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Is the Pixelated Trend the Newest Way to Address Gray Hair?

iStock_000016018432_SmallAll the cool kids are fully aware of the fact that ombre hairstyles can no longer be seen as the key to making a powerful fashion statement. Sure, a classic balayage is the styling secret that some of the most popular celebs still rely on to accentuate their best features while only using a fine touch of artificial pigment. Balayage enables the wearer to flaunt perfect sun-kissed hair for months in a row without requiring a touchup. But in spite of their long list of advantages, both dyeing techniques have already been left behind by trendsetters who are always looking for the next best thing. At this point, according to a Buzzfeed article, the latest hair trend will enable you to flaunt a mane that looks like computer pixels. So the tricky question is this: can you actually rely on this new bold hairstyle to hide your gray hair?

Is the Computer Pixel Hair Coloring Trend the New Solution to Your Graying Problem?

If you see white hair as a blank canvas that you can color based on your own crayons and on your source of inspiration, then yes, you may very well reach the conclusion that the computer pixel hair coloring style is the key to turning gray hair into a fashionable accessory. To help their clients achieve this new and highly controversial look, colorists rely on a special technique called “xpresionpixel,” which leads to an original pixelated effect on colorless strands. While the effect is certainly remarkable and creative, there is one problem that should be taken into consideration: this coloring technique is not for you if you have salt and pepper hair. Unfortunately, we all know that we can’t go from dark to white hair in a few weeks or months. We are often stuck with multiple shades of gray that we can’t control; whereas xpresionpixel requires a uniform background that you simply can’t maintain without complex, regular dye jobs while going gray naturally. This major inconvenient proves that xpresionpixel is not exactly the best gray hair management technique that you could employ to undergo a rapid, impressive transformation.

Should You Start Taking Catalase Supplements to Upgrade Your Gray Hair?

On the other hand, catalase supplements can help you treat your gray hair from the inside out. Comprising more than a few mineral and herbal extracts that can fortify and beautify aging hairs from within, Getawaygrey is the vitamin complex based on catalase that could support your efforts to protect your natural hair color and delay the first signs of premature graying. For more info on product usage and potential benefits go to www.getawaygrey.com and get one step closer to the promise of a youthful appearance and gorgeous, radiant hair.


3 Reasons Why “Antique” Gray Hair Went Mainstream

Senior Woman With Arms Crossed SmilingSome of the biggest, boldest and most memorable trends are always launched by A-listers who are well-known for the radical transformations that keep them into the spotlight. After making tattoos and piercings look cool, edgy celebs like Rihanna, Nicole Richie and Adam Lambert have decided to give gray hair a try. The same makeover idea has been reinterpreted by other style icons, such as Zosia Mamet and Kylie Jenner, who have turned “antique” gray into one of the hottest hair colors of the season.  Wondering why this somewhat odd and pretentious color keeps hitting the front page? Here are three plausible explanations for the recent gray mania that has taken us by surprise.

  1. All the Cool Kids Rock It. Fashionable celebs make controversial styling changes and their devoted fans follow in their footsteps. This is one of the reasons why antique gray is now seen as the predecessor of the platinum blonde, the trademark of popular female artists such as Gwen Stefani, Cristina Aguilera or Marilyn Monroe.
  2. It’s Different. Antique gray seems to be the perfect choice for teens who wish to individualize their style. It’s not purple (a trend that’s already been done to death in the past) and it’s not platinum blonde; therefore, it is 100% new, daring and original. In addition, light gray with violet accents is seen as a great pick for any cut of haircut, ranging from clean, slightly boyish pixie cuts to loose, romantic curls.
  3. Antique Gray Flatters Any Complexion. Antique gray is one of the very few colors that will look good on you regardless of your complexion. You can picture grayish locks on a pale, bronzed or ebony face; each combination is unique and strikingly beautiful in its own way.

Not a big fan of the trending “antique” gray hair color? Truth be told, there are plenty of reasons why you should avoid this bold hue. According to an article published by The Atlantic, in order to achieve this tone one must undergo a pre-bleaching routine that usually weakens hairs and robs them of their natural glow and vigor. Moreover, because of its lightness, this shade is also exposed to yellowish tints, so vigilance and toners should automatically become a part of your gray hair management strategy. In case you’d much rather recover your pigment the easy way and prevent those capricious fifty shades of gray hair, choose to take catalase supplements regularly. Two pills taken daily can help you prevent, stop and even reverse the signs of premature graying, by simply dissolving the excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide present in your organism. For more info on this new generation of hair vitamins just visit www.GetAwayGrey.com and find out how the optimal dosage of catalase could lead to darker locks rapidly and absolutely naturally.

3 Awesome Natural Gray Hair Solutions You Should Try Before Christmas

iStock_000051487642_SmallHow do you usually prep your hair for the holiday season? In most cases, you start by discussing your options with your hairdresser. Your specialist recommends easy updos and braided hairstyles that could easily camouflage your gray strands. If you’re tired of these old tricks and would much rather find a simpler way to address the root of your premature graying problem, keep reading to spot the most effective and inexpensive natural solutions that can rejuvenate and fortify your aging tresses from the inside out in only a few weeks.

Overnight treatments based on amla powder. You can improve your hair care ritual by simply applying natural oil based on grinded amla fruits before going to bed. To recreate this recipe in your own kitchen you would just have to mix amla powder with rose water and let this mixture rest for a week in a glass jar. Afterwards, you can filter the oil and apply it on your tresses in the evening, right before bedtime. You can wash your locks the next morning. After a few weeks, you will notice a very subtle darkening effect triggered solely by the unique properties of this fruit.

Curry leaves oil for gray hair. Curry leaves serve a similar purpose. Just like fresh amla fruits, these leaves will give you gorgeous dark hair in a matter of a few weeks or months. You can take a quick hair steam after applying the oil on your scalp and locks. This simple action will open your pores, allowing this natural gray hair solution to penetrate deeper and generate noticeable improvements sooner than expected.

Catalase supplements that can address the cause of your premature graying issue. The two plant-based gray hair management solutions sound wonderful, but they may not appeal to busy professionals who don’t have the time and energy to prepare their own homemade potions. If you are also displeased with the gray hair products listed above, choose to try something radically different. Getawaygrey is a natural, scientifically proven grey defense containing catalase, the agent that turns hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water. According to International Business Times, by neutralizing the culprit for premature graying, formulas based on pseudo-catalase activated by sunlight may provide the permanent and most satisfying response to your gray hair problem. For more information on how this revolutionary product actually works, just visit www.GetAwayGrey.com and find out how catalase combined with natural plant extracts and the best vitamins for hair could beautify your aging mane from the inside out, one step at a time.

3 Reasons Why Gray Hair Plucking Is a Wrong Tactic

Mature woman stares on grizzled hairCertain gray hair management tactics help you look and feel younger, while others are a mere drop in the ocean and only manage to trigger your frustration and disappointment in the long term. You don’t have to be a scientist to realize that hair plucking fits in the latter category. Wondering why this fairly simple action won’t get you very far? We give you three good reasons why you should put the tweezers down and focus on identifying and selecting other types of gray hair solutions that actually support the healthy development of new pigmented strands.

  1. A Plucked Gray Hair Will Soon Be Replaced by Another. Here’s the good news: a plucked gray hair will never be replaced by ten, twenty or one hundred other white ones. This belief is fueled by a centuries-old myth, which has already been debunked by researchers. As a matter of fact, some people who choose to pluck a gray might get a little lucky: in some cases, the grayish hair could be replaced by a considerably darker one. This happens for a very logical reason: melanogenesis (in short, the process during which follicles produce the pigment that defines your hair color) is not exactly consistent from one human hair to another. On the other side of the coin, plucking will never provide a smart, definitive answer to your gray hair dilemma in the long run.
  2. Excessive Plucking May Lead to Balding Sp You know what’s scarier than gray hair? No hair at all! Aggressive and constant hair plucking may affect your follicles in an irreversible manner, stopping the development of new hairs.
  3. New Gray Hair Solutions Based on Catalase Make Gray Hair Plucking Seem Like a Primitive Tactic. Why would you even consider plucking your grays when you can put an end to your aesthetic concerns by simply taking the best catalase supplements? These vitamins feed and protect your strands, while also blocking the hair oxidation process.

At the end of the day, it is important to spot and test the most advanced gray hair solutions revolving around solid scientific principles. Getawaygrey represents an innovative grey defense based on catalase, the agent that decomposes hydrogen peroxide molecules, turning them into harmless compounds (oxygen gas and water) with zero impact on your hair color. For more information on the beneficial action of this product just visit www.GetAwayGrey.com and find out how and why this revolutionary anti gray hair formula can help you maintain or restore your youthful appearance in a matter of a few weeks.

Gray Hair Styling Tips from Oprah: The Key to Obtaining Healthy Silky Tresses

grey hairs Who can honestly say that graying hair is not scary, at least at a first glance?  Not too many people are thrilled to discover the first depigmented strands that gradually appear on their temples. You may be wondering: why is white hair so intimidating and what should I do to preserve my natural pigment for a longer while? There are quite a few effective gray hair reversalsolutions that you may want to consider, but first of all, let’s find out what lies behind the powerful white locks phobia that seem to be disrupting the balance of so many people these days. Is gray hair a friend or a foe?

Why Going Gray Is Not a Very Appealing Option for Most People

First of all, gray hair is a constant reminder of the fact that we are not immortal. We are just like flowers: we bloom, we display a great variety of colors and enchanting perfumes and we eventually lose our petals. Truth be told, this is the main reason why we dislike gray hair: it reminds us of old age and its endless list of problems. While we still look and feel young, we don’t want to feel threatened by the first signs of premature graying. This is how we end up spending a fortune on professional hair coloring treatments.

Moreover, gray hair can also affect our carrier and stop us from getting the raise or the promotion that we have been dreaming about for so long. If looks are an important selection criteria in your line of work, the impact of premature graying on your beautiful locks can convince your superiors to replace you with a younger candidate. The world is not a bed of roses. Forbes clearly revels that we are all judged based on our appearances. How we dress, style our hair and accessorize our outfits indicate who we really are and represent an indicator of our aspirations and capabilities.

This is not a very exciting perspective. After all, what can gray hair say about someone’s skills and competencies? Believe it or not, some executives tend to think that these elements are actually connected. In other words, looks definitely affect your pay, just like Huffington Post suggests. It seems that, when it comes to recruiting or promoting talents, factors like height, weight and hair color weigh a great deal. A study introduced in 2004 by a representative from the University of Florida clearly indicates that tall people make on average up to 789 dollars more than shorter staff members on a yearly basis.

A different study published by the Queensland University of Technology reveals that blonde female employees earn up to 7% more money than redheads or brunettes occupying a similar position. A study funded by several companies and institutions, including Boston University, Massachusetts General Hospital and Procter and Gamble, also supports the idea that looks represent a decisive factor. The study reflects that women who wear makeup on a daily basis at work get bonus points for trustworthiness and credibility.  Bottom line: we live in a world that is still governed by stereotypes and preconceived ideas. Factors that may seem irrelevant, like our hair color for instance, can influence our entire carrier and financial situation. This is why we have to address the nasty gray hair issue in a timely fashion.

Oprah provides a long list of gray hair management tips, allowing both men and women to upgrade their appearance and feel much more comfortable in their own skin. Some people may ask: Why on earth should I listen to what Oprah has to say on this matter? First of all, Oprah is no stranger to simple and effective beautification rituals. Secondly, she is also sporting the salt and pepper look in a classy manner, so she has probably tested all the tips and tricks that she offers on her own skin (or scalp, to be more specific). Here are 3 gray hair tips that will change your life forever.

1)      Get a Suitable Cut. If you have already been impacted by premature graying, this means that you should probably opt for a different cut. Medium-length and short hairstyles are ideal, taking into consideration the fact that grays are always difficult to tame and prone to extensive breakage. A low-maintenance cut with clean edges represents an awesome option at hand for both men and women. Buzz cuts work best for most men, while sleek bobs with or without bangs can do wonders for women who are trying to give a new meaning to their silvery strands.

2)      Get the Right Shampoo. There are 3 main reasons why you need to use a good shampoo and conditioner, especially formulated for graying hair:

a)      Gray hair is less obedient than fully pigmented locks, so it requires special hair care products with an anti-frizziness effect.

b)      Silvery hairs should be brightened up by a special formula; this is the simplest method to avoid that dreadful washed-out look.

c)      Colorless strands borrow pigment from different sources. This is how depigmented tresses gain that unpleasant yellowish tint. Shampoos with violet accents battle the yellow shades, protect the scalp’s natural buildups and enhance the natural beauty of your grays after each and every washing cycle.

3)      Opt for the Most Adequate Styling Regimen. Don’t forget to apply an anti-frizz lotion or cream on your damp locks. Try to avoid heat-styling. If you don’t feel ready to part ways with your flat iron, blow dryer or curling iron, at least try to minimize the damage by  using a quality heat protector. Use the type of brush that matches the texture of your hair. Last, but not least, visit a professional stylist and try to find out more about the best styling regimen for your grays meeting your needs, financial possibilities and expectations.

The Moment of Revelation: You’re NOT Stuck with Gray Hair

There comes a time when you realize that all your appearance-related concerns were not justified. If you hate gray hair, nobody can force you to accept it or embrace it. Perhaps a few decades ago this would have been your one and only option, but now this is no longer the case. Catalase supplements allow us to stop gray hair in a few weeks. The whole process takes place on the inside: catalase dissolves excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide, which represent the main cause of premature graying.

Now you can go back to your natural pigment the easy way. Get Away Grey is a remarkable catalase vitamin complex based on real scientific breakthroughs. It can be used to prevent, stop and reverse gray hair rapidly and safely. If you think that white doesn’t suit you, rely on super hair vitamins comprising ideal concentrations of catalase to darken your mane in a completely natural manner. Use this approved and verified gray hair remedy and find out how it could change your life for the best over a short period of time ranging from 8 to 12 weeks. 

5 Extremely Accessible Products Showing You How Gray Hair Is Supposed to Look Like

bigstock-Blooming-Celandine-with-medici-55699055Living with gray hair doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Of course, we all wish to display extremely long, fair hair like Rapunzel or very dark, healthy-looking locks like Snow White. But unfortunately in some cases many factors, including our genetic heritage, wrong lifestyle choices and several medical concerns can stop us from turning our dreams into reality.

The good news is that it is in our power to boost the appeal of our graying hair. Simple changes, like the implementation of a cohesive gray hair management plan, can help us enhance the natural brilliance of depigmented tresses and overcome the main issues associated with premature graying.  It is always difficult to fight against the unknown. If you want to take better care of your aging hair, you should start by identifying and analyzing its unique necessities, features and threats in a timely fashion.

Common Gray Hair Problems That Can Be Anticipated and Corrected Fast

Gray hair is prone to extensive breakage. Moreover, it is much more vulnerable than fully pigmented ones. As we age, our scalps produce a reduced amount of natural oils. This is precisely why white strands are coarser, extremely frizzy and virtually impossible to style. If you really want to keep your grays in excellent condition, you should start by protecting your hair and scalp against major risk factors that could make you lose your pigment faster than expected and deteriorate your tresses at the same time.

1)     Chlorine Found in Water

2)      Direct Sunlight

3)      Aggressive Styling Processes

In other words, if you have already been impacted by premature graying, you may want to wear a hat or stay under an umbrella while you’re at the beach. Furthermore, it wouldn’t hurt to buy and wear a swim cap to protect your locks while you’re spending quality time with friends at the pool. According to eHow, large quantities of chlorine are generally used to kill a wide range of bacteria that may contaminate pool areas. Chlorine can easily bond to our strands, stripping them of the natural oils that are created and distributed to protect their structure and their color. Chlorine makes even the most obedient hair dry, dull and brittle. Also, there are other components that are added to prevent bacteria contamination, including iron and copper. These minerals are responsible for the green tint that many people identify on their mane after spending many hours in the pool.

Of course, depigmented hair is more likely to borrow this very unpleasant greenish hue, because it usually has the tendency to attract color molecules from any kind of environment. If you don’t want to wear a swim cap, you should know that there are other ways to protect your grays against these major threats. Before jumping in the pool, you can apply lots of conditioner on your hair and let it rest. The conditioner will form a solid barrier and stop exterior risk factors, like different minerals and chlorine, from robbing you of your oils and natural color.

Last, but definitely not least, you should know that an aggressive styling ritual based on heat-producing appliances can also hurt your depigmented tresses. In this case, it is advised to opt for a low-maintenance cut that doesn’t require lots of styling products and extensive curling or straightening to look its best throughout the entire day. If you don’t want to change your hairstyle or end your romance with your flat iron, at least make sure it runs at a very low temperature to prevent damage caused by extreme heat,  invest in vitamin-rich protective sprays that coat your strands and use a great conditioner especially formulated for graying hair on a weekly basis. The super sleek straight look won’t work against you as long as you follow these simple preventive measures.

5 Things That You Need to Breathe New Life into Your Old Depigmented Mane

It’s no secret that gray hair requires special attention. You cannot expect to take pride in a beautiful, timelessly elegant hairstyle like the one displayed by Meryl Streep if you don’t do whatever it takes to address the pressing needs of your aging hair and scalp. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank to pay for daily salon treatments or expensive hair care products that you could use at home. It simply means that you have to buy and use 5 essential, affordable items that you will need to hold on to for the rest of your life.

1)      A Good Shampoo and Conditioner. We all know how difficult it really is to live with gray hairs. Grays always manage to absorb color from our environment. If you have used a colored shampoo and conditioner for a long period of time, now would be a good time to ditch this combo. You actually need hair care products that won’t stain your colorless locks. Moreover, several formulas launched by Clairol succeeded in brightening up even the dullest tresses and prevent the appearance of a yellowish hue that we all know and hate.

2)      A Wide Tooth Comb. Gray hair is usually rebellious and very difficult to tame. Don’t comb your strands while they are still wet. When your hair is finally 100% dry, take your time to untangle it using a wide tooth comb, to prevent breakage.

3)      A Brush Suitable for the Natural Texture of Your Hairs. Whatever you do, stay far away from brushes with metallic bristles that could damage your locks and increase breakage risks. Static-prone locks demand a quality brush with plastic bristles, like the super effective Braun Satin Hair Brush, priced at 75 dollars. Flat paddled brushed are perfect for detangling extremely thick hair. Furthermore, did you know that copper is a natural fungicide? This is the reason why brushes with copper-coated bristles are a safe bet for people who want to get rid of dandruff once and for all.

4)      Fabulous Hair Masks. You should also rely on hair masks (DIY or commercially available products) that feed your hair from the inside out and keep it moisturized. If you want to buy one instead of making your own, read the label carefully and opt for elements that contain very few artificial ingredients.

5)      Catalase Supplements. In case you are tired of flat, lifeless, colorless hair, note that there is a fast, risk-free, simple method to boost its appeal and perverse your natural pigment in the long run. Catalase supplements represent the easiest, most effective way to reverse gray hair. Vitamin complexes based on catalase dissolve the excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide and put premature graying on hold. Get Away Grey is a spectacular grey defense based on real science. The ideal dosages of catalase comprised by Get Away Grey enables users to part ways with discolored tresses and restore their natural pigment in a few weeks. Don’t just stand there are see how premature graying is impacting your appearance and your self-esteem level. Buy this magnificent gray hair cure and start using it today to keep your pigment on your strands for many more years to come.

Everything You Know about Your Gray Hair Is Wrong

bigstock-young-blond-woman-with-a-heada-50589713Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror? In order to take good care of your body, you must understand its ever-changing needs. According to Dr. Heather Woolery Lloyd, a respectable skin care expert from the University of Miami School of Medicine, as we grow older, our skin and hair change their normal texture and become much more difficult to manage. Skin becomes excessively dry, while hair losses a big percentage of its natural oils and starts dealing with 2 main problems: coarseness and fading color. There are many things that you may not know about your graying hair. Lack of research is your worst enemy, simply because it stops you from adjusting your beautification rituals based on the real necessities of your aging hair and skin. Here are a few little-known facts that you should consider, before opting for a new gray hair management plan.

First Fact: Gray Hairs Don’t Lose Their Color Overnight; They Actually Grow Colorless

Many people tend to think that their long, beautiful, fully pigmented tresses gradually lose their pigment and gain a silvery hue. This is not how it actually happens. Your hair is not a delicate clothing item whose color may fade if you wash it at very high temperatures. According to Dr. Anthony Oro, a dermatology specialist from the University of Stanford, every single time human hair regenerates, the body has to re-form the pigments that produce and deliver pigment. After a few decades, these pigment-producing cells simply wear out.

This is why new hairs grow colorless. As we age, our new hairs are more likely to become gray or white, but this pigment loss takes place on the inside. You’ve probably heard a thousand stories about the last days of Marie Antoinette or the curious case of the Titanic survivor who went gray overnight, under the influence of elevated stress levels or extreme shock; all these stories are myths or exaggerations. There are no exterior factors that could rob you of your pigment overnight.

Second Fact: Hairs and Their Natural Shade Are Two Different Things

Only a few people are actually aware of the fact that hair and its pigment are produced separately. Hair represents the end result of hair stem cells. On the other hand, pigment-producing stem cells create and deliver color. Usually, these two important processes are connected, but in some cases either of these cells can wear out before of their time. This phenomenon can result in two major aesthetic problems: premature graying or baldness. At this point, various teams of researchers are striving to come up with a last-generation product that could be applied by users on their scalp to banish the unpleasant effects of hair graying once and for all. If you are one of those people who still think that hair dyes represent the best gray hair remedy, we’ve got some bad news for you: hair dyes only coat your hairs and mask the pigment loss, without actually altering the structure of your grays.

Since no changes are being implemented on the inside, the root of the problem is not eliminated. On the other hand, researchers have managed to come up with a breakthrough, in the form of catalase supplements. Pills based on catalase, the enzyme that dissolves the agent responsible for our loss of pigment, represent a valid option at hand for men and women who want to turn back the clock and take pride in radiant, pigmented hair that looks and feels absolutely amazing.

Third Fact: You Can Actually Prevent or Delay Loss of Pigment by Taking Action

Premature graying shouldn’t be considered a curse or an imminent threat that you just can’t fight. While it’s perfectly true that gray hair is genetically determined, some of the healthiest lifestyle changes can help you delay the appearance of the first graying strands.

For example, according to Dr. Karthik Krishnamurthy, a dermatology expert from the Medical Center in the Bronx, New York, vitamin B-12 deficiency is a huge risk factor that could accelerate the hair oxidation process. Vitamin B-12 supplements could support your anti-aging goals and give you the chance to preserve your natural color on your locks for a longer period of time. If you don’t really want to take vitamin B-12 for some reason or another, there is another great way to block the appearance of the first grays.

According to Dr. Wilma Bergfeld, an experienced dermatologist from the Cleveland Clinic, eating carrots and beef liver on a regular basis also contribute a great deal to your anti gray hair campaign, by correcting your vitamin B-12 deficiency. Did you really think that one pack a cigarettes a day can’t hurt your beautification goals? In this case, you are terribly wrong. Smoking puts a tremendous stress on your skin and hairs. Numerous studies support this hypothesis and indicate that non-smokers have firmer skin and healthier-looking pigmented tresses.

Fourth Fact: Stress Is Not Directly Responsible for Premature Graying

Don’t blame your boss for your first gray hairs. Researchers haven’t managed to establish a direct connection between premature graying and sky-high stress levels. However, stress may be indirectly responsible for a silvery fox look because it makes people shed more hairs over a short period of time. The hairs that would eventually replace the old ones after a stressful period could grow in a different color or completely colorless.

Fifth Fact: Gray Hair Can Be Beautiful, If You Are Truly Ready to Embrace It

Some think that a silvery mane is a gift from above, while others consider it a punishment for their wrong lifestyle choices or a proof indicating that they are the sore losers of the genetic lottery. Truth be told, graying hair can be beautiful, if you know how to accentuate its unique charm. Several factors can help you turn your grays into a major fashion statement, including a trendy layered haircut, massive, tasteful accessories, oversized floppy hats or cute, tiny headpieces that are perfect for special occasions.

Obviously, special shampoos and conditioners play a very important part in this equation. You have to find specially formulated products designed to brighten up you grays and prevent them from gaining that extremely unpleasant yellow color. According to Ask.com, Rusk Bright chamomile & Lavender brightening shampoo, Biosilk Silver Lights and Jhirmack Silver brightening shampoo are excellent picks for both men and women who want to embrace their colorless hairs and convert them into visible symbols of their vast experience, knowledge and refinement. Keep in mind that gray hair acceptance usually demands a wardrobe change; since grays are associated with seniority, dull, unremarkable clothes could make you seem older and less attractive than you really are.

If you think that dealing with gray hair is a real hassle, we can’t really prove you wrong. In case you are tired of gray hair and its virtually endless list of problems, try to get your pigment back by relying on catalase supplements. Get Away Grey is a magnificent gray hair remedy based on catalase. It will help you control, prevent or reverse gray hair and strengthen your locks from the inside out. Order this magnificent, scientifically-proven anti gray hair solution today and discover its amazing benefits over the course of a few weeks.

5 Extraordinary Little-Known Facts about Gray Hair

bigstock-Portrait-of-beautiful-mid-aged-38887219Are you worried that lack of accurate information could stop you from taking good care of your graying hair? You’d be surprised to find out how many people are dealing with the same problem. Gray hair is as special as you are. It requires a daily gentle beautification ritual, delicate hair care products and the implementation of a few protective measures. Unfortunately, many men and women fail to address the basic needs of their bleached tresses because they pay attention to incredibly common myths and misconceptions about gray hair. No, there is no such thing as the revenge of the grays.

Plucking one tiny gray hair will not result in 2, 5, 10 or 50 more. Moreover, excessive dyeing won’t turn your hair white. Stress may accelerate the graying process, but it won’t make you lose your pigment overnight. These are all bedtime stories that actually stop many men and women from protecting their beautiful locks and boosting their appeal. So if you think that the moment of truth has arrived, keep reading to discover 5 amazing, little-known facts about gray hair.

1)      The Sun Is Not Your Best Friend

Who doesn’t lovea relaxing day spend at the beach? A sun bath could be the best way to start the day. Many beach goers protect their skin against UVA and UVB, but only a few of them actually realize that the same risk factors can also affect their hairs, by bleaching them and making them more fragile and prone to extensive deterioration. So should we avoid prolonged sun exposure? We wouldn’t go that far. Suffice to say that a floppy hat or an umbrella can help you control this threat.

Gerald Weissman, a respectable researcher cited by Newsweek reveals that hydrogen peroxide accumulations are the main culprit for colorless hairs. According to Weissman, this compound is a “concentrated form of oxygen”. While we need sunlight and oxygen to survive, it’s obvious that these 2 elements also make us lose our natural pigment. The researcher associates the human body with a color photograph that is gradually losing its shades, fading to white and black. Even if the process takes place on the inside and external factors have a minimal contribution, it may still be a good idea to apply a SPF product on your hair, wear a cute hat or stay under an umbrella while you’re at the beach. Why? Depigmented tresses lack melanin and are much more susceptible to extensive damage caused by sun exposure, according to Phillip Kingsley, a respectable trichologist.

2)      Hair Plucking Is Not an Effective Strategy

Don’t pluck your graying hair. We know it’s difficult to contain yourself, but think about it this way: plucking one hair won’t result in 10,000 more grays. This is perfectly true. But researchers tell us that hair plucking won’t get us very far, simply because the actual hair follicle will not be removed during the process. So guess what: another gray hair (not 5, 10 or 50) will eventually grow back.

Before deciding to play with your tweezers, there’s one more thing that you should know: this counterproductive practice can permanently damage your hair follicle. So instead of dealing with gray hair, you would be forced to deal with hair loss, which is definitely not an enchanting perspective. So leave those strands alone and start looking for a much safer gray hair management solution or grey defense.

3)      Stress Gets You Closer to a Salt and Pepper Look, but Does Not Actually Cause Graying

For many years in a row, stress has been considered responsible for the main effects of premature graying. At this point, reputable researchers have a different opinion. Stress doesn’t rob you of your youthful aspect. It does not accelerate hair oxidation, but it does lead to telogen effluvium, also known as temporary hair loss. This basically means that if you are dealing with elevated stress levels for a certain period of time, your hair could fall out at a faster pace. When hairs finally grow back, they tend to be slightly less pigmented than the rest. So in relation with premature graying, stress can be considered a contributing factor, but does not actually represent a cause.

4)      Lifestyle Choices Can Support or Kill Your Anti-Gray Hair Campaign

Do you smoke? Do you embrace a poor diet and can’t get enough of junk food? Do you usually find the best excuses for your sedentary lifestyle? In this case, congratulations are in order. You may be the winner of a big prize: a full set of gray hairs that are ready to alter your image and your opinion about yourself, even if you’re still in your early 30s.

A study introduced by the Linus Pauling Institute clearly indicates that a vitamin B12 deficiency can make you lose your natural hair pigment faster than expected. Vitamin supplements and an ideal diet based on fresh fruits and proteins can keep this risk at bay. Moreover, a study published in 2013 reveals the fact that there is astrong connection between smoking and premature graying. So if you dread the idea of dyeing your hair just to restore your natural color, stop smoking, eat clean and try to exercise as often as possible.

5)      The Famous 50-50-50 Prediction Is Not Very Accurate

A while ago, many researchers decided to embrace the 50-50-50 rule. According to this prediction, 50% of all people should display 50% gray hairs after reaching 50. A worldwide survey made public in 2012 contradicts this theory, reflecting that only a limited segment of people, ranging from 6% to 23% could actually be in this situation.

While this is a very recomforting thought, this doesn’t mean that your prayers and your optimism will put hair oxidation on hold for the longest period of time. If you want to keep your pigment on your strands for many more years to come, you have to take action fast. The simplest method to stop, prevent or reverse gray hair involves the administration of catalase supplements. These products contain an ideal amount of catalase, the enzyme that manages to dissolve hydrogen peroxide buildups.

These accumulations are responsible for your graying hair. Therefore, by decomposing hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water, catalase solves your problem from the inside out, without exposing you to any risks. This is the beauty of catalase supplements. By taking 2 pills a day, you can actually breathe new life into your colorless tresses and recover your natural pigment the easy way.

Enhance the Beauty of Your Tresses with a Revolutionary Gray Hair Cure

Moreover, truly effective super premium hair vitamins, like Get Away Grey for instance, also boost the strength and the appeal of the users’ hairs, making them look radiant, smooth and obedient. Going gray isa personal choice. If you have reached the conclusion that white strands are out of the question while you’re still in your late 20s or early 30s, you can put this gray hair remedy to the test. Use Get Away Grey, a last-generation 100% verified grey defense, on a daily basis to go back to your natural color in just a few weeks and start spreading the word about its remarkable benefits. 

The Best Way to Cover Grays without Going to a Salon

Fragment Of Woman's Head ColoringGray hairs can be a real nightmare for men and women who want to look their best. Silvery locks are usually dry, extremely deteriorated and frizzy. Since grays are virtually impossible to tame, they can easily compromise even the most attractive hairstyle and make you use tons of cosmetic products to keep them in place. You clearly don’t need this in your life. Therefore, you could decide to start looking for a fantastic gray hair cure based on effective, risk-free ingredients, or you could try to dye your hairs to obtain a natural-looking color.

Interested in identifying the best hair color for gray hair? We all know that salon pampering treatments can be really expensive. To reduce costs, stop gray hair from ruining your image and get the most attractive color that you could ever dream about, take a closer look at the DIY hair coloring tips listed below.

1)      Mousse Hair Dyes Are Your Best Friend

Cosmetic products available in mousse form have a light texture, are extremely easy to apply and very gentle.  Mousse hair dyes make no exception. They guarantee a fast, trouble-free application and fascinating results. Say goodbye to nasty, stubborn stains and discover the most convenient type of hair dyes, suitable for at-home hair coloring attempts. If you can’t wait to put mousse hair dyes to the test, get your hands on Sublime Mousse launched by L’Oréal Paris. You just have to apply the mousse on your hair and massage your scalp. This product guarantees an excellent coverage and will enable you to save time and money, otherwise invested in salon hair care treatments.

2)      Highlighter Pens Are the Ace Up Your Sleeve

If you don’t want to dye your hair, but can’t stand those awful white roots, you could decide to mask them using a highlighter pen or a color marker, also known as “magic wands”. They can help you visit your hairstylist less often. These products get bonus points for their easy, time-effective application. You get can pretty decent results in less than 10 minutes. Also, mistakes are easy to correct; you would just have to wash your hair, blow dry it and use bobby pins to restyle it and cover those nasty bleached roots. Or you could pull your hair back into a nice ponytail.

3)      Cover Only Your Gray Strands

If you are not afraid to experiment, purchase a hair dye kit and try to create beautiful highlights. Opt for a shade resembling your natural color. Read the instructions carefully; prepare the mix and apply it with an old toothbrush only on your gray strands. This way, even if the hue that you will obtain won’t match the one displayed by your fully pigmented hairs, the end results won’t be disappointing. In the end, you will most likely obtain a very subtle contrast that won’t make your eyes bleed.

Discover a Revolutionary Catalase-Based Gray Hair Cure

Craving for a change? In this case, why don’t you go back to your fully pigmented hairs? You can actually attain this ambitious goal, as long as you rely on a magnificent gray hair cure based on catalase, the powerful enzyme that banishes the effects of premature graying. Get Away Grey is a scientifically proven gray hair remedy and the key to an alluring, youthful appearance. Get your first bottles today and forget all about gray hair management tips and smelly, potentially dangerous hair dyes.

What Does Your Gray Hair Say about You?

Worried woman in grey pullover pointing at the alarm clock, isolMany men and women are having a hard time trying to find the best methods to embrace their grays without adding years to their face or compromising their otherwise exquisite personal style.

They all want to learn how to go gray in style. Unfortunately, this is often a complicated life lesson. The good news is that long-term improvements represent the result of a trial-and-error process, so young people impacted by premature graying should think twice before laying down their weapons.  After all, there are several effective gray hair cures that you may want to consider, and also a plenitude of salon and DIY treatments that you could rely on, to turn your bleached hair into a bold fashion statement. The question is this: can you actually address the specific needs of your depigmented hair? In other words, what does your gray hair say about you?

An Unaltered Salt and Pepper Look Is for People Who Know How to Age Gracefully

Numerous first-class celebrities have expressed their passion for the gorgeous salt and pepper look. George Clooney and Oprah are only a few examples worth mentioning. Basic, non-aggressive styling products and a clean, short cut are the key to success in this case. These are the elements that enable men to age gracefully and maintain their classy image. Oprah rocks her superb graying hair by opting for voluminous hairstyles and delicate curls and by using styling products that ensure an amazing glossy effect.

Dry, Deteriorated Hair Creates an Untidy Image

Nothing can compromise your image faster than dry, extremely deteriorated hair. If you don’t want to shock your friends by displaying appalling split ends, choose to use shampoos and conditioners especially formulated for gray hair, designed to combat coarseness and leave your strands moisturized, nourished, soft and younger-looking. You could also prepare homemade masks based on maple syrup, bananas, avocado or sunflower oil and apply them regularly on your wet hair to reduce frizziness and boost the appeal of your otherwise seductive shades of gray.

Yellow Hues Tell You That You Should Schedule an Appointment with a Hair Stylist As Soon As Possible

Yellow hues impacting the brightness of gray hair look horrifying. This is a common problem encountered even by some of the greatest Hollywood actors. Michael Douglas is the living, breathing proof that yellow shades and graying hair are not a match made in heaven. There is a logical explanation for these unattractive yellowish tones: bleached hair borrows pigments from shampoos and colors. Sunlight, scalp oils and chemicals, such as chlorine, can amplify the effect. To avoid this unpleasant issue, limit your sun exposure, install a water filter in your home and use a shampoo and conditioner for gray hair, like Clairol’s Shimmer Lights shampoo and conditioner for instance.

Say Goodbye to Ugly, Unattractive Grays by Testing a Scientifically Proven Remedy

Worried that you may not have what it takes to apply the best gray hair management tips? In this case, who go gray when you can restore your natural pigment fast and safely? Use Get Away Grey to prevent, stop and even reverse gray hair from the inside out. Order your first bottles today and tell your friends and family members that gray hair can wait.