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Be Gone, Pesky Grey Hair! – Do You Pluck Or Not?

So, many of us come across getting grey hair. Why so? Well, science has figured it out for us so how about we don’t stress about it and cause even more grey hair. After so many hours on examining cell cultures of hair follicles, researchers have figured out the reason for grey hair.

As we age, the levels of a specific enzyme known as the catalase that breaks down the hydrogen peroxide in our hair into oxygen and water begins to decrease. So, basically your scalp is now a war zone, where the fight between Melanocytes and its deterioration takes place everyday. Right at this very moment, bleaching enzymes are trying to invade your hair from the inside of your unsuspecting scalp. There are certain bodies that are still producing Melanin, for your colored hair and are being protected. Each of whom are guarding the hair follicles and successfully have been repelling the decreasing levels of catalase. Nonetheless, there will come a day when the catalase realizes it’s getting too old for this and will decide to retire, thus the decline of this color producing enzyme results in an army of white hair which are set to conquer your follicular kingdom and your magnificent colorful haired civilization will no longer exist. A sad, but true story….

So, what do you do? You decide to pluck your white hair, but that’s really not going to help, simply because:

  • If you pluck the grey hair, it’s going to grow back.

And when you pull the hair, what you’re basically doing is …

  • Damaging the hair follicles. The hair will grow back eventually, but differently. Perhaps finer or coarser, depends on how much damage has been done. So, if you continue to pull out the hair, you’re basically causing a huge amount of damage.

You’ll damage the follicle so much so that …

  • The hair may eventually stop growing after a very long time. Although, the growth stoppage depends primarily on factors such as pH levels, temperature, and a lot of other things.

According to Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips, a trichologist at Philip Kingsley Clinic in New York City, “There is zero benefit to plucking! If there is grey hair that you must get rid of, cut it very carefully! Plucking can traumatize the follicle, and repeated trauma to any follicle is not ideal. If hair is tweezed or plucked from the brows, some of the brow hair does not grow back. On the head, if the hair is constantly being plucked or pulled on from a particular area, then over time, a message is sent to the hair follicle that there is no need to produce hair in that area and the follicle goes into rest, eventually shrinks and no longer produces a hair shaft, which may lead to a bald patch.”

So, there you have it. Plucking at grey hair may not cause three or more to grow, but plucking away at that pesky grey hair isn’t something you should be doing, since it destroys hair follicles and you’ll end up with something worse than grey hair, and that’s a bald spot.

Try Get Away Grey

Try reserving the grey process, so get rid of the shampoos and the dyes and switch to a much more natural formula. GetAwayGrey is a natural formula that increases the level of Catalase, thus reversing the greying process.

So, to reverse the greying process the natural way, try GetAwayGrey.

How to Prevent Getting Grey Hair

Grey hair has tormented adults and youths alike in recent times. A lot of people switch to home remedies for preventing grey hair while others just can’t seem to stop gray hair. In order to counter the process of graying hair you need to take certain measures. Listed below are some helpful tips for preventing grey hair.


Food has essential nutrients that help keep our body healthy. Copper is one such nutrient that our body needs to stop gray hair. According to research, people with copper deficiencies are known to have more chance of getting gray hair. Foods that contain copper include chocolates, beef liver, seeds, oysters, mushrooms, almonds and peanut butter.


Vitamins play a very important role in the development and growth of our body. These vitamins also stop gray hair. Vitamin B-2 assists in hormone production and balance systems that affect grey hair. Foods rich in vitamin B include dairy products, cereal, pastas, meat and eggs.

Another way of preventing grey hair is to maintain a diet rich in antioxidants. Vitamin A, C and E are considered as strong antioxidants. Vegetables, dairy products and fruits are full of these vitamins.


Selenium plays an active role in the development of hormones in your body which in turn stop gray hair.  According to reports, selenium is frequently used to battle the problem of grey hair. It is also believed to slow down the ageing process. Foods that contain selenium include tuna, salmon, walnuts, mackerel and raisins.

Kill Stress

Stress is a major reason for hair turning grey. Experts believe that the solution is to turn to spiritual exercise such as yoga and meditation. You must stay calm under pressure and learn to relax.


Scalp massages are known for preventing grey hair. A massage can increase blood flow and thus improve your overall health. Use coconut oil and massage daily for 10-15 minutes. This will keep your cells healthy and reduce the risk of grey hair.


A natural solution for preventing grey hair is get away grey. It works stop early grey hair from the inside out with healthy vitamins, herbs, and extracts, so your natural hair grows back through your roots.