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Why Try to Get Away Grey When You Can Adapt?

Tips for Grey Hair TreatmentMany women who are in the midst of noticing a growing number of grey hairs panic and reach for the hair dye. But other women seem to accept their grays gracefully. If you don’t want to have to worry about your roots showing for the rest of your life, you may be wondering how to adapt to your grey hair.

Putting It into Perspective

With gray hair, you have a choice; you can either look at it as an absence of color, or treat it like a new color. A new color means choosing different colors of makeup and different accessories like jewelry. It can also mean changing your clothes. When put together, having grey hair can mean a big shopping trip, which can’t be all bad!

Makeup, Clothes and Jewelry

When going gray you can’t expect that the same things that suited you before will suit you now. In fact, your entire color palette may have changed since going grey. This can lead to much confusion about which colors may work for you now. You may wish to consider the advice of a color specialist if this is the case.

Where makeup is concerned, the important thing is to highlight your face in such a way as to avoid a washed-out look. This may mean using foundation that is a bit lighter in texture and color than you did before.  In addition, you may want to think about using blush and lipstick that is closer to your natural color and eye shadow in silver and taupe shades. You may also need to define your lips and eyes more so that they both stand out and complement your lighter shade of hair. You may find that less is more where it comes to many aspects of your makeup, which means less time in front of the mirror for you.

Your wardrobe may benefit from the addition of colors in the ‘cool’ palette. These include blue, purple, black and rich jewel tones. Some women may want to avoid clothes which contain a lot of yellow tones, as this can cause a ‘washed out’ look.

Your jewelry selection may also need to change if you have gone grey. Many women find that the gold jewelry they once adored just doesn’t look right on them since becoming a silver siren. Silver jewelry can complement grey hair perfectly. But this doesn’t mean you have to ditch your old jewelry; instead, you may consider having your existing gold jewelry dipped in silver. This will lessen the amount of gold resting next to your skin.

The Alternative to Changing Your Entire Palette

If the thought of changing your jewelry, clothes and makeup colors has you dreading going grey, there is another solution: Get Away Grey. This grey hair reversal product allows you to gradually reduce your grey hair using 100% all-natural ingredients.

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Does Colder Weather Make Your Hair Turn Gray?

hairgreyIn many parts of the world, winter is well on its way. And with the cold weather comes many complaints about our hair. Some suffer from flyaways when the weather gets chilly, while others may find their hair is lifeless during this season. But still others wonder whether it’s Old Man Winter that has cursed them with gray hair.

It is definitely true that winter is the worst season for hair-related issues like hair loss. This is because hair becomes drier and more brittle in the cold weather. This means it is more brittle and therefore more susceptible to breakage. Not only that, but the scalp suffers as well, becoming dry and forming dandruff as a result. The hair’s follicles also tend to be weaker this time of year. And this weakness may very well contribute to the formation of gray hair as well.

Not only do we have to put up with the cold temperatures in winter, but the wind can also do a lot of damage. Windy days can mean tangles, which if not dealt with properly, can do even more damage to the hair. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid all of the stress on your tresses.

Solutions for Winter Hair Loss

Using warm coconut oil and massaging the scalp can help to restore moisture as well as provide nourishment to the scalp. This is also known as one of the more popular solutions for winter hair loss. Other oils that can be used for this purpose include jaborandi and olive.

Abstaining from coloring the hair is another way to increase its strength. This is because chemicals which are present in hair dye can cause even further damage to hair in the winter season. Unfortunately, this can mean gray roots if you are also dealing with gray hair.

Even a comforting hot shower can dry out the hair and scalp, causing flaking and scaling as well as itchiness. And so experts recommend that people, women especially, refrain from shampooing their hair too frequently during this time of the year. Lukewarm water is best for winter hair washing. Hand in hand with washing is conditioning. A moisture-rich conditioner can make it less likely that hair will be lost. One conditioning solution is coconut milk, which offers a natural alternative if you wish to avoid chemicals. Another way of moisturizing the scalp is to use Aloe Vera juice.

Never Worry about Roots with Get Away Grey

If the thought of having to stop coloring your hair has you wishing you never had to go outside, there’s good news: Get Away Grey can actually help you reverse your gray hair naturally, and without dangerous dyes or harsh chemicals. The product has been met with rave reviews by many across the nation and around the world. Right now, anyone who visits the site can save on their three month special offer of 3 bottles. Gray hair is gradually replaced by the shiny, healthy-looking and stronger hair that you used to have.

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Hair Loss – An Unfortunate Companion to Grey Hair

gray-hair-Those looking to get away grey often have another issue: hair loss. Getting gray hair can be a frustrating experience, but when it’s combined with hair loss, insult can be added to injury. But there’s good news: you can do something about your hair loss as well as get away grey. There are a number of remedies, as well as treatment and therapy types that may help you keep your hair for the rest of your life without the worry of losing it.

Hair Loss and Gray Hair – The Vitamin Connection

What’s interesting about the cause of hair loss is that it can be treated with vitamin supplements. And many of these supplements are the same ones which can work to reverse gray hair. One example is biotin, part of the B complex of vitamins; biotin’s job is to help the body more efficiently use the fatty acids that enter the body.

Biotin can be had by eating eggs, drinking milk. It also occurs in yeast and organ meats such as liver. But because biotin can be difficult to get enough of from diet alone, experts recommend that those wishing to prevent hair loss take 2mg per day in supplement form, and that those who have already experienced loss of hair take 3mg per day.

Treatments for Hair Loss

There are several treatments for hair loss. Modification of the diet to include mineral-rich foods like iron, calcium and silica can help. In women, hair loss can be treated with the addition of protein and zinc to the diet.

Aromatherapy using natural oils is not only beneficial for the stress level, but also for the loss of hair. A mixture of oils which include grapefruit, lavender, lemon, and cedar wood is massaged into the scalp. At the same time, the aroma of the mixture is diffused into the air during massage. It is thought that this combination of inhalation and absorption can stop hair loss from occurring.

Detoxification is another way to stop hair loss. It can also be beneficial for overall health. There are many ways for an individual to detoxify. However, much caution should be exercised, as some detoxification methods can be intensive and cause stress on the body.

Reclaim Stronger, Younger Hair

Get Away Grey offers a 100% natural way to address both the issue of gray hair and of hair loss. Its powerhouse of vitamins is getting rave reviews from customers everywhere. Many report not only a reversal of gray hair, but a significant reduction in hair loss, as well as improved thickness and luster in their hair. Currently, a 3 month special is being offered which can net customers three bottles of Get Away Grey.

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Can Scalp Folliculitis Cause Gray Hair?

hair scalpMany wonder what caused their gray hair to occur. Some think stress plays a role, while others may be absorbing high amounts of hydrogen peroxide, which can contribute to gray hair. But what about your hot tub? The truth is, if you love to sit in your hot tub, but have noticed that your scalp has become itchy and sore, you may have Follilculitis.

Folliculitis is a medical term which means that the hair follicles have become inflamed and infected. When this happens, hair loss is the eventual result.

Causes of Scalp Folliculitis

This condition is caused by moisture-loving bacteria which most commonly can be found in humid places like hot tubs and saunas. Yeast and mites can also cause the condition to occur. Those with oily scalps tend to be more prone to the development of folliculitis. This is because in those with oily scalps, sebum production is higher. The more sebum that is produced, the higher the likelihood that bacterial infection will occur.

The bacteria usually responsible for the development of folliculitis are Propionibacterium and Staphylococcus aureus. There are other causes of folliculitis. These include lack of hygiene, exposure to chemicals, existing skin conditions and immune-system diseases like HIV.

Types of Folliculitis

Deep folliculitis occurs in the deeper layers of skin and can affect the entire hair follicle. Some symptoms include red and swollen pustules and inflammation and scarring of the scalp. Should large pustules harden, they can result in scarring and ultimately in the loss of hair.

Superficial folliculitis occurs higher up in the hair follicle. Symptoms of superficial folliculitis include reddened skin, blisters on the skin and small itchy bumps surrounding the hair follicle.

Managing Folliculitis

The management of folliculitis can be completed at home if the case is mild. Cleaning the scalp regularly with mild shampoo often works for mild cases. Those with oily scalps may wish to try a shampoo that is zinc-based, as this will help to control sebum production. Mild folliculitis can also be treated with the application of anti-fungal products, such as anti-dandruff shampoo.

Those with severe folliculitis may require the application of prescription medication as well as regular cleaning. Should topical medications not suffice, the consumption of oral antibiotics may be necessary.

Get Away Grey

While it has yet to be proven that folliculitis causes hair to turn gray, it’s important not to take chances. Eating right and improving blood circulation to the scalp are two ways to keep your scalp healthy. Another way is by using an all-natural product to rid yourself of unwanted gray hair before it gets out of control. Get Away Grey is 100% natural, and is getting rave reviews from many satisfied customers. And right now, you can get in on a 3 month, 3 bottle special that will net you big discounts.

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Natural Anti-Graying Solutions: Can Gray Hair Protect You From This Frightening Disease?

Senior woman in her seventiesIf you wish you could find a way to get away grey for the rest of your days, you may want to read more about what scientists have found out about gray hair. According to their research, your silver strands may actually be working hard to protect you from cancer.

It was found that when mice were exposed to the same radiation used in cancer treatment, their coats turned gray prematurely. The reason for this is that the radiation actually forced the maturation and blocking of stem cells located in the hair follicles. This meant a dramatic reduction in melanin, which caused the gray fur to appear.

Stem Cells

Stem cells are what essentially provide the body’s life source, as they are forever copying themselves. This can also cause differentiation, where stem cells actually end up producing other cell types. In the mice mentioned above, a complete depletion of pigmentation cells was observed when the stem cells in their hair follicles ceased to replicate. Scientists viewed the mice’s fur under a microscope, and observed that when stem cells became other types of cells, this change could be associated with the graying of their fur.

Interestingly, scientists also found that it was this same blocking of mature stem cells that could prevent cancer, which essentially is a group of damaged cells that reproduce unchecked. Therefore, the graying process’s removal of the damaged stem cells in gray hair may actually prevent cancer from occurring.

Other Proof

Additional research into how other stem cell groups responded to early maturation and blocking indicates that more than one type of cancer may be prevented with this process.

Scientists have speculated that this body’s way of protecting itself is due to tissue trying to eliminate those populations of stem cells that it considers to be highly damaged and therefore risky. Of course, more research will be needed in order to confirm gray hair’s cancer prevention properties.

The Solution Could Be Get Away Grey

One gray hair solution that has been getting a lot of buzz is Get Away Grey. This completely natural product has, so far, helped thousands of people to realize their dream of life without gray hair. And there is no better time than now to find out what this incredible product can do for you. That’s because for a limited time, you can get in on the three bottles special, which offers a discount on your first three months.

Get Away Grey’s ingredients will not cause any dangerous side effects, and will provide you with noticeable results that you can measure all the time you are using it.


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Anti Graying Solutions: Gray Isn’t the Only Sign of Aging Hair

640_Woman_in_mirrorAs we age, we may notice the common signs of aging on our bodies. Our faces may have more wrinkles than before, we may take longer to build muscle than we used to, and we could depend on our glasses more often when we need to read something up close.

But what about the signs of aging in our hair? Most people think that gray hair is the only sign. But this isn’t true. There are several signs that point to aging hair, and knowing these signs of age can help us to understand how better to deal with them. It can even lead to the ability to prevent graying hair. 

Brittle Hair

This tell-tale sign of aging is caused by decreasing elasticity. However, it can also be caused by the products we use that contain chemicals. Brittle hair can be reversed by trading in those chemicals for hair treatments which are rich in protein. You may also wish to consider taking supplements like biotin and silica. But experts warn that results won’t be seen in anyone taking these kinds of vitamins for about 6 months, as hair grows about 1 centimeter per month.

Dry Hair

Oil is produced less efficiently as we age. The less oil there is to travel the length of the hair follicle, the drier the hair can become. When you are older, the trick to battling this sign of aging hair is to replenish the oil. This can be done by applying oil to the hair that is high in moisture content, such as argan oil. As well, using as little heat on the hair as possible, along with staying away from those hairstyling techniques that could be considered aggressive is among the advice given by experts. 

Thinning Hair

Hair that looks less full than it used to a sure-fire sign of aging hair. While it is considered normal to lose about 100 hairs per day, but most of us draw the line when he hit middle age and it appears our hair has thinned drastically.  But what is the cause of this exasperating sign of age in the hair? According to experts, it’s the size of the hair follicles. They tend to get smaller as we age, and as such, produce a smaller hair that’s next to impossible to see with the naked eye.

If thinning hair is a sign of age you’re dealing with, expert recommend myoxin for treatment. While this will not make hair grow, it will improve the strength and fullness of the hair you already have.

Get Away Grey Can Help

If you are looking to rid yourself of one of the most obvious signs of aging hair, you may be able to get the help you need from Get Away Grey. This all-natural solution can restore your hair not only to its former color, but to its past thickness and luster as well. And the current 3 moth, 3 bottle special, on now, can get you some great savings.

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Gray Hair Solutions: Is Enzyme Treatment Right for You?

The body’s everyday chemical processes rely on enzymes. The purpose of enzymes is to increase the speed at which chemical reactions occur in the body. In fact, enzymes boost the speed of these chemical reactions millions of times.

Enzyme treatment may be a familiar term, simply because it has been used for decades to improve our health. However it has only recently earned exposure for the treatment of gray hair. Now being touted as a solution for gray, enzyme therapy appears to be taking the world by storm. It was a recent discovery by European scientists that made enzyme therapy a popular gray hair solution.

How Enzymes Work

An enzyme is a protein. Enzymes exist in two forms: those that join, and those that separate. In order to make a chemical reaction happen, an enzyme must join two substrates. To prevent a chemical reaction, enzymes break up substrates. And the latter is exactly what happens to cause gray hair.

How Enzyme Therapy Works To Prevent Gray Hair

Sometimes, products are formed within the body that can be toxic if they exceed a certain concentration. Such is the case with hydrogen peroxide. When it is present in the body, it is basically toxic to the hair’s natural color, causing gray.

But when two important enzymes are introduced, the situation can be reversed. Those enzymes are Catalase and Glutathione Peroxidase. When they are introduced, the hydrogen peroxide molecules are broken down into harmless oxygen and water. Just one molecule of Catalase can convert over 40 million molecules of hydrogen peroxide, and it takes just one second to do so. This means that enzyme therapy is an incredibly efficient and effective way for anyone to get rid of their gray hair.

Other Benefits of Enzyme Therapy

Using enzyme therapy for gray hair can also have a host of additional benefits for the body. Because many illnesses are directly related to deficiencies in minerals, vitamins and enzymes, this type of therapy can provide ways for people to improve their health when prescription medications have failed.

Get Away Grey – Another Natural Gray Hair Solution 

In addition to enzyme therapy, help exists in the form of other natural solutions like Get Away Grey. Currently, a promotion is being offered that gets new customers three month’s worth at a deep discount. Many men and women have discovered the power of Get Away Grey to gradually but naturally reverse their grey hair. Will you be next?

There are many testimonials about this product, and each one contains a story that could be very similar to your own.

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Get Away Grey Expert: Tips for Straightening Your Curly Gray Hair

Many people don’t like their hair  and the same is true with those who have curly hair. For most, all it takes is straightening the hair with a flat iron. But if you have curly and gray hair, the process of straightening is a little different. If you want to keep gray, but go straight, there are a few things you can try.

But first, it’s important to remember that your gray hair has a different texture than it did when it was its regular color. Not only is it much drier than before, but it can also be much more difficult to tame. As well, it is far more vulnerable to things like breakage and heat.

Of course, this by no means spells the end of your straightening efforts; you can still have a sleek and straight silver mane!

Hydration Is Crucial

The increased dryness of your gray hair means that you will have to ensure it’s been properly hydrated before you try to straighten it. There are many products which allow you to moisturize your hair, whether they are a pre-shampoo treatment or hydrating hair oil. You can also use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner for even more moisture.

Drying the Right Way

After you’ve washed your hair, you may want to avoid using a towel to dry it, as this can increase the size of hair cuticles; something curly hair doesn’t need, as this can make straightening take longer. Instead, simply use your fingers to rake through your hair and shake out any excess water.

Smoothing and Brushing

Something that can give your hair a big boost in shine is a smoothing serum. Simply place a dime-sized amount into the palm of your hand, rub hands together, and then work the serum through your hair from root to tip. Using a wide-toothed comb to spread the serum more evenly through hair is also a good idea.

Next, turn your hair dryer to medium, aim it downward and then straighten and dry the hair in sections with a paddle or boar bristle brush. Use finishing spray to add even more gorgeous to your straight silver strands.

Want To Get Rid Of Gray? Try This Solution

If you want to rid yourself of gray, Get Away Grey can help you do it, and naturally. And right now, you can get three months’ worth of this amazing product when you take advantage of this exclusive online deal.

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Yellowing Grey Hair – Understanding and Fixing It

If you have discovered that there are yellow streaks in your gray hair, then you are not alone. But now, you have two problems to deal with: how to remove yellow hair, and possibly how to get away grey. The good news is that yellow hair has a simple cause and a simple solution.

That yellow tinge in your gray hair could have many causes, both internal and external. For example, if you are on medication, one of the side effects can be yellow streaks in your gray hair. And believe it or not, the products you may be using on your gray hair may also be causing it to turn yellow. Things like hair spray, gel and even conditioners can leave a color-changing residue behind.

The first thing to do is to try and identify the cause of your yellowing hair. Even eating a lot of food with carotene, like carrots and squash can cause the hair to turn yellow. Your water can also contribute to yellowing hair if it is high in iron.

Neutralizing Yellow

Painters understand how complementary colors have neutralizing properties when applied to their opposites. And you can use this same principle when addressing the yellow tinge in your graying hair. All that’s needed is to know this simple rule: that blue complements orange and purple complements yellow. That being said, there are shampoos available which contain subtle blue and purple highlights.

Natural Solutions

There are also a number of ways to neutralize yellow in gray hair naturally. Vinegar, that multi-purpose liquid that resides in just about every kitchen in the country can be used to neutralize yellow. Simply make a hair rinse of one tablespoon apple cider vinegar to one gallon of water. Apply to the hair, and let sit for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly. You will not only find this eliminates yellow streaks in your gray hair, but also leaves your hair looking shiny. As well, you will find it’s more manageable.

Tea infusions can also help eliminate yellow streaks. Combining purple hollyhock flowers with hot water, and then steeping until optimal shade is evident is one solution. The longer the flowers are steeped, the more intense the purple color will be. Purple Betony flowers can be used in place of hollyhocks.

Hydrogen peroxide is yet another solution. Making a mix of half peroxide with half of your normal hair conditioner can work well. Simply apply it to the hair and let sit for twenty minutes. Then, shampoo the mixture out of the hair.

There is also the possibility that noticing yellowing gray hair streaks has made you want to get away gray forever. If this is the case, you can learn more about this revolutionary natural gray hair removal product on our site.


GetAwayGrey Recommends All Natural Hair Dye Solutions for Graying Hair

If you have decided to go with natural hair dye to cover your graying hair, then you have made the same decision as millions of others. Even professional hair stylists are now suggesting that customers choose natural products to dye their gray hair. And luckily, there are several options available on the market to those who want to dye their graying hair without risking the side effects that can accompany some conventional chemical gray hair dye.

Unfortunately, even natural hair dye cannot cover graying hair permanently. Reapplication will eventually be required in order to get away grey for long periods of time.


One of the most natural hair dyes available is henna. This completely herbal solution has no risky side effects. In fact, those living in India have been using henna for hundreds, even thousands of years to not only cover their graying hair naturally, but also to apply their world-famous body art.

Every henna application results in a slightly different shade of red. The shade and difference in color will depend on the shade and texture of the graying hair that the henna is used to cover. But henna also has additional benefits to the user. It is not only a natural conditioner, but also harbors anti-fungal properties which eliminates the chance that dandruff or dryness of the hair will develop.

However, it needs to be stated that not all henna products are safe. Many henna products for dyeing the hair contain chemicals. And so it’s very important to check the label of these products to ensure that they only contain pure henna and nothing else.

Henna can also be a time-consuming way to get away grey, as it does take a few hours to prepare, with some even having to wait overnight. And then, once it’s been applied, henna must sit on the hair for a long time before the color adheres to the hair shaft.

Other Plant-Based Hair Dyes

Natural hair color has come a long way and today, there are several options for natural hair dye for those wanting to cover their graying hair without using henna to do so. Many of these kits contain plant-based ingredients, with pigments being taken from those herbs and plants which are deep and rich with color. Once extracted, these pigments are placed into a natural solution, ground into powder and then activated using mineral liquid or similar bases.

Indigo is one such pigment. When mixed with henna, this lovely purple-blue color can result in very rich brown tones. Lemon juice has been a commonly-used ingredient for making hair color lighter, and saffron is another spice that can add rich color to gray hair.

Doing your homework on the natural hair dyes you are interested in can ensure that you never again have to deal with the risks of chemical dyes. Although some natural alternatives for dyeing hair can cost more money than their conventional counterparts, they will leave your hair looking and feeling healthier, as well as helping you reduce the amount of toxins in your body.

If you are looking for a natural solution for graying hair, GetAwayGrey provides a safe and successful alternative. Don’t wait too much, take advantage of it now!