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Ali MacGraw Proves That White or Gray Hair Can Be Incredibly Appealing

ed7d2ad5adae33a3428b101397afd1beWhen was the last time that you actually listened to what your graying hair had to say? “Dear aging hair, you are colorless and frizzy, you don’t get to have an opinion!” If most women could maintain a dialog with their discolored tresses, this is probably the first sentence that would roll off their tongue. But how does this rocky relationship with your locks actually benefit you? It doesn’t. Ali MacGraw is one of the very few (famous) women who are no longer intimidated by white strands and the perfectly normal aging process whose changes become visible after the age of 50.

Ali MacGraw Proves That Natural White Hair Is the Foundation of a Immaculate Look

Those who watched Oprah’s show in 2010 got the chance to hear what Ali MacGraw, a 71-year old beautiful brunette, had to say about aging and the inherent transformations linked to this stage in one’s life. Four years later, just in time for her 75th birthday party, Ali decided to ditch her coloring sessions and learn to love her graying hair as is. Due to the fact that Ali now lives in Santa Fe, far away from the spoken and unspoken rules of beauty and style dictated by celebrities, she feels free to go natural and flaunt her faultless snowy white locks. Ali now spends most of her time among mature, independent women who respect her decision and share her own values and principles in life. Once you manage to banish all that tiresome Hollywood pressure, you realize that hair color isn’t all that important. You can go blonde, go dark or just shave your head and wear a wig, as long as your choice makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.

According to Huffington Post, the transition from dark to all-white wasn’t so easy for Ali. The 75-year old American actress even said that her transitional locks “looked awful for a while.” However, the series of changes that she has undergone flatter her perfect features and also give her the self-confidence that she needs at this point.

To Color or Not to Color? Should you dye your graying hair or should you just let it be? In the end, this is a personal choice that has very much to do with the level of pressure that you might experience at home or in your work environment. Nonetheless, if you wish to stay true to yourself and embrace your graying hair without relying on a single drop of dye, consider taking catalase supplements. These pills for hair could help you address the fading color issue by restoring the natural brilliance of your tresses and fortifying them from within.

Discover the Correct Method to Wash and Condition Your Graying Hair

natural hairYou always blame you graying hair for flat, unhealthy appearance. But when was the last time that you actually questioned your daily hair care ritual? In most cases, men and women over 40 are already dealing with lots of lifestyle changes and don’t actually pay attention to the ever-growing needs of their gray hair. The result is not difficult to picture and often comes in the form of severely deteriorated, lifeless strands. Regular processes, like washing and conditioning for instance, can impact the looks and feel of your locks. Are you ready to improve your styling routine? If so, start by consulting the hair washing cycle 101 detailed below.

How to Wash Your Hair Correctly

Washing your tresses may seem like a pretty straightforward process; nonetheless many people don’t follow all the right steps in the right order and put their graying hairs on the line. Get your mane wet, apply your favorite shampoo and gently massage your strands from roots to ends. Don’t forget to scrub your scalp to eliminate product buildup. According to She Knows, this is one of the most common mistakes that men and women make while washing their hair: they pay attention solely to their strands and neglect the scalp area, favoring the appearance of local irritations and leading to a nasty greasy look. If you wash your hair on a daily basis, it may be advisable to opt for a product that is one part shampoo and two parts conditioner and has a sulfate-free formula, like  Kérastase Chroma Sensitive, for instance.

How to Condition Your Hair like a Pro

Next, starting by rinsing your hair; apply a good conditioner 2 inches from your scalp and let it sit on your wet tresses for 10 minutes. Regardless of their formulas, conditioners serve the same purpose: they are applied to detangle your hair by smoothing out all the cuticles. Some of the best formulas nourish and protect your graying hair, enhance its luster and also have awesome volumizing effects. If you’re in a hurry and want to simplify your washing cycle without putting your strands on the line, it may be a good idea to rely on a leave-in conditioner especially formulated for silvery strands. Leave-in conditioners safeguard your aging tresses from a wide range of risk factors, including UVA/UVB and harsh chemicals found in water, so you may want to use your favorite one before hitting the beach.

In case you want to protect and beautify your tresses from the inside out and let them profit from the ultimate pampering treatment, take catalase supplements regularly. These vitamins for hair can become your trusted grey defense and ensure the healthy, radiant locks that you’ve always dreamed about.

5 Ways to Untangle Gray Hair Fast and Painlessly

long blond human hair close-upDo you hate your graying hair mostly because it is always frizzy and almost impossible to control? Would you give just about anything to achieve a nice, clean look based on silky, glowing locks that look and feel amazing? In this case, you just have to find a way to fight the excessive dryness of gray hair and keep you tresses properly conditioned at all times. If you’re actually looking for tips on how to untangle vulnerable, aging hair the easy way, here are a few suggestions that may work for you.

1. Spray Your Locks. According to Wikihow, you should start by applying any type of detangling agent on your tresses. You could buy and use a special spray that you could find in any drugstore, but you could also spray it with water. Once your grays are wet, it will be easier for you to detangle them without enduring a tremendous pain.

2. Get a Wide Tooth Comb. Using a quality wide tooth comb, break up your matted hair with delicate picking motions. Separate your graying hairs into smaller sections and start combing them gently. You could dip the comb into a detangling mix based on water and liquid keratin to simplify your mission. Liquid keratin will make it easier for you to detangle deteriorated strands, plus its active ingredients will leave your hairs smooth and shiny.

3. Use a Brush. After separating your hairs into tinier sections, take a brush and try to tame every single strand. Make sure you grip your gray hair 1 inch from your scalp, to avoid pulling out or deteriorating your healthy strands.

4. Blow Dry Your Hairs. Let your grays dry naturally or blow dry your locks. The final choice is up to you. At the end of your blowout, don’t forget to apply a premium anti-frizziness styling product that will keep your graying hair in place for the longest period of time. Hairstyling is another aspect that you should focus on. If your hair is fragile and prone to breakage as is, try to avoid complicated updo styles or extremely tight pony tails that could make you shed more than a few perfectly healthy strands.

5. Take Vitamins for Hair. Sometimes, aging hair needs a little bit of support from within to stay healthy and shiny. If you are not ready for grays or simply want to increase the appeal and improve the texture of your tresses, just take catalase supplementsto achieve your goal. These vitamins for hair act like a revolutionary grey defense and are the key to silkier, radiant hair that gets tangled less often.

5 Astonishing Career-Making Gray Hair Makeover Ideas You Should Consider

0809p32-gray-mAs we grow older, we also grow tired of spending countless hours in front of the mirror, trying to conceal those annoying grays. No matter how hard we try, they pop out of nowhere when we least expect it, ruining our otherwise impeccable image and lowering our self-esteem. It doesn’t have to be this way. It is never too late to try a new cut, a new color or an improved styling routine. As a matter of fact, change is good.

A gray hair makeover can do wonders for you, allowing you to polish your appearance, receive more compliments and even become a role model for your friends, colleagues and family members who also wish to amend their looks. If you have already been affected by premature graying and can’t wait to find the best method to achieve a radical transformation, keep reading to spot 5 career-making makeover ideas that may work best for you.

1) Define Your Color: Go Dark, Go Blonde, Go Red or Go Home. Before we go any further, ask yourself the following question: what does your current hair color say about you? If you have embraced the salt and pepper look without too much enthusiasm, chances are that your partially discolored tresses only send one message: you are shy, insecure and unable to make a change in your life. Luckily, you can rewrite your story by simply coloring your hair. Did you know that our hair color influences the way in which we are perceived and evaluated at work? According to an article entitled Hair Color Stereotypes and Their Associated Perceptions in Relationships and the Workplace, published in 2011 in the Psi Chi Journal of Undergraduate Research, brunettes are perceived as competent and studious, blondes as “attractive but dumb” and redheads as intelligent but temperamental.

A different study published by Scandinavian Journal of Psychology and cited by Elle clearly reveals that men think that brunettes are approachable, while redheads are haughty and blondes are catalogued as needy. This generalization may be discriminative and upsetting, but it accentuates the fact that our hair color is one of the most important attributes that actually influence both our personal and professional lives.

Once you realize that gray isn’t exactly the most flattering color on earth and doesn’t say a lot about your abilities and your amazing personality, you can choose to trade it for a bright, natural-looking tone that matches your complexion and your aesthetic demands. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to dye your locks. At this point, you could also make the most of widely available catalase supplements to favor a smooth, gradual transformation and recover your natural pigment over the course of a few weeks.

2) Break the Rule: Go Rainbow. Are you having a hard time trying to decide which color should replace those nasty shades of gray? In this case, if your profession doesn’t force you to adopt a slightly conservative look, you could always choose to turn your tresses into a silky rainbow. This is the secret recipe for success shared by Chloe Nørgaard and Charlotte Free. Apparently, it works. As Oscar Wilde once said, “being natural is simply a pose, and the most irritating pose I know.” Break this pattern by getting multicolored highlights. Just make sure you use mascara-like products or semi-permanent dye to get this look; otherwise you may have a hard time trying to hide potentially unaesthetic results.

3) Get THE Cut. You may have a perfectly symmetrical face or you may be blessed with obvious asymmetries that make your face truly unique and recognizable. Either way, you will want to accentuate your most amazing facial features by opting for an ideal cut. If you feel ready to make this step, note that bangs contribute a great deal to a youthful appearance.

A long sleek bob can help you hide prominent ears and highlight a perfect jaw line. A simple above-the-shoulder cut is extremely versatile, taking into account the fact that it can be interpreted in so many ways. For instance, it allows Nicole Ritchie to receive compliments for her polished look. The same cut lets Agyness Deyn get bonus points for her A+ attitude and ultimately enables Winona Ryder adopt a carefree chic look. The possibilities are endless; you just have to figure out which cut matches your lifestyle and facial features and make an informed decision after consulting a hairstylist.

4) Shave It All Off. Some may argue that coloring products are only a method to sweep the evil under the rug, at least when it comes to solving the graying hair issue. They’re right. Most hair dyes can’t even withstand 12 regular washing cycles. Color coming from a tube fades away fast and dyed hair requires frequent touchups. In this context, if you like to take chances and reinvent yourself periodically, you could decide to shave your head. This is a simple styling trick that men can apply without any difficulties, especially now when the bare look seems to be extremely popular among first-class celebs like Bruce Willis, Michael Jordan or Vin Diesel.

Moreover, you obviously can’t think about extremely attractive bald women without mentioning Megan Fox, Erykah Badu, Amber Rose or Natalie Portman. Still think that a shaved head is the symbol or teens with a grunge style? Now may be a good time to revise your opinion.

5) Go Long and Get That Signature Look. Longer hair can look amazing on both aging men and women. Just think about Brad Pitt and his amazing goldie locks that are gradually gaining silvery accents. Doesn’t he look classy mostly due to his relaxed, yet utterly refined long hairstyle? You could also choose to embrace your grays by opting for a simple, shoulder-length cut. This transformation only requires basic styling products especially formulated for graying hair and allows you to save time and money otherwise invested in salon treatments. In addition, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to discover your favorite elements that could individualize your style. We may be talking about a few gray strands, a mullet or a one-of-a-kind asymmetrical cut. Go for whatever works for you and make sure your locks-related particularities send the right message about you.

Get Rid of Gray Hairs Naturally and Safely

We can all agree upon the fact that living with grays can be difficult. Depigmented strands know no rules and are not easy to style. Sometimes, grays can drive you crazy and make you think about shaving your head and wearing a wig. We know the feeling. We also know the solution to your problem. Catalase supplements are the best method to reverse gray hair. They act on the inside, by allowing our bodies to break down excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. By stopping the hair oxidation process, these vitamins can restore your natural color the easy way.

Get Away Grey is a scientifically proven gray hair remedy that you can order right away. It is affordable, widely available and incredibly effective. Its endless list of positive reviews and successful clinical trials reveal that this is the 21st century white hair treatment that could do wonders for your aging hair. Buy this fantastic grey defense now and say goodbye to those dull shades of gray that were are not to your liking.

The Ultimate Graying Hair Guide: How to Get Ready for a Bright, Color-Free Future

bigstock-Pure-Natural-Beauty-1972931Be honest with yourself, at least for one minute: how often do you take a look in the mirror, horrified by the idea of spotting the first silvery strands? If you are constantly tormented by your gray hair phobia, you should know that your hair oxidation process is genetically determined; plus it is also influenced by your lifestyle choices. If you embrace a poor diet based mostly on processed foods, smoke a lot and don’t drink enough water chances are that you will go gray much sooner than expected. If you want to avoid this worst-case scenario at all costs, you could start by checking out the useful info on graying hair listed below, provided to help you get ready to obtain beautiful, radiant tresses without relying on any kind of hair dyes.

“To Dye or Not to Dye,” This Is the Big Question

Since ancient times, gray hair has been associated with old age and considered a real enemy by women who were eager to try just about anything to boost their natural beauty and their power of seduction. Thousands of years ago, the Egyptians used henna to hide grays. 100 years ago, many women from different parts of the globe used one of the most popular hair tonics of that time, known as Bear Oil Hair Tonic, made of high wine, water and bear’s oil. Users just had to apply this peculiar tonic on their scalp. Allegedly, this cure was able to prevent and stop hair loss from the first application and also restored gray hair to its original color.

In the early 1860s women started using hydrogen peroxide to obtain lighter shades of blonde for the first time. This bold movement led to a massive trend that opened the doors to unflattering hairstyles based mostly on burned scalps and split ends. Even at this point, hair bleach can become the worst nightmare of men and women who are trying to find the best method to make their grays blend in with the rest of their mane.

The first synthetic dye was invented in 1907, allowing many women to live under the impression that color coming from a tube could enable them to hold on to their ephemeral youth for a longer period of time. Which brings us to back to a very important question: should we count on commercially available hair dyes to stop gray hair from making us look older and less attractive? While the usage of hair coloring products is a personal decision, individuals who are willing to change their natural color just to hide the fact that they have been impacted by premature graying should keep in mind that there are safer, less expensive and time-consuming methods to reverse their silvery strands. Catalase supplements are the best novelty factor that you may want to test. Catalase interacts with hydrogen peroxide buildups that are responsible for your premature hair oxidation. By dissolving these accumulations, catalase-based super hair vitamins give you the chance to go back to your natural color in no time and forget all about regular touchups or pricy salon treatments.

Gray Hair Can Be Beautiful at Any Age

According to Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips, a respectable trichologist, a few decades ago women who discovered their first silvery strands automatically let their hair grow and pulled it back in a ponytail. They didn’t invest any time and energy in a tiresome decision-making process simply because they didn’t really have too many appealing options at hand. So here is the modern-day paradox that we are all witnessing: overwhelmed by a plentitude of more or less reliable cosmetic alternatives, more and more women choose to embrace their grays and turn them into a symbol of elegance, refinement and wisdom.

What’s even more shocking is that young celebs have also started to follow this trend, by dyeing their hair gray. Nicole Richie, Kelly Osbourneand Lady Gagaare only a few of the trendiest supporters of silvery strands. The grayish transformation suits them and doesn’t really add years to their face. Their recipe for success is no longer a secret: all three celebs rely on a bold, uniform color with very discrete purple accents, complimented by loose curls. A recent article published by Huffington Post shows us how a gray mane is really supposed to look like: glossy, healthy and natural-looking, even when those shades of gray are the end result of a professional hair coloring job.

Going Gray in Style, with Minimal Effort

If you are finally ready to make peace with your grays, follow a few simple steps to facilitate your transition from almost dark and unconfident to all-white and fabulous.

Go Short. A shorter hairstyle requires less maintenance and a reduced amount of styling products. You can even comb your hair with your fingers and go for a slightly messy style to make your grays seem less obvious.

Go a Bit Lighter. Achieving a lighter base will help you get ready for a color-free future. Grays are less visible on fair tones, so going lighter is always an option worth considering.

Opt for Lowlights. Lowlights blend in with grays and contribute a great deal to a modern, youthful look, especially when they complement a trendy layered cut.

Make a Deal with the Coloring Devil. As much as you’d like to stay far away from dirty tricks and tips involving artificial color, it is highly recommended to make a short-term compromise to avoid regular salon appointments. If you have recently decided to ditch permanent hair color and are bothered by ugly darker roots, keep in mind that you can mask them using a great variety of products, including foams, spray-on powders and cover-up sticks. These elements let you hide your premature graying problem and your aversion for commercially available hair dyes at the same time. Their beneficial effects only fast for a very short period of time. On the other hand, they can easily turn into the belle of the ball in no time without affecting the structure of your hair or forcing you to live with an odd color that doesn’t do you any favors.

These are 4 simple steps that you should follow to go gray without horrifying your friends, neighbors and co-workers by displaying dull, colorless hair and an overall untidy image.

Reverse Scary Gray Hairs with a Pill

Despite the fact that gray seems to be one of the hottest colors of the season, you may still tend to reject it at a first glance. If you have already been impacted by premature graying and you miss your gray hair more than anything in the world, note that you can recover your pigment fast and easy, by simply taking the right pills.

What if a premium vitamin would actually manage to stop excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide from striping your natural color from your hair? The good news is that these anti gray hair vitamins actually exist and are widely available. Get Away Gray is a last-generation grey defense based on real science. Buy this catalase supplement today, test it and restore your dark mane in only a few weeks.

Worst Celebrity Dye Jobs and How to Avoid Similar Disastrous Results

britney-hairHave you ever felt the need to reinvent yourself? Sometimes, you just want to change something about you hair and make it look healthier and much more appealing. After all, extreme makeovers involving our tresses are the simplest, most accessible ones. So how come numerous celebrities fail miserably when it comes to changing their hair color or adopting a different look?

Some of them don’t know how to interpret, filter and personalize the newest trends; others have a wrong perception of themselves and don’t know how to accentuate their best features. Others are obsessed with their youth and want to hold on to it for the longest period of time; this is why they rely on funny-looking extensions and artificial, dark colors to recreate the image that made them famous a long time ago. In some cases, celebs count on inexperienced hairstylists who give them the wrong advice. This is the sad story of catastrophic celebrity dye jobs that you should avoid at all costs. Still wondering what went wrong? If you’re looking for more details to improve your at-home coloring technique, just take a closer look at the worst celebrity hair dyeing processes detailed below.

Posh Spice’s Blonde Bob

OK, there’s nothing wrong with a sleek bob. As a matter of fact, it is one of the trendiest cuts of the season and Victoria Beckham is fully aware of this fact. But what Victoria doesn’t know is that a very light shade of blonde doesn’t flatter her dark complexion. Rumor has it that the trendy celeb who has recently turned 40 is already dealing with graying hair. Naturally, going blonde is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to camouflaging an upsetting loss of pigment that can drive any fashionista crazy. However, in this case, the very light tresses coupled with visibly darker roots are not a very flattering combo. If you want tostop gray hair from lowering your self-esteem you can dye your tresses; just make sure the color that you choose actually matches your complexion.

Drew Barrymore’s Confusing Ombre Style

Drew Barrymore is the Hollywood who has actually jumpstarted the ombre trend. Her discolored locks were admired by millions of women worldwide and replicated in a more or less accurate manner by various other first-class celebs like Rihanna, Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba. Perhaps the overwhelming popularity of her hairstyle encouraged Barrymore to take this trend to a whole new level. Unfortunately, the end result was pretty confusing, to say the least. I mean, why on earth would someone opt for a platinum base associated with really dark ends? Unless you are getting ready to impersonate the bride of Frankenstein in one of your new cinematographic projects, you should stay far away from this type of odd, unflattering contrast. Whether it was a misfortunate accident or a failed attempt to stay cool while masking graying hair, Barrymore should learn that the black and white duo only looks good on clothing items.

latifahQueen Latifah’s Bright, Blonde, Long Hair

Apparently, at some point in her life Queen Latifah tried to become a fully grown Rapunzel. Her long, platinum tresses were considered a major no-no by most stylist and hair coloring experts. We don’t know why the talented actress decided to implement this radical change; after all, her caramel color was incredibly beautiful and natural-looking, not to mention the fact that it matched her complexion. Even if she was terrified of the first signs of premature graying, this still doesn’t explain her urge to bleach her tresses. There are many celebs who have dark hair and dark skin and manage to pull off the bleached blonde look. Rihanna, Beyonceand J.Loare only a few excellent examples illustrating this theory. Unfortunately, Queen Latifah cannot be listed in this category. Her shade is just too light and creates a very unpleasant contrast with her caramel skin. Moreover, the glossy finish looks very artificial and makes her tresses look as fakeas a synthetic wig. Can it get any worse? We doubt it.

George Clooney’s Spiky Hairstyle

George Clooney is a role model for millions of men worldwide. His charm, perfect facial features and iconic salt and pepper look made many women sigh and fall in love with his flawless image. Unfortunately, even Clooney managed to outrage his male and female fans by opting for a shocking transformation. His platinum spiky hairstyle was absolutely horrendous. The good news is that this radical dye job is now a thing of the past. It seems that Clooney has finally made peace with his otherwise gorgeous white tresses and is no longer interested in dirty tricks and tips that could make him look a few years younger.

Cam Gigandet’s Blonde Tones

cam_gigandetDid you really think that only women like to play with fire when it comes to upgrading their hairstyle? If so, you may want to take a closer look at a few old pictures of Cam Gigandet. At this point, the Twilight hunk would probably want to forget all about this messy episode. All in all, the failed extreme makeover has probably taught him a very valuable lesson: bleach is not his best friend. There are safer ways to lighten up your mane and camouflage those nasty graying hairs. The light shade of blonde enables Cam to sport a washed-up look that is anything but flattering.

Johnny Depp’s Homeless Look

Johnny Depp is an unconventional sex-symbol that doesn’t like to dress up. Apparently, he also doesn’t want to invest too much time, energy and passion in his grooming rituals. He just goes with the flow and unfortunately his lack of planning doesn’t take him very far. Obviously, Depp is one of the famous Hollywood men who have plenty of grays, but this can’t serve as an excuse for his blonde, chaotic highlights that basically make no sense and only contribute to a very untidy image. The highlights correlated with a very long hair create a messy homeless look that could never pass as effortlessly chic.

Ditch the Dye and Reverse Gray Hair from the Inside Out

Even the rich and famous can get it wrong when it comes to applying hairs on their tresses. This should give everyday people something to think about. If you’re striving to cover your grays and think that dye jobs are your one and only hope, now would be a good time to reconsider. Instead of buying and using a product that could lead to artificial results, why not try a revolutionary, scientifically proven white hair treatment?

Get Away Grey is anew gray hair cure based on catalase. It can reverse gray hair from the inside out in up to 12 weeks, without exposing users to any risks. Basically, catalase dissolves hydrogen peroxide deposits and brings back your natural pigment in record time, while putting premature graying on hold. This gray hair remedyalso contains a long list of herbal and mineral compounds that ensure silkier, brighter, softer tresses that look and feel absolutely amazing. The good news is that you can start taking these risk-free pills right away. Just buy your first bottles with a few clicks and test the effectiveness of this amazing grey defense based on science on your own.

5 Extremely Accessible Products Showing You How Gray Hair Is Supposed to Look Like

bigstock-Blooming-Celandine-with-medici-55699055Living with gray hair doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Of course, we all wish to display extremely long, fair hair like Rapunzel or very dark, healthy-looking locks like Snow White. But unfortunately in some cases many factors, including our genetic heritage, wrong lifestyle choices and several medical concerns can stop us from turning our dreams into reality.

The good news is that it is in our power to boost the appeal of our graying hair. Simple changes, like the implementation of a cohesive gray hair management plan, can help us enhance the natural brilliance of depigmented tresses and overcome the main issues associated with premature graying.  It is always difficult to fight against the unknown. If you want to take better care of your aging hair, you should start by identifying and analyzing its unique necessities, features and threats in a timely fashion.

Common Gray Hair Problems That Can Be Anticipated and Corrected Fast

Gray hair is prone to extensive breakage. Moreover, it is much more vulnerable than fully pigmented ones. As we age, our scalps produce a reduced amount of natural oils. This is precisely why white strands are coarser, extremely frizzy and virtually impossible to style. If you really want to keep your grays in excellent condition, you should start by protecting your hair and scalp against major risk factors that could make you lose your pigment faster than expected and deteriorate your tresses at the same time.

1)     Chlorine Found in Water

2)      Direct Sunlight

3)      Aggressive Styling Processes

In other words, if you have already been impacted by premature graying, you may want to wear a hat or stay under an umbrella while you’re at the beach. Furthermore, it wouldn’t hurt to buy and wear a swim cap to protect your locks while you’re spending quality time with friends at the pool. According to eHow, large quantities of chlorine are generally used to kill a wide range of bacteria that may contaminate pool areas. Chlorine can easily bond to our strands, stripping them of the natural oils that are created and distributed to protect their structure and their color. Chlorine makes even the most obedient hair dry, dull and brittle. Also, there are other components that are added to prevent bacteria contamination, including iron and copper. These minerals are responsible for the green tint that many people identify on their mane after spending many hours in the pool.

Of course, depigmented hair is more likely to borrow this very unpleasant greenish hue, because it usually has the tendency to attract color molecules from any kind of environment. If you don’t want to wear a swim cap, you should know that there are other ways to protect your grays against these major threats. Before jumping in the pool, you can apply lots of conditioner on your hair and let it rest. The conditioner will form a solid barrier and stop exterior risk factors, like different minerals and chlorine, from robbing you of your oils and natural color.

Last, but definitely not least, you should know that an aggressive styling ritual based on heat-producing appliances can also hurt your depigmented tresses. In this case, it is advised to opt for a low-maintenance cut that doesn’t require lots of styling products and extensive curling or straightening to look its best throughout the entire day. If you don’t want to change your hairstyle or end your romance with your flat iron, at least make sure it runs at a very low temperature to prevent damage caused by extreme heat,  invest in vitamin-rich protective sprays that coat your strands and use a great conditioner especially formulated for graying hair on a weekly basis. The super sleek straight look won’t work against you as long as you follow these simple preventive measures.

5 Things That You Need to Breathe New Life into Your Old Depigmented Mane

It’s no secret that gray hair requires special attention. You cannot expect to take pride in a beautiful, timelessly elegant hairstyle like the one displayed by Meryl Streep if you don’t do whatever it takes to address the pressing needs of your aging hair and scalp. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank to pay for daily salon treatments or expensive hair care products that you could use at home. It simply means that you have to buy and use 5 essential, affordable items that you will need to hold on to for the rest of your life.

1)      A Good Shampoo and Conditioner. We all know how difficult it really is to live with gray hairs. Grays always manage to absorb color from our environment. If you have used a colored shampoo and conditioner for a long period of time, now would be a good time to ditch this combo. You actually need hair care products that won’t stain your colorless locks. Moreover, several formulas launched by Clairol succeeded in brightening up even the dullest tresses and prevent the appearance of a yellowish hue that we all know and hate.

2)      A Wide Tooth Comb. Gray hair is usually rebellious and very difficult to tame. Don’t comb your strands while they are still wet. When your hair is finally 100% dry, take your time to untangle it using a wide tooth comb, to prevent breakage.

3)      A Brush Suitable for the Natural Texture of Your Hairs. Whatever you do, stay far away from brushes with metallic bristles that could damage your locks and increase breakage risks. Static-prone locks demand a quality brush with plastic bristles, like the super effective Braun Satin Hair Brush, priced at 75 dollars. Flat paddled brushed are perfect for detangling extremely thick hair. Furthermore, did you know that copper is a natural fungicide? This is the reason why brushes with copper-coated bristles are a safe bet for people who want to get rid of dandruff once and for all.

4)      Fabulous Hair Masks. You should also rely on hair masks (DIY or commercially available products) that feed your hair from the inside out and keep it moisturized. If you want to buy one instead of making your own, read the label carefully and opt for elements that contain very few artificial ingredients.

5)      Catalase Supplements. In case you are tired of flat, lifeless, colorless hair, note that there is a fast, risk-free, simple method to boost its appeal and perverse your natural pigment in the long run. Catalase supplements represent the easiest, most effective way to reverse gray hair. Vitamin complexes based on catalase dissolve the excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide and put premature graying on hold. Get Away Grey is a spectacular grey defense based on real science. The ideal dosages of catalase comprised by Get Away Grey enables users to part ways with discolored tresses and restore their natural pigment in a few weeks. Don’t just stand there are see how premature graying is impacting your appearance and your self-esteem level. Buy this magnificent gray hair cure and start using it today to keep your pigment on your strands for many more years to come.

5 Warning Signs that Your Hair is Getting Older

man gray hairYou know how old you are, you embrace your age and you feel fabulous in your own skin.  But do you know how old your hair actually looks? Most people tend to neglect their tresses and focus mostly on their skin. They try to correct skin problems that may add years to their face by drinking plenty of water, performing facial massages and investing lots of money in creams and special beautification rituals designed to reduce or prevent winkles. Millions of men and women pay attention to the real needs and issues of their locks only when they become noticeable and can no longer be ignored.

Graying hair, balding spots and excessively dry, frizzy hair represent the main aesthetic problems that force them to take action sooner or later. Why wait when you can address these major inconveniences in a timely fashion? The key to beautiful, younger-looking hair is in your hands. If you want to be able to spot the first hair-related problems that may give you a hard time in the future, keep reading to discover the main signs that your hair is getting older at a fast pace.

1)      Extremely Dry Hair

At some point, you may notice that your hair has lost its gorgeous brilliance and has become virtually impossible to tame. Excessive dryness can develop into a very upsetting problem, especially if you can’t afford to go to the salon every couple of days. You may blame it on your conditioner or on the chlorine-rich water from the pool, but dryness could actually be the main indicator of the fact that your hair in aging. As we grow older, the scalp produces less natural oils that normally keep the hairs properly moisturized, softer, obedient and easier to comb.

Excessive breakage and frizziness are 2 other aspects that you should factor in. Let’s face it: in order to control dry hair that can really play with your nerves, you have to arm yourself with a lot of patience and tons of styling products, including delicate conditioners and natural masks ensuring a long-lasting anti-frizziness effect. Some women think that the flat iron is their best friend in this particular situation. It’s not. An intensive exposure to extreme heat would only amplify your problem, leading to split ends and an altered hair texture in the long run. So instead of relying on your heat appliances to style your mane, you may want to use an all-natural solution that feeds and moisturized your hair from the inside out to battle the impact of excessive dryness in a successful manner.

2)      A Dull Shade

According to Huffington Post, a tern hair color is another important warning sign that you should not ignore. Shrinking strands that produce a reduced amount of pigment are a real problem. No, your eyes are not playing a trick on you: if you are a young adult whose hair color has gone from fabulous to unremarkable, chances are that you will become the next victim of premature graying sooner than expected. Don’t try to camouflage this drawback by investing in more or less reliable coloring options.

Magic wands, semi-permanent, demi-permanent or permanent hair coloring products are clearly not the best alternative at hand. They might have been a few decades ago, but now people who are losing their natural hair pigment can count on an innovative solution to prevent premature graying. Catalase supplements represent a major breakthrough and the most reliable gray hair remedy based on real science discovered so far. Instead of masking the problem and sweeping the evil under the rug, vitamins for hair based on catalase eliminate the root of the problem and are considered one of the best methods to bring dull, older-looking hair back to life.

3)      Hair Thinning

Hair thinning can become your worst nightmare. One day, you will pull your hair back in a sleek, simple ponytail and ask yourself the following question: “Where did most of my hair go?” This is not a scene from a horror movie; it is actually a very plausible worst-case scenario that could become part of your reality when you least expect it. According to Natural News, hair thinning is a relatively common problem that may be caused or amplified by different factors, including hormonal imbalances, a poor nutrition, elevated stress levels and vitamin deficiencies. A well-balanced diet based on fresh healthy foods rich in zinc, copper and B-12 vitamin can help you prevent or minimize this unpleasant effect.

4)      Balding Spots

Believe it or not, hair thinning is not the most terrible thing that can happen to you. After a certain age, your scalp could become your worst enemy. Alopecia areata, also known as balding spots, represents a very unpleasant autoimmune condition that instantly lowers people’s self-esteem levels and makes them look for a rapid, effective solution to their problem. Basically, this condition makes the immune system attack hair follicles. As a result, hair starts to fall out, sometimes even in big clumps over a short period of time. This is how balding spots appear. The good news is that this condition is not dangerous and can actually be controlled by following a strict treatment plan.

The bad news is that not all individuals respond to this treatment. All in all, the fact that you are losing more hair than usual is not always a bad sign. Researchers have reached the conclusion that on average, we shed around 100 hairs on a daily basis. According to the team of experts from the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, increased hair loss, known as Telogen effluvium, can be caused by prolonged exposure to elevated stress levels. People who are dealing with this problem can shed up to 70% of their hairs in less than 2 weeks. Sky-high stress levels can easily push hairs into their resting phase sooner than expected. All in all, excessive hair loss can be liked to a stressful lifestyle, but also to powerful treatments (chemotherapy), imbalanced diets, vitamin deficiencies, childbirth and extreme shocks.

5)      Gray Hair

As we grow older, our hair gradually loses its natural pigment. Pigment-producing cells stop their activity and force us to cope with the first silvery strands. This is one of the most alarming signs that your hair is getting older. However, this doesn’t mean that only older people are dealing with this issue. Several factors, including genetic heritage, smoking and a poor diet are responsible for gray hair in men and women who are in their 20s or 30s. Fortunately, there is an anti-gray hair solution to this problem.

Catalase supplements prevent, stop and reverse gray hair in just a few weeks. We go gray because our bodies produce less catalase. This is the enzyme that fights hydrogen peroxide, the culprit for graying locks.2 pills taken on a daily basis can restore your color and keep new grays at a distance. Get Away Grey is a marvelous gray hair remedy based on catalase, introduced and tested by a world class team of scientists. Get your first bottles today, try this exceptional grey defense and tell the whole world that Get Away Grey is the secret behind your beautiful, fully pigmented, younger-looking tresses.

GetAwayGrey Starts Clinical Trials to Prove Efficacy of Last-Generation Anti Gray Hair Product


Gray hair represents a major problem for both men and women over a certain age. According to respectable experts, 50% of all men have 50% gray hair by the time they reach 50. But there are many exceptions to this rule. Millions of young adults worldwide are forced to deal with the unpleasant effects of premature graying while they’re still in their 20s.

Fortunately, a new line of scientifically proven products designed to tackle the real root of the problem and provide the simplest solution to the graying dilemma is already widely available and extremely accessible. Get Away Grey is a remarkable gray defense based on catalase that enables people to reverse gray hair, get back their natural pigment, recover their youthful appearance and look as young and attractive as they feel. Unlike other so-called miraculous grey defenses whose benefits only look good on paper, all the claims made by the team of researchers that are behind the revolutionary Get Away Grey formula are backed by science.

Great news from get away grey scientists: a clinical trial will be conducted to prove the incontestable effectiveness of this magnificent gray hair cure

Who isn’t tired of products that are only sold to the public by unscrupulous marketers who make the most of their manipulative tactics to promote certain brands in an aggressive manner, while turning prospects into buyers? Clients are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages on a daily basis, so they have become immune to goods that sound too good to be true. They have learned to avoid items whose benefits haven’t been proved via clinical trials.

This is precisely the reason why the team behind Get Away Grey plans to do clinical trial in 2014 to prove the efficacy of this particular catalase supplement that is already available on the market. Unlike dozens of cosmetic solutions that only mask the unaesthetic effects of premature graying without actually addressing the cause, Get Away Grey acts from the inside out. Its optimal concentration of catalase (5,000 iu) and its well-balanced formula based on a long list of mineral and herbal additives is the key to obtaining and maintaining beautiful, healthy, younger-looking, fully pigmented hair.

While the GetAwayGrey team already knows that the product works for the majority of its customers based on repeat purchases and hundreds of positive customer testimonials, they are looking forward to substantiate their claims through conducting a 3rd party clinical trial testing. The results are expected to back all the claims made by the team of researchers involved in this ambitious project and prove once more that the innovative Get Away Grey formula is the best option at hand for both men and women from different age groups who wish to get rid of gray hair naturally, without exposing themselves to any risks. Catalase supplements are risk-free alternatives for those who want to witness rapid, longer-lasting improvements over the course of a few weeks.

The science behind the last-generation Catalase supplements that can become your personal fountain of youth

For many years, several researchers have worked around the clock to come up with the most accurate answer to the following question: how and why does hair go gray? At this point, they are fully aware of the fact that lack of catalase is responsible for the fact that the human body can no longer dissolve hydrogen peroxide at a fast pace. As we grow older, our bodies start to produce less catalase. Catalase is the enzyme that puts premature graying on hold, by decomposing hydrogen peroxide into 2 basic, harmless components: oxygen and water. Insufficient production of catalase leads to the formation of hydrogen peroxide buildups that represent the main culprit for graying hair.

Anti gray hair supplements turn the clock in our favor, by stimulating melanocytes to boost the human body’s capability to produce and deliver melanin pigment. Out hair color is dictated by the presence of melanin, a pigmented that is distributed throughout the middle of our hair shafts. The color of our tresses, which can range from white and light blonde to red, chestnut and black, is influenced by the size, the number and the color of our very own pigment granules.

As soon as a hair emerges from its follicle, it is automatically colored by the amount of melanin that is stored in the cell. As we grow old and lose the battle with the first signs of premature aging, pigment cells located in hair follicles start to die. A reduced number of pigment cells present in a follicle will produce less melanin. The results are predictable: a lower concentration of melanin results in a fading color. This is the reason why even the darkest tresses can start to display silvery, blonde or grayish hues at some point. New breakthroughs lead to the conclusion that this process is reversible; nonetheless people who do not take this matter into their own hands have zero chances to reverse graying hair and preserve their natural pigment for the longest period of time.

Reversing Gray Hair One Pill at a Time

On the other hand, people who use Get Away Grey manage to restore their natural color in approximately 8 to 12 weeks. Results vary a bit based on the user’s ability to assimilate catalase and use this powerful enzyme to dissolve hydrogen peroxide buildups. The Get Away Grey researchers are very confident in the effectiveness of their last-generation grey defense based on science. Their confidence is reflected by the fact that Get Away Grey comes with a money-back guarantee. If a certain buyers wouldn’t be satisfied with the end result after the 12-week period, he would be entitled to a full refund that does not include shopping costs. Despite the fact that Get Away Grey is already worldwide famous, the researchers behind this revolutionary formula still want to highlight its superior effectiveness and convince even the most skeptic prospects that gray hair reversal is a perfectly attainable goal.

The new clinic trials conducted by independent experts will most likely confirm what we already know: Get Away Grey is the revolutionary gray hair cure based on catalase that is bought, used and recommended by thousands of satisfied customers from different parts of the globe.

3 bottles of Get Away Grey are the key to obtaining pigmented, strengthen, luscious hairs from the inside out. 2 pills a day administered on after one meal can help men and women keep the effects of premature graying at a respectable distance for as long as they want. The results of the third-party clinical trials scheduled for 2014 will be made public as soon as possible. New confirmations coming from reputable scientists will eliminate all doubts that may still surround the new generation of catalase supplements, which clearly represent the best, fastest, safest method to keep hair pigment on our hairs, where it actually belongs.

The Risks of Hair Coloring and Safer Alternatives to Deal with Grays

337139-49217-2Are you coping with your mid-life crisis while trying to find the best way to feel comfortable in your own skin once again? You’re not the only one who is going through this phase. Millions of men and women over 40 are experiencing the same problem. They spend more and more time in front of their mirrors, studying their visible wrinkles and their first gray strands. They hate both of these elements because they remind them that they are not immortal. Those who are truly afraid of gray hair, its symbolism and its incredibly long list of drawbacks are struggling to find the best way to reverse, or at least camouflage their gray strands.

In some cases, this is easier said than done. Of course, there are various anti-gray hair solutions: from permanent or semi-permanent dyes to catalase supplements. But people are somehow always drawn to the easiest, simplest, most accessible way to stop gray hair, even if their method has a low success rate and very ephemeral effects. Yes, we’re taking about hair coloring.

What Hides Behind the Eternal Fascination for Hair Dyes?

Hair coloring products have been around for thousands of years, in many forms. Egyptian men and women relied on henna to beautify their locks and restore or revitalize their color. According to scientists, the fair blonde mutation appeared 11,000 years ago. In a world dominated by men and women with dark tresses, blonde people were considered exotic and extremely fascinated.

At this point, blonde is the best-selling hair color at this point in time. But things weren’t very different in the past. Hundreds of years ago, women relied on the most bizarre DIY hair coloring solutions, including pigeon dung and horse urine, to brighten up their locks a bit. In 1860, women started to use hydrogen peroxide to bleach their hairs. Of course, this very aggressive process impacted their hair structure and the texture of their locks. In 1931, Jean Harlow made history with her iconic platinum blonde hair.

Naturally, hair coloring products are much more popular these days. According to a Wella study, 92% of all women have colored their hair at least once in their entire life. This percentage tells us that hair dyes are considered one of the most convenient gray hair management solutions of all times. So the question is this: is hair dye a powerful ally or a big source of trouble? Furthermore, can chemical-rich hair dyes make us sick? Could these products actually amplify our graying problem? Let’s find out.

Can Hair Dye Usage Increase Your Risks of Developing Cancer?

According to recent information provided by the National Cancer Institute, 10% of all American men over 40 use hair dyes regularly, while 1/3 of all American women count on the same products to change their look or mask the effects of premature graying. In this context, we need to find the most accurate answer to a very pressing concern: can hair dye actually cause cancer? Unfortunately, nobody can really identify a solid connection between dyes and increased risks of developing cancer.

What we do know is that hair coloring solutions have evolved a great deal and their manufacturers aren’t sending any warnings that users should take into consideration before applying the product on their hairs. Moreover, it seems that dyes launched on the market in the past (before 1980) could have been dangerous. Some studies indicate that men and women who began applying dyes on their tresses before 1980 are more likely to develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma. In addition, the National Cancer Institute reveals that some elements comprised by early formulations were found to increase cancer risks in animals, so manufacturing companies were forced to eliminate some of these hazardous chemicals and perfect their recipes in the late 1970s.

At this point, nobody can say for sure whether or not there is a cause-effect relationship between hair dyes and cancer. This is one of the main reasons why more and more people are shifting to safer gray hair remedies, like catalase supplements for instance. Those who don’t really want to reverse gray hair and are actually looking for a temporary solution to their problem choose to hide their depigmented strands by using homemade coloring alternatives, based on natural ingredients, such as sage, coffee, black tea, blackstrap molasses, amla powder and various types of oils.

Can Coloring Products Alter Your Hair Structure?

Again, there is no simple answer to this question. There are various types of hair coloring options currently available on the market. Approximately 80% of all these products are permanent dyes, which are a bit more aggressive than semi-permanent ones. Can dyes destroy your hair? It all depends on the hair coloring method that you are getting ready to embrace. For instance, if you want to go from black to light blonde in a few hours, the coloring process based on bleach will definitely affect your hair structure. According to an article published by Cosmopolitan, bleach can turn even the most obedient locks into unruly beasts, by changing their texture and leaving them extra dry and prone to extensive deterioration. Moreover, once you bleach your hair, your natural pigment is gone for good. So before deciding to replicate Jean Harlow’s style, think about what that would do to your hair. Semi-permanent colors may be a much safer option at hand, but their ephemeral results are their most notable drawback. After all, waste a lot of time and money on a hair coloring process if the benefits last only for a couple of weeks?

Can Coloring Products Cause Severe Allergies?

While at this point we are unable to establish the link between cancer and chemicals included in hair dye formulas, we are fully aware of the fact that hair dyes can cause very upsetting allergic reactions in contact with the user’s skin. Hair dye allergies are more common than you may be inclined to think.

For instance, according to Dermnet NZ, Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) is a very common chemical solution used as permanent hair dye ensuring a fairly natural look. It can lead to severe allergic reactions like swelling of the user’s face or scalp and reddening. Patch testing is the best method to avoid these worst-case scenarios.

So permanent hair dyes can cause ugly allergies, and semi-permanent ones can’t cover grays. What can people do in this case? Oprah makes a great recommendation: a combination of lowlights and highlights. Also, Oprah reveals the fact that cheap Clairol demipermanent hair dye priced at approximately 9 dollars is the key to obtaining a uniform color that will most likely last through 28 washing cycles. This type of dye is less likely to trigger an allergic reaction, since it has a very gentle formula.

Could We Actually Reverse Gray Hair without Using Chemical-Based Products?

The answer is yes. Catalase supplements represent the optimal solution for people who want to wipe off the first signs of premature graying. Get Away Grey is a marvelous scientifically proven gray hair cure based on catalase, which will turn depigmented locks into a distant memory. This gray hair cure will enable you to restore your natural pigment over the course of a few weeks. You can order this last-generation grey defense today, put it to the test and see how gray, coarse hair can actually be converted into luscious, healthy, fully pigmented locks in record time.