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Health Problems and Grey Hair

Most people that look in the mirror aren’t happy with what’s looking back, especially when they notice their first grey hair. Although, quite a few people consider grey hair to be distinguishing, there are those who become frantic at the very sight of a silver lock and decide to cover it up with hair dyes.

If you’re in your early 20’s or 30’s and start noticing premature grey hair, especially when it doesn’t run in the family, and you want to see the doctor about some medical condition you have, it is actually true; you could have a medical condition, not your age, that is causing your hair to turn grey. So, what you need to be looking out for is …

Causes of Grey Hair

If you find yourself with grey hair, it could be the effect of genetics or age. If you’re worried about your grey hair, and you’re thinking about different ways to overcome it through hair dyes and shampoo treatments, you might want to consider that your white/silver hair may be telling you something about your health.

You’ve read about pigments called melanocytes, which is a production of enzymes that give the hair its dark color. Decreased levels of these enzymes result in grey hair, although this could differ from person to person. However, contrary to popular belief, there are a few medical conditions which could result in grey hair, such as:

Thyroid Disease

A thyroid problem that’s either overactive or under can be the reason for grey hair, since it alters the production of melanocytes. Many experts suggest that those experiencing grey hair should consult their family doctor and should get blood tests to see if they have any thyroid related problems.

Apart from a thyroid related issue, your grey hair could be the result of …

B12 Deficiency

A B12 deficiency is generally associated with pernicious anemia and is one of the reasons for grey hair.   B12 deficiency is considered a problem of absorption, where stomach proteins find it difficult to consume the vitamin. People who are long-term vegans are at high risk for B12 deficiency which is associated with grey hair and can also lead to serious neurological problems. If you’re experiencing neurological symptoms such as muscle weakness, tingling or numbness and have noticed a lot of grey hair, you might want to get your B12 level checked.

Another disease you should look out for is called the …


Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease which causes the destruction of melanocytes leading to de-pigmentation and as a result, you end up with grey hair. Vitiligo runs in the family, and in order for it to be diagnosed, you need to have a biopsy of the de-pigmented areas.

So, if you notice any grey hair, you might want to see your family doctor since it could be more of a medical condition than your age.

Think About Get Away Grey

Although grey hair is a part of the aging process, it’s not permanent. You now have the option to reverse the greying process. It’s time you get rid of all those hair products and dyes and think about going natural. GetAwayGrey is a formula that increases the production of enzymes that create melanocytes, thus getting rid of grey hair.

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