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Grey Hair Secrets: 3 Essential Products Will Help You Boost the Appeal of your Grays

gray hairUndoubtedly, gray hairs are scary; especially the first ones that usually appear on your temples when you’re still in your 30s. They have this weird way of lowering your self-esteem levels in the blink of an eye and make your personal charm and elevated confidence sink into a sea of uncertainties and frustrations.

Many people who are currently dealing with this obnoxious problem are doing everything in their power to reverse gray hair, by taking pills for grey hair regularly in an attempt to restore the natural color of their hair.

Others choose to take the easy way out and strive to get used to their new look. The really brave ones get highlights, opt for a new, trendy haircut and upgrade their personal style to feel more comfortable in their own skin. If you are one of those people who think that premature graying is not the worst thing that could happen to them in this life, take a closer look at the following list of top hair care products for grey hair.

1)      Nourishing Care Conditioners

woman grayLong gone are the days when you didn’t need a conditioner to take pride in long, radiant, obedient hair. It’s no secret that grey hair is usually wiry and virtually impossible to tame. This is precisely why you should rely on a nourishing care conditioner to keep your hairs moisturized and healthy-looking in the long term.

Here’s an extra tip: formulas based on vitamin B5 and apricot oil will protect the complex structure of your grays and make them look fabulous. One more thing: avoid pure oils, as in most cases they make gray hair seem flat, lifeless and incredibly unappealing.

2)      Masks for Glossy Hair

Silvery hairs can also become glossy and much more vigorous than you could ever imagine. To obtain amazing results in no time, apply delicate masks on your grey hair. Formulas based on optical brighteners can make even the dullest depigmented hair shine like a diamond. Also, don’t forget to comb your grays with a Tangle Teezer hairbrush, to distribute the product evenly on your wet hair, without damaging it.

3)       Volume Enhancing Products

Grey hair usually looks pretty flat and unattractive, because it contains lower levels of protein. To eliminate this drawback, rely on top volume enhancing products that will make your hair seem less thin. Always blow-dry it to add volume and use a premium barrel brush to style your hair the easy way.

Test a Different Approach: Fight Those Grays with a Pill

Want to reverse gray hair fast and risk-free? In this case, test the incredible effectiveness of a revolutionary gray hair pill. Get Away Grey is your trusted ally: a powerful vitamin complex based on catalase and on different kinds of natural herbal and mineral elements.

Buy this amazing grey hair cure today, test it and recover and protect the natural pigment of your hair in record time.

Fight Signs of Graying: What’s The Best Gray Hair Color For You?

If you’re considering keeping your gray hair, you may not have thought about which color of gray you want to be. There are actually many hues to consider as you begin to think about how you want your grey hair to look.

And the shade of gray you choose is really a double-edged sword, because it can make you look much older or much younger than you actually are. The key to finding the perfect shade of gray hair dye for you is to take your skin color into consideration.

What to Do Before You Dye Your Hair

Before you go for the dye bottle, the most important thing you can do is to understand how your gray hair will accept color. For example, by adding a color like red to your grey hair, you will get an intense orange. But when that red dye is mixed with one that’s neutral, it can take your color from garish to gorgeous.

Two Levels Is Best 

When dyeing gray hair, experts recommend doing the same as you would with your normal shade – choose a dye that is within two levels of your current color. Going overboard with a color that is many levels away may end up adding years to your looks. Believe it or not, the closer your color is to your current shade, the more natural it will look, and the more it will complement you.

Consider Your Skin

 Did you know that as you get older, your skin and pigmentation get lighter? It’s true. And so experts recommend that when looking for a hair dye, you go lighter with the shade than you may have in your younger years. Doing so will complement your lighter skin tone even more.

Those with a light skin tone will benefit most from a dye that’s pure white gray, or a creamy pale yellow. But it’s important to be careful not to include too much gold in the color, as this will wash out light skin types.

For medium-skinned individuals, a steely gray or creamy white tone may be perfect. Those wishing to intensify the drama can add bright silver if their hair is only slightly gray. If your skin has red undertones, it’s best to steer clear of bright white dye, which will only accentuate the red.

Dark skin may find its match in brighter white tones around the face and dark low lights. But yellow will not do your complexion any favors, so steer clear of this shade in your dye.

Of course, you may find that choosing the right dye for your gray hair is more trouble than it’s worth. If this is the case, you may want to seek out a natural solution that has reversed gray hair for many people.

GetAwayGrey has the right solution for you: an all natural supplement helping you to fight graying and finding the best gray hair color that suits your age and looks.

Stay Naturally Beautiful: 4 Grey Hairstyles that Will Suit You

Health Problems and Grey HairAdd Some Color

Gray hair sufferers try many ways to cure the gray, including hair dyes. But, rather than just coating your entire head in the chemical dyes, try a few highlights to blend in the color with your new grey. This will not only help hide the actual grey look, but will also give you a more toned down look. This can also help your hair health, since the chemical dyes will applied less often and to fewer hairs. Brighten up your hair with blond highlights, maintaining a natural grey look in the process.

Try It Short

We certainly can’t leave out the option of a pixie cut mirroring Jamie Lee Curtis, or short and fluffy like Meryl Streep. Either way, you will be conforming to a great style that allows you to show your grey roots. Since gray hair is dry and brittle, it can be difficult to manage. Avoid styling woes and keep your morning routine short and sweet – literally! Don’t forget a gray hair shampoo to help keep those grey hairs bright and silvery.

Moisturize the Length

If you have naturally grey hair that is long in length, you need to keep it moisturized. This can be accomplished with a myriad of grey shampoos and conditioners. Since grey hair is more brittle than colored hair, you need to take special care of it, allowing smooth ingredients to coat your head. Additionally, with long grey hair, the strands can tend to fade and yellow, leaving your hair looking dingy. Grey hair shampoos not only moisturize, but can also add blue/gray coloring to your hair, allowing it to brighten and maintain a beautiful silvery color.


No matter what solution you try out for your grey hairstyle, make sure you are choosing products that utilize natural ingredients. Adding harsh chemicals will only destroy your hair. Grey hairs are already weaker than natural colored hair. With this in mind, make sure you are taking better care of your hair now than ever before! You can definitely accomplish that with GetAwayGrey, and never worry about the health of your hair again.

Remember, you will never have to worry about gray hair again if you act now and get your all-natural cure against premature graying: act now to save up to $20 on your first three months of treatment!

If you’re looking for the best way to stay naturally beautiful, GetAwayGrey has the solution you need! With a host of natural vitamins and minerals, our supplements are the natural way to reverse grey hair. The inclusion of Catalase in our ingredients list stimulates your body’s color-producing cells to maintain their production levels, assisting your follicles in naturally-colored hair growth.

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Your Best Gray Hair Solution Can Be Better than a Miracle Cure!

With all of the supplements, shampoos, vitamins and hair dye on the market today, it seems that any option could provide the gray hair cure you need. Unfortunately, many of these options are not as effective or healthy as the GetAwayGrey supplement.

Our supplements target the problem, and cure the actual issue that allows grey hair to grow. As we age, our bodies start producing fewer color-producing cells. Since this lower production also allows hydrogen peroxide to build up, bleaching occurs, forcing the hair to show up gray as it grows out. GetAwayGrey provides a supplement formulated to encourage cell growth. Catalase is the trigger that allows those cells to begin producing once more.

Reverses Gray!

Since Catalase encourages melatonin cell growth, your hair is actually able to grow out as your natural color. In effect, this means that gray hair will be completely reversed. Daily use of this supplement allows the Catalase enzyme and high concentrations of vitamins to stimulate the necessary cells towards the production of color. Watch your hair follicles grow out in your natural hair color instead of that silvery shade you’ve been combating.

No Permanent Damage

Unlike hair dyes, these supplements pose absolutely no risk of damage to your hair. Grey hair is already fragile, brittle and dry. Chemically-induced hair dyes will only contribute to the problem of damaged hair, and can make styling a frustrating situation. Don’t cause your locks more harm by coating them in harsh elements; take a supplement chock full of vitamins and minerals instead, changing your hair color and your life.


Supplements shouldn’t just target one problem, though. With GetAwayGrey, other vitamins and minerals are included, enhancing your health as well as your hair color. Chlorophyll, another natural element, is also included in this array of ingredients. This allows your hair to strengthen by utilizing energy. Strong and colored hair can be had at any age with GetAwayGrey!

Elements in this supplement, like B6, Copper, Zinc oxide and Saw Palmetto are all elements that are helpful for your body as well as your hair. With the help of these vitamins and minerals, you will not only look younger, but feel younger! How’s that for your best gray hair cure?


While you may have already realized this, the best reason to turn to GetAwayGrey as your gray hair solution, is because it is the most effective. Targeting the problem of gray hair at its root allows the supplement to cure and reverse it. This is effective for hair color, and overall body health. Eliminate damaging chemical dyes and turn to the supplement that helps you look and feel younger, while naturally reversing gray hair.

Try GetAwayGrey risk-free! Save $20 now when you order the Best Deal, Best Results – 3 Bottles / 3 Month Regime Program. You’ll be so happy you did!

Gray Hair Supplements: Why Going Grey Could Be the Best Thing for You

Grey hair is inevitable; whether it shows up early or right on time, this bane of existence can certainly be the most unwanted nuisance in life. These hairs pop up unannounced and at random, never doing quite what you want despite hair products and curling irons. Even with all of the new and improved grey hair strengthening shampoos, these hairs can wriggle their way right into the spotlight. It’s the worst part of getting old, right? Wrong!


Did you know that sparse gray hair growth is the first step in a happier, healthier you? Well, it is! GetAwayGrey’s supplements are all natural pills that contain vitamins and minerals your body needs. B12 isn’t just good for assisting in the growth of melanin-producing cells in your head; it’s good for your whole body!

  • Energy – since B12 assists in the conversion of carbs to glucose, your body’s ability to produce energy and decrease fatigue will skyrocket!
  • Nerves – Regulate your nervous system with this vitamin, and enjoy a decrease in signs of depression, brain shrinkage and stress.
  • Digestion – Peppermints aren’t the only way to aid in digestion; B12 helps in the breakdown of unhealthy cholesterol levels, also helping your heart!
  • Cancer – this vitamin is a vital component in combating this increasingly common disease.

Get on track to a healthier lifestyle, and at the first sign of grey hair, turn to GetAwayGrey supplements. They will not only reverse your grey hair, but help you lead a longer, healthier life. 2 for 1!


Strength is an excellent quality to maintain, and your hair is no exception. You want strong, thick, healthy hair, and GetAwayGrey has your solution. Grey hair is not just something that happens to you; it happens as a result of your body’s inability to keep producing adequate levels of melanin. This allows hydrogen peroxide to naturally build up, literally bleaching your beautiful tendrils! It doesn’t, of course, bleach it a pristine blonde color, but sucks any color right out of the follicle. This elimination of color shows up grey. Grey hair isn’t just about some color missing; it also means that your hair is weaker, lacking the natural strength that your body’s vitamins and minerals have given it for your entire life. Now that you cannot naturally produce these minerals, you need to supplement your diet with them. GetAwayGrey gives you back your color and your strength, allowing your locks to return to their former glory. Strong, thick hair is two pills a day away.

Don’t waste time on harsh chemicals that will only further weaken your head of hair; turn to natural supplements that will not only reverse the natural process of graying, but will also help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Improve your quality of life with a younger look and feel. Check out our gray hair supplements risk free trial today, and start your journey to the rest of your life.

6 Ways to Get Those Grey Hair Vitamins In


Increasing your iron intake might help you battle grey hair.

Vitamins are an essential part of any diet, and can be difficult to maintain in a diet on a daily basis. With that in mind, here are the 6 top ways to incorporate these nutritious and necessary elements into your life.

The Color Green

You got it: veggies! Kale, spinach, celery, asparagus, etc are all very heavy sources of the vitamins your body craves. To maintain energy levels, proper digestion and fight depression, these vegetables are a required element of any good menu. Take your time and ease into it; start by hiding chopped spinach or zucchini in your spaghetti. This pasta entrée is one of the best ways to incorporate vegetables deliciously.


Fish is a fantastic source of vitamins and minerals. Iron and B12 are the two specific elements that this area of food presents. Choose this healthier option when scouring the meat counter for next week’s meals. There are many different colors and flavors of fish, allowing you to mix it up and still maintain a healthy dinner. Try salmon in your lasagna, orange roughly sautéed in wine, or tuna in your sandwich.


Dairy products, namely cheese and milk, are fantastic sources of B12, giving you a delicious snack option for maintaining vitamin levels. Drink milk with breakfast, and cubed cheese for your mid-morning snack, and you will be well on your well to vitamin intake success. However, keep in mind that moderation is another key in the maintenance of a healthy body. Don’t bulk up on dairy products unless you also want to bulk up on weight! Choose to incorporate your milk and cheese products lightly.

The Great Outdoors

We all know that Vitamin D can be obtained by the sun, but did you know it is, by far, the best and most efficient way to get that specific vitamin? Your body can synthesize enough Vitamin D in 20 minutes outdoors from the sun. Instead of eating your way to this specific vitamin, get outside for a few minutes every day. This vitamin affects all parts of your body, including mental health issues. Don’t let this deficiency stand in the way of a healthy lifestyle. Start bike riding, playing soccer with your kids or merely taking a quick walk around the block. All work and no play? Take your lunch hour outside on the patio or roof. Even if it’s just 30 minutes of fresh air, that is all the time your body needs.


Our supplements are chock full of your body’s needed vitamins and minerals. With natural ingredients, we can give your body exactly what it needs without requiring other harmful chemicals to enter your body. In addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle, this supplement helps promote healthy, colorful, strong hair.

With the inclusion of Catalase, this gray hair vitamin and supplement can reverse gray hair forever, giving you the confidence to walk out into the world a happy, healthy, grey-free person. Say no to grey, and try GetAwayGrey risk free today!

Reverse the Grey: Use the Best Shampoos for Gray Hair

We all know that those who choose to maintain those brilliant silver locks of hair need to take special care of it. There are many different issues that take place with grey hair that your naturally-colored hair doesn’t have. For this reason, choosing the perfect gray hair shampoo can be a bit of a mystery!

Brighten the Grey

Many shampoos out there give you the option of adding a silvery-blue enhancement in your hair. This specific tinting inclusion is meant to coat your dull tarnished color into the bright silver you’ve been striving for. With such great spokespersons as Jamie Lee Curtis, Meryl Streep, and the ever-seductive George Clooney, many individuals attempting to try a grey hairstyle may become frustrated with the dull color they seem to have. Try Biosilk’s Silver Lights Shampoo, and  reverse the grey, turning it into a vivid color!

Moisturize Those Wiry Strands

A shampoo that works for your hair will include a strong moisturizer to help you manage your hairstyle. Since grey hair is a coarser and much dryer hair type, you need to keep the nutrients coming with every shampoo. Don’t let the strands be devoid of color AND health! Many regular shampoos can give you this extra boost of moisture, but keep in mind this hair type is completely different than a normal dry strand of colored hair. Since the pigment is actually missing, there are protective nutrients missing as well, leaving your hair in a much more dire state than you might think. Check out Abba Pure Moisture Shampoo, and keep your hair moisturized and healthy.

Soothe the Fly-Aways

With drier hair comes a tendency for those fly-aways to ruin every picture, stick to every passing balloon and resist every smoothing hair care product. Try a shampoo with lavender or chamomile in the ingredients list; they will help smooth your tendrils naturally, giving you the joy of a hairstyle without the frizz. Rusk has created just such a product, named Bright Chamomile & Lavender brightening shampoo. Try it out for your smooth trip down perfect grey hairstyle lane.

Color for Your Color

Many shampoo options include a silver color toning. This not only helps with the dull look of grey hair, but also helps maintain a solid grey color without the dingy yellow look that sometimes occurs with longer locks of hair. Nexxus Simply Silver color toning shampoo is just your ticket.

Supplement with Supplements!

No matter how well you take care of those glorious bright locks of grey hair, you might still find yourself wishing for that grey hair cure. Grey hair shampoo is not the answer! GetAwayGrey has your solution, and it comes in the form of two vitamins a day. These supplements contain all the vitamins a body needs to stay healthy, and keep producing those color-producing cells. But, in addition to these, Catalase is added. Catalase is responsible for stimulating the production of the cells responsible for your hair color. With this stimulation, your cells will again start creating hair color, and literally reverse the grey! Check out how you can try GetAwayGrey risk free!

Cure for Grey Hair and Vitiligo Found


Catalase can do more than help gray hair. It’s also good treatment for vitiligo.

Grey hair has been such a curse for many years, indicative of the classic signs of aging, and showing everyone that you are, indeed, growing older. Vitiligo, a disease affecting the pigmentation of skin, is a similar issue plaguing humans. Both of these issues involve the inability of cells to continue producing melanin, or color. They cause sensitivities that must be cared for. Though one is in hair follicles and the other is a skin issue, they are derived from the same problem, and in some cases, can be cured by the same methods.

What Is It?

Melanin is the nutrient needed by cells in the human body to produce color. African-Americans produce this in bulk! Whether in skin or hair, this nutrient is necessary for the production of color. Catalase is another nutrient that assists in this lack-of-color issue. It is responsible for breaking down hydrogen peroxide in our systems. Hydrogen peroxide is produced naturally in fairly large amounts. Catalase breaks it down, making it more manageable. Because of hydrogen peroxide’s natural bleaching tendencies, lack of catalase will serve as a showstopper, causing color production to cease. The bleaching effect shows up as grey hair. Additionally, skin cells can have this same reaction in a small number of people, causing patches of their skin to appear white.

Why is it a Big Deal?

Colorless portions of skin and hair are far more sensitive to damage, as the nutrients making them strong and resistant have stopped being involved. When catalase and melanin stop contributing to the color of skin and hair, there is a weakening of the structural balance. Skin will burn far more easily in the sun when affected by Vitiligo. Additionally, grey hair is more likely to break and frizz, not only causing damaged hair, but also making it impossible to tame. Assistance of hair products will need to be used in order to gain control of this coarse and resistant hair type. While these hair products may work quite well, they are not a healthy solution for control of flyaway hair. Coating the hair with even more chemicals will weaken it in higher levels. With grey hair contributing to weakness already, you don’t want to chance causing irreversible damage with such chemicals.

Is There a Solution?


Vitamin supplements containing catalase, such as GetAwayGrey, can help reverse greying hair while also treating vitiligo.

GetAwayGrey is your solution! By reintroducing catalase and other necessary nutrients into the body, you will be strengthening your hair and your body as a whole. Our supplements are the natural way to reverse hair and skin issues like Vitiligo by giving your body the minerals it needs! Instead of covering up grey, or dyeing it with harmful chemicals, GetAwayGrey’s supplements give concentrated levels of vitamins in an easy-to-use method – swallow and done! Resist the urge to damage hair with dyes and shampoos, and go all-natural. With just two pills a day, you can begin your journey toward young and healthy skin and hair.

Contact us today to get started on your grey hair cure.

Shampoo for Grey Hair: Does it Work?


Can shampoo really solve gray hair problems?

There are many companies that have introduced a new line of shampoo and hair care products that promise to cure grey hair. Advertisements tout essential ingredients contained in these products that are the solution for grey hair if used daily. But what do these products contain, and do they really work?

How Do They Work?

The ingredients in anti-grey shampoos are meant to coat hair with grey coverage. They contain several odd ingredients, including alcohol. Reviews of these shampoos are generally positive, flaunting its miraculous grey coverage in only a few treatments. Grey coverage in a few quick showers? Sounds great! What ingredients are responsible for the coverage, though? “Secret” ingredients like Sodium Laureth and Sodium Chloride are contained in these little miracle bottles. Though they may work, putting those chemicals on your hair day after day will damage it, encouraging breakage and frizz. Some of them even contain dyes, leaving your hair lusciously colored, but giving the possibility of staining your towels and clothes.

Washing the Grey – and Your Money – Away

Money down the drain

Anti-grey shampoos are expensive – it’s kinda like washing your money away!

With shampoos that tout anti-grey properties, you can easily help your hair return to its natural luster during regular showers. The cost of these miracle cures, however, can be up to 3 times as much as your normal shampoo. With the amount of shampoo you would consume with everyday use, it could be a small fortune to shampoo your grey hair away. Watching all of that money be rinsed away could hurt a bit more than help. Even more, the shampoo will have to become a staple in your house, freeing you from grey hair, but not from financial struggles.

The Cure That’s Permanent

There is a natural way to reverse your grey hair, and it’s easy to use! GetAwayGrey has the answer to your problems, with simple supplements that give you the nutrients you need to create color-producing cells in your hair. By contributing to the natural elements your body uses to avoid grey hair, you will be contributing to your overall health! There are a myriad of vitamins and minerals in these supplements, including a large amount of catalase, the mineral responsible for producing color in hair cells. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars a month on ingredients that merely coat existing hair, take the supplement that actually changes your body makeup and reverses grey hair production. Check out our supplements and get that grey away forever.


Hairstyles for Grey Hair on Women

The classic turning of hair color seems as inevitable as the turning of the leaves in fall. When your hair starts producing silver strands of wisdom, it’s a good idea to consider a new hairstyle. Grey hair isn’t as easy to care for, and therefore requires some special attention. Because of the coarse, brittle nature of grey hair, it’s smart to find an easy solution for your grey hairstyle. Whether short or long, though, keep in mind that hair product will be a permanent fixture. So, be sure to check out the best products for your hair!

The Super-Short Do

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis is one celebrity who has perfected the grey pixie cut.

Some women take this opportunity to chop off those luscious locks, making their gray hair style a breeze to take care of. When entering the wise years of grey hair, why not rid yourself of some menial tasks like hair styling? The coarse nature of colorless (grey) hair makes it difficult to tame, and long sections of hair will be hard to keep in place. Take a cue from Helen Mirren or Jamie Lee Curtis, and free yourself from the hassle. The cute pixie look is “in,” and takes years off your face, letting the grey become an accessory rather than the key element.

The Layered Look

Actresses such as Diane Keaton, and Actors like George Clooney have embraced the grey hair styles – and done it well! Hairstyles for grey hair can include this medium cut with layers about. A simple curling iron flip will make these layers look fantastic on the wearer. Grey hair was never so easy to take care of! Layering lets you keep your hair fairly long, without a specific style need. Because of gray hair’s tendency to “fly-away,” a layered look will keep it looking natural.

Long and Lovely

Long Grey Hair

Just because you have grey hair it doesn’t mean you can’t have long, luscious locks.

Despite the difficulty of maintaining a long look with grey hair, it can be a beautiful option, letting you embrace your aging self. By choosing the right hair care products, keeping your locks long can be a manageable task. And by letting your hair stay long, you can enjoy your life without worrying about a specific styling of hair. With grey hair fast becoming a natural and well-loved color, almost any style will work. Though more difficult to maintain, it can be done with grace and beauty, showing the world that you are not afraid of your age.

The No-Grey Look

How can no gray be a hairstyle? With GetAwayGrey’s revolutionary supplement, you can reverse your gray hair and keep your hair colorful and healthy. No dye needed, these supplements are full of the vitamins and minerals your hair needs to maintain production of its color. Because Catalase production ceases as we age, grey hair appears, but by increasing the production of color-producing cells, grey hair can be reversed. Natural hair color without harsh dyes? Yes, please! Don’t let your hair color dictate what style you choose.

Contact us today to start reversing your grey hair – and keep your style just the way you want it!