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Three Potentially Dangerous Lifestyle Changes That Could Accelerate Graying Hair

Choosing healthy lifeThe idea that you’re getting old at a fast pace is constantly tormenting you. When you look in the mirror, you spend more than a few minutes staring at your wrinkles and gray hairs. You would give just about anything to make them go away. The bad news is that the tangible version of the Fountain of Youth is yet to be found. The good news is that you can delay the appearance of the first wrinkles and white strands by making smarter lifestyle choices. Recent studies show that your daily choices are reflected by your appearance. Here are three negative lifestyle changes that could lead to a dull salt and pepper look in no time, robbing you of your youthful aspect.

  • You’ve Become a Regular Smoker. It’s no secret that smoking has a negative impact on one’s hair and skin. What you may not know is that smokers usually go gray sooner than their fellow nonsmokers. A Huffington Post article reveals that there is a solid connection between smoking and gray hair before 30.
  • You Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself. More than a few reputable scientists think that elevated stress levels could make you go gray faster. While there is no scientific evidence to confirm this hypothesis, one thing’s certain: most young adults undergo important hormonal changes correlated with a series of more or less stressful events (marriage/divorce, pregnancy and job-related concerns), which make them pay less attention to the aspect and the needs of their aging hair. Therefore, no matter how busy or stressed you think you are, make time for yourself and don’t let your mane go unattended for too long. Most of the natural gray hair solutions based on plant extracts and other organic compounds (gooseberries, coffee, black tea) may be somewhat effective when it comes to preventing gray hair, but they will never manage to restore your hair pigment once it’s gone. In this case, proper planning and a rigorous hair care ritual could help you hold on to your natural color for a longer period of time.
  • You Are on a Very Strict Diet. According to Times of India, poor dietary choices may also accelerate the graying process. Many people who would do just about anything to lose a few pounds end up making incorrect nutritional decisions. In this situation, crash dieting can be linked to several deficiencies (vitamin D3, vitamin B12 and magnesium) that could affect the color and texture of aging hairs and even lead to more serious concerns, such as hair loss.

Can a New Vitamin Complex Help You Get Closer to Your Natural Hair Color?

Now that you can identify the most common changes that affect the health and appearance of your hair, you can successfully avoid them. If you think that your mane needs a different type of TLC to look its best, start taking catalase supplements on a day-to-day basis. These vitamin complexes feed and protect your strands from the inside out and could also turn out to be an effective method to treat gray hair. Due to its advanced formula, Getawaygrey lets you discover a new approach to fighting colorless strands. Its concentration of catalase enables the product to dissolve hydrogen peroxide deposits and neutralize the element that makes your hairs bleach themselves from the inside out. For more info on product usage, list of ingredients and ordering methods visit www.getawaygrey.com and make the first step towards luscious, healthier-looking tresses.

Three Head-Scratching Gray Hair Facts That Deserve Your Attention

iStock_000028568214_SmallWhile you were still in your 20’s, you took your fabulous hair for granted. Now you’re in your late 30s and miss the strength, radiance and intense color of your strands. At this point, you’re stuck with a whole bunch of grays that are mixed with fully pigmented strands, leading to a somewhat dull salt and pepper look. In this context, you feel ready to dig a little deeper and find out more about premature graying and discolored hairs. What are the main factors that rob strands of their natural pigment? Could you actually delay the whole process without disrupting the normal balance of your body and without relying on hair dyes? To help you discover the simplest answers to these questions and more, we give you three head-scratching facts about gray hair.

Hair Is Initially White

When you think about the fact that there is a broad spectrum of natural hair colors, you find it difficult to believe that all hairs are initially white. As a matter of fact, this is the naked truth. Two kinds of melanin (phaeomelanin ensuring the blonde-reddish tones and eumelanin delivering the darker tones) influence our hair color. According to Mental Floss, a hypothesis developed to explain the natural graying process suggests that chronological aging stops human hairs from accessing melanin deposits; this is why men and women over 30 or 40 have to find the best solution to their fading color.

Hair Discoloration Is Linked to the Presence of Excessive Amounts of Hydrogen Peroxide

Another interesting hypothesis introduced and supported by esteemed researchers from different parts of the globe indicates that an elevated concentration of hydrogen peroxide in our organism could be the actual culprit from gray hair. As we grow older, our bodies start to produce less catalase. Insufficient amounts of this potent enzyme lead to hydrogen peroxide accumulations that bleach our hairs from the inside out.

There Could Be a Way to Boost the Amount of Catalase and Decompose Hydrogen Peroxide Buildups

If you are waiting for a simple and reliable gray hair solution that does not involve any chemicals and/or dyes, you should know that researchers have managed to deliver a vitamin complex based on catalase, designed to tackle and break the excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide. By decomposing these molecules and turning them into oxygen and water, these supplements could be used to treat gray hair and prevent the fading color that most people over 40 do not perceive as flattering. For more information about this promising category of products visit www.getawaygrey.com and find out how you can get closer to younger-looking, more vigorous and radiant hair.

What Does Catalase Actually Do for Your Body?

Green sprout from pillsMore and more people are aware of the fact that the foods that they eat on a regular basis influence their looks, health and well-being. Those who for some reason or another are unable to extract the right amount of minerals and vitamins from the products that they consume often consider taking supplements to prevent certain deficiencies. Over the past few years, catalase supplements have managed to wow a large category of consumers, due to the remarkable health and aesthetic benefits that they provide. But what does catalase actually do and how could this enzyme influence your overall quality of life?

  1. Catalase May Help You Preserve Your Youthful Appearance for a Longer Period of Time. Gray hair may not be a valid indicator of your age, but the truth is that only a few people have what it takes to make white strands look absolutely stunning. Silver hairs just make the rest seem old and less attractive. By interfering with the hair oxidation process, catalase lets you keep your pigment on your locks and minimize the negative effects that gray hair may have on your personal and professional life.
  2. Catalase Lets You Take Pride in Darker, More Luscious Hair. The formula of a complex supplement like Getawaygrey contains catalase, but also features various other natural ingredients that promote a healthy, rapid hair growth, while nurturing and protecting your strands from the inside out. Elements like nettle root extract, Fo-Ti or horsetail have been used by alternative medicine practitioners for centuries in a row to rejuvenate, repair and reinvigorate deteriorated, lifeless gray hair.
  3. Catalase Could Help You Live Longer and Prevent Potentially Fatal Diseases. You should also know that catalase could also raise your life expectancy. A team of experts from the Departament of Pathology from the University of Washington are studying the applications of catalase associated with a superior vitality and an enhanced life expectancy. Moreover, the results of their tests have indicated that transgenic mice overexpressing catalase are safeguarded from a wide range of serious health concerns, including several types of cancer, sarcopenia and cardiac aging.
  4. Catalase Lets You Control Your Weight by Burning Fat Deposits. Here is another aspect that you should factor in, especially if you are having a hard time trying to burn those extra pounds deposited on your hips, abdomen and thighs. According to Global Healing Center, after studying the effects of catalase on lab rats, a team of researchers from Japan has reached the conclusion that there is a powerful link between reduced quantities of organ fat and this prominent enzyme that manages to decompose hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water.

If you want to achieve younger-healthier looking hair and improve your quality of life without making any radical changes, consider adding catalase supplements to your daily diet. For more information on these natural, safe and innovative products, just visit the GetAwayGrey official website and find out how pills for gray hair based on real science can turn you into the best version of yourself at any age.

Coloring Kits Vs. Catalase Supplements: Which Option Can Do More for Your Gray Hair?  

bigstock-beautiful-young-woman-with-gre-16938191(1)Most men and women would give just about anything to look 30 when they’re actually in their 50s. Good genes, a personalized exercising routine, a clean diet and the right cosmetic treatments can support this ambition and lead to a much more youthful image. Maybe you’ve found a way to minimize your wrinkles and burn those extra pounds of fat, but you are yet to spot and try the perfect gray hair solutions that actually meet your requirements.

As a matter of fact, you might be wondering: “Should I turn to coloring kits or should I test the effectiveness of catalase supplements?” To give you the opportunity to make an informed decision, we offer you the most accurate info related to both categories of products.

Catalase Helps Users Benefit from Various Notable Health Benefits

Some of the most innovative supplements for gray hair are based on catalase, a very important enzyme that manages to interfere with the hair oxidation process. By decomposing hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen, catalase allows users to fight the invisible enemy that is behind the discoloration process undergone by their strands. But those who get the bigger picture here understand that catalase ensures numerous other health benefits. For example, according to Global Healing Center, catalase is linked to notable antioxidant properties, possible anti-degenerative and anti-aging effects, DNA damage prevention and fat reduction. These are all amazing advantages that could improve your quality of life while elevating your self-esteem and making you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Hair Dye Just Covers Your Grays!

On the other hand, let’s face the ugly truth: hair dyes, regardless of their brand, type and price tag, do the same thing: they cover your grays in a more or less effective manner. Unlike supplements they provide faster results, but do not actually address the real root of the problem. Additional issues such as failed experiments resulting in odd-looking tones, split ends, coarser hair requiring special shampoos and conditioners, are only a few of the most common side-effects that people who dye their hairs are very familiar with.

The Best Vitamin Complexes for Gray Hair Represent a Mix of Well-Balanced Herbal and Mineral Extracts

There’s one more thing that you should know: some of the most popular gray hair solutions are based on a tested combination of herbal and mineral elements that promotes a healthier hair growth and improve the looks, feel and strength of graying hair, which is usually dry, coarse and prone to breakage. For example, Get Away Grey uses nettle root extract, horsetail, Fo Ti, chlorophyll, biotin, copper and various other essential components linked to much more beautiful, luscious and vigorous locks.


Woman Pleasantly Surprised by Powerful Gray Hair Cure

Kris Horning’s gray hair problem was hereditary, but the last thing she wanted was to get gray hair. And so she set about going online to see if there was such a thing as a gray hair cure. That was when she found GetAwayGrey. But she wasn’t sure about believing much of the information she found online.

But somehow, the information about this product made sense to her when she read about what causes some people to go gray. It was then, she said that she “felt I had to give it a whirl”.

What followed was much surprise as Ms. Horning noticed that her hair was becoming a darker shade all over.  She also noticed that she had much thicker and softer hair. Ms. Horning did run out of the product at one point for about one week, during which she noticed that her hair was returning to its previous gray color. However, once she resumed taking the product, Ms. Horning’s hair returned once again to its darker color.

Over the entire six months she has been using Get Away Grey, Ms. Horning noticed an improvement in the darkness of her hair of about 50%. She also stated that when the improvement in her hair’s thickness and softness is considered, that the improvement and satisfaction level is probably beyond 50%. Ms. Horning also stated that any gray hair that she may still have is far less noticeable due to the fact that her hair is now much thicker than it was before she started using the product.

Ms. Horning excitedly reported that she is “completely, completely sold on,” Get Away Gray, and that she would “definitely recommend this product to other customers”.

Do you feel helpless because gray hair runs in your family? If so, you too can choose to have thicker, softer hair as well as eliminate the grays with Get Away Grey. And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about ingesting any chemicals or putting your skin in contact with them. Instead, you can take our solution daily, and never worry that you are placing your health at risk.

The arsenal of natural ingredients contained in Get Away Grey includes Catalase, which triggers those cells in the hair which have stopped producing color to begin doing so once again. When combined with high vitamin concentrations, our product also benefits the rest of your body, and results in softer and thicker hair.

You can be as excited as Kris Horning about eliminating your gray hair. Read more about our amazing gray hair cure and how to try it at absolutely no risk to you today!

Ultimate Cure for Graying: GetAwayGray Works for Doctor Needing Gray Hair Reversal

Dr. Hayden Taylor was intrigued by the GetAwayGrey product, as he had traveled to many sun-filled places including Dubai, where he said his hair was bleached white. Dr. Taylor discovered GetAwayGray and purchased it, hoping that it would help him to reduce the amount of his graying hair.

Dr. Taylor has been using the product for almost half a year, and was very enthusiastic about giving his testimonial to us. This is because after only six months of using GetAwayGrey, Dr. Taylor’s hair went from white to gray. He said this was most noticeable on his sideburns, which have become very dark in color. And this darkening of the hair has occurred on both sides. Dr. Taylor was thrilled to report that he thinks the product has been responsible for taking as many as five years off his age. He also said that the hair closest to the scalp at the back of his head has turned dark.

Dr. Taylor reported in his interview that there is no doubt that his hair has gone from white to salt and pepper over the past six months. He is confident that over the next six months, his hair will be even darker in color, with far less gray than it has currently.

GetAwayGrey has many testimonials like this from thrilled clients who have seen results with our product. And it is listed as one of the five best ways to look younger. But why does it work so well? It may have something to do with our incredible team of researchers, who have put together an all-natural arsenal of gray-fighting ingredients to improve your graying hair dramatically. These nutrients become absorbed by the body and added to your system to not only reduce or completely eliminate the amount of gray hair, but improve your hair’s strength and health. This means beautiful-looking hair with far fewer instances of hair loss through regular activities like washing and combing.

Dr. Taylor said that his hair has “gone back 5 years, no question” since he started using GetAwayGrey. And he was completely looking forward to the next six months, where he said “there is no question that it’s working”.

There’s little doubt that for Dr. Taylor and so many other clients, GetAwayGrey is the ultimate cure for graying hair. See for yourself by ordering it today!

GetAwayGrey Is the Ultimate Cure!

Short grey hair

Many women with gray hair opt for a shorter, more manageable style.

After reading about GetAwayGrey and the benefits that could come from it, Cormac Walsh decided to try us out. He had tried chemical dyes in the past, but really didn’t like the idea of allowing such unhealthy elements be consistently applied to his hair. The supplements we offer are chock full of natural ingredients that are combined to create the ultimate gray hair cure. The classic gray defense strategy of hair coloring has been used for years, with no permanent success. This amazing new vitamin, however, has been proven to not only reverse grey hair, but also increase the vitality of your luscious locks!

Cormac told us that he began to see results after only 3 months! These results encouraged him to continue using the product. After a year of taking this supplement, he has enjoyed the benefit of increased confidence because of his gray hair reversal. According to Cormac, “90% of my original color is back” thanks to Catalase and other natural ingredients in GetAwayGrey vitamins. Not hesitating to tell his friends about this amazing supplement, he is a GetAwayGrey testament to success!

The ingredients we use in our supplements are the result of great research and brilliant scientific minds. The use of such all-natural ingredients as saw palmetto and folic acid allow your body to absorb the nutrients effectively, helping your body convert that nutrition properly. As organic compounds are added to your system, grey hair is not only banished; thickening of hair and overall hair health will also occur. This grey hair cure allows you to also increase the health of your hair, as Cormac found out. He told us: “I definitely have noticed that my hair has become thicker and even fuller during the period of taking GetAwayGrey, and that’s been a bit of a bonus!”

This GetAwayGrey success story is just one of many! Try our fantastic breakthrough gray defense supplements for yourself with our current $20 off special!

Your Best Gray Hair Solution Can Be Better than a Miracle Cure!

With all of the supplements, shampoos, vitamins and hair dye on the market today, it seems that any option could provide the gray hair cure you need. Unfortunately, many of these options are not as effective or healthy as the GetAwayGrey supplement.

Our supplements target the problem, and cure the actual issue that allows grey hair to grow. As we age, our bodies start producing fewer color-producing cells. Since this lower production also allows hydrogen peroxide to build up, bleaching occurs, forcing the hair to show up gray as it grows out. GetAwayGrey provides a supplement formulated to encourage cell growth. Catalase is the trigger that allows those cells to begin producing once more.

Reverses Gray!

Since Catalase encourages melatonin cell growth, your hair is actually able to grow out as your natural color. In effect, this means that gray hair will be completely reversed. Daily use of this supplement allows the Catalase enzyme and high concentrations of vitamins to stimulate the necessary cells towards the production of color. Watch your hair follicles grow out in your natural hair color instead of that silvery shade you’ve been combating.

No Permanent Damage

Unlike hair dyes, these supplements pose absolutely no risk of damage to your hair. Grey hair is already fragile, brittle and dry. Chemically-induced hair dyes will only contribute to the problem of damaged hair, and can make styling a frustrating situation. Don’t cause your locks more harm by coating them in harsh elements; take a supplement chock full of vitamins and minerals instead, changing your hair color and your life.


Supplements shouldn’t just target one problem, though. With GetAwayGrey, other vitamins and minerals are included, enhancing your health as well as your hair color. Chlorophyll, another natural element, is also included in this array of ingredients. This allows your hair to strengthen by utilizing energy. Strong and colored hair can be had at any age with GetAwayGrey!

Elements in this supplement, like B6, Copper, Zinc oxide and Saw Palmetto are all elements that are helpful for your body as well as your hair. With the help of these vitamins and minerals, you will not only look younger, but feel younger! How’s that for your best gray hair cure?


While you may have already realized this, the best reason to turn to GetAwayGrey as your gray hair solution, is because it is the most effective. Targeting the problem of gray hair at its root allows the supplement to cure and reverse it. This is effective for hair color, and overall body health. Eliminate damaging chemical dyes and turn to the supplement that helps you look and feel younger, while naturally reversing gray hair.

Try GetAwayGrey risk-free! Save $20 now when you order the Best Deal, Best Results – 3 Bottles / 3 Month Regime Program. You’ll be so happy you did!

Gray Hair Supplements: Why Going Grey Could Be the Best Thing for You

Grey hair is inevitable; whether it shows up early or right on time, this bane of existence can certainly be the most unwanted nuisance in life. These hairs pop up unannounced and at random, never doing quite what you want despite hair products and curling irons. Even with all of the new and improved grey hair strengthening shampoos, these hairs can wriggle their way right into the spotlight. It’s the worst part of getting old, right? Wrong!


Did you know that sparse gray hair growth is the first step in a happier, healthier you? Well, it is! GetAwayGrey’s supplements are all natural pills that contain vitamins and minerals your body needs. B12 isn’t just good for assisting in the growth of melanin-producing cells in your head; it’s good for your whole body!

  • Energy – since B12 assists in the conversion of carbs to glucose, your body’s ability to produce energy and decrease fatigue will skyrocket!
  • Nerves – Regulate your nervous system with this vitamin, and enjoy a decrease in signs of depression, brain shrinkage and stress.
  • Digestion – Peppermints aren’t the only way to aid in digestion; B12 helps in the breakdown of unhealthy cholesterol levels, also helping your heart!
  • Cancer – this vitamin is a vital component in combating this increasingly common disease.

Get on track to a healthier lifestyle, and at the first sign of grey hair, turn to GetAwayGrey supplements. They will not only reverse your grey hair, but help you lead a longer, healthier life. 2 for 1!


Strength is an excellent quality to maintain, and your hair is no exception. You want strong, thick, healthy hair, and GetAwayGrey has your solution. Grey hair is not just something that happens to you; it happens as a result of your body’s inability to keep producing adequate levels of melanin. This allows hydrogen peroxide to naturally build up, literally bleaching your beautiful tendrils! It doesn’t, of course, bleach it a pristine blonde color, but sucks any color right out of the follicle. This elimination of color shows up grey. Grey hair isn’t just about some color missing; it also means that your hair is weaker, lacking the natural strength that your body’s vitamins and minerals have given it for your entire life. Now that you cannot naturally produce these minerals, you need to supplement your diet with them. GetAwayGrey gives you back your color and your strength, allowing your locks to return to their former glory. Strong, thick hair is two pills a day away.

Don’t waste time on harsh chemicals that will only further weaken your head of hair; turn to natural supplements that will not only reverse the natural process of graying, but will also help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Improve your quality of life with a younger look and feel. Check out our gray hair supplements risk free trial today, and start your journey to the rest of your life.

Find a Grey Hair Cure: Treatments that Won’t Work and Why

“What do you mean my grey hair cure won’t work? The proof is in the pudding; my hair isn’t grey!”

We can’t count how many times these words are spoken, which is why we’ve decided to dedicate a post to telling you why that cure is just not the answer to your grey hair problem. GetAwayGrey doesn’t just want to offer you a solution; we want you to know why we are your solution for a grey hair cure.

  1. Shampoo for Grey Hair – This method of curing grey hair takes no more time than your average shower, and allows you to treat your hair with your regular shampoo. By applying this sudsy solution to your locks and leaving it on to soak for a few minutes, you can wash your grey away. Shampoos of this nature use a variety of ingredients to “cure” grey hair, but they do not actually contain an ingredient that will help your grey hair disappear. Omega 3s are a commonly touted miracle cure for your problem, but that specific nutrient has not been proven on a measurable scale to work!
  2. Grey Hair Dye – Hair dye is a great way to cover up those silver strands that keep peeking out of your head. This is not, however, a permanent solution. Yes, the box may say “Permanent Dye,” but we all know that hair grows noticeably in about 6 weeks. With that in mind, your cure cannot really be an effective solution for individuals wanting to rid themselves of grey for good. Not only is this temporary, but it further damages your hair, drying it out even faster than the graying process. Stop the damage and stop dyeing your beautiful locks.
  3. The Green Guide – Eating vegetables is great for your body! And with the benefits that Vitamins B6 and B12 can give you, many people think that increasing their intake of green vegetables will decrease the likelihood of grey hair. They are wrong. Vitamin B12 has certainly been linked to the occurrence of grey hair, but simply taking more of it will not reverse the growth of grey hair.

If the above ways to cure grey hair aren’t the answer, then what is? GetAwayGrey has provided you with a solution that not only cures grey hair, but reverses it completely. To see why, you need to first know what causes grey hair. The lack of color-producing cells in your body causes hair to grow as a grey color. The cells involved in this color production diminish as we age, and the only way to stop it is to stimulate their continued growth. Catalase is a nutrient that has been found to do just that, stimulating the production of cells, which in turn produce your natural hair color once more. Don’t be stuck in the current trends of expensive and time-consuming grey hair cures; check out GetAwayGrey with a risk-free trial! We can’t wait to help you get your color back.