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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Going Gray

gray hairGoing gray is a bold choice that can change your entire life, for the best or for the worst. A few decades ago, premature graying didn’t give you too many options. As a matter of fact, there was only one course of action: you had to let your hair grow and pull it back in a classic pony tail.This was the norm; and exceptions to this rule weren’t exactly received with open arms by the public.

Gray Hair: Now & Then

Hair dye started to become popular in the early 1900s, but it was mostly utilized by men and women who operated in showbiz. Generally speaking, dyed hair was considered a shocking method to achieve a radical transformation at that point in time.

In 2014, men and women who spot the first depigmented strands at a very early age can count on different solutions designed to camouflage, prevent, reduce and even reverse gray hair. From a wide range of hair coloring products to natural oils and catalase supplements, all these products can help us avoid the silver fox look for many more years to come. So the question is this: in the end, is it really worth it to try to stop the hair oxidation process at all costs? Moreover, wouldn’t it be easier and much more convenient to embrace grays and consider them a real gift from Mother Nature?

Going Gray Is a Personal Choice

Here’s the ugly truth that you may not feel completely ready to hear: we are all judged based on our appearance anytime, anywhere. Even at work, our competencies are somehow evaluated based on our looks. It may not be fair, but it’s a part of the reality that we live in. Male CEOs with gray hair are labeled as experienced and competent, while women with grays are considered old, tired and less capable than their younger colleagues. This is the boardroom paradox that makes many women with gray hair factor in various hair coloring options.

Therefore, going gray is a personal choice that shouldn’t be influenced by what your hairdresser, friends or colleagues may have to say on this delicate matter. If you feel that grays are impacting your personal and professional life, you could go in favor of a smooth, gradual transformation by testing the effectiveness of catalase supplements, these wonder pills based on science that have been created by scientists to restore your natural color over the course of a few weeks. So should you go gray or go dark naturally? Before making a final call, you may want to take a closer look at the main pros and cons of gray hair. Let’s start with the most notable advantages associated with discolored tresses.

1) The Advantages of Graying Hair

  • Gray Hair Lets You Experience a Sense of Freedom. You are no longer forced to try different wacky hairstyles just to hide your dark roots in between coloring sessions. Moreover, you feel encouraged to go for a low-maintenance natural look that makes your face look warmer and less rigid.
  • Gray Hair Lets You Experience Considerable Savings. Recent reports indicate that women spend more than 50,000 dollars on hair care rituals during their entire life. Just imagine what you would be able to buy with this amount of money: this could be the down payment for the lavishing mansion that you have always dreamed about or the chance to offer your son the superior college education that will support his carrier goals. Either way, going gray will help you save a lot of cash in the long run. You will no longer feel the burden of coloring your hair on a monthly basis.
  • Gray Hair Can Actually Help You Avoid Health Risks. Have you ever wondered how many potentially dangerous chemicals may be included in hair dye formulas? While scientists are yet to find a clear link between increased risks of developing serious illnesses and hair dye usage, it’s no secret that hair coloring products can sometimes trigger a wide range of unpleasant allergic reactions. You can avoid these side-effects by simply going gray.

2) The Disadvantages of Gray Hair

  • Gray Hair Is Free, But It Can Still Make You Spend Some Serious Cash. Men and women who are going gray feel the urge to update their style. Women start to experiment with different expensive makeup products and invest in new bold jewelry pieces, while men go for expensive suits and accessories that complement their depimented strands. All these improvements can dig holes in your pockets, making you reach the conclusion that going gray wasn’t actually a wise move, at least from a financial standpoint.
  • Gray Hair Has Its Endless List of Problems. Colorless strands are dry, frizzy and extremely vulnerable. Extensive sun exposure, chlorine and heat-based styling appliances can aggravate these issues, making your locks look like a worn out mop.
  • Gray Hair Can Make You Look Old. Let’s face it: it wouldn’t be flattering to look 40 when you’re barely on your 20s. Gray hair can add years to your face and make your overall style seem outdated.
  • At Some Point, You’ll Miss Your Old Self. One day, you’ll look at your photo album and realize that you really miss your pigmented tresses that enabled you to create a flawless personalized look. There is no valid substitute for natural-looking locks that look amazing no matter what, and also require very little maintenance (unlike those pesky grays that need to be styled and re-styled every 10 minutes to stay in place).

Making the Right Decision 

In this context, making an informed decision when it comes to selecting the right hair color is actually easier than you may be inclined to think. If the disadvantages outweigh the advantages of going gray, you may want to start looking for the most effective white hair treatments. And we’re not talking about hair coloring products that barely manage to hide the effects of premature graying and not the real cause of this problem.

Use Catalase Supplements to Rejuvenate Your Aging Locks

Scientific breakthroughs support our boldest anti-aging goals. If you are constantly bothered by your unaesthetic graying hair that makes you look much older than you really are, choose to discover the extraordinary benefits of catalase supplements. Due to their ideal dosage of catalase, these super vitamins stop the hair oxidation process and gradually restore your natural pigment.

Get Away Grey is the best solution to dull, lifeless, discolored aging hair. By simply taking 2 pills on a daily basis you can go back to silkier, stronger, darker locks in up to 12 weeks. You don’t have to wait a lifetime to witness radical improvements and you certainly don’t have to spend a fortune on cures for gray hair. This amazing product based on science is extremely affordable and lets you get rid of gray hair naturally in less than 3 months; plus it comes with a money-back guarantee, which makes the whole deal even more attractive.

All in all, if you hate the idea of going gray, Get Away Grey can help you put this nightmare behind you. Order this innovative gray hair remedy and start experiencing its notable benefits right away.

5 Surprising Things about Gray Hair That Your Hairdresser Probably Didn’t Tell You

womanEvery single time you visit your hairstylist, you get the chance to gossip for at least a couple of hours and find out what’s hot and what’s not in terms of fashion choices. From this perspective, you may be inclined to think that your stylist is your best friend and confident; the person who would never keep secrets from you and would always guide you towards the most surprising, positive transformations. Is that so? As a matter of fact, no matter how friendly and competent your stylists may be, they will always keep a few things from you; after all, it’s their job to surprise you with their innovations and novelty factors that always involve the presence of more than a few undisclosed mysteries. If you have already been impacted by premature graying, you may also be wondering: what are the most surprising things about graying hair that your hairdresser will probably never tell you?

1) Embracing Grays Will Help You Avoid Becoming a Slave to Your Hairstylist

Once you start coloring your hair, you enter a vicious cycle. Dye jobs demand regular touchups. Before applying color on your tresses, you need to realize that you would have to dye your roots on a monthly basis, to maintain a natural aspect. Darker roots correlated with much lighter can create a messy image and could never pass as chic. Only a few A-list celebs like Madonna or Drew Barrymore manage to pull off this look; and this is mostly because their celebrity status makes their devoted fans interpret styling errors as new trends. On the other hand, self-conscious celebs like Rita Ora or Gwen Stefani show you how colored hair should really look like: radiant, silky and uniform. There is no sign of dark roots, which means that both divas who are natural brunettes invest a lot of time and money in professional hair coloring jobs. Can you really afford to follow in their footsteps?

2) You Can Play Around with Different Styling Products to Upgrade Your Image

Going gray is a real challenge. However, if you play by the book, stay far away from hair dyes, condition your locks regularly and are really patient, you can eventually take pride in brilliant, admirable colorless hair. This doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment. Even if color coming from a tube if off limits, you can still try different cuts and play with various styling products to change your appearance every single day.

Each experiment that you choose to conduct could give you an unexpected solution to one of your most pressing problems related to gray hair. For instance, you can prevent your hairs from becoming dull and brassy by trying different shampoos and conditioners especially formulated for gray hair, which is frizzier, drier and much more vulnerable than fully pigmented strands. Some women use a mix of water, delicate conditioner and peroxide to remove product buildup and keep their tresses as bright as fresh snow.

3) Fabulous Grays Can Turn You into a Fashion Icon

According to hair care pros, grays can lend credibility to people’s background, allowing them to improve both their personal and professional lives. Colorless strands can look absolutely gorgeous, as long as they are styled using special products with violet accents that prevent the appearance of the awful yellowish hue that nobody wants to see on gray hair. Just think about it: what would Karl Lagerfeld look like without his iconic all-white hair, pulled back in a sleek ponytail? This man is the very definition of style, trendiness and class. Does he seem worried about the impact of colorless hair on his image, carrier or personal life? Absolutely not! Everything he decides to wear, create or recommend becomes a hit in a split second. Obviously, he has become a priceless source of inspiration for millions of fashion-forward people worldwide, and his white locks have played an important part in the whole process.

4) Hair Doesn’t Go Gray Overnight- It Actually Grows This Way

Still trying to keep calm, thinking that elevated stress levels and major shocks could make you go gray overnight? In this case, you should know thatall those stories about more or less famous people who went gray in a few hours are myths or exaggeration. Your hair can’t go from dark to white in the blink of an eye. This is just not how the graying process takes place. According to scientists, one hair grows for 1 to 3 years; afterwards it falls out and another hair takes its place. As we grow older, the new hairs that replace old ones are more likely to be white. They basically grow this way, simply because in time pigment-forming cells wear out.  Don’t get this wrong: it is perfectly fine to try to keep your stress levels low; but this measure of precaution won’t help you win the fight with premature graying.  So far, scientists haven’t managed to find a clear connection between stress exposure and premature graying.

5) It Is in Your Power to Turn Back the Clock in Your Favor

Your stylist wants you to color your hair. This is precisely why hairdressers won’t guide you towards low-maintenance cuts and simple, cost-effective styling rituals. Let’s face it: salon treatments aren’t exactly cheap. Sure, you can find hair coloring products priced under $15 in almost any department store, but not too many people are satisfied with the end results of a DIY gray dyeing job. According to Huffington Post, on average, women spend approximately 50,000 dollars on basic hair care during their entire lifetime.  We’re talking about a lot of money here. This is the reason why your hairdresser will never let you know that there is a simpler, safer way to deal with graying hair, which does not involve the usage of hair dyes or any kind of costly upkeep.

Reverse Gray Hair with a Super Premium Vitamin

Can you imagine how easy it would be to prevent, stop or reverse graying hair by simply taking a few pills? At this point, restoring your pigment through this method is actually a perfectly attainable objective. Catalase supplements turn your anti-aging dreams into reality, by stopping hydrogen peroxide accumulations from robbing you of your natural color. 2 pills taken every day after a meal will bring back your pigment rapidly and safely, without exposing you to any unwanted side-effects. The best news is that such vitamin complexes include catalase and a long list of mineral and herbal ingredients that can make your locks stronger and much more luscious.

Get Away Grey is a premium cure for gray hair, worldwide famous for its clinically proven effectiveness. It can restore your color and keep premature graying at a distance after 8 to 12 weeks of interrupted utilization. In case you are looking for the best method to darken your graying hair without relying on chemical-rich dyes, don’t look any further. Buy your first bottles of Get Away Grey and get ready to use this last-generation white hair treatment to say goodbye to fragile, deteriorated, colorless grays that are currently standing in the way of your success. 

2014 Summer-Appropriate Extreme Makeover Ideas for Graying Hair

make-up-for-gray-hairAt some point, the following question may have crossed your mind: how come most men and women are investing thousands of dollars in facials and incredibly pricy skin care treatments to turn back the clock and minimize the effects of premature aging, but seldom remember to address the imminent problems of their graying hair? In most cases, a careless attitude is fueled by lack of information. In other words, many people tend to think that karma or their dissatisfying genetic heritage is responsible for their white strands. Once they find something or someone to blame for their misfortune, they refuse to take action, thinking that gray hairs cannot be avoided.

This is a very misleading preconceived idea. Nowadays, you can count on last-generation gray hair remedies like Get Away Grey to recover your natural pigment rapidly and safely. If you’re not ready to make this important step, start by taking a closer look at some of the most recommended extreme makeover ideas for dull, graying hair, provided by famous stylists who work for pampered celebrities.

The Pros and Cons of “Natural”-Looking Color: Don’t Use Your Roots As an Indicator for Your Next Hair Coloring Job

Want to go back to being your old self? Who doesn’t? Most men and women who are already dealing with graying hair probably take a stroll down memory lane, look at the pictures that they took in high-school and miss their long, natural tresses more than anything in the world.

What they don’t acknowledge is that some things should be kept as beautiful memories. There’s nothing creepier than raven hair on a tired, pale, wrinkly face. Be realistic. First of all, natural color is very difficult to obtain using hair dyes. Secondly, you shouldn’t choose your new shade based on the color of your roots. This is a major mistake made by many individuals who haven’t managed to make peace with their real age.

The key is to opt for a color that creates a perfect balance between the new hue of your mane and your skin tone. Powerful contrasts should be avoided at all costs. Moreover, in some cases identical shades could also lead to catastrophic results, making your entire face seem unremarkable and lifeless. Can you actually imagine how awful would platinum blonde look on someone who has an extremely light complexion? According to Eva Scrivo, a well-knownL’OréalProfessionnel Celebrity Colorist, yellow skin tones require warm hair shades, while reddish skin tones are instantly beautified by cooler hues.

Opt for Lighter Tones

You can actually win the first battles with premature graying by making a small compromise. This doesn’t mean that you have to lay down your weapons; it just means that you have to live with the idea that you can’t, won’t and shouldn’t try to go back to your dark mane. Instead, you could opt for a new hair color that is up to 2 tones lighter than your natural one.

White hairs will blend in with a lighter color base and you will no longer have to worry about unaesthetic contrasts. You can also go for numerous shades within your color palette. In this case, diversity is much-appreciated, as long as you don’t overdo it. For instance, chocolate and caramel tones are in sync with subtle shades of gold and represent the perfect choice for most women who are already forced to handle the consequences of premature graying. Moreover, this combination of colors is very flattering during spring and summer, because it is in perfect harmony with silky, tanned skin.

Mimic Mother Nature’s Perfection

When it comes to your aging tresses, go in favor of a subtle, natural-looking transformation. During summer, those long, happy days spend at the beach change our hair color sooner than expected. Before we know it, we are stuck with darker roots and a much lighter color towards the ends. This is not necessarily a bad thing! On the contrary, Mother Nature’s secret recipe for success has been replicated by numerous stylists who have tried to come up with their very own versions of the ombre trend. Even world class celebs like Mila Kunis or Jessica Biel love this faux natural, effortlessly chic look. You don’t have to use bleach to lighten up your end and create a very radical effect. Go a little bit lighter towards your ends and get natural-looking highlights. This is an even classier extreme makeover idea that is suitable for women who aren’t the biggest fans of the ombre style.

Finding a Reliable Cure for Gray Hair

Don’t want to use hair dye to change your appearance? In this case, embrace a different approach. Modern research shows us that premature graying is a 100% preventable evil. A team of researchers has introduced a redoubtable anti gray hair solution, in the form of catalase supplements. These super premium vitamins for hair tackle the real root of the problem and restore the user’s pigment from the inside out, due to an ideal concentration of catalase that manages to dissolve hydrogen peroxide accumulations. These buildups make the human hair go gray.

At this point in time, the catalase supplements are already well-known for their positive results. They have been tested and approved by a large community of scientists and have already helped numerous buyers convert their graying hairs into fully pigmented strands over the course of a few weeks.

Clearly, scientific breakthroughs work to our best advantage. After all, a risk-free pill designed to address both the effects and the cause of our aesthetic problem is much more effective and reliable than cosmetic solutions like mascara-like products or various types of hair dyes and homemade potions, which only mask the effects of hair depigmentation. All in all, modern gray hair remedies are widely accessible and affordable, so why not hurry up to test it on your own skin?

2 pills administered on a daily basis for a few weeks can bring you closer to your natural color. This would be a smooth, safe transition from dull, flat, lifeless graying hair to a shiny, silky, pigmented mane. Instead of taking on a big risk by relying on hair dye to obtain a natural color that may in fact add a few years to your face, choose the easiest, smartest anti gray hair strategy. Use a last-generation catalase supplement to prevent, stop or restore graying hair in no time. If you don’t like gray hair, nobody can or should try to convince you to live with it.

Due to its innovative formula based on natural ingredients, Get Away Grey forms a solid barrier between your hair and hydrogen peroxide. With the threats posed by premature graying out of the way, you can go back to the real you. Don’t waste money on cheap tricks that are risky and don’t really work. Recover your self-esteem, hair pigment and youthful appearance by simply buying and testing a scientifically proven white hair treatment that actually lives up to its promise.

5 Celeb Men Who Rock Gray Locks

1359645232_george-clooney-articleStill think that gray hair stands in the way of you success? In this case, now would be a good time to reconsider. Gray locks can become your most amazing iconic accessory, as long as you take really good care of them. Yes, it’s perfectly true that living with grays is not easy. Silvery strands tend to be very coarse, extremely dry and difficult to style. Even so, as long as you invest time and energy in a special beautification ritual, they will reward your efforts. After all, who could resist the charm of a mysterious man who displays a wonderful silvery fox or salt and pepper look?

Gray locks help many men upgrade their image, boost their power of seduction and age gracefully at the same time. Let’s face it: older men who decide to preserve their youth by dyeing their tresses seldom obtain the desirable results.There’s something very wrong about a very intense color on a pale, wrinkled face. This powerful contrast accentuates every single imperfection and makes men look even older and a bit ridiculously.

Alec Baldwin and Mickey Rourke are only 2 great examples illustrating that hair dye is definitely not your best friend when it comes to concealing grays and hiding your real age. Fear of ridiculousness is perhaps the most important factor that stops many men from coloring their hairs. Even so, this doesn’t mean that living with grays is a nightmare. Numerous celebrities manage to rock grays locks virtually effortlessly. Here are only a few of the most popular celeb men who nail the silver fox or the partially white look.

1)      John Slattery Proves That There’s Something Special about Silver-Domed Men

We all know John Slattery,aka Roger Sterling, the influential and extremely charming advertising executive from Mad Men. He doesn’t need to reverse gray hair because he displays a 100% white mane that couldn’t look better on someone else. Of course, white hairs contribute a great deal to his unmistakable, absolutely flawless look that we all know and love. In this case, depigmented strands are the ultimate symbol of power, prestige, superior social status and success. John Slattery’s sex appeal cannot be ignored or contested. He is a real ladies’ man and proves that gray hairs can be a real blessing. His nice, clean cut maintained with minimal styling products is his most powerful ally. He can wear a fancy suit, a button down shirt or a fire fighter uniform- either way, due to his fascinating white hair he looks handsome and effortlessly cool.

2)      Who Isn’t Crazy About George Clooney?

You can’t talk about gray hair without mentioning the one and only George Clooney, who constantly lets us know that there’s nothing wrong with a little gray hair. We are all aging; sooner or later we will all display a few depigmented strands, so what’s will all the fuss about premature graying? Clooney’s relaxed attitude makes us think that grays are a safe bet. After all, the reputable actor is like a bottle of wine: he just gets better with age.

Since he isn’t threatened by balding spots or other common unaesthetic problems that force many men to rely on odd hairstyles to mask their imperfections, Clooney feels free to flaunt a very flattering buzz cut. Short graying hair fits him like a glove. His gorgeous personal style encourages millions of men worldwide to embrace the fact that they are aging, ditch the hair dye, accept their defeat in the battle with premature graying and just move on. After all, who would ever blame Clooney for not wanting to use a white hair treatment?

3)      Harrison Ford Looks His Best “Au Naturel”

We’ve seen him in his “Cowboys and Aliens” movie and now we couldn’t get enough of his gray hairs. Yes, we are talking about the very handsome Harrison Ford who doesn’t feel threatened by old age, gray strands and the endless list of aesthetic problems that seem to intimidate most men over 50. Yes, it’s clear that Harrison has undergone a radical transformation. His gray locks have nothing in common with the exquisite dark locks that Harrison displayed in Star Wars in 1977. Times change, people change. Anyway, Harrison gets bonus points for the fact that he loves his hair as is and unlike many other A-list actors he doesn’t rely on cheap, ineffective tricks and tips to look a few years younger.

tumblr_mt8yr1neml1rnfvefo1_12804)      Richard Gere Manages to Awaken the Pretty Woman in All of Us

We all agree that Richard Gere is one of those men who can never pass unnoticed. His impeccable style, pretty face and incontestable elegance turn him into the star of the night wherever he may go (unless he is sitting next to George Clooney, in which case we would have a hard time trying to split the prize for the most alluring celebrity between these 2 influential icons). There’s something really interesting about Gere’s evolution. He started to display gray hair in the 1990s, in “Pretty Woman”, one of his best-known movies. We didn’t have a problem with his depigmented tresses then and we certainly don’t have one now. At this point, Gere already flaunts a jaw-dropping all-white look.

But unlike Slattery and Clooney, he didn’t go for a very short cut. He opted for slightly longer locks with lots of volume. Instead of creating a powerful contrast by adding color to his mane, Gere scored bonus points by rocking his white hairs that really compliment his aging face. Since he does not have a pale complexion, white strands don’t lead to that dreadful washed out look that can make a man look like a corpse. Probably Gere counts on expert advice provided by an army of stylists. What’s certain is that his tresses are as white as snow and don’t seem to be threatened by those extremely upsetting yellowish hues that we see so often on Michael Douglas and various other aging celebs who don’t really acknowledge the fact that white hair requires special care to look its best. All in all, we understand why Gere is not eager to find a good gray hair cure anytime soon and we totally respect his decision to go gray.

Kevin Costner5)      Kevin Costner Knows How to Age Gracefully

Whitney Houston’s former “Bodyguard” knows more than a thing or two about beautiful graying hair. His blonde mane now displays amazing silvery accents that make most women sigh. Costner doesn’t need hair dye simply because he has style and class and this seems to be enough to impress the masses.

Do you still think that gray hair is not your cup of tea? In this case, nothing can force you to replicate George Clooney’s image. Get your pigment back by utilizing catalase supplements. These products stimulate the human body to dissolve hydrogen peroxide accumulations. Hydrogen peroxide is the main element that triggers the appearance of the first gray strands; this is precisely why vitamins for hair based on catalase are the most effective weapon in the battle with premature graying.

Get Away Grey is a magnificent gray hair remedy that contains an ideal catalase concentration. Moreover, this vitamin complex is based on a scientifically proven formula that also comprises numerous herbal and mineral additives that strengthen and brighten up locks from the inside out. There are only a few reasons why you should put Get Away Grey to the test. This last-generation product turns the gray hair reversal process into a child’s play and wipes many years off your face. Try this amazing grey defense today and you’ll thank us later. 

Does Coffee Jeopardize or Reward Your Efforts to Reverse Gray Hair?

photo-seniorcare2It’s no secret that our dietary preferences impact our looks, our productivity levels and even our mood. Some foods and drinks give us all the energy that we need to complete daily tasks, while others make us feel tired, sleepy and bloated. Moreover, foods with real antioxidant properties are our secret fountain of youth, while junk food adds years on our face and more than a few unwanted pounds on our bodies.

Lots of people love coffee. Those who worry about going grey in the first half of their life are probably trying to discover and understand the link between coffee and premature gray hair. Is coffee a friend or a foe?

To Love or Not to Love Coffee

Actually, coffee can be considered an ambivalent element. It can be good or bad, depending on the way in which you are planning to use it. Definitely, it cannot help anyone reverse gray hair. However, it is a pretty amazing ingredient utilized in not so secret recipes for all-natural DIY hair dyes.

On the other hand, a high coffee consumption can speed up the graying process and put the natural pigment of your hair on the line. Why? The answer is simple: coffee acts like a greedy leach, absorbing some of the most important nutrients from your body. Nutrients enable you to battle the premature aging process in a highly effective manner.

To look and feel younger and much healthier on a daily basis, reduce your coffee consumption, forget about those awful cigarettes and try to live without refined sugar, junk food and white flour. These are dangerous enemies that can jeopardize your anti-aging efforts.

If you need a stimulant to get out of bed in the morning, try green tea. It will boost your energy levels in a natural manner and help you stay young.

Turning Coffee into a Reliable Ally

You can use coffee to prepare your own homemade hair dyes. They are easy to make, all-natural and inexpensive. Furthermore, regular coffee rinses can gradually color your hair. For longer-lasting results, you can mix one cup of espresso with your conditioner and apply the product on your hair after every single washing cycle. The problem with coffee dyes is that they provide short-term results; plus they can stain your clothes if your hair gets wet.

Discover a Flawless Natural Gray Hair Cure

Looking for a trustworthy natural gray hair cure that actually comes with a money-back guarantee? In this case, try Get Away Grey, your number one grey defense based on catalase, that powerful enzyme that protects the natural pigment of your hair.

Forget about temporary solutions to your silvery hair problem and use this amazing product to reverse gray hair the easy way!

Stop Gray Hair: Discover the Most Accessible Homemade Hair Dyes for Gray Hair

Hair ColorMillions of people are struggling to camouflage the first signs of the premature aging process. They use makeup to mask those fine wrinkles and rely on a wide range of cosmetic treatments to stop gray hair. Their main goal is to look younger and much more attractive.

Most men and women spare no expenses when it comes to recovering their youth and their confidence; but after a while, they no longer want to deal with those inflated salon bills. If you are one of those people who would rather embrace the old-fashioned DIY approach, check out some of the most well-liked recipes for inexpensive, risk-free homemade dye for gray hair.

Why Should You Ditch Your Regular Hair Dye?

Most hair dyes that you find in stores are difficult to apply, messy, pretty expensive and potentially dangerous. They are real chemical cocktails and not matter how gentle they appear to be at first, they will eventually damage your hair structure.

Discover All-Natural, Widely Accessible Alternatives

Did you know that you could easily prepare your own hair dye kit in the comfort of your own home, by utilizing some of the most common ingredients that you will always find in your kitchen? Moreover, did you know that black pepper can help you ditch that salt and pepper look that you really dislike? There are two extremely simple dye recipes that could help you mask those grays.

a)      The first recipe is based on yogurt and black pepper. You just have to turn 2 grams of pepper into a fine powder and then mix it with one cup of regular yogurt. Apply this mix 3 times on a weekly basis. Your hair will gradually get darker. Moreover, fresh yogurt is an excellent conditioner for gray hair.

b)      The second recipe is based on coffee. To put theory into practice, you’ll need ¼ cup of hot coffee, 1 tsp. of coffee granules, one plastic bag, a towel and a bottle of inexpensive conditioner. Mix the conditioner with the coffee granules until you obtain a fine paste. Afterwards, add ¼ cup of hot coffee, wait for a few minutes and then apply the DIY dye on your hair with the tips of your fingers, while gently massaging your scalp.

Opt for a More Effective Gray Hair Cure

Nonetheless, those who are looking for a cure for gray hair with long-term effects know that hair dyes are not the best solution to their problem. After all, dyes can’t reverse gray hair. Are you interested in finding a much more reliable gray hair cure?

Choose to discover Get Away Grey, a natural hair vitamin complex based on catalase. It will help you prevent or battle premature gray hair in no time. Order it today to stop gray hair and make the most of its incredible results.

Can U.S. Men Stop Gray Hair Without Dyeing It?

Gray hair is no longer seen as a characteristic of old men and women. On the contrary, hereditary factors, elevated stress levels, insufficient sleep, a poor diet, smoking and various other elements speed up the hair oxidation process, forcing younger individuals who are in their 20s or their 30s to cope with silvery hair.

FE_DA_GrayHair_082312425x283In the absence of catalase, an enzyme that keeps things under control and battles premature graying, the hair bleaches itself from the inside out and also loses its radiance and its original texture. This is a nightmare experienced by numerous American men. Recent studies indicate that more than 60% of all American men have to deal with white hairs before they reach 40.

While silvery hairs can look good on some of the classiest Hollywood actors, they may also fail to compliment your features and succeed only in helping you get that washed-out look that nobody appreciates. So how could you reverse gray hair in this case?

Why Hair Dyes May Not Be the Best Solution for You

According to Surveys, 11% of all American men with ages ranging from 50 to 64 choose to restore their natural color by relying on hair dyes. Could this be the best method to stop gray hair?

After testing it, you may reach the conclusion that hair dye is not your best friend. Firstly, it provides short-term results. Secondly: it is hard, if not impossible, to go back to your natural shade using hair coloring products. Thirdly, repetitive coloring cycles are expensive; not to mention that they could affect your hair structure and leave you with less hairs.

The DIY Approach: Natural Oils That Can Replace Hair Dyes

If you don’t want to dye your hair, you could choose to mask those grays in a completely natural manner, by applying home-made oils and creams based on widely accessible ingredients. Did you know that special DIY formulas based on herbs are available for each hair color?

For red hair, boil a mix of Calendula flowers, hibiscus petals and water; for blonde hair use calendula tea, chamomile tea and natural lemon juice and for brown or black hair use brewed black tea and black walnut powder to darken your hair gradually.

The Expert Approach: Stop Graying Hair with a Pill

Don’t have much faith in natural remedies? Feel the need to rely on a tested product created by a team of respectable researchers? If so, don’t hesitate to purchase and test Get Away Grey, your fastest, strongest gray hair cure based on catalase. It prevents the premature graying process and also helps you get rid of gray hair naturally, in no time. Buy it, love it and spread the word about your number one cure for gray hair

The Gray Hair Styling Guide for Men

Style: "TM_JeanYves_before2"Both men and women who still look and feel young are forced to deal with the unpleasant premature graying process. Some of them choose to ignore those silvery hairs; others try to conceal them using a wide range of more or less effective hair coloring products.

At the same time, the truly stubborn ones who refuse to embrace the undesired change start looking for an effective cure for gray hair. In the end, the final choice is up to you. If you’d rather put your white hairs on full display, at least do it in style.

Here are a few incredibly trendy gray hair styling ideas that will always be in fashion. Check them out, apply the ones which seem right for you and remember: trends come and go, but gray hair can be a timelessly elegant accessory, if you wear it right.

Slightly Messy Hairstyle with Matching Beard for a Classy, Consistent Look

Remember the alluring Roger Sterling, from Mad Men? He had everything he needed to make himself remembered wherever he went: money, power, prestige, style and….awesome silvery hair.

Yes, Jon Slattery, the actor behind this beloved character sure knows how to take the gray hair trend to the next level. He is one of the few people who don’t feel the need to reverse gray hair. His secret is this: short sides, correlated with a flat top of a medium length. The hairstyle is delightfully unpretentious and requires only one stylish product: mousse that you can easily apply with your fingers.

The Playful, Transitional Style Is Perfect for the Indecisive Ones

You simply can’t expand on a topic related to gray hair without mentioning George Clooney. He perfected the salt and pepper look, which obviously fits him like a glove. Now he has silvery hair, but not too long ago, he broke many hearts as one of the pioneers of the transitional style, based on highlights.

Learn how to play with different shades of gray to obtain a fabulous contrast that accentuates your best features. To obtain excellent results, remembers that the tips of your hairs should be lighter than the rest of your graying hair. Feel free to experiment until you find the perfect contrast and the low-maintenance cut that you’re actually looking for.

Long Silvery, Messy Hair Is for the Truly Brave Ones

Want to make a fashion statement and prove that you can and will age gracefully? Want to prove that you’re not afraid of gray hair? If so, you may want to replicate the hairstyle of Jeff Bridges. His secret is not difficult to guess: long, beautiful gray hair with natural roots and lighter ends. It is properly combed and slightly tamed with just a little bit of gel. This style is definitely a must-have, if you want to reveal your rebellious side.

Reverse Your Grays with the Right Product

If you don’t like it, you have to change it fast. This rule applies to many things that may bother you in your daily life, including gray hair. In this case, if you want to reverse gray hair, don’t go for unreliable products. Opt for a safe, all-natural solution, based on catalase. Catalase is the important enzyme that fights hair oxidation and enables you to keep your hair pigment where it belongs.

Get Away Grey is your new Gray Defense. This gray hair cure will help you win the battle with premature graying and take pride in a vivid, natural color for the longest period of time. Order Get Away Grey today, put it to the test and manage to reverse gray hair fast and with no risks and no effort!

The Gray Hair Obsession: More Than 60% of All Americans Are Dealing with It Before Turning 40

More and more people are haunted by the gray hair obsession. In most cases, there is an entire network of factors behind the dreaded premature graying process, including an incorrect nutrition, genetic heritage, smoking and even vitiligo, the medical condition that triggers extensive hair and skin depigmentation. The Get Away Grey infographic indicates that more than 60% of all Americans are forced to deal with silvery hair before turning 40.

In this context, it goes without saying that a huge percentage of those who are in this position are looking for the best way to reverse grey hair, boost their appeal and recover their youth and their confidence. So the question is this: what would be the best method to win the fight with premature hair oxidation?

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Going Grey In The USA

More Than 70% of all American women choose to dye their hair

Yes, hair dyes are somewhat expensive, have to be used on a regular basis to cover your grays in an effective manner and sometimes the end results generate only headaches and a lot of frustration. Extremely dry, deteriorated, frizzy hair that is almost impossible to tame is always a woman’s worst nightmare.

Even so, more than 70% American women choose to dye their hair. The most surprising fact is that, according to the info provided by Clairol, the biggest growth recorded in the hair dye sector is due to young clients (age 14-24) who are trying to camouflage their depigmented hairs.

Half a century ago, this cosmetic solution applied to mask grays was far less popular: only 7% of all American women used hair dyes to change their look and solve their premature graying problem in 1950.

Presently, hair dye enables women to look and feel younger and more attractive. However, while hair coloring products are extremely common and utilized on a large scale, they cannot be considered a solid ally in the battle with gray hair, simply because they do not tackle the root of the problem. So is there a different way to get rid of gray?

Get Away Grey: Your 100% Effective, Natural Cure for Grey Hair

Why choose to dye your graying hair, when you can actually reverse it? Yes, you can prevent the scary hair oxidation process in a completely natural, risk-free manner. Get Away Grey is a magnificent cure for gray hair and an important source of catalase.

Catalase is the enzyme that stops your hair from bleaching itself from the inside out. This specially formulated product will help you restore your confidence and feel younger and much more attractive.

The best part is that it comes with a money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. Order the Get Away Grey vitamin complex and get rid of gray hair the easy and convenient way.

Could Pseudocatalase Help People Who Want to Prevent or Fight Premature Gray Hair?

640_Woman_in_mirrorThere are various types of therapies designed and implemented to help people control the unpleasant effects of vitiligo, a condition that currently troubles 1% of the global population.

Depigmented skin is a major aesthetic problem that affects the confidence and self-esteem of most patients diagnosed with vitiligo. This is one of the main reasons why scientists have struggled to put an end to the suffering and frustration of millions of individuals. Laser technology (Excimer Laser, Ratokderm) and Pseudocatalase cream represent only two options available for those who want to say goodbye to those ugly vitiligo spots.

But what about those misfortunate young adults who witness the first signs of premature gray hair? Could Pseodocatalase be a reliable gray hair cure and the best answer to their pressing problem?

Pseudocatalase and Its Antioxidant Properties

Pseudocatalase displays beneficial antioxidant attributes. This means that it can neutralize the levels of hydrogen peroxide, the compound responsible for oxidative stress, and enable men and women to preserve their natural pigment for a longer period of time.

Dr. Karin Schallreuter affirms that Pseudocatalase, the cream created to combat depigmentation, could also be used by individuals who want to prevent or address the discoloration of areas covered with hair, like their scalp, for instance. People who want to restore the natural color of their beard, eyelashes, eyebrows and hairs would have to apply this cream twice on a daily basis.

Pseudocatalase May Not Be the Miracle You’ve Been Praying For

Would it work for you too? The scientists involved in this project state that their product has already provided encouraging results for more than 4,000 subjects suffering from vitiligo. After using the cream, they were able to restore the natural color or their eyelashes and eyebrows.

However, it seems that there is no scientific evidence suggesting that Pseudocatalase could reverse gray hair on body parts that are not affected by vitiligo. This is one of the main reasons why, at this point, manufacturers state that their product should be used only by people diagnosed with this medical condition. Disappointed? Wait till you hear the good news!

A Vitamin Complex That Actually Kicks Gray Hair to the Curb

You don’t need to wait a few more decades to find the best cure for gray hair. It is widely available as we speak. Get Away Grey is a remarkable vitamin complex that allows your body to win the battle with premature graying.

Order this revolutionary gray hair vitamin today and manage to turn back time the easy way.