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Interesting Facts about Human Hair and Premature Graying

640_Woman_in_mirrorHave you ever wondered what makes our hair silky and vigorous? Or why some people go gray earlier than expected, while they are still in their late 20s or early 30? Curious to find out how fast does hair really grow and which are the factor that could compromise its normal structure and its attractiveness?

One thing’s certain: long or short, gray, dyed or naturally pigmented, your hair is an extension of your beautiful personality. It reflects who you are and most importantly, who you want to become. It emphasizes your style, your taste and your personal preferences and it also reveals the impact of your most important lifestyle choices on your appearance. Healthy, luscious hairs can become your favorite statement accessory, enabling you to impress with a great cut and a fabulous color. To apply the best hair management tips, you have to be able to anticipate and address the unique needs of your locks.

In order to get the most accurate answers to all your questions and understand more about your very own tresses, just take a closer look at the interesting facts about hair and premature graying listed below.

First Fact: There’s Real Gold in Your Locks

Even though you may not have the musical talent of Sarah Louise Akwisombe (best known as GoldieLocks), the UK-based female rapper, her nickname suits you more than you could ever imagine, because you have real gold in your hair. We all do. According to an infographic introduced by Daily Infographic, every single human hair strand comprises no less than 14 elements, including small traces of gold.

Second Fact: We Lose Up to 150 Hairs per Day

Worried that you may lose too much hair on a daily basis? According to most researchers, it is perfectly normal for adult men and women to shed between 40 and 150 hairs every single day. Generally speaking, while old hairs are abandoning the scalp, perfectly healthy ones are getting ready to replace them, so normally you would have nothing to worry about. Obviously, there are more than a few factors that trigger excessive hair loss (also known as alopecia), including elevated stress levels, chemotherapy and countless other medical treatments and scalp infections. On average, every individual has approximately 100,000 hairs on his head. Another fun fact is that human hair follicles are formed when the fetus is only 5 months old.

Hair has its unique development cycle comprising 3 different phases: Anagen (active growth phase), Catagen (the transitional phase) and Telogen (the last phase in which hair growth is stopped and the fibers simply fall out). Up to 15% of your hair is going throw this phase at any given point in time. But since every end is a new beginning, once the Telogen comes to an end, Anagen begins once again. This repetitive cycle will follow the same trajectory until the end of our lives.

Third Fact: The Perception of Women Is Influenced by Their Hair Color

Most readers may be inclined to think that hair color has very little to do with one’s personality and that only superficial people judge a book by its cover. Even so, it seems that people’s perception of women is very much influenced by their hair color. A survey conducted by Clairol supports this hypothesis. The results of the Clairol surveyindicate that blondes are flirty and fun, brunettes are serious and smart while redheads are strong. Even if you think that these stereotypes are worthless, note that a solid, beautiful hair color will always be associated with a tidy image. This is one of the main reasons why people impacted by premature graying should learn how to go gray in style or how to mask or reverse silvery strands to take pride in a charming, consistent look.

Fourth Fact: In the 1950s, Only 7% of the American Female Population Relied on Hair Dyes

More than 6 decades ago, hair dyes were considered a taboo in most societies. Women felt encouraged to opt for a natural look and hair coloring products had nothing to do with it. Obviously, things have changed a great deal over the last few decades. If in the early 1950s only 7% of all American women used hair dyes to obtain a remarkable color and turn gray away, at this point more than 75% of the U.S.-based female population counts on color coming from a tube to camouflage depigmented strands.

Hair dyes have a long, enchanting history that often hides gross details that you’d prefer to remain secret. For instance, did you know that Roman beauties used to rely on pigeon dung to dye their locks blonde? In Venice, during the Renaissance period, horse urine served the same purpose. Obviously, hair dye formulas have been greatly improved to address the unique needs and demands of modern women who are always on the run.

If you are not a big fan of hair dyes, you should know that there are other methods to turn back the clock and recover your youthful appearance, which do not involve the usage of potentially risky chemicals. Catalase supplements seem to be the best option at hand for men and women who wish to reverse gray hair. Catalase decomposes hydrogen peroxide accumulations into oxygen and water, putting the hair oxidation process on hold. These anti premature graying solutions also include a complex of natural ingredients, designed to enhance the brilliance and the strength of the users’ hair strands from the inside out.

Fifth Fact: To Notice the Presence of the First Gray Hairs Triggered by Shock, Aging or Stress You’d Have to Wait 13 Days

We’ve all heard that a major shock could make you go gray overnight. Fortunately, this is just a scary myth. In reality, you’d have to wait at least 13 days to be able to spot the first gray hairs caused by stress, aging or shock.

These are only a few interesting fact about hair, proving that, whether you like it or not, the color and the overall aspect of your hair are very important elements that inevitably make or break your image. Nobody likes the ideas that premature graying is a common threat that may be waiting for them just around the corner. Fortunately, men and women who want to hold on to their natural pigment have the chance to buy and test revolutionary gray hair cures based on science. Get Away Grey is a magnificent option for people who feel too young to rock the silver fox look. 2 pills administered on a daily basis after a meal represent the key to flawless, shiny, fully pigmented locks.

Get Away Grey contains an ideal concentration of catalase (5,000iu)and various natural herbal and mineral components supporting the development of gorgeous, stronger, brighter hair. All in all, this revolutionary product is your best chance to prevent, stop and reverse the unwanted effects of premature graying for a longer period of time. To profit from all these benefits, just put this exceptional gray defense to the test and order your first bottles right away.

3 Keys to Coping with Gray Hair While You’re in Your 20s

hairgreyIf you are in your late 20s and you are already displaying the first signs of premature graying, don’t blame your genetic heritage. Don’t feel sorry for yourself and don’t even dare to think that a few silvery strands can make you look old and unattractive. While it’s perfectly true that our decisions are inevitably impacted by the unspoken rules of our ageist culture, both men and women have plenty of options at hand when it comes to dealing with hairs that bleaches itself from the inside out. Keep reading to discover more info on premature graying and see how you could find and implement the perfect gray hair management plan for you.

What Could Make Your Hair Go Gray at an Early Age?

The bad news is that genetic factors are usually behind the premature hair oxidation process. Hair follicles comprise a significant number of pigment cells. These cells produce melanin, the element ensuring the natural color of your tresses. When melanin is no longer produced, hairs start to go gray. Moreover, ideal melanin levels also keep hairs moisturized; this is why reduced melanin production results in coarse, unruly hair, which is almost impossible to style.

Furthermore, several autoimmune and genetic conditions, including vitiligo, thyroid problems and anemia, represent additional causes of premature graying. There are also numerous tangible elements that also play an important part in this equation by accelerating the hair oxidation process. Smoking, a poor diet, lack of exercise and prolonged stress exposure could make you lose your natural pigment faster than expected.

Discover a Plentitude of Appealing Anti-Gray Hair Solutions

Looking for ways to cope with gray hair at an early age? Anne Marie Barros, an experienced hair coloring specialist from the New York-based Gerard Bollei Salon reveals that age is just a number and has very little to do with the anti gray hair solutions introduced to her clients. Obviously, hair dyes are considered an important ally by both men and women who want to win the battle with premature graying. Unfortunately, the joy brought by a rapid victory is very ephemeral. All in all, here are 3 excellent gray hair management solutions that may work for you just fine.

1)      To Dye or Not to Dye

Most of the regular salon clients admit that regular hair coloring processes represent one of the most stressful “beauty hassles” for a number of reasons. In short, they are costly, time-consuming and annoying by definition, because they are repetitive and inevitably trap the user into a vicious circle. No matter how expensive it is, hair dye is still a camouflaging method. This means that it will address the effects, not the cause of hair oxidation. The relationship with hair coloring products can be pretty rocky, taking into consideration that most of them affect the hair structure and seldom lead to a natural-looking, long-lasting color.

For a consistent look, you could choose to go for an attractive all-over color. Highlights are also an option worth considering, since it requires very low maintenance and allows you to mask your grays and obtain very alluring, subtle contrasts. Fine gray strands that can easily blend in with your pigmented hairs are very trendy at this point. Numerous stylists reveal that more and more clients decide to enhance their silvery hairs, rather than relying on dyes to conceal them.

2)      Go Gray In Style

If you love your hair unconditionally, this probably means that you feel ready to tolerate the first depigmented strands. Women are advised to go in favor of a nice, layered cut. For men who think that their grays actually make them more attractive, a nice and clean buzz cut can be an excellent choice. Going gray is not as easy as you may be inclined to think. Yellow stains and excessive frizziness are two main concerns that should be factored in, especially if you don’t plan to cut your hair really short anytime soon. Luckily for you, there are numerous types of conditioners and shampoos especially formulated for gray hair, which prevent the formation of yellowish stains, enhance the brilliance of your locks and keep them moisturized for the longest period of time.

If you want to learn how to go gray the right way, it is very important to start by choosing a delicate shampoo, which is mostly based on risk-free natural ingredients. According to Science Knowledge, during the washing cycle, aggressive shampoos strip a large amount of sebum and leave the user’s hair fragile and very dry. Since gray hair gradually loses its natural oils, it is already much drier than naturally pigmented locks. This is the main reason why depigmented tresses require a very special beautification ritual to look and feel smooth, shiny and healthy.

3)       Put Catalase Supplements to the Test

OK, so you are impacted by premature graying and you don’t want to dye your hair. You also hate the idea of going gray before reaching 30. Is there a valid option for young people who are in this situation? New breakthroughs reported by respectable scientists lead the way to a new, highly effective method to win the war (and not just one battle) with premature graying. Catalase supplements appear to be a safe, convenient and accessible gray hair cure. Unlike homemade remedies that you may have tested at some point, these products are based on real science. Researchers from the UK-based University of Bradford managed to identify the link between catalase, hydrogen peroxide and hair oxidation. As we age, our organisms produce less catalase.

Catalase decomposes hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water. Low levels of catalase inevitably lead to hydrogen peroxide accumulations that bleach our hairs from the inside out. These important findings are published in the Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB Journal). According to scientists, catalase-based products could address the problems posed by hydrogen peroxide buildups.

According to Forbes, Anti Grey Pure by Absonutrix, Anti-Gray Hair 7050, and No More Gray with Catalase are only a few of the catalase supplements currently available on the market. The same source mentions that L’Oreal is also working on its very own “no gray hair” secret formula based on a fruit extract that is wrapped in mystery. The L’Oreal product is expected to become widely available in 2015.

Get Away Grey is a scientifically proven gray hair remedy based on natural, risk-free ingredients. It comprises an ideal concentration of catalase (5,000 iu) and various other ingredients that promote the development of fully pigmented, strengthen, glossy hairs. This revolutionary catalase supplement comes with a money-back guarantee, so prospects who choose to buy this product have absolutely nothing to lose.

Moreover, Get Away Grey promises more noticeable signs of improvement after a short period of time, ranging from 8 to 12 weeks of utilization. Clearly, this is an excellent solution for men and women who want to find the simplest, safest method to cope with gray hair. Order your first bottles today and change your looks and your life with a gray hair remedy based on science.

What Does Your Gray Hair Say about You?

Worried woman in grey pullover pointing at the alarm clock, isolMany men and women are having a hard time trying to find the best methods to embrace their grays without adding years to their face or compromising their otherwise exquisite personal style.

They all want to learn how to go gray in style. Unfortunately, this is often a complicated life lesson. The good news is that long-term improvements represent the result of a trial-and-error process, so young people impacted by premature graying should think twice before laying down their weapons.  After all, there are several effective gray hair cures that you may want to consider, and also a plenitude of salon and DIY treatments that you could rely on, to turn your bleached hair into a bold fashion statement. The question is this: can you actually address the specific needs of your depigmented hair? In other words, what does your gray hair say about you?

An Unaltered Salt and Pepper Look Is for People Who Know How to Age Gracefully

Numerous first-class celebrities have expressed their passion for the gorgeous salt and pepper look. George Clooney and Oprah are only a few examples worth mentioning. Basic, non-aggressive styling products and a clean, short cut are the key to success in this case. These are the elements that enable men to age gracefully and maintain their classy image. Oprah rocks her superb graying hair by opting for voluminous hairstyles and delicate curls and by using styling products that ensure an amazing glossy effect.

Dry, Deteriorated Hair Creates an Untidy Image

Nothing can compromise your image faster than dry, extremely deteriorated hair. If you don’t want to shock your friends by displaying appalling split ends, choose to use shampoos and conditioners especially formulated for gray hair, designed to combat coarseness and leave your strands moisturized, nourished, soft and younger-looking. You could also prepare homemade masks based on maple syrup, bananas, avocado or sunflower oil and apply them regularly on your wet hair to reduce frizziness and boost the appeal of your otherwise seductive shades of gray.

Yellow Hues Tell You That You Should Schedule an Appointment with a Hair Stylist As Soon As Possible

Yellow hues impacting the brightness of gray hair look horrifying. This is a common problem encountered even by some of the greatest Hollywood actors. Michael Douglas is the living, breathing proof that yellow shades and graying hair are not a match made in heaven. There is a logical explanation for these unattractive yellowish tones: bleached hair borrows pigments from shampoos and colors. Sunlight, scalp oils and chemicals, such as chlorine, can amplify the effect. To avoid this unpleasant issue, limit your sun exposure, install a water filter in your home and use a shampoo and conditioner for gray hair, like Clairol’s Shimmer Lights shampoo and conditioner for instance.

Say Goodbye to Ugly, Unattractive Grays by Testing a Scientifically Proven Remedy

Worried that you may not have what it takes to apply the best gray hair management tips? In this case, who go gray when you can restore your natural pigment fast and safely? Use Get Away Grey to prevent, stop and even reverse gray hair from the inside out. Order your first bottles today and tell your friends and family members that gray hair can wait.

3 Common Graying Hair Styling Mistakes That Add Years to Your Face

0809p32-gray-mThe appearance of the first gray hairs shouldn’t be considered a tragic event. On the contrary, bleached hairs can be a real blessing, once you learn how to boost their attractiveness and how to go gray in style. Unfortunately, most men and women aren’t fully aware of the fact that an old-fashioned cut or the usage of certain styling products can make them look older and less interesting. Below you will find a list of some of the most common graying hair styling mistakes that should be avoided at all costs.

#1 Opting for a One-Length Cut

We can’t remember that last time when one-length cuts were considered popular. Apart from the fact that they are outdated, they also accentuate the lines of your face in an unflattering manner. Can you even imagine how the horrible bowl cut could compromise the image of a graying man? On the other hand, layers add warmth to your facial features. A trendy layered haircut can do wonders for men and women who are already impacted by premature graying. Not to mention the fact that layers add volume and make your hairs look thicker.

#2 Using Too Many Styling Products

Here’s some shocking news: tons of styling products utilized simultaneously to obtain smooth, healthy-looking, obedient hairs that shine brighter than the sun will actually work against you. Why? The answer is quite predictable: despite the fact that styling products like gel or mousse can keep your hairs in an ideal position and make any kind of hairstyle look awesome for a short period of time, they can also lead to an aging combination.

After a few hours, hairs covered in more or less aggressive chemical-rich products will inevitably become dull, frizzy and stiff. To avoid this worst case scenario, use only a little bit of silicon serum to enhance the luster of your grays and a tiny drop of high-quality lightweight mousse to come up with a gorgeous, natural-looking hairstyle.

#3 You Still Take Pride in the Lightest Shade of Blonde

Your fair locks made you insanely popular in high school. They were considered your best accessory, because they always managed to attract compliments like a magnet. But all of these things happened decades ago. Truth be told, the brightest shades of blonde do not complement an aging face. This is because as we age, our complexion loses its natural color. Light blond hair drains what’s left of the delicate, warm tones of our face. This doesn’t mean that you have to dye your hair black. On the contrary, radical changes should be avoided.

If you have more than a few gray hairs, you should enable them to blend in with your natural color, by adding a few discrete highlights. Opt for intense shades of blonde, like butter or honey, which will not lead to that dreadful washed-out look.

Get Rid of Gray Hair Naturally

Gray hair can be your worst enemy, when it comes to embracing a new look. Before making a final call, you always have to factor in those annoying grays. To make things a whole lot easier for you, choose to reverse gray hair from the inside out, with a natural product based on science.

Get Away Grey is a remarkable vitamin complex comprising of catalase and numerous mineral and herbal additives that restore the natural pigment of bleached hairs and make them look fabulous.

Order your first bottles today and say no to unflattering graying hair.

Premature Graying Solutions: Hottest Gray Hair Makeover Ideas That You Need to Test Right Away

bigstock-Portrait-of-beautiful-mid-aged-38887219Only a few brave people aren’t afraid of gray hairs and their impact on their level of self-esteem, carrier and social life. In a world in which books are still judged by their covers, both men and women always feel compelled to look their best. Grays often compromise their beautification efforts, so they are cataloged as a major inconvenience.

Luckily, the effects of premature graying can be eliminated by a revolutionary treatment based on enzyme catalase, a powerful element that stops your hairs from losing their natural pigment.

On the other hand, some people choose to mask their white hairs before opting for a vitamin complex created to banish those unappealing shades of gray. If you are one of the many individuals who want to learn how to go gray in style, just take a closer look at the hot makeover suggestions described below.

1)      Revitalize Your Hair with Lowlights

A stark contrast between your pigmented hairs and your grays will inevitably make you look older and tired. To annihilate this drawback, opt for a few dark lowlights strategically positioned near your ears and temples. Don’t forget to buy and use a shampoo for gray hair to avoid those awful yellow hues.

2)      Opt for a Layered Cut

Very precise lines displayed by a severe haircut will also add many years to your face. Apart from the fact that they don’t do you justice, such hairstyles are also outdated. A nice, modern layered cut will soften your look and accentuate your best facial features: your nose, cheekbones or your beautiful eyes. Hot rollers can be utilized to add volume and create superb natural-looking waves.

3)      Keep It Long and Smooth by Utilizing Anti-Frizziness Products

Nobody said that you have to go for a really short cut to camouflage your premature graying problem. If you have the courage and the attitude required to rock all-white hair, a medium length cut could work best for you, as long as you don’t forget to apply anti-frizziness products on your hair every single day. Leave-in conditioners that add volume and guarantee a delicate glow are clearly the best option at hand.

4)      Opt for a Gold Base Color

This trick can be applied by men and women with fair hair. To mask those unwanted grays, you can ask your hairstylist to help you obtain an alluring gold base color. This small change would welcome the appearance of new depigmented hairs without giving the impression that you are actually going gray. This is because subtle golden shades blend in well with white hairs.

Stop Frizzy Gray Hair with a Super Vitamin Complex

Don’t have the time, the patience or the amount of money required by the simple makeover ideas listed above? In this case, choose to fight those grays with a vitamin complex that comprises catalase and various highly beneficial mineral and herbal ingredients. Get Away Grey is your magnificent grey hair remedy based on science. Order it today, test it right away and delay the first signs of premature graying.