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Tips for Grey Hair Treatment

Grey hair is a menace for most people. It can be a source of discomfort on a personal level and also a cause of embarrassment socially. The simple solution would be to just color your hair. But if you really want to get rid of gray hair then you should consider gray hair treatment. There are many options available from home remedies to fully medicated solutions. Here are some tips to help you with gray hair reversal.


There are numerous shampoos available in the market. Some are specially made for gray hair treatment.  Shampoos that are rich in omega 3’s can help fight gray hair. These special shampoos are chemical free and also help restore your hair’s health.

Avoid Unhealthy Food and Drinks

If you want gray hair reversal then avoid foods that are damaging to your health. Some foods can devitalize your body; white flour and refined sugars fall in this category. Soft drinks, pastries and jams should also be avoided. These foods take away energy from your body and can cause grey hair.

Healthy Foods

Bananas, carrots and fish are rich in iodine. These eatables are excellent for controlling gray hair. Make them a part of your daily diet if you seek gray hair reversal.


This is another proven home remedy that will help with gray hair reversal. Applying the juices of the leaves of this vegetable enables the hair to retain its black color and also keeps it soft and shiny.

Curry Leaves

Curry leaves have certain properties that make them an excellent tool for gray hair treatment. These leaves provide vitality and strength to the hair roots. When the leaves are boiled in coconut oil and mixed together, they form an excellent hair tonic.


Butter that is freshly made from cow’s milk is another method of gray hair treatment. It can also stop premature graying. A small quantity should be massaged into the hair roots twice every week for best results.


Try using get away grey. It is a scientifically proven formula against graying. It actually changes the chemical makeup of the hair follicle so that it reverts to its natural color.