individual’s environment as the reason for early grey, but that isn’t always the case. Scientific studies have shown that one reason for our body’s underproduction of color-producing enzyme is a possible B-12 vitamin deficiency. Other reasons include excess hydrogen peroxide, issues with the pituitary or thyroid glands, and smoking.

Hydrogen peroxide is a naturally occurring element in the body, but when there is not enough catalase to break it down, the hair becomes bleached, making your hair grey. Getawaygrey has a way to naturally return your hair to its color-producing days.

What Can I Do?

As we age, those silver strands of wisdom are destined to show up. For those of us unfortunate enough to receive them early, there is hope, thanks to Getawaygrey! We understand the desires to find that grey hair cure, and have found the solution to this problem. Our grey hair vitamins were created with specific ingredients to target the underlying issues causing you strife. By combining vitamins and catalase, this product attacks the problems causing grey hair, returning your hair to its natural color.

This gray hair cure also contains Saw Palmetto and Zinc Oxide, two other ingredients that have been shown to assist in hair loss and thinning issues. The combination of ingredients in these grey hair vitamins is a proven tactic to naturally reverse grey hair. Take advantage of our Limited-Time Risk-Free offer and say goodbye to those unnecessary tresses.


Are You A Victim of Premature Greying? 5 Ways to Tell

President Obama is one of many presidents whose hair turned gray over the course of his presidency, perpetuating the belief that stress causes grey hair.

Take one look at our presidents over the last 20 years, and one major difference in their look before and after serving in office is the color of their hair. Grey or white hair seems to be the natural course of serving as President of the United States. So a natural conclusion to the process of graying is the factor of stress, right? Wrong.

The Real Factors

Studies show that stress is more likely to result in hair loss than hair graying. For this reason, you can be assured that your premature graying problems will not be a result of your very stressful life. So what are the reasons for this premature graying, and is it in your future?


Yes, your family history is going to play a part in the age your gray hair shows up. The issue of graying itself is not the only reason this could happen. A natural tendency to under produce catalase, the element responsible for breaking down hydrogen peroxide, can carry over from one generation to the next. Because your body could be predetermined for early signs of grey, get a handle on it now by finding a premature graying solution. Getawaygray’s solution to the natural process of graying is a natural process of vitamin intake, which allows you to bring your hair back to its natural color without harsh chemicals or inorganic compounds.


Smoking is one habit that can contribute to premature graying.

Certain activities and habits can also contribute to premature greying. Smoking is a factor that studies prove encourages your hair to grey, making it a terrible habit for more than your lungs. Being around those who smoke is just as bad; secondhand smoke that consistently attacks your hair can lead to greying.


Daily washing can even affect the way your hair grows. Shampoos with harsh chemicals in them can cause the roots of your hair to become weak. By weakening this part of your hair, you are opening it up to the possibility of graying. Make efforts to choose natural shampoos and maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to look its best. Supplements like our Get Away Grey Super Premium Vitamin capsules can also contribute to your premature greying solution!


While stress is not a reason that your hair turns grey, it can be a secondary contributor. Stress leads to hair loss and hair weakness, which can contribute to your graying tresses. Weakness of the hair doesn’t allow for the oxygen-rich red blood cells to circulate the follicles as they should. With the decrease in oxygen-producing red blood cells, your hair is more susceptible to hydrogen peroxide overload, depleting the strands of their color.



The harsh chemicals in professional hair dyes can lead to premature grey hair.

We all love to play with new colors and styles, but that consistent application of harsh chemicals can easily lead to premature gray hair. The chemicals used in professional hair dye and perm-setting techniques weaken the hair at its root, and strip strands of its color and nutrients.

Your Premature Greying Solution

Getawaygrey is your premature graying solution! No harsh chemicals come with these capsules, just healthy vitamins and minerals essential for strong and colorful hair results. Call us today and save $20 on three bottles of these essential supplements.