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How to Color Your Grey Hair

How to Color Your Grey HairSure, when your hair turns grey, it’s apparently time to panic, so you should grab all those hair dyes and shampoos. That way, you can cover up all the white mess that nature has left you with. When your hair turns grey, it’s basically the result of hair follicles losing pigments. As we age, the body begins to decrease in melanin, which gives the hair its color. However, there are those that inherit grey hair at an early age because of their genes.

While some may take to the grey life, there are those that decide they’re not ready to let go of their youth and for them dyeing is a viable option. So, if you’re one of them and you do decide to color your hair, make sure that you first research about various coloring methods and choose one that’s best for you.

Think of the Look You Want

Most people who accept their grey locks usually look graceful and dignified with their salt and pepper look. However, if you’re conscious about your grey hair and decided to go all color on it, that may not work as well as you think. So, having a complete 360 degree change from grey to color may not look as natural as you want it to. Think about consulting your hairstylist or barber who will guide you through the right steps, since they do know your hair better.

So, let’s look at how you should color your hair, if you ever decide to. You first need to …

Select a Product That’s Right

Remember the previously mentioned point about thinking about your look? Well, this is the part where you make the decision according to it. As mentioned earlier, your hair loses pigments which causes grey hair, so you may not be able to get your hair to look exactly like it did before. The solution to this is to simply get a hair color that is both duller and lighter than your original hair color. It doesn’t have to match your hair color exactly, but it should match your skin tone.

In the next step, you need to …

Prepare Your Hair

First, you need to shampoo away all of those chemicals in your hair because they’ll cause problems in your hair dyeing process and you won’t get the results you wanted. Grey hair is coarser than colored hair, thus making it difficult for it to absorb the hair dye color. If you’re finding it difficult to color your grey hair, you simply need to add hydrogen peroxide to your hair for about 20 minutes before coloring your hair, rinse it out and then proceed with the dyeing process.

Always remember that you need to …

Match and Mix if Required

Dyeing your grey hair is just like painting a clear white canvas, so it’s always a good idea to focus on thick neutral colors and add some accents afterwards. You can add some gold or red to a neutral brown colored hair dye and make it look amazing, especially with a brighter shade.

And yes, make sure you …

Maintain Your New Look

If you want to keep your new look, you need to make sure that you’re using the right shampoo and conditioner. You need to use products that are for color treated hair. These can be found available in any store.

For a permanent solution to grey hair, try …

Get Away Grey

If you’re tired of buying all those hair dyes, shampoos and conditioners, and are looking for a simpler solution to reverse the greying process, then you need to try GetAwayGrey, a natural formula that increases the level of melanin in your body, which gives the hair it’s natural color.

Hair Why You Turn Grey? – 5 Reasons for Premature Grey Hair

As he stood there, reflecting upon the man he once was, with his chiseled good looks and long wavy hair, it suddenly dawned on him that he had been abandoned by his youth. For his dark, thick mane was now home to the relentless great white …

Ah yes! The ruthless plague infecting us all, leaving us to be tortured and shunned by society, never to be understood, never to hear or be heard … okay, perhaps we’re getting way over our head here, it’s just grey hair, really! Although, those comfortable with grey hair are either on their way, or perhaps are color blind, the rest of us, well we end up spending about $42.5 billion a year trying to cover those insufferable grey locks that sit there mocking our every move.

What’s surprising is that we Americans spend more on trying to cover graying hair up than we do on diet products, and look at how big we are. Even women, who are so afraid of the idea of getting old that a single wrinkle on their foot could send them into a psychotic meltdown, compelling them to try anything to cover it up, just don’t realize that a little bleaching won’t do the trick.

In fact, if you think about it, grey hair is just one of those things that actually make sense. Let us take for example the ink cartridges in your printer, they run out the minute they get old. So, why wouldn’t the ink cartridges in your head run out too? And since they keep printing the same color, they are pretty much asking for it, or so we thought.

It’s actually quite the opposite. When our hair turns grey, it’s our body that’s bleaching the hair from the inside. The body naturally produces hydrogen peroxide; which begins to build up so much that it obstructs the melanin (which is the body’s natural hair dye). With no melanin, our hair turns grey, then white. And snap! We’re old.

But what about those poor souls who see the “great white” at an early age, why is the universe punishing them? Well, they’re pretty much punishing themselves with bleaching, dyes and various other unnatural remedies to have their hair sleek and shiny.

Take a look at their …


Many people wash their hair every single day and the harsh chemicals in shampoos make their hair susceptible to turning grey. In addition to that, various coloring and hair treatments, hair straightening and perms cause constant stress on the hair and can lead it to becoming grey.

And yes! Let’s not forget the…

Stress Factor

It’s been proven that stress is one of the major causes of premature grey hair. Any form of stress can increase the chances of your hair growing grey and there could be a number of factors for stress, such as school, work and even family. Your diet can also lead to premature grey hair as well.

However, the good news is, and yes there is good news, that if you understand the process of your hair turning grey, you figure out how to stop it naturally. In fact, science has brought you a natural remedy that no longer requires you to color your hair.

Seriously, science discovered it, and it’s called GetAwayGrey and it’s the perfect solution for your premature grey hair.  Say bye, bye to irritating grey hair! And hello to the rest of the world!