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Growing Out Gray Hair

At some point in life people come to the realization that they must grow out gray hair and stop coloring to look young. It is a time of reflection when you know that gray is what suits you best. At this age it may have a lot to do with your personality rather than just your image. Here are a few tips that will help with growing out gray hair naturally.

Let the Roots Grow

If you have been coloring your hair in the past you will know the process of touchups every couple of weeks. Once you stop using dye, your roots will grow out gray hair. Wait till 50 percent of your hair has turned gray before letting it grow out, then grow the roots out at least an inch or longer. In the meantime you can use a hat or bandana to hide your hair.


Knowing how to trim your hair also plays a key role when growing out gray hair naturally. It is recommended that you cut to a certain length for re-growth to speed up the process. This allows you to slowly ease into gray without getting two different color shades.


In order to grow out gray hair you must protect your roots from damaging colors. Gray roots do not absorb coloring the same way as colored hair. So a better option would be low lighting. If you are growing out gray hair naturally, start by having your hairdresser lowlight your hair. You can even perform this activity at home by painting strands of hair with color.


As you grow older your hair is likely to lose its silkiness and smoothness of the younger years. It is always a good idea to condition your hair. You can get a deep conditioning treatment at your local saloon that will help you grow out gray hair.


Growing out gray hair naturally is a fairly simple process. With the right knowledge and application you should be able to achieve it in no time at all. Try using get away grey to solve your problem. It doesn’t cover gray hair. It is in fact a cure for gray hair. These all-natural vitamin supplements work to restore the color of the hair and there’s no cover-up required.