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3 Good Reasons Why Going Gray May Not Be Your Smartest Move

iStock_000020682690_SmallAbove anything else, going gray is a personal choice that will inevitably impact your image and your lifestyle. Should you color your first white strands or should you welcome them into your life with open arms?  This is something that you need to figure out on your own. Nonetheless, you should know that gray is a color that can be pretty difficult to wear with pride and confidence. Clearly, not everyone can pull off the chic grandma look. We give you three reasons why graying hair may not be the most inspired choice for you.

  1. Gray Hair Makes You Feel Uncomfortable. Gray hair can be associated with a long list of negative factors, including a reduced credibility at work (especially when you operate in a field where looks are everything!), a low level of self-esteem and reduced sex-appeal. If you have already reached the conclusion that gray hair can wait, choose to test catalase supplements representing the best alternative to coloring kits and other tricks that you may be inclined to use to get rid of your grays.
  2. Gray Hair Doesn’t Flatter Your Complexion. Gray hair goes hand in hand with fair skin and lightly colored eyes. As a matter of fact, blondes benefit from the smoothest transition from naturally pigmented hair to a grayish mane. On the other hand, people with olive skin and dark eyes may have a hard time trying to adjust their look to make their grays match their complexion. Gray hair doesn’t compliment dark eyes and darker skin tones; on the contrary, this contrast can make you look tired or excessively pale. If that’s the case, you may want to start looking for the very best gray hair reversal tactics serving your best interest.
  3. Now You Can Count on Natural and Effective Anti-Gray Hair Solution. After a certain age, many men and women feel that it’s their duty to embrace their grays and turn them into an indicator of their wisdom and experience. But perhaps you share a different opinion. Maybe you think that gray hair only works for people who are two or three decades older than you. Or perhaps you blame your silvery strands for contributing to that washed out look that you dislike so much. Either way, you should know that premature graying is no longer seen as an irreversible problem. Thanks to the new generation of gray hair solutions based on catalase, you can gain full control over your natural pigment. By using a natural formula based on catalase you can disrupt the hair oxidation process and flaunt gorgeous, fully-pigmented hair for the longest period of time. To find out more about the proven benefits of these revolutionary products, just check out the Getawaygrey official website and order the advanced grey defense that can actually keep depigmented strands at a distance.


Gray Hair Styling Tips from Oprah: The Key to Obtaining Healthy Silky Tresses

grey hairs Who can honestly say that graying hair is not scary, at least at a first glance?  Not too many people are thrilled to discover the first depigmented strands that gradually appear on their temples. You may be wondering: why is white hair so intimidating and what should I do to preserve my natural pigment for a longer while? There are quite a few effective gray hair reversalsolutions that you may want to consider, but first of all, let’s find out what lies behind the powerful white locks phobia that seem to be disrupting the balance of so many people these days. Is gray hair a friend or a foe?

Why Going Gray Is Not a Very Appealing Option for Most People

First of all, gray hair is a constant reminder of the fact that we are not immortal. We are just like flowers: we bloom, we display a great variety of colors and enchanting perfumes and we eventually lose our petals. Truth be told, this is the main reason why we dislike gray hair: it reminds us of old age and its endless list of problems. While we still look and feel young, we don’t want to feel threatened by the first signs of premature graying. This is how we end up spending a fortune on professional hair coloring treatments.

Moreover, gray hair can also affect our carrier and stop us from getting the raise or the promotion that we have been dreaming about for so long. If looks are an important selection criteria in your line of work, the impact of premature graying on your beautiful locks can convince your superiors to replace you with a younger candidate. The world is not a bed of roses. Forbes clearly revels that we are all judged based on our appearances. How we dress, style our hair and accessorize our outfits indicate who we really are and represent an indicator of our aspirations and capabilities.

This is not a very exciting perspective. After all, what can gray hair say about someone’s skills and competencies? Believe it or not, some executives tend to think that these elements are actually connected. In other words, looks definitely affect your pay, just like Huffington Post suggests. It seems that, when it comes to recruiting or promoting talents, factors like height, weight and hair color weigh a great deal. A study introduced in 2004 by a representative from the University of Florida clearly indicates that tall people make on average up to 789 dollars more than shorter staff members on a yearly basis.

A different study published by the Queensland University of Technology reveals that blonde female employees earn up to 7% more money than redheads or brunettes occupying a similar position. A study funded by several companies and institutions, including Boston University, Massachusetts General Hospital and Procter and Gamble, also supports the idea that looks represent a decisive factor. The study reflects that women who wear makeup on a daily basis at work get bonus points for trustworthiness and credibility.  Bottom line: we live in a world that is still governed by stereotypes and preconceived ideas. Factors that may seem irrelevant, like our hair color for instance, can influence our entire carrier and financial situation. This is why we have to address the nasty gray hair issue in a timely fashion.

Oprah provides a long list of gray hair management tips, allowing both men and women to upgrade their appearance and feel much more comfortable in their own skin. Some people may ask: Why on earth should I listen to what Oprah has to say on this matter? First of all, Oprah is no stranger to simple and effective beautification rituals. Secondly, she is also sporting the salt and pepper look in a classy manner, so she has probably tested all the tips and tricks that she offers on her own skin (or scalp, to be more specific). Here are 3 gray hair tips that will change your life forever.

1)      Get a Suitable Cut. If you have already been impacted by premature graying, this means that you should probably opt for a different cut. Medium-length and short hairstyles are ideal, taking into consideration the fact that grays are always difficult to tame and prone to extensive breakage. A low-maintenance cut with clean edges represents an awesome option at hand for both men and women. Buzz cuts work best for most men, while sleek bobs with or without bangs can do wonders for women who are trying to give a new meaning to their silvery strands.

2)      Get the Right Shampoo. There are 3 main reasons why you need to use a good shampoo and conditioner, especially formulated for graying hair:

a)      Gray hair is less obedient than fully pigmented locks, so it requires special hair care products with an anti-frizziness effect.

b)      Silvery hairs should be brightened up by a special formula; this is the simplest method to avoid that dreadful washed-out look.

c)      Colorless strands borrow pigment from different sources. This is how depigmented tresses gain that unpleasant yellowish tint. Shampoos with violet accents battle the yellow shades, protect the scalp’s natural buildups and enhance the natural beauty of your grays after each and every washing cycle.

3)      Opt for the Most Adequate Styling Regimen. Don’t forget to apply an anti-frizz lotion or cream on your damp locks. Try to avoid heat-styling. If you don’t feel ready to part ways with your flat iron, blow dryer or curling iron, at least try to minimize the damage by  using a quality heat protector. Use the type of brush that matches the texture of your hair. Last, but not least, visit a professional stylist and try to find out more about the best styling regimen for your grays meeting your needs, financial possibilities and expectations.

The Moment of Revelation: You’re NOT Stuck with Gray Hair

There comes a time when you realize that all your appearance-related concerns were not justified. If you hate gray hair, nobody can force you to accept it or embrace it. Perhaps a few decades ago this would have been your one and only option, but now this is no longer the case. Catalase supplements allow us to stop gray hair in a few weeks. The whole process takes place on the inside: catalase dissolves excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide, which represent the main cause of premature graying.

Now you can go back to your natural pigment the easy way. Get Away Grey is a remarkable catalase vitamin complex based on real scientific breakthroughs. It can be used to prevent, stop and reverse gray hair rapidly and safely. If you think that white doesn’t suit you, rely on super hair vitamins comprising ideal concentrations of catalase to darken your mane in a completely natural manner. Use this approved and verified gray hair remedy and find out how it could change your life for the best over a short period of time ranging from 8 to 12 weeks. 

5 Celeb Men Who Rock Gray Locks

1359645232_george-clooney-articleStill think that gray hair stands in the way of you success? In this case, now would be a good time to reconsider. Gray locks can become your most amazing iconic accessory, as long as you take really good care of them. Yes, it’s perfectly true that living with grays is not easy. Silvery strands tend to be very coarse, extremely dry and difficult to style. Even so, as long as you invest time and energy in a special beautification ritual, they will reward your efforts. After all, who could resist the charm of a mysterious man who displays a wonderful silvery fox or salt and pepper look?

Gray locks help many men upgrade their image, boost their power of seduction and age gracefully at the same time. Let’s face it: older men who decide to preserve their youth by dyeing their tresses seldom obtain the desirable results.There’s something very wrong about a very intense color on a pale, wrinkled face. This powerful contrast accentuates every single imperfection and makes men look even older and a bit ridiculously.

Alec Baldwin and Mickey Rourke are only 2 great examples illustrating that hair dye is definitely not your best friend when it comes to concealing grays and hiding your real age. Fear of ridiculousness is perhaps the most important factor that stops many men from coloring their hairs. Even so, this doesn’t mean that living with grays is a nightmare. Numerous celebrities manage to rock grays locks virtually effortlessly. Here are only a few of the most popular celeb men who nail the silver fox or the partially white look.

1)      John Slattery Proves That There’s Something Special about Silver-Domed Men

We all know John Slattery,aka Roger Sterling, the influential and extremely charming advertising executive from Mad Men. He doesn’t need to reverse gray hair because he displays a 100% white mane that couldn’t look better on someone else. Of course, white hairs contribute a great deal to his unmistakable, absolutely flawless look that we all know and love. In this case, depigmented strands are the ultimate symbol of power, prestige, superior social status and success. John Slattery’s sex appeal cannot be ignored or contested. He is a real ladies’ man and proves that gray hairs can be a real blessing. His nice, clean cut maintained with minimal styling products is his most powerful ally. He can wear a fancy suit, a button down shirt or a fire fighter uniform- either way, due to his fascinating white hair he looks handsome and effortlessly cool.

2)      Who Isn’t Crazy About George Clooney?

You can’t talk about gray hair without mentioning the one and only George Clooney, who constantly lets us know that there’s nothing wrong with a little gray hair. We are all aging; sooner or later we will all display a few depigmented strands, so what’s will all the fuss about premature graying? Clooney’s relaxed attitude makes us think that grays are a safe bet. After all, the reputable actor is like a bottle of wine: he just gets better with age.

Since he isn’t threatened by balding spots or other common unaesthetic problems that force many men to rely on odd hairstyles to mask their imperfections, Clooney feels free to flaunt a very flattering buzz cut. Short graying hair fits him like a glove. His gorgeous personal style encourages millions of men worldwide to embrace the fact that they are aging, ditch the hair dye, accept their defeat in the battle with premature graying and just move on. After all, who would ever blame Clooney for not wanting to use a white hair treatment?

3)      Harrison Ford Looks His Best “Au Naturel”

We’ve seen him in his “Cowboys and Aliens” movie and now we couldn’t get enough of his gray hairs. Yes, we are talking about the very handsome Harrison Ford who doesn’t feel threatened by old age, gray strands and the endless list of aesthetic problems that seem to intimidate most men over 50. Yes, it’s clear that Harrison has undergone a radical transformation. His gray locks have nothing in common with the exquisite dark locks that Harrison displayed in Star Wars in 1977. Times change, people change. Anyway, Harrison gets bonus points for the fact that he loves his hair as is and unlike many other A-list actors he doesn’t rely on cheap, ineffective tricks and tips to look a few years younger.

tumblr_mt8yr1neml1rnfvefo1_12804)      Richard Gere Manages to Awaken the Pretty Woman in All of Us

We all agree that Richard Gere is one of those men who can never pass unnoticed. His impeccable style, pretty face and incontestable elegance turn him into the star of the night wherever he may go (unless he is sitting next to George Clooney, in which case we would have a hard time trying to split the prize for the most alluring celebrity between these 2 influential icons). There’s something really interesting about Gere’s evolution. He started to display gray hair in the 1990s, in “Pretty Woman”, one of his best-known movies. We didn’t have a problem with his depigmented tresses then and we certainly don’t have one now. At this point, Gere already flaunts a jaw-dropping all-white look.

But unlike Slattery and Clooney, he didn’t go for a very short cut. He opted for slightly longer locks with lots of volume. Instead of creating a powerful contrast by adding color to his mane, Gere scored bonus points by rocking his white hairs that really compliment his aging face. Since he does not have a pale complexion, white strands don’t lead to that dreadful washed out look that can make a man look like a corpse. Probably Gere counts on expert advice provided by an army of stylists. What’s certain is that his tresses are as white as snow and don’t seem to be threatened by those extremely upsetting yellowish hues that we see so often on Michael Douglas and various other aging celebs who don’t really acknowledge the fact that white hair requires special care to look its best. All in all, we understand why Gere is not eager to find a good gray hair cure anytime soon and we totally respect his decision to go gray.

Kevin Costner5)      Kevin Costner Knows How to Age Gracefully

Whitney Houston’s former “Bodyguard” knows more than a thing or two about beautiful graying hair. His blonde mane now displays amazing silvery accents that make most women sigh. Costner doesn’t need hair dye simply because he has style and class and this seems to be enough to impress the masses.

Do you still think that gray hair is not your cup of tea? In this case, nothing can force you to replicate George Clooney’s image. Get your pigment back by utilizing catalase supplements. These products stimulate the human body to dissolve hydrogen peroxide accumulations. Hydrogen peroxide is the main element that triggers the appearance of the first gray strands; this is precisely why vitamins for hair based on catalase are the most effective weapon in the battle with premature graying.

Get Away Grey is a magnificent gray hair remedy that contains an ideal catalase concentration. Moreover, this vitamin complex is based on a scientifically proven formula that also comprises numerous herbal and mineral additives that strengthen and brighten up locks from the inside out. There are only a few reasons why you should put Get Away Grey to the test. This last-generation product turns the gray hair reversal process into a child’s play and wipes many years off your face. Try this amazing grey defense today and you’ll thank us later. 

Reverse Gray Hair: How to Prepare Your Face for the Gray Hair Battle

womanSome people just don’t look good with gray hair. Others think that it’s extremely embarrassing to put those silvery hairs on full display when they’re in their late 20s or early 30s. In this context, should you embrace the hair oxidation process or try to put it on hold? In the end, the final choice is up to you.

You should know that there are several ways to stop gray hair from lowering your self-esteem. You could hide it under trendy accessories, dye it, get fabulous highlights, use hair makeup products or prepare and apply DIY anti gray hair oils, based on natural ingredients like Camellia oil, amla, coffee, coconut oil, olive oil or curry leaves. Moreover, you could prevent, stop and reverse gray hair with a remarkably effective pill, based on science.

There is one last aspect that should be taken into consideration: your face. Do you know how to make peace with your white hairs until you are finally ready to select the right gray hair reversal method? Here are a few tips showing you how to make your best facial features pop, how to mask your flaws and how to stay away from bad practices that could accentuate those silvery hairs.  Use the following suggestions to avoid the dull, washed-out look that nobody likes.

Reinvigorate Your Skin

Make your skin look clean, rested, firmer and healthier than ever. Quit smoking and start to include green vegetables in your daily diet. Keep your skin moisturized at all times and do your best to drink at least 7 glasses of water on a daily basis.

Women Only: Opt for Hues That Do Not Contrast with Your Grays

Go in favor of colors that compliment your best facial features by brightening up your complexion. Avoid dramatic makeup, because it would contrast with your gray hair and make you look so much older. Stay far away from your favorite eyeliner and red lipstick, at least until you manage to identify and use a reliable gray hair cure. Gray is so much more than a plain hair color; it represents a whole new lifestyle triggering a long list of changes.

Men Only: Get Trendy Highlights and Don’t Ignore Your Facial Hair

Let’s face it: John Slattery, also known as Roger Sterling from the Mad Men TV series, is able to take pride in his iconic gray hair because he has a young-looking, chiseled face. Moreover, he displays a consistent look. His hair is completely white; he doesn’t have to deal with a terribly unflattering mix of dull shades of gray. Men who aren’t as lucky as Slattery can decide to get trendy highlights. This way, they would eliminate powerful contrasts and restore their confidence. If you want to dye your hair, it is mandatory to identify and test the most suitable coloring options for your moustache and beard.

Fight Those Ugly Grays with a Pill

Fortunately, now you can turn gray away with a scientifically proven pill. Get Away Grey is a 100% effective gray hair cure based on catalase.

Buy it, use it to reverse gray hair and start recovering your youthful appearance sooner than expected.

Gray Hair Reversal Tips: Stop Gray Hair with Scalp Massage Techniques

hairYou’ve tried everything: dietary changes, a highly beneficial workout that gave you a terrible muscle fever, countless types of oils, creams and gels and yet you’re still far away from attaining your goal. Silvery hairs, the first signs of premature aging are still there, on your temples and look like they won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

In this case, should you lose hope and embrace your grays, or should you fight to reverse gray hair? In the end, the final choice is up to you. However, note that there is another element that could support your anti-aging efforts: scalp massage.

Stopping Gray Hair with the Supreme Pampering Treatment

Worried that salon treatments designed to camouflage your grays could leave you high and dry in the near future? Eliminate this concern by relying on cheaper, natural alternative solutions to this problem. Scalp massage techniques guarantee a wonderful wellness experience and allow you to discover the benefits of a centuries-old gray hair cure.

Massage therapies were perfected by Chinese practitioners. They understood that the right massage techniques could easily improve blood flow and ensure radiant, healthy, younger-looking skin and hair. Facial massage and scalp massages have become increasingly popular these days, due to their proven effectiveness, cost-efficiency and superior benefits.

Apart from facilitating the delivery of important nutrients that feed every single cell and maintain a normal balance in our bodies, massage techniques also reduce stress levels and guide us towards a state of absolute relaxation.

So if you want to profit from this inexpensive anti-aging recipe and stop gray hair, start by massaging every single inch of your scalp with the tips of your fingers. Don’t apply too much pressure; just rub it gently, for at least 10 minutes on a daily basis.

If you want to enhance the effectiveness of this simple process and fight premature graying, use natural oils during your massage sessions. Castor oil, jojoba oil and mustard seed oil represent exceptional options and play an important part in the grey hair treatment.

Massage your scalp as often as you can, anytime, anywhere. It is highly recommended to end every washing cycle with a prolonged scalp massage. Your hair will look shinier and healthier.

Turn Back Time with a Strong, Natural Grey Defense

Need more than a few massage sessions to kick those grays to the curb? In this case, choose to reverse gray hair with a powerful grey defense, based on all-natural ingredients, including catalase.

Get Away Grey is your trusted ally, allowing you to keep your natural pigment on your hairs. Buy this amazing gray hair cure today, put it to the test and witness positive changes sooner than expected.

GetAwayGrey Is the Ultimate Cure!

Short grey hair

Many women with gray hair opt for a shorter, more manageable style.

After reading about GetAwayGrey and the benefits that could come from it, Cormac Walsh decided to try us out. He had tried chemical dyes in the past, but really didn’t like the idea of allowing such unhealthy elements be consistently applied to his hair. The supplements we offer are chock full of natural ingredients that are combined to create the ultimate gray hair cure. The classic gray defense strategy of hair coloring has been used for years, with no permanent success. This amazing new vitamin, however, has been proven to not only reverse grey hair, but also increase the vitality of your luscious locks!

Cormac told us that he began to see results after only 3 months! These results encouraged him to continue using the product. After a year of taking this supplement, he has enjoyed the benefit of increased confidence because of his gray hair reversal. According to Cormac, “90% of my original color is back” thanks to Catalase and other natural ingredients in GetAwayGrey vitamins. Not hesitating to tell his friends about this amazing supplement, he is a GetAwayGrey testament to success!

The ingredients we use in our supplements are the result of great research and brilliant scientific minds. The use of such all-natural ingredients as saw palmetto and folic acid allow your body to absorb the nutrients effectively, helping your body convert that nutrition properly. As organic compounds are added to your system, grey hair is not only banished; thickening of hair and overall hair health will also occur. This grey hair cure allows you to also increase the health of your hair, as Cormac found out. He told us: “I definitely have noticed that my hair has become thicker and even fuller during the period of taking GetAwayGrey, and that’s been a bit of a bonus!”

This GetAwayGrey success story is just one of many! Try our fantastic breakthrough gray defense supplements for yourself with our current $20 off special!