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Gray Hair Confessions: How Do Celebrities Actually Style Their Silvery Locks?

Grey  Hair Background You don’t have to be a beauty industry insider to realize that gray hair requires a lot of maintenance. This is one of the reasons why the natural process of going gray is interpreted as a tragedy by so many women worldwide. Gray hues are linked to old age and death. However, if you were to see this aspect from a much more optimistic perspective, you would realize that keeping your gray hair in excellent condition and loving it as is represents a wonderful challenge that you should get ready to face. Not all people know how to wear gray and style this color to perfection. This means that graying hair can become your iconic accessory designed to individualize your style.

Embrace your true color to see where it could get you. At the end of the day, you may decide to ditch root touchups and hair coloring appointments just to be able to enjoy the natural brilliance of your colorless tresses. Want to learn how to style your bright mane? We give you a few examples set up by world class celebs that inspire us on a daily basis.

The Rule Followed by Youngish Models: Keep it Shiny and Simple! Kate Moss is in her mid-thirties. However, her most recent look reveals that she may have already been hit by premature graying. Her approach is extremely natural and effective: the gorgeous supermodel has decided to add more than a few silver streaks to her usual, classic shoulder-length cut.

The Bold Sheared Look Could Also Work for You. What do pearls have in common with pixie cuts, biker jackets, boots and a rebellious attitude? Absolutely nothing, you may be tempted to say. Pink would beg to differ. The singer has been flaunting the same sheared look for many years in a row. The short cut requires minimal styling products. She just relies on high-shine gels and sprays to add gloss and dimension to her hairs. There is no simpler way to go gray in style!

Contrasts Can Accentuate Your Eccentric Style. Fancy a few white streaks on pitch-black hair? In case this dramatic look could match your personality and overall style, go for it. This less common effect has already been tested by world-class male and female celebs that are constantly into the spotlight, including Johnny Depp (in the 2007 production entitled Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street), the legendary Cruela de Vil character and Stacy London, the beautiful stylist and co-host of the “What Not to Wear” show.

Gray is so much more than a color; it’s a state of mind. Nonetheless, if you can’t seem to be able to find any joy in the process of going gray, choose to maintain a lovely, uniform color by taking vitamins for hair based on catalase on a daily basis.

What Can You Do If You Have Just a Few Gray Hairs?

bigstock-Young-woman-washing-head-by-s-37586176Assuming that you are fully aware of the fact that your genetic heritage will force you to deal with premature graying while you’re still in your late 20s, how do you plan to cope with the first white strands? Naturally, an impeccable silvery mane like the one displayed by John Slattery or Emmylou Harris is a real blessing, but unfortunately hair doesn’t go gray overnight. In most cases, the transition from dark to white can be lengthy and tiresome. So how could you actually survive this intermediary phase and preserve your attractiveness and youthful appearance? Here are three hypothetical situations that you may experience while handling the rocky relationship with your first grays.

  1. If 5 to 10% of Your Hair Is Gray You Won’t Even Notice the Change. If less than 10% of your overall number of hairs are gray, you may not even realize that you’re about to get hit hard by premature graying. Especially during summer, hair tends to get lighter and it can be pretty difficult to distinguish a depigmented strand that has been sitting too much in direct sunlight from a white one.
  2. If 20 to 30% of Your Hair Is Gray You Could Dye It. According to Allure, if 30% or more of your hair is gray, you could start thinking about coloring options. At first, you may want to try a semi-permanent dye that is close to your natural shade. Permanent dyes last for a longer period of time and offer a more intense hue, but aren’t exactly suitable for your first DIY coloring attempt.
  3. If Your First Grays Are Concentrated in One Stop, Camouflage Only the Problematic Area. Grays can turn your world upside down, especially when they set camp in just one area. Wondering how you could deal with a raven mane that displays contrasting white temples? In this particular case, you could rely on a good root concealer to mask the problematic spot. A concealer will guarantee a uniform color in between washing cycles.

If you hate the idea of coloring your grays, opt for a smooth darkening effect ensured by catalase supplements. These pills for hair will restore your pigment in just a few weeks and let you forget about all the threats posed by premature graying.Vitamins for gray hair based on science are the key to obtaining suppler, silkier, glossy dark hair.