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6 Ways to Get Those Grey Hair Vitamins In


Increasing your iron intake might help you battle grey hair.

Vitamins are an essential part of any diet, and can be difficult to maintain in a diet on a daily basis. With that in mind, here are the 6 top ways to incorporate these nutritious and necessary elements into your life.

The Color Green

You got it: veggies! Kale, spinach, celery, asparagus, etc are all very heavy sources of the vitamins your body craves. To maintain energy levels, proper digestion and fight depression, these vegetables are a required element of any good menu. Take your time and ease into it; start by hiding chopped spinach or zucchini in your spaghetti. This pasta entrée is one of the best ways to incorporate vegetables deliciously.


Fish is a fantastic source of vitamins and minerals. Iron and B12 are the two specific elements that this area of food presents. Choose this healthier option when scouring the meat counter for next week’s meals. There are many different colors and flavors of fish, allowing you to mix it up and still maintain a healthy dinner. Try salmon in your lasagna, orange roughly sautéed in wine, or tuna in your sandwich.


Dairy products, namely cheese and milk, are fantastic sources of B12, giving you a delicious snack option for maintaining vitamin levels. Drink milk with breakfast, and cubed cheese for your mid-morning snack, and you will be well on your well to vitamin intake success. However, keep in mind that moderation is another key in the maintenance of a healthy body. Don’t bulk up on dairy products unless you also want to bulk up on weight! Choose to incorporate your milk and cheese products lightly.

The Great Outdoors

We all know that Vitamin D can be obtained by the sun, but did you know it is, by far, the best and most efficient way to get that specific vitamin? Your body can synthesize enough Vitamin D in 20 minutes outdoors from the sun. Instead of eating your way to this specific vitamin, get outside for a few minutes every day. This vitamin affects all parts of your body, including mental health issues. Don’t let this deficiency stand in the way of a healthy lifestyle. Start bike riding, playing soccer with your kids or merely taking a quick walk around the block. All work and no play? Take your lunch hour outside on the patio or roof. Even if it’s just 30 minutes of fresh air, that is all the time your body needs.


Our supplements are chock full of your body’s needed vitamins and minerals. With natural ingredients, we can give your body exactly what it needs without requiring other harmful chemicals to enter your body. In addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle, this supplement helps promote healthy, colorful, strong hair.

With the inclusion of Catalase, this gray hair vitamin and supplement can reverse gray hair forever, giving you the confidence to walk out into the world a happy, healthy, grey-free person. Say no to grey, and try GetAwayGrey risk free today!