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Catalase and Premature Gray Hair

For many years now, premature graying of hair has been blamed on a lot of things; stress, sun, kids and what not! However, it seems like finally there is a real culprit to be blamed and science has finally found it. The stories of Catalase and gray hair are not very old, but everybody is now catching up to them. But beware that not everything you hear about the guilty Catalase is true; there are as many myths as facts out there!

What is Catalase?

Catalase and gray hair are increasingly being associated together by everyone, but the first thing to understand is what Catalase actually is. Catalase is one of the four fighting agents that are naturally produced by our body in order to protect our body against cell damage. This enzyme acts against hydrogen peroxide, breaking it down into simple water and hydrogen that are not harmful. If hydrogen peroxide is not broken down, it acts as a bleaching agent and causes the hair to lose their color becoming gray. With age, the production of Catalase in the body goes down and hydrogen peroxide starts affecting your hair faster.

Premature Gray Hair

Sometimes, Catalase production in our body stops at quite an early age causing premature gray hair. Hereditary factors and lifestyle choices such as smoking or stress are considered partially responsible for the decreased production of Catalase, resulting in gray hair at an early age.

Can Gray Hair Be Reversed?

A common question that many people speculate nowadays is whether there is a way to stop or reverse gray hair. Since it has been determined that the root cause of gray hair is the lack of Catalase, if it can be recovered in the body, graying hair can be stopped and even reversed. At any age, it is possible to control back the amount of Catalase that is being produced in your body by means of vitamin and supplement intakes.

How To Reverse Gray Hair

Zinc, copper and manganese are some minerals that the body uses in the production of Catalase. Supplements or foods rich with these minerals are often a good way to sustain your body’s Catalase level. Eating vegetable, fruits and meat, which usually contains these minerals in a heavy amount can be quite effective. These minerals are also quite commonly available in form of supplements in the market and can be used to stop graying hair.

Moreover, there are now simple Catalase supplements such as Get Away Grey that are also available in the market. Since these supplements are natural and reliable, these supplements can also revive the production of Catalase in your body reversing your gray hair back to original color.

Catalase for Gray Hair

The hair that have already grown cannot change their color in any case except when they are dyed. The reversing process of gray hair actually means that the new hair that will grow on your head after your Catalase production is back to normal will be your natural color. These growing hairs will soon replace the gray hair and since the body is producing Catalase normally, these new hairs will not be affected by hydrogen peroxide, staying the same color.

So, can gray hair be reversed? Yes! Gray hair can be reversed while being careful of your mineral intake. Catalase and gray hair are closely related to each other; if you don’t want gray hair, start using Get Away Grey! Get Away Grey offers a 100% money back guarantee within 12 weeks if you are unsatisfied for any reason, so take advantage of the gray hair cure today!