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3 Ways to Beautify Gray Hair with Cheap Ingredients That You Already Have in Your Home

Grey-HairAre you desperately looking for secret formulas that could wipe years off your hair and face in record time? Truth be told, scientists are yet to find an effective, risk-free skin or gray hair cure providing permanent results. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you should consider your aging mane a lost cause. Even the simplest ingredients that you store in your fridge can help you beautify your tresses. By applying at-home DIY masks you can nourish and protect graying hair and prevent major aesthetic concerns, like frizziness and excessive dryness.

Lighten up Your Mane with Lemon Juice

Lemon juice and sunlight exposure represents a wonderful combination that could lighten up your discolored hairs and enable those grays to blend in easier. Rinse your hair with freshly squeezed lemon juice after every washing cycle and let your hair dry naturally in an outdoor area. In a couple of weeks you’ll witness a subtle change in color without relying on commercially available dyes.

Use Curry Leaves to Prepare Your Own Anti Gray Hair Oil

Would you rather prepare an anti-gray hair mask using only natural, entirely safe ingredients? Grab a handful of curry leaves and let them dry on your terrace until they become crisp and brownish. Next, grind them to perfection to obtain a fine powder. Mix 4 tsp. of powder with olive oil and coconut oil and boil the anti-gray hair solution. Afterwards, let it dry, stir it and apply it on your hair. Let it rest for a few hours before washing your locks. According to Style Craze, his mix will ensure a gradual darkening effect that will suit you like a glove.

Use Coconut Oil to Detangle and Feed Your Grays

We all know that excessive dryness can turn your graying hair into a real foe. If fading color is not one of your main concerns and you would much rather focus on a DIY conditioner recipe that could leave your aging tresses shiny and silky, choose to apply pure, organic coconut oil on your hairs after washing them with a specially formulated shampoo. Coconut oil smoothensaging strands and boosts their appeal.

All these DIY treatments are fairly accessible and you can personalize them based on the unique needs of your hair. For a wow effect, don’t forget to take scientifically proven vitamins for gray hair that rejuvenate and beautify your tresses from within.

4 Ways to Protect Your Hair at the Beach

Sun Screen On The BeachAs temperatures are reaching record values, you are probably dreaming about a long vacation in a seafront resort. You know what they say: if you can dream it, you can also make it happen. Therefore, don’t waste any more time and start packing your bathing suit and sunscreen. As we speak, you are probably counting on the best SPF products to protect your aging skin, but how exactly do you plan to protect your graying hair against a wide range of holiday-related risk factors leading to extensive breakage and a fading color? Let’s find out.

1. Wear a Swim Cap If You Rarely Get Out of the Pool. Love your long, silky tresses and don’t want to put their natural beauty on the line? If so, wear a swim cap before jumping in the pool. Why? Pool water often contains a large amount of chlorine and various other chemicals used to kill bacteria that usually target humid environments. Chlorine can make your tresses become drier and more rebellious and fragile; this is why you should keep this threat at bay by simply wearing a swim cap. Some models are truly attractive and come with different summery embellishments, so they won’t compromise your alluring poolside outfit ideas.

2. Wear a Hat and Spend As Much Time As Possible Under an Umbrella. Floppy hats are the cool factor ensuring a relaxed and absolutely fabulous image at the beach. On top of that, hats and umbrellas also serve a very practical purpose: they defend your natural color and limit the discoloration process triggered by extensive sun exposure. Sitting in direct sunlight won’t do your graying hair any favors; on the contrary, this practice will rob you of some of your pigment, leading to fairer strands that you may or may not like.

3. Use the Right Type of Conditioner. Condition your gray hair regularly to prevent further damages caused by chemical-rich water and sunrays. For the best results and a prolonged protection, use a leave-in conditioner with UVA/UVB protection. These top picks featured by Cosmopolitan coat every single hair strand and protect the color and texture of your hairs for a longer period of time.

4. Safeguard Your Natural Color by Taking Catalase Supplements. Are you afraid that grays could compromise your personal and professional life? In this case, you should know that scientists have managed to launch the perfect gray hair cure, based on catalase. Acting on the inside, these last-generation grey hair remedies guard your natural shade and restore your long-lost pigment in a few weeks. Most importantly, they are truly affordable and safe and let you enjoy a truly relaxing holiday without worrying about hair discoloration.


How to Improve Your Relationship with Your Graying Hair

gray-hair-color-6We all know someone who sports incredibly gorgeous silvery strands like no other and we can all agree upon the fact that a silky white mane can be truly irresistible. If you think that graying hair can only condemn you to a lifetime of boredom, solitude and failure, then you’re terrible wrong. As a matter of fact, the results of a recent poll conducted by Prevention.com clearly indicates that 71% of all respondents label gray haired women as very alluring, while 78% share the same opinion about male silver foxes. These numbers point in the same direction, suggesting that a few grays on your temples shouldn’t be interpreted as the end of the world as you know it. On the contrary, the all-white look is extremely flattering and anyone can pull it off, with just a little bit of help from a great stylist.

Going Gray Is NOT Your Last-Resort Option

Let’s make one thing clear: you don’t have to make peace your grays if you don’t want to. At this point, you can test a wide range of anti gray hair products, based on all-natural ingredients that may do the trick for you byallowing you to darken your tresses without using a single drop of hair coloring products. What was considered an illusion a few decades ago is nowa part of our reality: catalase supplements have become widely available and represent the miraculous pill based on science that can reverse your gray hair in a matter of a few weeks. These revolutionary remedies make people perceive hair dye usage as aprimitive and ineffective method to cope with premature graying.

All in all, with so many options at hand, it becomes clear that you shouldn’t limit your options and decide to stick to your discolored locks when you actually hate this look and miss your natural pigment.

What Stops You from Going Gray?

Some people think that gray hair won’t match their eye color and/or their complexion. This is an unjustified concern, taking into consideration the fact that white is one of the most unpretentious colors. Think about it this way: gray hairs are like silver jewelry pieces: they can be worn by all categories of women, regardless of their age, ethnicity, complexion, eye color and facial features. Just like silver jewelry, gray tresses will never limit your creativity and your styling options, by forcing you to go for a limited color palette. As a matter of fact, discolored tresses are one of the most versatile accessories that you could ever hope to flaunt and go extremely well with just about anything: from all-black conservative attires to fun and flirty clothing items in a rainbow of colors.

Celebs Prove That Going Gray in Style Is Not a Mission Impossible

Oprah has dark eyes and a dark complexion. Helen Mirren has a light complexionand the most beautiful blue eyes. So what do these 2 much-appreciated celebrities have in common? The answer is simple: both have succeeded in displaying a fair amount of gray hair that looks amazing in any given set of circumstances. A 2010 study published in Ageing and Society reveals that despite the fact that both men and women may admire depigmented hairs on others, they are reluctant to try this look, for one reason or another. The truth is that perfectly styled grays will never let you down and will actually enable you to preserve your youthful appearance. Oprah and Helen Mirren look so much younger than they really are; moreover, their grays have been converted into the main symbols of a timelessly elegant style that is admired and replicated by numerous women worldwide. These 2 iconic celebritiesactually demonstrate that gorgeous gray hair has very little to do with the wearer’s eye color and complexion and depends mostly on that person’s ability to tame, style and nurture his or her discolored locks.

Deepening Your Bond with Your Grays the Easy Way

Worried that you may not have the know-how required to turn your grays into a fashion statement? Here are a few tips that will facilitate your transition from dull, lifeless locks to a fabulous mane in no time:

  • Use a Blue Shampoo. Shampoos with violet or blue accents will prevent or eliminate the unpleasant yellowish cast that may impact the attractiveness of your grays. Use this type of productat least once a month to address this potential problem.
  • Use Hair Care Products Rich in Antioxidants. Some of the most dangerous threats impacting the vitality, color and structure of your tresses are not visible to the naked eye. Environmental pollution and UV rays may become your worst enemies, especially if you are striving to keep your grays bright and healthy. You can minimize risks by utilizing shampoos and conditioners that comprisea significant amount of antioxidants.
  • Make the Right Choices. When it comes to styling your grays, less is definitely more. Try to stay far away from pomades, oily serums and waxes that coat your depigmented strands and make them look lifeless and dusty. Instead, try to replace them with quality anti frizziness products that do not contain alcohol.

These basic protective measures will enable you to keep your grays in excellent condition at all times and avoid common problems, like excessive frizziness, extensive breakage and increased vulnerability, which may compromise the aesthetics of your beloved locks. Last but not least, don’t forget to discuss your hairstyle options with a dependable expert. A simple cut with sharp, well-defined edges will give definition to your grays and help you give out the impression that you are classy and fashion-forward at the same time.

Is It Time to Part Ways with Your Grays?

Let’s face it: not all relationships have a bright future. If you feel that you’ve tried it all, and you hair still looks like an old broom, perhaps you should just stop trying so hard. At some point, you may get tired of your discolored tresses that are pretty far from becoming a statement accessory. If you don’t have the time, the energy and the financial resources required to take your graying hair to the next level, perhaps it may be wiser to abandon this project. Instead of swimming against the current, you may want to find the simplest method to tame and rejuvenate your grays. Catalase supplements work to your best advance, giving you the chance to restore your aging hair to its original color in only a few weeks, without taking any chances.

Get Away Grey is a premium catalase supplement based on real science. It has been designed, perfected and tested by a team of respectable researchers whose main goal is to help people discover their own inner fountain of youth. This innovative gray hair cure contains catalase and numerous mineral and herbal ingredients comprised by an original formula created to get to the real root of the problem. By decomposing excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide, catalase rejuvenates your grays from the inside out and let you take pride in darker, natural-looking hair once again. Buy this sensational grey defense today, witness its unbelievable benefits and start recommending it to your friends, coworkers and family members who may also be striving to put the gray episode behind them.

The Eternal Graying Problem: 5 Celebrities Who Didn’t Manage to Age Well

nicole-kidman-keith-urban-gday-usa-gala-2013-07Do you think that celebrities always sleep on a bed of roses? As a matter of fact, their lives are often as dramatic as the movies that they play in. Some celebs abuse drugs to cope with the pressure. Others put their lives on hold and turn their carriers a top priority. Most importantly, some of them fail to age well. They are impacted by premature grayingat an early age and think that hair dye represents the best solution to their problem. Catastrophic hair coloring results and wrinkles are a part of their daily lives. Here are 5 such examples, illustrating that celebs are only human and commit lots of mistakes when it comes to taking care of their aging skin and hair.

5 Celebs Who Don’t Know How to Age Gracefully

Steven Tyler. Steven Tyler makes the younger generation realize that drugs and rock-and-roll isn’t exactly the best combo, and can’t be labeled as healthy lifestyle choices. All those years of non-stop partying have left deep traces on Tyler’s skin and hear, making him look really old. He may manage to mask his grays by opting for silvery and blonde highlights that make his long, light brown tresses stand out, by his unwrinkled face looks unnatural. He is clearly depending on Botox injections to look a few years younger; unfortunately, this radical rejuvenation treatment has only succeeded in spoiling his appearance and altering his facial expression. Tyler who is in his early 60s is almost unrecognizable, mostly because of his smooth, odd-looking skin that does not match his graying hair.

Mel Gibson. Not too long ago, Mel Gibson was adored by millions of women worldwide. He was considered a role model by many men who admired his good looks, style and magnetic charm. However, at this point, Gibson is very far away from his sex symbol status. He has deep wrinkles on his forehead. Unlike Steven Tyler, he doesn’t seem to trust Botox and this may be a good thing. Nonetheless, nobody could actually affirm that Gibson is aging gracefully, taking into consideration that his forehead displays giant, deep wrinkles. Moreover, his hair is thinner and his grays seem to become more and more prominent by the minute. Depigmented strands can be complimented by a neat and clean buzz cut, but Gibson probably ignores this fact and holds on to his wavy hair that made him famous decades ago. Times chance, hair color changes, so now may be a good time for Gibson to ditch his ancient hairstyle to look a few years younger and much more attractive.

Mickey Rourke. Rourke is also addicted to Botox injections that make his entire face look stretched and unnatural, but this is only one of his aesthetic problems associated with aging. In an attempt to go back to his initial color and mask the graying process, Rourke has also developed an addiction for hair dyes. Clearly, color coming from a box doesn’t do him any favors. Somehow, he always opts for darker tons that look as artificial as it gets. Rourke and many other male celebs over 50 just don’t understand that raven hair associated with a pale, wrinkled face (or an unwrinkled one, representing the result of plastic surgery) just isn’t a good idea. A lighter color would suit him better; or better yet, since he opts for messy spiked short hairstyles, he could always choose to embrace grays and stop trying to hide his real age, as his cosmetic tricks aren’t really working.

Nicole Kidman. Over the past 2 years, Kidman has been criticized for the fact that she has been abusing Botox. While many other first-class celebs put their Botox addictions out in the open, Kidman doesn’t really have any legitimate reasons to be proud of her anti-aging solution. Because of her repeated Botox injections, her face looks swollen and her frozen forehead turns her into an expressionless china doll. Moreover, Nicole is one of those Hollywood divas who prefer to use hair dye to conceal the first graying strands. She has gone from red to blonde in only a few months. Lighter shades compliment her light complexion, but also accentuate the fact that most of her face now appears to be rigid and motionless.

Jack Nicholson. If you get the chance to compare two photos of Jack Nicholson- a recent one and another one that was taken 3 decades ago- you will notice that he still likes to wear the same type of sunglasses. Other than that, you won’t identify many other similarities. Unfortunately, Nicholson didn’t manage to win the battle with premature grayingand, unlike Clooney, he doesn’t have what it takes to turn his depigmented stands into a powerful declaration of style. Moreover, his hair is thinning and doesn’t really look very healthy. While grays can certainly make a man look experienced, mysterious and interesting, this is certainly not the case. Because of his messy, discolored mane, Nicholson just looks old and tired, to say the least.

Why Is Aging Hair Downright Ugly and What Can You Do About It?

As we age, our bodies produce less catalase. Catalase is the important enzyme that decomposes hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water. As the production of catalase is put on hold, excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide start to rob us of our natural pigment. Colorless strands are immediately associated with old age, even if young men and women who are under 30 can also deal with this relatively common problem. On top of that, aging hair is also frizzy. Since graying strands gradually lose their natural oils, they become coarse and prone to severe deterioration. As this wouldn’t be enough, hairs get thinner and more than a few representatives of both genders are forced to cope with balding spots. All in all, these are the main reasons why aging hair is so problematic. Which brings us to the next question: what can we do about it?

Tackling the Real Root of the Graying Problem with a Scientifically Tested Pill

Since every single successful, long-term beautification process starts from the inside out, it is highly recommended to strengthen your old tresses by making correct lifestyle choices. Eat fresh, exercise regularly, quit smoking and drink plenty of water. If you are looking for the best aid to rejuvenate your locks, test the remarkable effectiveness of catalase supplements. With just 2 pills taken every single day during a few weeks, you can actually turn your grays into fully pigmented strands. Get Away Grey is an innovative gray hair cure, based on natural ingredients and the ideal concentration of catalase.

This remedy has been developed, tested and introduced on the market by a respectable team of scientists. It doesn’t expose you to any side-effects and it is extremely affordable, so it represents the best alternative at hand for both men and women who want to reverse gray hair the easy way. You don’t have to live with gray hair if you don’t want to. Get Away Grey lets you age gracefully, by going back to your natural color that could never create an unpleasant contrast with your face. Order this revolutionary white hair treatment today, test it and profit from a smooth natural transformation that will boost your confidence and your power of seduction.

5 Surprising Things about Gray Hair That Your Hairdresser Probably Didn’t Tell You

womanEvery single time you visit your hairstylist, you get the chance to gossip for at least a couple of hours and find out what’s hot and what’s not in terms of fashion choices. From this perspective, you may be inclined to think that your stylist is your best friend and confident; the person who would never keep secrets from you and would always guide you towards the most surprising, positive transformations. Is that so? As a matter of fact, no matter how friendly and competent your stylists may be, they will always keep a few things from you; after all, it’s their job to surprise you with their innovations and novelty factors that always involve the presence of more than a few undisclosed mysteries. If you have already been impacted by premature graying, you may also be wondering: what are the most surprising things about graying hair that your hairdresser will probably never tell you?

1) Embracing Grays Will Help You Avoid Becoming a Slave to Your Hairstylist

Once you start coloring your hair, you enter a vicious cycle. Dye jobs demand regular touchups. Before applying color on your tresses, you need to realize that you would have to dye your roots on a monthly basis, to maintain a natural aspect. Darker roots correlated with much lighter can create a messy image and could never pass as chic. Only a few A-list celebs like Madonna or Drew Barrymore manage to pull off this look; and this is mostly because their celebrity status makes their devoted fans interpret styling errors as new trends. On the other hand, self-conscious celebs like Rita Ora or Gwen Stefani show you how colored hair should really look like: radiant, silky and uniform. There is no sign of dark roots, which means that both divas who are natural brunettes invest a lot of time and money in professional hair coloring jobs. Can you really afford to follow in their footsteps?

2) You Can Play Around with Different Styling Products to Upgrade Your Image

Going gray is a real challenge. However, if you play by the book, stay far away from hair dyes, condition your locks regularly and are really patient, you can eventually take pride in brilliant, admirable colorless hair. This doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment. Even if color coming from a tube if off limits, you can still try different cuts and play with various styling products to change your appearance every single day.

Each experiment that you choose to conduct could give you an unexpected solution to one of your most pressing problems related to gray hair. For instance, you can prevent your hairs from becoming dull and brassy by trying different shampoos and conditioners especially formulated for gray hair, which is frizzier, drier and much more vulnerable than fully pigmented strands. Some women use a mix of water, delicate conditioner and peroxide to remove product buildup and keep their tresses as bright as fresh snow.

3) Fabulous Grays Can Turn You into a Fashion Icon

According to hair care pros, grays can lend credibility to people’s background, allowing them to improve both their personal and professional lives. Colorless strands can look absolutely gorgeous, as long as they are styled using special products with violet accents that prevent the appearance of the awful yellowish hue that nobody wants to see on gray hair. Just think about it: what would Karl Lagerfeld look like without his iconic all-white hair, pulled back in a sleek ponytail? This man is the very definition of style, trendiness and class. Does he seem worried about the impact of colorless hair on his image, carrier or personal life? Absolutely not! Everything he decides to wear, create or recommend becomes a hit in a split second. Obviously, he has become a priceless source of inspiration for millions of fashion-forward people worldwide, and his white locks have played an important part in the whole process.

4) Hair Doesn’t Go Gray Overnight- It Actually Grows This Way

Still trying to keep calm, thinking that elevated stress levels and major shocks could make you go gray overnight? In this case, you should know thatall those stories about more or less famous people who went gray in a few hours are myths or exaggeration. Your hair can’t go from dark to white in the blink of an eye. This is just not how the graying process takes place. According to scientists, one hair grows for 1 to 3 years; afterwards it falls out and another hair takes its place. As we grow older, the new hairs that replace old ones are more likely to be white. They basically grow this way, simply because in time pigment-forming cells wear out.  Don’t get this wrong: it is perfectly fine to try to keep your stress levels low; but this measure of precaution won’t help you win the fight with premature graying.  So far, scientists haven’t managed to find a clear connection between stress exposure and premature graying.

5) It Is in Your Power to Turn Back the Clock in Your Favor

Your stylist wants you to color your hair. This is precisely why hairdressers won’t guide you towards low-maintenance cuts and simple, cost-effective styling rituals. Let’s face it: salon treatments aren’t exactly cheap. Sure, you can find hair coloring products priced under $15 in almost any department store, but not too many people are satisfied with the end results of a DIY gray dyeing job. According to Huffington Post, on average, women spend approximately 50,000 dollars on basic hair care during their entire lifetime.  We’re talking about a lot of money here. This is the reason why your hairdresser will never let you know that there is a simpler, safer way to deal with graying hair, which does not involve the usage of hair dyes or any kind of costly upkeep.

Reverse Gray Hair with a Super Premium Vitamin

Can you imagine how easy it would be to prevent, stop or reverse graying hair by simply taking a few pills? At this point, restoring your pigment through this method is actually a perfectly attainable objective. Catalase supplements turn your anti-aging dreams into reality, by stopping hydrogen peroxide accumulations from robbing you of your natural color. 2 pills taken every day after a meal will bring back your pigment rapidly and safely, without exposing you to any unwanted side-effects. The best news is that such vitamin complexes include catalase and a long list of mineral and herbal ingredients that can make your locks stronger and much more luscious.

Get Away Grey is a premium cure for gray hair, worldwide famous for its clinically proven effectiveness. It can restore your color and keep premature graying at a distance after 8 to 12 weeks of interrupted utilization. In case you are looking for the best method to darken your graying hair without relying on chemical-rich dyes, don’t look any further. Buy your first bottles of Get Away Grey and get ready to use this last-generation white hair treatment to say goodbye to fragile, deteriorated, colorless grays that are currently standing in the way of your success. 

The Ultimate Graying Hair Guide: How to Get Ready for a Bright, Color-Free Future

bigstock-Pure-Natural-Beauty-1972931Be honest with yourself, at least for one minute: how often do you take a look in the mirror, horrified by the idea of spotting the first silvery strands? If you are constantly tormented by your gray hair phobia, you should know that your hair oxidation process is genetically determined; plus it is also influenced by your lifestyle choices. If you embrace a poor diet based mostly on processed foods, smoke a lot and don’t drink enough water chances are that you will go gray much sooner than expected. If you want to avoid this worst-case scenario at all costs, you could start by checking out the useful info on graying hair listed below, provided to help you get ready to obtain beautiful, radiant tresses without relying on any kind of hair dyes.

“To Dye or Not to Dye,” This Is the Big Question

Since ancient times, gray hair has been associated with old age and considered a real enemy by women who were eager to try just about anything to boost their natural beauty and their power of seduction. Thousands of years ago, the Egyptians used henna to hide grays. 100 years ago, many women from different parts of the globe used one of the most popular hair tonics of that time, known as Bear Oil Hair Tonic, made of high wine, water and bear’s oil. Users just had to apply this peculiar tonic on their scalp. Allegedly, this cure was able to prevent and stop hair loss from the first application and also restored gray hair to its original color.

In the early 1860s women started using hydrogen peroxide to obtain lighter shades of blonde for the first time. This bold movement led to a massive trend that opened the doors to unflattering hairstyles based mostly on burned scalps and split ends. Even at this point, hair bleach can become the worst nightmare of men and women who are trying to find the best method to make their grays blend in with the rest of their mane.

The first synthetic dye was invented in 1907, allowing many women to live under the impression that color coming from a tube could enable them to hold on to their ephemeral youth for a longer period of time. Which brings us to back to a very important question: should we count on commercially available hair dyes to stop gray hair from making us look older and less attractive? While the usage of hair coloring products is a personal decision, individuals who are willing to change their natural color just to hide the fact that they have been impacted by premature graying should keep in mind that there are safer, less expensive and time-consuming methods to reverse their silvery strands. Catalase supplements are the best novelty factor that you may want to test. Catalase interacts with hydrogen peroxide buildups that are responsible for your premature hair oxidation. By dissolving these accumulations, catalase-based super hair vitamins give you the chance to go back to your natural color in no time and forget all about regular touchups or pricy salon treatments.

Gray Hair Can Be Beautiful at Any Age

According to Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips, a respectable trichologist, a few decades ago women who discovered their first silvery strands automatically let their hair grow and pulled it back in a ponytail. They didn’t invest any time and energy in a tiresome decision-making process simply because they didn’t really have too many appealing options at hand. So here is the modern-day paradox that we are all witnessing: overwhelmed by a plentitude of more or less reliable cosmetic alternatives, more and more women choose to embrace their grays and turn them into a symbol of elegance, refinement and wisdom.

What’s even more shocking is that young celebs have also started to follow this trend, by dyeing their hair gray. Nicole Richie, Kelly Osbourneand Lady Gagaare only a few of the trendiest supporters of silvery strands. The grayish transformation suits them and doesn’t really add years to their face. Their recipe for success is no longer a secret: all three celebs rely on a bold, uniform color with very discrete purple accents, complimented by loose curls. A recent article published by Huffington Post shows us how a gray mane is really supposed to look like: glossy, healthy and natural-looking, even when those shades of gray are the end result of a professional hair coloring job.

Going Gray in Style, with Minimal Effort

If you are finally ready to make peace with your grays, follow a few simple steps to facilitate your transition from almost dark and unconfident to all-white and fabulous.

Go Short. A shorter hairstyle requires less maintenance and a reduced amount of styling products. You can even comb your hair with your fingers and go for a slightly messy style to make your grays seem less obvious.

Go a Bit Lighter. Achieving a lighter base will help you get ready for a color-free future. Grays are less visible on fair tones, so going lighter is always an option worth considering.

Opt for Lowlights. Lowlights blend in with grays and contribute a great deal to a modern, youthful look, especially when they complement a trendy layered cut.

Make a Deal with the Coloring Devil. As much as you’d like to stay far away from dirty tricks and tips involving artificial color, it is highly recommended to make a short-term compromise to avoid regular salon appointments. If you have recently decided to ditch permanent hair color and are bothered by ugly darker roots, keep in mind that you can mask them using a great variety of products, including foams, spray-on powders and cover-up sticks. These elements let you hide your premature graying problem and your aversion for commercially available hair dyes at the same time. Their beneficial effects only fast for a very short period of time. On the other hand, they can easily turn into the belle of the ball in no time without affecting the structure of your hair or forcing you to live with an odd color that doesn’t do you any favors.

These are 4 simple steps that you should follow to go gray without horrifying your friends, neighbors and co-workers by displaying dull, colorless hair and an overall untidy image.

Reverse Scary Gray Hairs with a Pill

Despite the fact that gray seems to be one of the hottest colors of the season, you may still tend to reject it at a first glance. If you have already been impacted by premature graying and you miss your gray hair more than anything in the world, note that you can recover your pigment fast and easy, by simply taking the right pills.

What if a premium vitamin would actually manage to stop excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide from striping your natural color from your hair? The good news is that these anti gray hair vitamins actually exist and are widely available. Get Away Gray is a last-generation grey defense based on real science. Buy this catalase supplement today, test it and restore your dark mane in only a few weeks.

Celebrity-Approved Gray Hair Styling Tips That Will Make You Look Younger

shortgreyhaircutsbobcurlyDo you interpret your first graying hairs as a sign that you’re getting old (and boring)? This doesn’t have to be the case. As long as you correlate your bleached locks with a new, bold, yet entirely age-appropriate cut and a few basic wardrobe changes, you can actually hold on to your youthful appearance for many more years to come. This doesn’t mean that you should contract a loan or dig deep into your pockets to turn this dream into reality. Sometimes, the simplest upgrades associated with smart gray hair management tips will do the trick, enabling you to look classy and much younger than you really are. Keep reading to spot, filter and apply a few foolproof celebrity-approved gray hair styling tips that will allow you to display a flawless image without breaking the bank.

1) Cut Without Mercy

You may tend to think that short hair is suitable only for ladies with a boyish style. More than a few first-class celebs would beg to differ. Sweet, feminine, seductive ladies like Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway have all tried different versions of the iconic pixie cut and the end results were amazing in each case. These cuts require very low maintenance and represent the perfect option at hand for women who don’t want to deal with very long, frizzy, untamable graying hair.

If you don’t consider yourself ready to flaunt a pixie cut anytime soon, think about opting for a shoulder-length layered cut with bangs, like the one revealed by Helen Mirren. Mirren looks years younger than she really is, mostly due to her neat bob and bright silvery tresses. Kenneth Tepper, a respectable stylist from the New York-based Pierre Michel Salon advises women who are already dealing with premature graying to lose the paralyzing fear and let their hairdresser cut a little hair off. Bangs are extremely hot this season; not to mention that they represent the distinctive element of a sexy, hip style. If Mirren can flaunt shorter tresses with bangs and look extremely sophisticated every single step of the way, so can you.

2) Ditch the Blow Dryer and Let the Product Work Its Magic

Here’s the awful truth: hair that is gradually losing its natural pigment is extremely difficult to style. Since white strands comprise fewer natural oils that colored hairs, they tend to be coarse and prone to extensive deterioration.

This means that men and women who already have a grayish mane need more than a few minutes to style their aging locks every single morning. They also require lots of styling products to keep the rebellious hairs in place throughout the entire day. If grays are already part of your reality, you are most likely familiar with the whole process. During summer, most people let their locks dry naturally and give the old blow dryers a break. However, those who wish to preserve a neat image at all costs do not forget to rely on more than a few styling products (mousse, gel, high shine spray and so on) to complete their look. Products buildup can and will make your grays become even more difficult to style. Moreover, those who choose to apply tons of styling aids on their tresses often complain about their lifeless, dull mane.

Instead of covering your grays with lots of more or less effective gels or lotions, why not opt for a multi-purpose product that manages to address all your needs and demands? For instance, if your goal is to obtain shinier, silkier hair that doesn’t rebel, you may want to try Hantz professional haute glace, a premium non-alcohol, firm-hold gel. Wondering how celebs succeed in rocking superb, glossy hair right after getting out of the shower? According to top-rated stylists, the devil is in the styling details. Most silvery fox celebs who take the short hairstyles to the next level, like Judi Dench and Joan Baez, use a special pomade guaranteeing a non-greasy, shiny finish.

3) Create a Dramatic Effect

Gray hairs will only make you look ordinary only if you let them. In other words, women who are already counting more than a few grays are advised to go for a bold transformation. Most hairstylists agree upon the fact that their clients who are already handling the effects of premature graying should rely on a clean, dramatic, flattering cut to compensate for the lack of color of their tresses. Shorter cuts can make you look younger and more modern, but if you’re not ready to make this giant step, you can try a long bob and opt for a few delicate lowlights.

This would be one of the best alternatives to dyeing your hair, since you wouldn’t have to go to the salon every 5 weeks for regular touchups. Lowlights and highlights require very little maintenance. You can redo them once or twice a year. Moreover, these subtle details will help you breathe new life into your aging graying hair and make it seem brilliant and much healthier. No matter what kind of hairstyle you choose to embrace, make sure you trim your hair every 2 or 3 months. This is the simplest method to avoid split ends and boost the appeal of your silvery locks. In case you are one of the few people who are not bothered by pale shades of gray in their tresses, remember to use a special shampoo for graying hair, like Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights shampoo, which is much-liked for its violet accents that prevent the appearance of the yellowish hues on depigmented locks.

Banish Those Ugly Grays by Taking the Right Pills

You may not want to darken your strands using DIY or commercially available coloring formulas, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t miss your original hair color. In this case, note that there is a new, incredibly effective method to keep grays at a distance and gradually restore your natural color from the inside out. Catalase supplements contribute to the radical transformation that you were always hoping to undergo. Due to their ideal dosages of catalase, these pills stop hydrogen peroxide accumulations from stripping your pigment out of your hair. The results are amazing and will definitely exceed your highest expectations. Get Away Grey is a popular super premium hair vitamin comprising catalase and a long list of natural ingredients. Several herbal and mineral compounds are mixed together to obtain averified gray hair cure guaranteeing softer, stronger, fully pigmented locks in up to 12 weeks.

Most importantly, this powerful vitamin complex has been designed, tested and introduced on the market by a respectable team of researchers who have been constantly looking for the simplest, most effective method to rejuvenate graying hair. These pills do not lead to any dangerous side effects; they also come with a money-back guarantee, so you can order them without taking on any risks. Putting premature graying on hold is now a perfectly attainable goal. Get your first bottles of this revolutionary gray hair cure and turn depigmented tresses into a distant memory today.

Kate Middleton’s VIP Gray Hair Management Secret

881571_8P8KO83NM25BNBRU1BLX6TC5O8MYD4_kate-middleton-hair-10_H171536_LYou may be inclined to think that members of royal families don’t have a single care in the world and are blessed with eternal grace and beauty. The truth is that the passing of time is truly merciless and doesn’t favor anyone. Celebs, princes and princesses are all forced to deal with the long list of problems associated with aging tresses. Some lose their hair and display unaesthetic balding spots, while others do everything it takes to make their silvery strands go away. In this particular context, only a few famous people who are constantly into the spotlight are brave enough to embrace their colorless strands and turn them into a declaration of style. Kate Middleton is one of them. The young mother of Prince George is only 31 years old; however, quite recently she has managed to shock an entire planet by putting her first depigmented strands on full display.

Are Royal Grays Hot or Scary?

Clearly, Middleton is considered a role model by millions of women worldwide. Nonetheless, some critics have always argued that Kate is a prisoner of her own doll-like, maternal vessel. At some point, she was even compared to a “shop window mannequin” by Hilary Mantel, an award-winning English writer. Somehow, Kate decided to rebel against this slightly predictable, apparently flawless image by flaunting her grays with style and dignity in front of the world. The question is this: could her actions be considered a great strategy or a styling error?

Since Kate Middleton’s style is always flawless, her decision to embrace her immaculate white hairs can’t be cataloged as negligence or an attempt to switch to a messy, low-maintenance hairstyle. On the contrary, this was Middleton’s own way to reveal that graying hairs are not only the symbol of seniority and a common problem affecting men and women over 40. You can be in your early 30s and be forced to adopt the salt and pepper look much sooner than expected.

Time for a Change: Middleton Ditches Gray Hairs and Goes Back to Being Her Old Self

Shortly after the photos were made public by the media, Kate decided that it may be time for a pampering royal post-pregnancy styling treatment. She chose to put her tresses (and her image) in the hands on Rossano Ferretti, an Italian stylist who owns one of the most luxurious hair spa centers in London. Apparently, Ferretti , who charges no less than $1,000 for a haircut, helped Kate Middleton go back to her “yummy mummy” image that did not involve the presence of any gray strands.

A 6-months intensive treatment based on trimming, coloring and blow-drying allowed Middleton to cope with graying hair better than ever before. By comparing before and after photos, one can realize that the change is truly visible: Middleton’s hair is now glowing and looks healthier and stronger. Those who have the honor to meet the future Queen in person can’t take their eyes off her rejuvenated locks. It seems that for Kate Middleton, graying hair is now a thing of the past. You may be wondering: what’s her secret?

Unfortunately, in this case, her stylists refused to make too many comments related to her transformation. Even so, it’s not difficult to identify the factors that have contributed a great deal to this extreme makeover:

1) A natural-looking color achieved by applying hair dyes. According to stylists, most celebs use two types of hair dyes available in 2 similar tones to create an optical illusion and make their hair seem fuller and much more radiant. Middleton opted for a flattering dark brown that matched her complexion and resembled her natural color.

2) A great cut. It’s no secret that Kate’s famous hairdresser (who charges a small fortune for every single transformation that he contributes to) is well-known for his “invisible cut,” achieved by using handmade texturizing scissors. Without reducing the length, Ferretti succeeded in taking weight out of Kate’s beautiful tresses. As a matter of fact, this strategy is called the “Method” and represents Ferretti’s signature haircut, requested by a large percentage of his incredibly refined, deep-pocketed clientele. First-class celebs like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lawrence also love Ferretti ‘s innovative styling techniques and appreciate the fact that their Italian stylist is the real master of smooth, aesthetically pleasing transformations. According to Hollywoodlife.com, Ferretti has recently revealed that ShuUemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil represents the key to obtaining exquisite locks that are as shiny and healthy-looking as Kate’s.

Now that Kate Middleton benefits from a natural color and a classic, but extremely sophisticated and age-appropriate cut, she can focus on her long list of responsibilities without being worried that grays could compromise her impeccable image. The 6-hour dye job and root touch up have definitely paid off. Kate looks younger, rested, radiant and much more confident.

You may not have millions of dollars in the bank or the special status that would enable you to profit from a free haircut and coloring job performed by one of the most skilled stylists in the world, but this doesn’t mean that all is lost. You can still color your hair on your own, by using less aggressive dyes especially formulated for graying hairs, designed to ensure a natural-looking, longer-lasting tone. A layered cut could also wipe a few years off your face. Highlights and lowlights are usually a good idea, especially during this time of the year, when most women are getting ready to display sun-kissed skin and lighter tresses.

Discover a Revolutionary Method to Restore Your Hair Pigment

Are you worried that you may not have the time, money and energy that a radical transformation usually involves? The truth is that you don’t have to have to be a member of the royal family to be able to take good care of your graying hair and display a tidy image on a daily basis.

A few years ago, more or less aggressive dyes represented the one and only option at hand for men and women impacted by premature graying. Times have changed, and now those who wish to turn back the clock, restore their natural color and look a few years younger can test the effectiveness of catalase supplements, the most amazing gray hair cure based on real science. 2 pills a day taken after one meal are your ticket to an improved social life, an increased self-esteem and better looks. If you are worried that coarse, untamable gray hair could hurt your image and lower your self-confidence in the long run or if you’re not ready to cope with silvery strands, you can start taking these reliable gray hair remedies right away.

Get Away Grey is a revolutionary product based on an extremely advanced formula introduced and verified by scientists. It can help you recover your pigment in a matter of a few weeks, without exposing you to any potentially dangerous side-effects. On top of that, it also comes with a money-back guarantee. So what are you waiting for? Order the first bottles today to witness real signs of improvement in no time without having to come up with costly and time-consuming new gray hair management strategies.

Gray Hair Management: 3 Easy Ways to Fix a Bad Dye Job

natural hairDid you really think that a DIY hair coloring process could help you mask your graying hair, become more confident and look a few years younger? Has your at-home coloring job just turned into a huge disaster? Luckily, there are timely solutions for any kind of aesthetic issues that you may experience in this department.

There Is a Timely Solution for Any Failed Hair Coloring Job

Many men and women try to mask grays by going dark. Unfortunately, they overdo it by applying way too much product, by leaving it on their tresses for too long or by opting for a shade that is too dark for their complexion. Dark color coming from a tube can make any natural blonde look like a member of the Addams Family or a gothic warrior. On the other hand, bleach and lighter shades leading to awful orange tones that represent the worst nightmare of any woman who is trying to replicate Jean Harlow’s flawless platinum blonde.

Whatever your problem may be, rest assured knowing that it is in your power to fix it. Even first-class celebs experienced similar inconveniences at some point. I mean, who doesn’t remember George Clooney’s and Brad Pitt’s failed attempts to go for a spiky hairstyle associated with the lightest, palest shade of blonde one could ever imagine? Who could forget the disastrous look displayed by Drew Barrymore when she decided to pair black ends with a very light, platinum base? Mistakes can happen, especially if you always choose to change your hair color and tackle the premature graying problem on your own. So if you are trying to correct your wrongdoings by obtaining a natural-looking color, just follow the easy steps described below.

1) Buy and Use Hair Color Removers to Get Rid of Too-Dark Tones

Most people make a big mistake when it comes to correcting a color that is too dark for their complexion: they decide to apply even more color, in a lighter shade. This is not the best approach for a very simple reason:

Hair color removers won’t bring your natural shade back, but they will help you obtain an orange-brown tone that you may or may not like. Don’t worry; this is not the end result. After completing this phase, you can recolor your hair by distributing a lighter, natural-looking shade on your tresses. The hair color remover makes the new product stick better to your locks. Here’s a word of advice: don’t try color removers on extremely deteriorated, dry or frizzy hair.

Since these little helpers contain bleaching agents, they aren’t exactly friendly or gentle and can damage your hair follicle, especially if you let them sit for too long on your mane. Men and women who have been blessed with supple hair can get rid of the dark, unnatural color by using a remover kit in the comfort of their own home. If you are worried about what bleach-based mixes could do to your tresses, try a gentler approach. Note that the “color corrector” agent launched by Salon Care Professional does not contain any bleach; it is comprised of milder ingredients that oxidize permanent hair dyes in the most effective manner, without damaging your locks. It costs approximately 50 dollars but it is worth every single cent, taking into consideration that it can correct even the deepest, darkest black tones.

2) Rely on Repeated Treatments to Eliminate Orange Shades

Some women are bold enough to apply bleach on their tresses at home. This is definitely a major step that could provide surprising results. For instance, if you hair has already been dyed a number of times, the bleach may not manage to strip your color and let you experience the wonderful platinum blonde shade that you were hoping to get. Instead, you may end up with what stylists call a giant “pumpkin head”.

To fix this nasty problem as soon as possible, you have to carefully inspect your locks. If the bleaching process has made them dry, fragile and prone to breakage, you may want to put your experiments on hold and dye your hair in a slightly darker color to give it a uniform aspect. If you feel that your hair is healthy enough to go through another extreme makeover, you could try to apply bleach one more time on your orange strands. Just make sure you repeat the whole process the next day and condition your hair properly before this giving the green light to this new bleaching episode.

3) Use a Mirror and Color Correctors to Remove Darker Color Streaks

Sometimes, a DIY coloring job can lead to odd streaks of color that require an immediate fix. You don’t need to go to a salon to solve this problem. Using a fine-tooth comb and a mirror, you can apply the color correcting product mentioned above to reduce the contrast and obtain a consistent color that actually meets your expectations.

You can use these 3 simple, cost-effective strategies to take your long, beautiful hair from trashy to fabulous in a few easy steps. However, playing with colors sounds like a good plan only when you’re an artist. If you don’t really know much about permanent hair dyes and wish to find the best method to stop gray hair from impacting your entire life, it is preferable to stay far away from coloring products and discover the advantages of a revolutionary grey defense.

Ditch the Dye and Reverse Gray Hair with a Scientifically Proven Pill

Prevention is better than cure. Why waste time, money and energy trying to correct the disastrous results of a failed dye job when you can go back to your natural color fast and easy, in less than 3 months? Catalase supplements represent the most effective anti gray hair solution for those who wish to rejuvenate their silvery tresses from the inside out and boost their strength and appeal.

Gray hair cures based on catalase dissolve the excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide, a compound that makes your hairs bleach themselves from the inside out. Once you start taking these risk-free pills, you no longer have to worry about salon appointments, unpredictable, messy and potentially dangerous at-home dye jobs and scary white hairs that could ruin your image, put your carrier and social life on the line and lower your self-esteem.

Get Away Grey is a magnificent white hair treatment based on science. Due to its ideal dosage of catalase and mineral and herbal ingredients, it allows users to reverse gray hair and rejuvenate their locks from the inside out, in only a few weeks. This can be your success story. To convince yourself, order your first bottles of Get Away Grey and see how it can actually enable you to restore your natural color and breathe new life into your aging hair. Buy and test this extremely accessible gray hair remedy and let the whole world know that there is a safer, faster, more effective way to win the battle with silvery strands, which does not involve the usage of chemical-rich dyes.

Worst Celebrity Dye Jobs and How to Avoid Similar Disastrous Results

britney-hairHave you ever felt the need to reinvent yourself? Sometimes, you just want to change something about you hair and make it look healthier and much more appealing. After all, extreme makeovers involving our tresses are the simplest, most accessible ones. So how come numerous celebrities fail miserably when it comes to changing their hair color or adopting a different look?

Some of them don’t know how to interpret, filter and personalize the newest trends; others have a wrong perception of themselves and don’t know how to accentuate their best features. Others are obsessed with their youth and want to hold on to it for the longest period of time; this is why they rely on funny-looking extensions and artificial, dark colors to recreate the image that made them famous a long time ago. In some cases, celebs count on inexperienced hairstylists who give them the wrong advice. This is the sad story of catastrophic celebrity dye jobs that you should avoid at all costs. Still wondering what went wrong? If you’re looking for more details to improve your at-home coloring technique, just take a closer look at the worst celebrity hair dyeing processes detailed below.

Posh Spice’s Blonde Bob

OK, there’s nothing wrong with a sleek bob. As a matter of fact, it is one of the trendiest cuts of the season and Victoria Beckham is fully aware of this fact. But what Victoria doesn’t know is that a very light shade of blonde doesn’t flatter her dark complexion. Rumor has it that the trendy celeb who has recently turned 40 is already dealing with graying hair. Naturally, going blonde is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to camouflaging an upsetting loss of pigment that can drive any fashionista crazy. However, in this case, the very light tresses coupled with visibly darker roots are not a very flattering combo. If you want tostop gray hair from lowering your self-esteem you can dye your tresses; just make sure the color that you choose actually matches your complexion.

Drew Barrymore’s Confusing Ombre Style

Drew Barrymore is the Hollywood who has actually jumpstarted the ombre trend. Her discolored locks were admired by millions of women worldwide and replicated in a more or less accurate manner by various other first-class celebs like Rihanna, Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba. Perhaps the overwhelming popularity of her hairstyle encouraged Barrymore to take this trend to a whole new level. Unfortunately, the end result was pretty confusing, to say the least. I mean, why on earth would someone opt for a platinum base associated with really dark ends? Unless you are getting ready to impersonate the bride of Frankenstein in one of your new cinematographic projects, you should stay far away from this type of odd, unflattering contrast. Whether it was a misfortunate accident or a failed attempt to stay cool while masking graying hair, Barrymore should learn that the black and white duo only looks good on clothing items.

latifahQueen Latifah’s Bright, Blonde, Long Hair

Apparently, at some point in her life Queen Latifah tried to become a fully grown Rapunzel. Her long, platinum tresses were considered a major no-no by most stylist and hair coloring experts. We don’t know why the talented actress decided to implement this radical change; after all, her caramel color was incredibly beautiful and natural-looking, not to mention the fact that it matched her complexion. Even if she was terrified of the first signs of premature graying, this still doesn’t explain her urge to bleach her tresses. There are many celebs who have dark hair and dark skin and manage to pull off the bleached blonde look. Rihanna, Beyonceand J.Loare only a few excellent examples illustrating this theory. Unfortunately, Queen Latifah cannot be listed in this category. Her shade is just too light and creates a very unpleasant contrast with her caramel skin. Moreover, the glossy finish looks very artificial and makes her tresses look as fakeas a synthetic wig. Can it get any worse? We doubt it.

George Clooney’s Spiky Hairstyle

George Clooney is a role model for millions of men worldwide. His charm, perfect facial features and iconic salt and pepper look made many women sigh and fall in love with his flawless image. Unfortunately, even Clooney managed to outrage his male and female fans by opting for a shocking transformation. His platinum spiky hairstyle was absolutely horrendous. The good news is that this radical dye job is now a thing of the past. It seems that Clooney has finally made peace with his otherwise gorgeous white tresses and is no longer interested in dirty tricks and tips that could make him look a few years younger.

Cam Gigandet’s Blonde Tones

cam_gigandetDid you really think that only women like to play with fire when it comes to upgrading their hairstyle? If so, you may want to take a closer look at a few old pictures of Cam Gigandet. At this point, the Twilight hunk would probably want to forget all about this messy episode. All in all, the failed extreme makeover has probably taught him a very valuable lesson: bleach is not his best friend. There are safer ways to lighten up your mane and camouflage those nasty graying hairs. The light shade of blonde enables Cam to sport a washed-up look that is anything but flattering.

Johnny Depp’s Homeless Look

Johnny Depp is an unconventional sex-symbol that doesn’t like to dress up. Apparently, he also doesn’t want to invest too much time, energy and passion in his grooming rituals. He just goes with the flow and unfortunately his lack of planning doesn’t take him very far. Obviously, Depp is one of the famous Hollywood men who have plenty of grays, but this can’t serve as an excuse for his blonde, chaotic highlights that basically make no sense and only contribute to a very untidy image. The highlights correlated with a very long hair create a messy homeless look that could never pass as effortlessly chic.

Ditch the Dye and Reverse Gray Hair from the Inside Out

Even the rich and famous can get it wrong when it comes to applying hairs on their tresses. This should give everyday people something to think about. If you’re striving to cover your grays and think that dye jobs are your one and only hope, now would be a good time to reconsider. Instead of buying and using a product that could lead to artificial results, why not try a revolutionary, scientifically proven white hair treatment?

Get Away Grey is anew gray hair cure based on catalase. It can reverse gray hair from the inside out in up to 12 weeks, without exposing users to any risks. Basically, catalase dissolves hydrogen peroxide deposits and brings back your natural pigment in record time, while putting premature graying on hold. This gray hair remedyalso contains a long list of herbal and mineral compounds that ensure silkier, brighter, softer tresses that look and feel absolutely amazing. The good news is that you can start taking these risk-free pills right away. Just buy your first bottles with a few clicks and test the effectiveness of this amazing grey defense based on science on your own.