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How to Reverse Gray Hair While You’re Still in Your 20s or 30s

Going grayDealing with capricious gray hair is not exactly easy and fun, especially when you’re in your late 20s or early 30s. The dryness, excessive frizziness and fading color of your locks can make you crave for a change. Should you dye your strands, get highlights or use hair makeup just to darken your mane and make a first step towards restoring your youthful appearance? This is definitely an option worth considering. However, before resorting to more or less satisfying hair coloring tricks and tips, you may wish to test the effectiveness of gray hair pills designed to combat the effects of premature whitening. Here are a few safe and easy tips on how to reverse gray hair without taking any chances.

What Is Behind the Premature Graying Process?

Did you know that gray hair is not necessarily a consequence of the natural aging process? According to The Chosunilbo, hair oxidation is a complex process that doesn’t have much to do with the signs of aging displayed by our bodies (such as fine lines and wrinkles for example); premature graying is linked to the aging of the pigment cells comprised by some of our hair follicles. Our genetic heritage influences the graying process a great deal. Also, grays that show up unexpectedly (and uninvited) at an early age could represent the indicator of a health problem, such as diabetes, leukoplakia, pernicious anemia or certain thyroid-related issues. By disrupting the normal functionality of the pituitary gland, these health concerns could trigger a reduced melanin production, resulting in depigmented strands. If prematurely gray hair doesn’t run in the family, consider undergoing a medical exam to rule out (or address) all these potential health risks.

How Could You Deal with Gray Hair at an Early Age?

If genetic factors are to blame for your massive amount of gray hair, think about implementing the simplest tips on how to reverse gray hair. Start by eating super healthy foods rich in zinc, copper and iron. Also, you may want to consume as many black foods as possible to restore your natural pigment and beautify your aging hair. For example, black beans offer you the ideal amount of proteins required to produce healthy hairs; black sesame is well-known for its anti-aging properties and could help you prevent hair loss and premature graying.

When it comes to fighting premature graying, you need to rely on more than a few simple dietary changes to win the battle with this invisible enemy. In this context, choose to count on the scientific breakthroughs that led to the development of gray hair pills based on catalase. Getawaygrey is an excellent source of catalase, the enzyme that neutralizes the agent that bleaches your hair from the inside out, and plant and mineral extracts added to nourish and protect your strands from within. Two pills taken on a daily basis could help users treat gray hairs in only a few weeks. Give this innovative product a try, order your first bottles and start the gray hair treatment that could change your look and your entire life rapidly and safely.

5 Life-Changing Things That You Should Consider Before Dyeing Your Graying Hair

gray hairA few decades ago, most women didn’t panic at the sight of their first grays. White strands and wrinkles were taken very lightly back then, mostly because older men and women didn’t really have access to revolutionary products allowing them to win the fight with these disturbing signs of premature aging. At this point, things seem to be very different. People who have been affected by premature graying can easily pick their favorite type of grey defense, use it and kick those coarse, depigmented hairs to the curb.

The Gray Hair Dyeing Dilemma

We canall agree upon the fact that a plentitude of appealing options can make us feel confused and insecure. With so many brands offering us the chance to witness the awesome results of a simple and convenient DIY hair coloring job, how could we possibly spot the best one and make an informed purchase?

Nobody has the time or the money to try all of these alternatives on their own skin (or scalp, to be more specific). So should we dye our locks or just get used to the idea that our natural pigment is long gone? Luckily, expert info provided by respectable scientists, trichologists and well-known hairstylists enable us to make a smart final call. Wondering if you should love your graying hair as is or if you should actually experiment with different shades of color coming from a box? Keep reading to discover those sneaky, little-known details that will help you make up your mind.

5 Things That You Should Factor in Before Applying Artificial Color on Your Hair

1) Hair Dye Can Cause Severe Allergic Reactions. Some people ignore the fact that most anti gray hair products available on the market are a real cocktail of chemicals. If you think that hair dye is an exception you are terribly wrong. According to Allergyuk.com, allergic reactions associated with hair dye usage are not uncommon. Hair coloring products can trigger a wide range of upsetting symptoms, from general unwellness to widespread itching and even anaphylaxis. You could probably avoid all these inconveniences by doing a patch test, but at the end of the day you should know that hair dye usage is definitely not the safest (or the most effective) method to deal with ugly gray hair in need of a positive change.

2) To Color Your Hair the Right Way, You Have to Do the Math. Do you really think that applying artificial color on your tresses is a simple assignment that could be easily completed even by a 5-year old? Well, if you don’t really care about your appearance, you could stick to your idea. Otherwise, you may want to change your perspective fast. Undoubtedly, hair coloring is a very complex topic that involves more than a few formulas. Therefore, if you want to obtain a flawless new color and mask the first signs of premature graying in a successful manner, you should realize that there are 3 basic steps that you should follow before actually distributing color on your locks:

  • You have to assess the natural color level (the natural color level represents the level of darkness or lightness of 100% naturally pigmented tresses, measured on a scale of 1 to 10).
  • You have to determine the contributing pigment (the contributing pigment represents the degree of warmth associated with every single natural level). Clairol Professional providesa useful chart reflecting the link between the natural level and the contributing pigment. Once you understand the connection between these 2 important elements you can select the best course of action, based on your goals and expectations. You can either enhance your natural warmth or neutralize it. So here is the no-longer-secret formula disclosed by Clairol Professional, which apparently guaranteesa successful hair coloring job: contributing pigment plus artificial color equals final result.
  • You have to determine the percentage of gray hair that needs to be covered

We can all accept the fact that the color presented on the box is virtually impossible to obtain. After all, we all knew that hair dye is pretty unpredictable, but who would have thought that successful applications involve some serious math skills?

3) Even Natural Hair Dye for Gray Hair Can Get You into Serious Trouble. Some men and women don’t really want to achieve dramatic, radical results. They just want to find the best way to darken their mane a bit, while relying on all-natural coloring products. But what does “all-natural” actually mean these days? Even henna, the centuries-old gray hair remedy used by the Egyptians 3,000 years ago is now “improved” by large cosmetic companies that launch formulas based on many chemicals. According to NBC News, the henna hazard is real and should not be neglected. This source reveals a disturbing fact: black henna incorporates a chemical called PPD (para-phenylenediamine) that could cause severe skin allergies. While these allergies are not dangerous, they can result in scarring or permanent darkening of the users’ skin. Clearly, this is not what you had in mind when you listed hennaas a safe and effective white hair treatment.

4) Hair Dye Is Always a Compromise Solution. No matter how you look at it, the truth is that hair dyes are a temporary solution to a permanent problem. They won’t restore your pigment and will never represent your personal youth elixir. These products just coat your depigmented strands and give you the illusion that you can look a bit younger and more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. But in the long run, hair dyes are not actually your best friend, taking into consideration their short-term positive effects and also the considerable costs that they imply.

5) Catalase Supplements Are the BEST Substitute for Hair Dyes. Before deciding to dye your hair, do a little research to discover alternative gray hair remedies that may actually be worth your time and money. Catalase supplements are clearly an excellent option for men and women of all ages who wish to restore their pigment in a rapid, risk-free manner. These pills act on the inside, by dissolving excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide, the compound that is responsible for your premature hair oxidation. Catalase gradually darkens your mane naturally, by simply stopping and reversing your gray hairs in no time.

Get Away Grey is a premium vitamin for gray hair that has been invented, tested and approved by a reputable team of researchers. This gray hair pill contains an ideal concentration of catalase and also a generous selection of extremely effective natural ingredients, including Fo Ti, barley grass, horsetail, nettle root extract, zinc oxide, plant sterols, biotin and folic acid. All these components work together to strengthen and rejuvenate the users’ aging hairs from the inside out, in less than 3 months. Before applying color on your locks, keep in mind that there is a simpler, safer much more convenient way to banish those ugly grays. Order this magnificent 100% verified cure for graying hair, take 2 pills on a daily basis and turn your silvery strands into a distant memory.


Turn Gray Away: Could Positive Affirmations Help Men and Women Reverse Gray Hair?

gray hairMen and women who hate the idea of having gray hair in their late 20s or early 30s would try just about anything to go back to beautiful, strong, fully pigmented hair. Unfortunately, banishing those first grays and preventing others from appearing on your temples can be quite challenging at any age.

Let’s face it: hair dyes only camouflage grey hair for a limited period of time; homemade masks based on active ingredients such as amla powder or Camellia oil may lead to minor improvements, but only if you’re really patient and consistent throughout your entire anti gray hair campaign.

Moreover, in the long run, you could easily get tired of hats, hairbands and special haircuts designed to mask those grays. Before thinking about embracing the grays that really scare you to death, opt for a different approach.

Discover the power of positive thinking. Since beauty starts from the inside out, it may not be a bad idea to rely on positive affirmations to turn gray away. Certain therapists firmly believe that motivation, perseverance and the right attitude can lead to much-needed changes. Positive affirmations that may help you recover your youthful appearance can be divided into three different categories:

a)      Present tense affirmations like for instance “I am reversing gray hair as we speak” or “it is in my power to stop gray hair from shattering my confidence”

b)      Future tense affirmations: “I will reverse gray hair and restore my natural color in a matter of a few weeks” or “ everyone will notice the first signs of improvement in less than a few weeks”

c)      Natural affirmations: “my hair cells are perfectly healthy and active” or “I am tranquil and perfectly able to send positive energy to my hair follicles and scalp”

Naturally, the first thing on your mind may be that this process is mambo jambo in its purest form. Truth be told, this simple practice can’t hurt you. Furthermore, specialists who promote this alternative therapy think that positive affirmations represent the best way to eliminate gray hair from the inside out, by boosting melanin production and restoring the natural color of your hair.

It is in your power to direct healing energy towards your subconscious, reduce stress levels (one of the main causes of premature graying) and promote hair cells health the risk-free way. There are several eBooks that can guide your steps in the right direction by offering you unlimited access to positive affirmations.

Opt for a Hair Cure Based on Science

Don’t want to waste any time trying to assess the effectiveness of alternative therapies for gray hair? In this case, fight those grays with a pill. Get away Grey is your favorite vitamin complex based on science. These revolutionary gray hair pills will help you take pride in thicker, fully pigmented, glowing hair in no time.

Order Get away Grey, put it to test and reverse gray hair sooner than expected.

Grey Hair Secrets: 3 Essential Products Will Help You Boost the Appeal of your Grays

gray hairUndoubtedly, gray hairs are scary; especially the first ones that usually appear on your temples when you’re still in your 30s. They have this weird way of lowering your self-esteem levels in the blink of an eye and make your personal charm and elevated confidence sink into a sea of uncertainties and frustrations.

Many people who are currently dealing with this obnoxious problem are doing everything in their power to reverse gray hair, by taking pills for grey hair regularly in an attempt to restore the natural color of their hair.

Others choose to take the easy way out and strive to get used to their new look. The really brave ones get highlights, opt for a new, trendy haircut and upgrade their personal style to feel more comfortable in their own skin. If you are one of those people who think that premature graying is not the worst thing that could happen to them in this life, take a closer look at the following list of top hair care products for grey hair.

1)      Nourishing Care Conditioners

woman grayLong gone are the days when you didn’t need a conditioner to take pride in long, radiant, obedient hair. It’s no secret that grey hair is usually wiry and virtually impossible to tame. This is precisely why you should rely on a nourishing care conditioner to keep your hairs moisturized and healthy-looking in the long term.

Here’s an extra tip: formulas based on vitamin B5 and apricot oil will protect the complex structure of your grays and make them look fabulous. One more thing: avoid pure oils, as in most cases they make gray hair seem flat, lifeless and incredibly unappealing.

2)      Masks for Glossy Hair

Silvery hairs can also become glossy and much more vigorous than you could ever imagine. To obtain amazing results in no time, apply delicate masks on your grey hair. Formulas based on optical brighteners can make even the dullest depigmented hair shine like a diamond. Also, don’t forget to comb your grays with a Tangle Teezer hairbrush, to distribute the product evenly on your wet hair, without damaging it.

3)       Volume Enhancing Products

Grey hair usually looks pretty flat and unattractive, because it contains lower levels of protein. To eliminate this drawback, rely on top volume enhancing products that will make your hair seem less thin. Always blow-dry it to add volume and use a premium barrel brush to style your hair the easy way.

Test a Different Approach: Fight Those Grays with a Pill

Want to reverse gray hair fast and risk-free? In this case, test the incredible effectiveness of a revolutionary gray hair pill. Get Away Grey is your trusted ally: a powerful vitamin complex based on catalase and on different kinds of natural herbal and mineral elements.

Buy this amazing grey hair cure today, test it and recover and protect the natural pigment of your hair in record time.

Grey Defense: Could Traditional Chinese Medicine Help You Reverse Gray Hair?

bigstock-chinese-food-therapy-traditio-31099493Premature graying can be a never-ending source of frustration for both men and women who love the natural color of their hair. While most Caucasian people are forced to deal with this problem in their early 30s, the average Asian individual starts to go gray at 47. Is there a link between effective gray hair prevention methods and the well-kept secrets of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)? Could TCM actually help you reverse gray hair fast and risk-free?

The Connection between Gray Hair, Kidneys and Blood Quality

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe that there is a strong connection between gray hair, blood quality and kidney health. In other words, gray hair is a sign indicating that the blood quality should be improved and the kidneys should be strengthened.

A good diet plays an important part in this process. Certain recommended all-natural ingredients, like wheatgrass, black sesame seeds or Hijiki seaweed could help men and women control premature graying and preserve their youthful appearance for a longer period of time.

However, people who choose to eat excessive amounts of these so-called gray hair remedies often expose themselves to health risks. For instance, a high concentration of iodine derived from seaweed can generate serious thyroid problems in the long term.

Also, TCM practitioners tell people to reduce the consumption of salt, meat and excessive dairy products, as they believe that these foods could speed up the hair oxidation process.

TCM Cures for Gray Hair: Friend or Foe?

Most of the plants used to improve kidney health and enhance blood quality are utilized on a large scale to produce a natural gray hair cure. The question is this: are these remedies truly effective and entirely safe or do they come with a long list of side-effects?

He Shou Wu is a popular herb, used to fight premature graying. The problem is that He Shou Wu is not suitable for all men and women. In some cases, it can trigger emotional imbalances and lower the users’ quality of life. This is precisely why TCM practitioners advise people to consult their doctor before relying on He Shou Wu to stop gray hair.

Attain Your Anti- Aging Goal with a Gray Hair Pill

TCM could help you delay the first signs of premature aging. Nonetheless, foods and special ingredients recommended by practitioners should be administered with maximum care, under close medical supervision, especially if you are already dealing with severe health concerns.

Fortunately, there is a better way to reverse gray hair. Get Away Grey is a reliable gray hair cure based on catalase and different herbal and mineral additives. It is highly effective, accessible and it does not put your health on the line in any way. Buy this exceptional grey defense today, use it regularly and take pride in healthier, younger-looking hair in no time.