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3 Unbelievably Simple Gray Hair Dyeing Tips for Men That You Should Apply Right Away  

Stressed Man Working On LaptopMost men can’t wait to get hit by premature graying, thinking that their new silvery strands could help them gain the charm and the self-confidence of some of the most sought-after Hollywood actors, like Sean Connery, George Clooney and John Slattery. But maybe you’re different. Maybe your graying hair is linked to your fear of aging and this is why you can’t wait to find the best way to conceal that ugly fading color. Should you accept the fact that you’ve lost the battle with the hair oxidation process or should you try to restore your raven locks at all costs? Your colorist will tell you that shades of silver are perfectly avoidable. But how could you achieve a faultless, natural-looking color on your own, in the comfort of your own home? Things aren’t as complicated as you may think. Here are a few professional tips that you should follow to camouflage your grays in the safest, most effective manner.

  1. Read and Follow the Product Instructions. Many people skip this phase and just go with the flow. Don’t repeat this mistake. If the instructions say that you should leave the formula on your locks for 15 minutes, then just let it rest for exactly 15 minutes. And also choose to do a patch test to make sure that the product can be applied safely on your scalp, without causing any type of allergic reactions.
  2. Use Vaseline to Prevent Skin Stains. Stains on your forehead will let everyone know that your gorgeous color comes from a tube, and you probably wouldn’t want this to happen, right? Well, in this case, you would just have to apply a small amount of Vaseline around your hairline to prevent staining. Vaseline will stop your skin from absorbing the new pigments.
  3. Use Sea Breeze Toner to Remove Stains. Don’t overstress yourself trying to get rid of stains left by your favorite coloring product on your forehead and around your temples. Just rub the stained areas with a little bit of Sea Breeze (toner) and let the product work its magic.

All in all, remember that you could always count on fairly accessible dyes especially formulated for men, like Just for Men or Clairol Natural Instincts for Men. Also, a fast salon service called Redken for Men Color Camo can help you get rid of gray hair in less than 15 minutes and costs around 30 dollars, according to About Style. Whichever option you choose, remember that your goal is to work with your natural hue by toning down your grays, not by trying to obliterate them. Last but not least, if dyes aren’t your thing, start taking catalase supplements to brighten up your mane and take pride in much more beautiful and resistant strands.

How to Improve Your Relationship with Your Graying Hair

gray-hair-color-6We all know someone who sports incredibly gorgeous silvery strands like no other and we can all agree upon the fact that a silky white mane can be truly irresistible. If you think that graying hair can only condemn you to a lifetime of boredom, solitude and failure, then you’re terrible wrong. As a matter of fact, the results of a recent poll conducted by Prevention.com clearly indicates that 71% of all respondents label gray haired women as very alluring, while 78% share the same opinion about male silver foxes. These numbers point in the same direction, suggesting that a few grays on your temples shouldn’t be interpreted as the end of the world as you know it. On the contrary, the all-white look is extremely flattering and anyone can pull it off, with just a little bit of help from a great stylist.

Going Gray Is NOT Your Last-Resort Option

Let’s make one thing clear: you don’t have to make peace your grays if you don’t want to. At this point, you can test a wide range of anti gray hair products, based on all-natural ingredients that may do the trick for you byallowing you to darken your tresses without using a single drop of hair coloring products. What was considered an illusion a few decades ago is nowa part of our reality: catalase supplements have become widely available and represent the miraculous pill based on science that can reverse your gray hair in a matter of a few weeks. These revolutionary remedies make people perceive hair dye usage as aprimitive and ineffective method to cope with premature graying.

All in all, with so many options at hand, it becomes clear that you shouldn’t limit your options and decide to stick to your discolored locks when you actually hate this look and miss your natural pigment.

What Stops You from Going Gray?

Some people think that gray hair won’t match their eye color and/or their complexion. This is an unjustified concern, taking into consideration the fact that white is one of the most unpretentious colors. Think about it this way: gray hairs are like silver jewelry pieces: they can be worn by all categories of women, regardless of their age, ethnicity, complexion, eye color and facial features. Just like silver jewelry, gray tresses will never limit your creativity and your styling options, by forcing you to go for a limited color palette. As a matter of fact, discolored tresses are one of the most versatile accessories that you could ever hope to flaunt and go extremely well with just about anything: from all-black conservative attires to fun and flirty clothing items in a rainbow of colors.

Celebs Prove That Going Gray in Style Is Not a Mission Impossible

Oprah has dark eyes and a dark complexion. Helen Mirren has a light complexionand the most beautiful blue eyes. So what do these 2 much-appreciated celebrities have in common? The answer is simple: both have succeeded in displaying a fair amount of gray hair that looks amazing in any given set of circumstances. A 2010 study published in Ageing and Society reveals that despite the fact that both men and women may admire depigmented hairs on others, they are reluctant to try this look, for one reason or another. The truth is that perfectly styled grays will never let you down and will actually enable you to preserve your youthful appearance. Oprah and Helen Mirren look so much younger than they really are; moreover, their grays have been converted into the main symbols of a timelessly elegant style that is admired and replicated by numerous women worldwide. These 2 iconic celebritiesactually demonstrate that gorgeous gray hair has very little to do with the wearer’s eye color and complexion and depends mostly on that person’s ability to tame, style and nurture his or her discolored locks.

Deepening Your Bond with Your Grays the Easy Way

Worried that you may not have the know-how required to turn your grays into a fashion statement? Here are a few tips that will facilitate your transition from dull, lifeless locks to a fabulous mane in no time:

  • Use a Blue Shampoo. Shampoos with violet or blue accents will prevent or eliminate the unpleasant yellowish cast that may impact the attractiveness of your grays. Use this type of productat least once a month to address this potential problem.
  • Use Hair Care Products Rich in Antioxidants. Some of the most dangerous threats impacting the vitality, color and structure of your tresses are not visible to the naked eye. Environmental pollution and UV rays may become your worst enemies, especially if you are striving to keep your grays bright and healthy. You can minimize risks by utilizing shampoos and conditioners that comprisea significant amount of antioxidants.
  • Make the Right Choices. When it comes to styling your grays, less is definitely more. Try to stay far away from pomades, oily serums and waxes that coat your depigmented strands and make them look lifeless and dusty. Instead, try to replace them with quality anti frizziness products that do not contain alcohol.

These basic protective measures will enable you to keep your grays in excellent condition at all times and avoid common problems, like excessive frizziness, extensive breakage and increased vulnerability, which may compromise the aesthetics of your beloved locks. Last but not least, don’t forget to discuss your hairstyle options with a dependable expert. A simple cut with sharp, well-defined edges will give definition to your grays and help you give out the impression that you are classy and fashion-forward at the same time.

Is It Time to Part Ways with Your Grays?

Let’s face it: not all relationships have a bright future. If you feel that you’ve tried it all, and you hair still looks like an old broom, perhaps you should just stop trying so hard. At some point, you may get tired of your discolored tresses that are pretty far from becoming a statement accessory. If you don’t have the time, the energy and the financial resources required to take your graying hair to the next level, perhaps it may be wiser to abandon this project. Instead of swimming against the current, you may want to find the simplest method to tame and rejuvenate your grays. Catalase supplements work to your best advance, giving you the chance to restore your aging hair to its original color in only a few weeks, without taking any chances.

Get Away Grey is a premium catalase supplement based on real science. It has been designed, perfected and tested by a team of respectable researchers whose main goal is to help people discover their own inner fountain of youth. This innovative gray hair cure contains catalase and numerous mineral and herbal ingredients comprised by an original formula created to get to the real root of the problem. By decomposing excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide, catalase rejuvenates your grays from the inside out and let you take pride in darker, natural-looking hair once again. Buy this sensational grey defense today, witness its unbelievable benefits and start recommending it to your friends, coworkers and family members who may also be striving to put the gray episode behind them.

Gray Hair Management: 3 Easy Ways to Fix a Bad Dye Job

natural hairDid you really think that a DIY hair coloring process could help you mask your graying hair, become more confident and look a few years younger? Has your at-home coloring job just turned into a huge disaster? Luckily, there are timely solutions for any kind of aesthetic issues that you may experience in this department.

There Is a Timely Solution for Any Failed Hair Coloring Job

Many men and women try to mask grays by going dark. Unfortunately, they overdo it by applying way too much product, by leaving it on their tresses for too long or by opting for a shade that is too dark for their complexion. Dark color coming from a tube can make any natural blonde look like a member of the Addams Family or a gothic warrior. On the other hand, bleach and lighter shades leading to awful orange tones that represent the worst nightmare of any woman who is trying to replicate Jean Harlow’s flawless platinum blonde.

Whatever your problem may be, rest assured knowing that it is in your power to fix it. Even first-class celebs experienced similar inconveniences at some point. I mean, who doesn’t remember George Clooney’s and Brad Pitt’s failed attempts to go for a spiky hairstyle associated with the lightest, palest shade of blonde one could ever imagine? Who could forget the disastrous look displayed by Drew Barrymore when she decided to pair black ends with a very light, platinum base? Mistakes can happen, especially if you always choose to change your hair color and tackle the premature graying problem on your own. So if you are trying to correct your wrongdoings by obtaining a natural-looking color, just follow the easy steps described below.

1) Buy and Use Hair Color Removers to Get Rid of Too-Dark Tones

Most people make a big mistake when it comes to correcting a color that is too dark for their complexion: they decide to apply even more color, in a lighter shade. This is not the best approach for a very simple reason:

Hair color removers won’t bring your natural shade back, but they will help you obtain an orange-brown tone that you may or may not like. Don’t worry; this is not the end result. After completing this phase, you can recolor your hair by distributing a lighter, natural-looking shade on your tresses. The hair color remover makes the new product stick better to your locks. Here’s a word of advice: don’t try color removers on extremely deteriorated, dry or frizzy hair.

Since these little helpers contain bleaching agents, they aren’t exactly friendly or gentle and can damage your hair follicle, especially if you let them sit for too long on your mane. Men and women who have been blessed with supple hair can get rid of the dark, unnatural color by using a remover kit in the comfort of their own home. If you are worried about what bleach-based mixes could do to your tresses, try a gentler approach. Note that the “color corrector” agent launched by Salon Care Professional does not contain any bleach; it is comprised of milder ingredients that oxidize permanent hair dyes in the most effective manner, without damaging your locks. It costs approximately 50 dollars but it is worth every single cent, taking into consideration that it can correct even the deepest, darkest black tones.

2) Rely on Repeated Treatments to Eliminate Orange Shades

Some women are bold enough to apply bleach on their tresses at home. This is definitely a major step that could provide surprising results. For instance, if you hair has already been dyed a number of times, the bleach may not manage to strip your color and let you experience the wonderful platinum blonde shade that you were hoping to get. Instead, you may end up with what stylists call a giant “pumpkin head”.

To fix this nasty problem as soon as possible, you have to carefully inspect your locks. If the bleaching process has made them dry, fragile and prone to breakage, you may want to put your experiments on hold and dye your hair in a slightly darker color to give it a uniform aspect. If you feel that your hair is healthy enough to go through another extreme makeover, you could try to apply bleach one more time on your orange strands. Just make sure you repeat the whole process the next day and condition your hair properly before this giving the green light to this new bleaching episode.

3) Use a Mirror and Color Correctors to Remove Darker Color Streaks

Sometimes, a DIY coloring job can lead to odd streaks of color that require an immediate fix. You don’t need to go to a salon to solve this problem. Using a fine-tooth comb and a mirror, you can apply the color correcting product mentioned above to reduce the contrast and obtain a consistent color that actually meets your expectations.

You can use these 3 simple, cost-effective strategies to take your long, beautiful hair from trashy to fabulous in a few easy steps. However, playing with colors sounds like a good plan only when you’re an artist. If you don’t really know much about permanent hair dyes and wish to find the best method to stop gray hair from impacting your entire life, it is preferable to stay far away from coloring products and discover the advantages of a revolutionary grey defense.

Ditch the Dye and Reverse Gray Hair with a Scientifically Proven Pill

Prevention is better than cure. Why waste time, money and energy trying to correct the disastrous results of a failed dye job when you can go back to your natural color fast and easy, in less than 3 months? Catalase supplements represent the most effective anti gray hair solution for those who wish to rejuvenate their silvery tresses from the inside out and boost their strength and appeal.

Gray hair cures based on catalase dissolve the excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide, a compound that makes your hairs bleach themselves from the inside out. Once you start taking these risk-free pills, you no longer have to worry about salon appointments, unpredictable, messy and potentially dangerous at-home dye jobs and scary white hairs that could ruin your image, put your carrier and social life on the line and lower your self-esteem.

Get Away Grey is a magnificent white hair treatment based on science. Due to its ideal dosage of catalase and mineral and herbal ingredients, it allows users to reverse gray hair and rejuvenate their locks from the inside out, in only a few weeks. This can be your success story. To convince yourself, order your first bottles of Get Away Grey and see how it can actually enable you to restore your natural color and breathe new life into your aging hair. Buy and test this extremely accessible gray hair remedy and let the whole world know that there is a safer, faster, more effective way to win the battle with silvery strands, which does not involve the usage of chemical-rich dyes.

How to Learn to Love Your Graying Hair in 5 Easy Steps

bigstock-middle-aged-woman-applying-mak-43458235Are you one of those people who can’t bear the thought of living with graying hair? If so, take the time you need to evaluate your options and find out why you are so intimidated by silvery strands in the first place. Do you hate your grays because you think that they make you feel old and unattractive? Do you believe that colorless locks make people question your fashion decisions? If all your answers are affirmative, note that some of the hottest celebs of the moment can prove you wrong.

Dozens of inspiring, well-known actresses, models and singers have decided to put their natural grays on full display, showing the whole world that there’s nothing wrong with a little loss of hair pigment. Moreover, this trend has been taken to a whole new level by another category of artists who are too young to be threatened by the inherent issues of old age. Fabulous celebs like Rihanna, Pink, Kate Moss and Nicole Richie don’t have a problem with fading color. All of these stylish fashion icons went gray willingly.

Some of them chose to rock gray highlights, while others went in favor of the silvery fox look, demonstrating once again that premature graying can’t and won’t impact your natural beauty and killer style unless you let it compromise your image. Truth be told, gray hair can be lovable. Despite its endless list of problems, it can become your most valuable accessory. With just a little bit of effort and consistency, you can convert silvery tresses into a unique characteristic of your impeccable style. Keep reading to find out how you could fall in love with your colorless locks in 5 easy steps.

1) Go Gray Naturally. First of all, you need to realize that your decision to go gray shouldn’t be considered a ticket to low-maintenance, dull hair. Beautiful locks have nothing to do with age; you can display seductive, perfectly healthy tresses even if you’re over 50 and famous women like Oprah and Meryl Streep support this statement. Choose to go gray naturally to avoid expensive addictive salon hair coloring treatments. For starters, you can replace your permanent hair color with a semi-permanent one. If gray roots are giving you a hard time, you can use a mascara-like product to conceal them; the effects usually last for a few hours. Create and follow a customized gray hair management plan, elaborated with a little help from your stylist, to get ready for fabulous color-free days that are not too far away. Rely on semi-permanent coloring formulas to enable grays to gradually become more and more prominent; you could also get a few discrete lowlights to make your hair seem fuller and add glosses to increase its shine. All these simple, easy to follow tricks will support your gradual positive transformation and give you the change to create a tidy image.

2) Keep Your Tresses Healthy. We all know that gray hairs are not exactly obedient. On the contrary, they are difficult to style, dry and prone to breakage. Fortunately, it is in your power to control all these disadvantages. You don’t have to break the bank to schedule appointments at the hippest hair care center in your neighborhood to take really good care of your graying mane. On the contrary, some of the most sought-after products that should be a part of your gray hair emergency kit cost are priced under 20 dollars and are widely accessible. Whatever you do, make sure you rely on a premium anti-frizziness spray, like Spoil Me Defrizzer or the serum launched by GarnierFructis. Some of the best candidates for this job are easy to apply, protect and tame your grays and don’t leave sticky, gross residues on your hands.

Also, buy and use a good heat protector, especially if you utilize brow dryers, flat irons or curling irons to style your hair on a daily basis. Heat protectants coat your strands and allow you to prevent extensive deterioration and breakage. If you don’t want to apply chemical-rich formulas on your tresses, you can create your own natural heat protectants by mixing 4 natural oils: grape seed oil, argan oil, coconut oil and refined avocado oil.

3)Learn How to Accentuate the Brightness of Colorless Strands. Fading color is considered one of the most alarming symptoms associated with premature aging. Instead of mourning your loss of pigment, why not try to turn this change into a major opportunity to highlight your amazing sense of style? In order to attain your goal, you just have to select and use gray hair care products designed to boost the glow of your depigmented tresses. These elements are fairly inexpensive and can make silvery hair shine as bright as fresh snow.

Biosilk Silver Lights shampoo, Jhirmack Silver or Rusk Bright brightening shampooare great options for men and women who are already experiencing the first effects of premature graying. Jhirmack Silver contains pro-vitamin B5, a valuable component that will also condition your scalp and nurture your hairs from the inside out.

4)Discover Subtle Coloring Options for a Faux Natural Effect. If you hate your fading color more than anything in the world, you can cheat a little while going gray. Instead of embracing your silvery mane, you can create a faux natural look that will put everyone under a spell by simply adding a few discrete highlights. A slightly darker color will compliment your predominant grays and make you look younger. A combination of light brown, ash brown and silver strands looks good on anyone. Don’t play with powerful contrasts; a Cruella de Vil image is only suitable for cartoon characters.

5) Opt for Classy, Modern Haircuts. Last, but definitely not least, opt for a simple, low-maintenance haircut that is in perfect harmony with your style and your aging face. A medium-length cut is anything but boring, since it is currently rocked by some of the trendiest celebs including Katie Holmes and Emma Stone. You don’t have to cut your hair really short if you don’t want to; just make sure it looks healthy and allows you to maintain a tidy, modern image.

All in all, grays can be a real blessing. However, if you feel that silvery strands don’t go well with your look or your personality, feel free to make a change. Test the remarkable effectiveness of catalase supplements, which represent risk-free 21st century gray hair cures.

Get Away Grey is a scientifically-proven gray defense based on catalase. It can restore your natural pigment in a matter of a few weeks, without exposing you to any risks. By decomposing hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water, it enables you to put the premature graying threat on hold for the longest period of time. Get Away Grey is your ticket to luscious, smooth, younger looking hair. Get your hands on this last-generation white hair treatment and go back to being your old self in record time. 

5 Catastrophic Gray Hair Management Mistakes to Avoid

grayhairAre you one of those people who take their best assets for granted? Your wonderful hair and skin are free gifts provided by Mother Nature. But make no mistake: their maintenance will cost you. If you want to turn heads with gorgeous locks and a beautiful complexion, you have to invest a great deal of time and energy in special, personalized beautification processes. But most of all, you have to understand the basic needs of your body and the inevitable transformations that it undergoes, as you are aging.

You cannot look 16 when you’re 45, but this shouldn’t stop you from taking good care of your skin and hair. Unfortunately, only a few men and women pay attention to this aspect. In case you feel the need to improve your nurturing self-care rituals, start by identifying and learning how to avoid a few major gray hair management mistakes. But first, let’s inventory the most common problems associated with depigmented tresses and see how they could be reduced or eliminated.

Something’s Terribly Wrong with My Silvery Locks

Gray hairs represent the first stage of a gradual transformation that scares people to death. It is only normal, since silvery strands are a constant reminder of the fact that we’re not getting any younger. But people who are already affected by premature graying know that lack of color is not the only issue linked to aging hair. Depigmented locks:

1)      Are extremely dry, frizzy and difficult to untangle, because graying strands lose their natural oils.

2)      Can make you look older and completely unattractive, especially if you are still going in favor of the outdated long hairstyle that was your trademark in high-school

3)      Are prone to breakage, so once you spot the first graying strands you might as well stop using heated styling appliances and tools (or at least try to use them less often). There are different other ways in which you could protect your aging tresses. For instance, you could cover your mane with a hat and apply a hair care lotion ensuring an effective UVA UVB protection for a few hours. You could also minimize the damage caused by excessive amounts of chlorine by wearing a swimming cap at the pool. It’s no secret that chlorine can rob you of your natural, intense hair color and leave your locks dry and extremely vulnerable.

All in all, fading color, frizziness and excessive dryness are the first warning signs that you should take into consideration. All these negative factors should determine you to implement a few beneficial changes and upgrade your weekly hair care routine. To correct your wrongdoings, you have to be able to spot and understand your mistakes. Here are 5 extremely counterproductive gray hair management tactics that should stay buried in the past.

1)      Plucking Grays

More and more experts let everyday people know that hair plucking comes with zero benefits. While it’s perfectly true that plucking one gray hair does not result in 2,5 or 10 million other vengeful grays, this doesn’t mean that you should feel encouraged to get rid of depigmented strands by using your tweezers. Plucking can hurt your hair follicle. Repeated trauma can even stop your follicles from producing another healthy hair. Individuals who are completely obsessed with hair plucking can deal with hairless patches sooner than expected. In this case, banding spots would represent an unpleasant consequence of their mishap.

2)      Not Inventorying Your Realistic Gray Hair Coloring Options

There is life after grays. Living with gray hair can be difficult and even embarrassing, but only for those men and women who tend to think that their glass is always half empty. This doesn’t have to be your case. Schedule an appointment with a hair colorist and discuss your options with a real expert who could guide you towards the least expensive low-maintenance camouflaging alternatives for graying hairs. For instance, you could opt for a lighter base paired with subtle highlights and lowlights. You could lighten up your tresses and go for a natural color matching your complexion.

You could also try a new, modern layered cut that makes grays less visible and accentuates your best facial features. Bangs could hide those annoying wrinkles and make you look mysterious, seductive and much younger. A shorter length could also be very flattering. There are only a few suggestions that you may want to factor in before changing your appearance. There are many things that you could do, but keep in mind that the most impressive makeovers start with a trip to the nearest hair care salon. Even if you can’t afford to spend a fortune on professional treatments, you should let a specialist handle your transformation and offer you the guidance that you need to make a good call.

3)      Experimenting with Permanent Hair Dyes at Home

Permanent dyes are a great alternative, taking into account that they provide longer-lasting results and can withstand around 12 washing cycles. However, these durable end results can also work against you, especially if you don’t know much about at-home hair coloring. A misguided application can generate panic and chaos in less than 20 minutes. A too-dark color could make you look old and would require a significant amount of bleach to go away, while a too-light shade would look tacky and force you to repeat the coloring process to conceal the first disastrous results. Therefore, always think twice and read the product instructions multiple times before dyeing your hair at home.

4)      Acting Like Hair Conditioner Is Optional

If you already have more than a few graying hairs, you better get used to the fact that a good conditioner is mandatory. This essential element keeps your scalp moisturized and protects your aging tresses against interior and exterior risk factors. Apply a premium conditioner specially formulated for grays at least once a week and rinse your hair thoroughly. Leave-in products are also an excellent pick, especially since they help you save time…and water. A pre-shampooing treatment like Philip Kingsley Elasticizer will enhance the elasticity of your tresses and leave them smooth, silky and radiant.

5)      Thinking that Dietary Changes Are Not of the Essence

Cunnane Phillips, a respectable tricholgist from the Philip Kingsley Trichological Centre, explains that a well-balanced diet can delay the first signs of premature graying. People who are not able to make correct dietary choices can rely on multivitamins to cover their deficiencies. Moreover,according to the same source, a soy-based protein called Philip Kingsley PK4 Hair represents a great ally for men and women who want to keep gray at a distance by simply eating right.

Test a Scientifically Proven Gray Hair Remedy Today

The most amazing transformations take place on the inside and provide long-lasting effects. If you want to banish those annoying grays and restore your natural color fast and safely, use catalase supplements. Get Away Grey is a remarkable grey defensebased on catalase and numerous mineral and herbal extras that guarantee softer, stronger, glowing locks. Get your first bottles of Get Away Grey today and use this 100% verified anti gray hair solution to recover your pigment and rejuvenate your tresses from the inside out.

Could Pantothenic Acid Help You Reverse Gray Hair?

grayhairMost people are comfortable with the idea of aging gracefully. Nonetheless, only a few men and women who are in their early 30s can actually accept the fact that premature graying is waiting for them just around the corner. Yes, you can go gray in your 30s and this is actually an incredibly common phenomenon.

If you think that gray hair only looks good on Santa and George Clooney, you can do something to prevent it. You can actually reverse gray hair, by discovering the benefits of a remarkable vitamin complex based on various active ingredients, including catalase and pantothenic acid. Can pantothenic acid enable you to stop gray hair? Let’s find out.

What Is Pantothenic Acid and Where Could I Find It?

Pantothenic acid is a widely available compound, also known as vitamin B5. It can be found in a generous selection of products that should be included in your daily diet, including eggs, milk, veggies, meat and cereal grains. If, for some reason, you can’t get the optimal dosage of pantothenic acid from the foods that you eat, you can always assimilate this element from a vitamin B complex, which usually contains several other components, including vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12.

Why Should I Take Pantothenic Acid on a Regular Basis?

Numerous people dislike the idea of taking pills, especially when it comes to solving their cosmetic problems. Nonetheless, a revolutionary hair vitamin complex comprising all the right ingredients is your best ally in the fight with premature graying. This is because a scientifically proven gray hair cure contains ideal dosages of elements that can restore the color and the brilliance of your hairs from the inside out.

Pantothenic acid is one of the compounds that actually serve this purpose. It is known as a great gray hair remedy. Moreover, this product has a long list of health benefits and it is also used to reduce stress levels, cure respiratory disorders, enhance immune function, prevent heart failure, alleviate yeast infections and so on. The best thing about this vitamin is that it does not pose any dangerous side effects, so it can be administered to a large category of patients.

Reverse Your Grays the Easy Way

You may be wondering: could pantothenic acid enable you to get rid of gray hair naturally? Pantothenic acid plays an important part in this equation and it is included in a specially formulated product created to prevent, stop and reverse graying hair.

Get Away Grey is your reliable gray defense based on all the right ingredients that guarantee healthier, smoother, younger-looking hair. The transformation becomes visible over the course of a few weeks. It’s true: now you can say goodbye to those ugly silvery locks and go back to fully pigmented hairs.

Order this innovative cure for premature graying and reverse gray hair the easy way.

3 Great Reasons to Start Testing a Revolutionary Gray Hair Cure Today

gray hairYou can hear a lot of various tips about more or less conventional gray hair remedies from your friends, neighbors and hairdresser. The question is this: are they truly effective? In most cases, there is only one way to find out: you have to see for yourself.

In many cases, this means that you have to apply tons of greasy, awfully smelling, weird-looking potions on your gray hairs at least a few times a week, hoping to spot the slightest signs of improvement over the course of a few months. Obviously, this trial-and-error process is time and energy-consuming and can trigger a lot of frustration in the long run, especially if you fail to notice any positive changes.

Fortunately, there is a much more convenient method to reverse gray hair from the inside out. Get Away Grey is a remarkable vitamin complex based on catalase, which could help you stop the premature graying process and keep your natural pigment on your hairs for the longest period of time.

Are you questioning the effectiveness of this breakthrough? In this case, check out 3 excellent reasons why you should start using Get Away Grey as soon as possible, to be able to take pride in healthier, thicker, naturally pigmented hair once again, and all this in a rapid and safe manner.

#1 Proved Effectiveness

The best part is that this innovative remedy is actually scientifically proved. Unlike your homemade oils and other anti gray hair elixirs, this product was designed, tested and improved by a team of experts who have the skills, the equipment and the expertise to calculate and mix the appropriate dosages of active ingredients, combined to come up with a well-balanced formula.

#2 Natural Ingredients

Unlike other commercially available products that contain a virtually endless list of chemicals and potentially dangerous components, Get Away Grey is only comprised of natural, risk-free ingredients, like Fo Ti, horsetail, catalase, vitamin B-6, folic acid, biotin, copper, zinc oxide and chlorophyll. All these items are well-known for their remarkable health benefits and do not pose any health risks.

#3 A Money-Back Guarantee Policy

Need another great reason to but this magnificent product based on science? If so, note that it comes with a money-back guarantee, involving no jokes, no hassle and no questions asked. If you are not completely satisfied with this product, you just have to ask for a refund and the manufacturing company will reimburse your money (excluding shipping expenses) within 90 days from your purchase.

Fight Gray Hair with a Remarkable Vitamin Complex

Want to discover the beneficial effects of a gray defense based on catalase? In this case, keep in mind that Get Away Grey is your ticket to healthy, shiny, naturally pigmented hairs. Order it today and profit from a truly unique gray hair cure that is actually worth your time and money.

Find a Solution for Gray Hair: Are Physical Exercises and Superfoods the Best Treatments?

857969393_1373891429These days, most people want to discover all-natural, accessible, entirely safe white hair treatments. They are tired of testing tons of unreliable cosmetic products that offer short-term benefits and cost a fortune.

Men and women who are currently looking for the best solution for gray hair wish to delay the aging process without exposing themselves to unwanted side effects. So the question is this: could a healthier lifestyle, based on a well-balanced diet and on regular workouts enable individuals to finally kick the silvery hair to the curb?

Delaying the First Signs of Premature Graying

If you want to witness radical improvements, you have to start implementing radical changes. In other words, if you want to get rid of grey hair naturally, you have to forget all about those guilty pleasures that make your hair and your skin look so much older. Quit smoking, stop eating junk food and stop drinking alcohol. These bad habits add many years to your face.

Eat Clean and Exercise on a Regular Basis

Instead, opt for fresh foods that are great sources of vitamin E and B (bananas, cereals, eggs, green veggies and meat).

Drink plenty of water. This will help you reduce wrinkles and delay premature graying. Why? The answer is simple: By ensuring an ideal hydration, you will also enable important nutrients to get to your hair follicles. Hair that doesn’t receive the right nutrients is prone to premature graying, so remember: an extra glass of water a day keeps that awful gray hair away.

Want to do everything in your power to find and implement a reliable long-term gray defense? If so, note that physical exercises play an important part in this equation: they improve your blood circulation and allow nutrients to reach your hair follicles. So spend a few more hours at the gym. Your hair will appreciate the effort! Also, if you want to enhance blood flow in the region of the scalp, gently massage your skin with the tips of your fingers.

Opt for a Reliable Gray Hair Cure

Undoubtedly, a well-balanced diet based on fresh, vitamin-rich ingredients, correlated with a workout routine, will help you delay premature graying. But you may need more than that to preserve your youth. In this case, count on the very best gray defense invented so far. Forget about white hair treatments that only provide satisfactory results for a limited period of time.

Get Away Grey is a powerful vitamin complex that will reverse gray hair and show you that it is actually possibly to turn back the clock and wipe years off your precious hair. Order Get Away Grey today and experience its spectacular results!

GetAwayGrey Is the Ultimate Cure!

Short grey hair

Many women with gray hair opt for a shorter, more manageable style.

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Cormac told us that he began to see results after only 3 months! These results encouraged him to continue using the product. After a year of taking this supplement, he has enjoyed the benefit of increased confidence because of his gray hair reversal. According to Cormac, “90% of my original color is back” thanks to Catalase and other natural ingredients in GetAwayGrey vitamins. Not hesitating to tell his friends about this amazing supplement, he is a GetAwayGrey testament to success!

The ingredients we use in our supplements are the result of great research and brilliant scientific minds. The use of such all-natural ingredients as saw palmetto and folic acid allow your body to absorb the nutrients effectively, helping your body convert that nutrition properly. As organic compounds are added to your system, grey hair is not only banished; thickening of hair and overall hair health will also occur. This grey hair cure allows you to also increase the health of your hair, as Cormac found out. He told us: “I definitely have noticed that my hair has become thicker and even fuller during the period of taking GetAwayGrey, and that’s been a bit of a bonus!”

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