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Beware of Lead Acetate in Hair Coloring Products

Lead Acetate is a white chemical compound. It is made by mixing lead oxide and acetic acid. It is used as a main ingredient in progressive types of hair coloring dyes. Like all other lead compounds, this is also toxic. So think again before you dye your hair because the material used to make these dyes is lethal and can damage your hair badly. It is a major cause of graying hair as well. So you might wonder that given the harmful effects of this ingredient, why is it present in hair dyes? Let’s discuss in detail.

It Replaces Natural Pigmentation

Once your hair loses its natural pigmentation, it turns gray. So in order to reverse gray hair, these dyes are used. These dyes combine lead acetate with proteins in your hair to produce a chemical reaction that replaces the natural pigment and returns your hair to its original color.

The Risk Involved

Since lead acetate is toxic, it can penetrate your skin and enter the body. Once it enters your system it can damage your mind and body. Gray hair reversal will be the least of your concerns if lead gets into your body.  Regularly dyeing your hair increases the risk of being exposed to this dangerous toxin. All those who want to stop gray hair should choose a natural solution that doesn’t cause them harm.

What Studies Have Revealed

Recent studies carried out by experts reveal that the risk of disease is far greater when you use hair dyes. Lead Acetate has been linked to bladder cancer. So rather than being a grey hair cure, it does even more damage to your health.


Lead Acetate is a toxin which is best if you stay away from it. Stop using hair dyes and switch to getawaygrey. This is a natural solution with no side effects. In fact, it is a comprehensive way of reversing grey hair.