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4 Reasons Why You May Need a New Gray Hair Treatment in Your Life

A mature couple laughingCelebrities of all ages constantly remind you just how important it really is to feel comfortable in your own skin. They tell the whole world that even gray hair can be seductive, as long as you take good care of it and do your best turn it into your iconic accessory. Truth be told, celebrities never have to worry about a bad hair day. They always count on the unconditional support of dozens of colorists, stylists and hairdressers. Things are very different for everyday people. If you feel the need to upgrade your dull gray hair, just do it. Give the latest gray hair treatment a try and discover the four most important reasons why you should actually follow a new approach to rediscovering the natural shade of your locks.

  1. Gray Hair Isn’t Your Type of Silver Metal. In an article published by Huffington Post, Cindy Joseph, a beautiful model who is in her 60s, tells us that we should actually embrace and celebrate our grays, while interpreting them as a proof of our uniqueness. In her case, going gray was a smart move that jumpstarted her modeling career. Due to her natural silvery locks, she got featured in ads for various prestigious brands, such as Olay, Dolce & Gabbana and Aveda. As tempting as it may be to just leave those grays be and ditch the services of your colorist, we have to admit that living with colorless strands is no easy task. Rebellious, dry and frizzy, whites can compromise your styling efforts in a split second; this is why you need a complete gray hair treatment designed to help you keep your colorless strands under control at all times.
  2. Natural DIY Anti Gray Hair Solutions Don’t Do the Trick for You. You’ve heard so much about masks, essential oils and rinses based on plant extracts. You’ve tried all these natural solutions based on amla, coffee, black tea, sage leaves and various other ingredients recommended as gray hair solutions. If these options have failed to provide the desirable results, consider turning to commercially available gray hair pills comprising the highest concentrations of plant extracts, vitamins and minerals that can actually influence the pace of the graying process.
  3. You Are Tired of Dyeing Your Hair. Permanent hair dyes can affect the texture of your strands in the long run; not to mention the fact that the contrast between dyed hair and white roots can be quite appalling. If you are determined to forget everything about hair coloring kits, start implementing the best method to reverse gray hair, which is based on the administration of gray hair pills especially formulated to disintegrate the culprit for your loss of pigment: hydrogen peroxide.
  4. You Are Craving for a Change. Maybe you have nothing against hair dyes, but still wish to undergo a more natural and safe transformation that could restore your youthful aspect. By ensuring a subtle, gradual darkening effect, a modern gray hair treatment based on catalase could turn your wish into reality.

Regardless of the reasons why you want to part ways with your white streaks, note that Getawaygrey could help you accomplish this mission. Two pills taken daily could ensure a more intense color, while also potentially leading to improvements in terms of hair radiance and texture. For more details on product usage, ingredients and effectiveness, visit www.getawaygrey.com and discover the secrets of healthy, younger-looking hair at any age.


4 Tips on How to Support Your Gray Hair Reversal Efforts

Worried woman in grey pullover pointing at the alarm clock, isolHate the idea of flaunting a dull mane colored in fifty shades of muted gray while you’re still in your late 20s or 30s? Here’s an idea that may appeal to you: find and implement the best tactics to restore your natural pigment. We give you a list of four easy tips on how to turn the whole gray hair reversal process into a more fulfilling experience.

  1. Cut Your Hair Shorter. Short and long bobs are now trendier than ever; not to mention the fact that these effortlessly chic hairstyles enable you to lessen the powerful contrast between pigmented and gray strands. If you are no longer willing to color your hair and wish to start the gray hair reversal process right away, choose to crop your hair right above the collarbone, to achieve a classy, clean look.
  2. Upgrade Your Hair Washing/Conditioning Routine. According to an article published by Prevention, as your hairs go gray, their protective cuticles start to thin out, leading to thin and more vulnerable strands. To avoid this problem in an effective manner, adjust your regular hair washing/conditioning schedule. Wash your hair every two or three days and let it dry naturally as often as you can. On the other hand, you could also turn to a moisturizing shampoo designed for everyday use; stick to a formula created to smoothen and soften gray hair while fighting brassiness and frizziness.
  3. Eat Smarter. You can rejuvenate your locks from the inside out and prevent the appearance of new white hairs by giving your body the vitamins and minerals that it requires to boost the production of hair pigment. An optimal intake of copper, zinc, iron and B vitamins could support your hair health goals, contributing to a younger-looking, more radiant mane, so make sure you eat plenty of fresh foods that are rich in all these potent elements.
  4. Start Taking Catalase Supplements. Catalase supplements represent the most important element comprised by any successful gray hair reversal Due to their ideal amount of catalase, these pills for gray hair serve a very important purpose: the transformation of pigment-stealing hydrogen peroxide accumulations into water and oxygen molecules. Getawaygrey is the last-generation gray hair treatment that you need to try if you’re constantly bothered by the unappealing color of your aging tresses. Find out how this product actually works by visiting www.getawaygrey.com, order it online and make your first steps towards healthier-looking, more luscious and vigorous hair.

How to Reverse Gray Hair While You’re Still in Your 20s or 30s

Going grayDealing with capricious gray hair is not exactly easy and fun, especially when you’re in your late 20s or early 30s. The dryness, excessive frizziness and fading color of your locks can make you crave for a change. Should you dye your strands, get highlights or use hair makeup just to darken your mane and make a first step towards restoring your youthful appearance? This is definitely an option worth considering. However, before resorting to more or less satisfying hair coloring tricks and tips, you may wish to test the effectiveness of gray hair pills designed to combat the effects of premature whitening. Here are a few safe and easy tips on how to reverse gray hair without taking any chances.

What Is Behind the Premature Graying Process?

Did you know that gray hair is not necessarily a consequence of the natural aging process? According to The Chosunilbo, hair oxidation is a complex process that doesn’t have much to do with the signs of aging displayed by our bodies (such as fine lines and wrinkles for example); premature graying is linked to the aging of the pigment cells comprised by some of our hair follicles. Our genetic heritage influences the graying process a great deal. Also, grays that show up unexpectedly (and uninvited) at an early age could represent the indicator of a health problem, such as diabetes, leukoplakia, pernicious anemia or certain thyroid-related issues. By disrupting the normal functionality of the pituitary gland, these health concerns could trigger a reduced melanin production, resulting in depigmented strands. If prematurely gray hair doesn’t run in the family, consider undergoing a medical exam to rule out (or address) all these potential health risks.

How Could You Deal with Gray Hair at an Early Age?

If genetic factors are to blame for your massive amount of gray hair, think about implementing the simplest tips on how to reverse gray hair. Start by eating super healthy foods rich in zinc, copper and iron. Also, you may want to consume as many black foods as possible to restore your natural pigment and beautify your aging hair. For example, black beans offer you the ideal amount of proteins required to produce healthy hairs; black sesame is well-known for its anti-aging properties and could help you prevent hair loss and premature graying.

When it comes to fighting premature graying, you need to rely on more than a few simple dietary changes to win the battle with this invisible enemy. In this context, choose to count on the scientific breakthroughs that led to the development of gray hair pills based on catalase. Getawaygrey is an excellent source of catalase, the enzyme that neutralizes the agent that bleaches your hair from the inside out, and plant and mineral extracts added to nourish and protect your strands from within. Two pills taken on a daily basis could help users treat gray hairs in only a few weeks. Give this innovative product a try, order your first bottles and start the gray hair treatment that could change your look and your entire life rapidly and safely.

How Do Gray Hair Pills Actually Work?

Thoughtful senior man looks at his many pillsIf you are determined to banish those white strands once and for all, chances are that you are already contemplating the idea of testing the very best gray hair pills currently available on the market. But how could you possible make an informed purchase and select the most suitable product for your aging tresses? You can start by checking out the list of ingredients comprised by each product. Every single active ingredient serves a very specific purpose, potentially allowing you to notice a natural darkening effect by addressing the underlying causes of premature graying.

What Type of Formulas Should You Consider?

If goes without saying that no two types of commercially available gray hair treatments are alike. Even though they promise similar benefits, they incorporate different concentrations of active ingredients that combat the hair oxidation process, one way or another. So what kind of gray hair pills should you choose? First of all, focus on finding a gray hair solution based solely on safe, all-natural ingredients, taking into consideration the fact that you probably wouldn’t want to deal with potential side-effects associated with the administration of potent chemicals.

Here’s another aspect that may capture your attention: according to information provided by the Institute for Traditional Medicine, cited by Livestrong, the functionality of the kidney and the liver influences the appearance of gray hairs. Deficiencies present in one’s kidneys and liver disorders, which could be identifying by doing blood tests, could be corrected by taking a certain type of gray hair pills, based on a mix of Chinese herbs. This is only one possible approach to treating gray hair.

Secondly, opt for a formula that is developed around a scientific breakthrough. For example, Getawaygrey contains catalase, the enzyme that interferes with the hair bleaching process by blasting hydrogen peroxide deposits and converting them into oxygen and water. Aside from its ideal concentration of catalase, Getawaygrey also incorporates important minerals and vitamins added to promote the health of the users’ aging locks. Ingredients such as nettle root extract, B6 vitamins, biotin, support the growth of thicker, more vigorous hair. If you want to make the most of the advantages delivered by high-quality gray hair pills designed to rejuvenate, protect and feed your strands from within, order your first bottles of Getawaygrey on its official website and discover the effectiveness of catalase, combined with the right type of all-natural hair-friendly plant extracts.

5 Gray Hair Reversal Tactics That You Should Start Employing Today

natural hairThere are several reasons why the idea of rocking gray hairs may not appeal to you. Regardless of the motives that make you reject this transformation, you should know that you don’t have to live with colorless hairs if you don’t want to. These days, you can rely on a plentitude of gray hair reversal tactics to try to keep your pigment on your strands for a longer period of time. Here are five tips on how to interfere with the hair oxidation process in a completely natural and risk-free manner.

  1. Add More Copper to Your Daily Diet. A reduced amount of copper in your system could actually speed up your graying process. You can avoid this problem by adding multiple natural sources of copper to your daily diet. Choose to consume pomegranates, spinach, various types of meat and lima beans as often as you can. Assuming that you’re not the biggest fan of copper-rich foods, note that you could always take a good hair multivitamin complex to prevent a potential deficiency and take better care of your aging hair.
  2. Opt for a High-Protein Diet. A healthy diet based on a perfect balance between carbohydrates and proteins can help you improve the texture of your hair and increase its glow. Lean meats, such as chicken and turkey, represent delicious ingredients that could allow you to achieve your hair health goals.
  3. Eat Plenty of B12 Vitamins-Rich Foods. Did you know that a B12-vitamin deficiency could be responsible for the premature appearance of your gray strands? If you dread the idea of sporting a white mane while you’re still in your 20s or 30s, choose to eat healthy foods that are rich in B12 vitamins. Bananas, lamb, eggs and cheese are only a few of the tasty options that you could add to your daily menu to increase the concentration of B12 vitamins in your body.
  4. Enhance Blood Flow. According to GoodtoKnow, a faultless blood flow could help you delay the first signs of premature graying. Even if you’re getting all the right vitamins and minerals that support your hair health, you have to find the best way to help them reach your strands and scalp in a timely fashion. Regular relaxing scalp massages represent the key to enhancing blood flow and keeping your hairs shiny, pigmented and properly nourished.
  5. Catalase Supplements. By far, the most reliable gray hair reversal tactics are the ones that are based on science. Catalase supplements are advanced hair vitamin complexes designed to decompose hydrogen peroxide, the element that bleaches your hair from the inside out, into water and oxygen.

Getawaygrey comprises an optimal amount of catalase and also incorporates various plant-based extracts leading to stronger, more radiant strands. Find out more about this revolutionary product by visiting www.getawaygrey.com and discover the gray hair pills that could improve the look and feel of your aging tresses in only a few weeks.

What Kind of Gray Hair Supplements Should You Actually Take?

iStock_000040858074_SmallEvery single day, we are bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages created to promote different categories of products that promise to make us look younger and more attractive. When it comes to finding the most effective aid for aging locks, how could you possibly identify the best kind of gray hair supplements? Here are a few aspects that you should consider before making a purchase.

  1. The Real Needs of Your Hair. Those awful fifty shades of gray are not the only aesthetic issue associated with aging tresses. Lack of color is only one problem that most people over 40 are already dealing with. Thinning hairs, balding spots, lack of volume, excessive dryness and frizziness are other popular concerns that could also give you a hard time in the years to come. You don’t necessarily have to rely on a plethora of styling aids to keep the situation under control. Instead, you could start taking gray hair supplements with a complete advanced formula, developed to help you address all these inconveniences and promote healthy hair growth.
  2. Product Ingredients. This brings us to the next important element that you should always factor in: the list of active ingredients comprised by any vitamin complex for hair that you may be willing to purchase. A complex formula that tackles the root of the graying problem while also ensuring healthier, stronger, more radiant locks is always an invaluable asset worthy of your time and money. For instance, Getawaygrey could help you treat gray hair due to its optimal dosage of catalase (5,000 iu). Furthermore, this vitamin complex also contains a wide range of ingredients used to improve the appearance of gray hair (nettle root extract), favor the natural pigmentation of hair, skin and eyes (copper), boost the immune system and accelerate hair regrowth (vitamin B6) and so much more. So there you have it: a product comprising a mix of ingredients created to support the beauty, color and vigor of aging strands is much more useful than any other gray hair treatment that you may have used in the past.
  3. Last but not least, don’t forget to find out what people are actually saying about the gray hair pills that you are planning on taking. A respectable product will always count on positive client feedback. The testimonials listed on the Getawaygrey official website indicate that this product leads to positive changes experienced by numerous users who have been struggling to reverse gray hair. If you would like to get more details on how these pills containing catalase actually work, go to www.getawaygrey.com, and find out everything you should know about the latest gray hair management techniques based on science.

Could a Gray Hair Treatment Based on B-12 Vitamins Help You Fight Premature Graying?

Woman Taking PillsEvery single time you look in the mirror, you become even more determined to try a new kind of gray hair treatment that could help you restore the natural color of your locks. But what kind of formula should you actually target? A few years ago, hairstylists used to tell their clients that there is no treatment (professional grade or homemade) that could stop the appalling graying process right in its tracks. Nonetheless, at this point things appear to be very different. After studying the link between several factors and the premature graying effect, researchers have managed to develop and introduce a new generation of grey hair pills that could tackle the real root of your graying issue.

Is a B-12 Vitamin Deficiency the Root of All Evil?

Scientists who have studied the hair oxidation process know for a fact that one’s genetic heritage, certain illnesses and personal lifestyle choices are the main factors that influence the loss of hair pigment. Nonetheless, according to specialists, a severe B-12 vitamin deficiency could also point in the same direction, impacting the health and beauty of human hair. According to an article published by South China Morning Post, if you have reasons to think that your premature graying problem is linked to an unbalanced diet, you should start by adjusting your daily diet based on the advice of your MD. You may want to consume healthy foods that are rich in B-12 vitamins, including crustaceous, lamb, beef and dairy products. Aside from the fact that a B-12 vitamin deficiency can affect the looks and feel of your locks, it can also lead to much more serious health concerns, such as irreversible damage to your nerve cells associated with a plethora of symptoms, including muscle weakness, psychosis, dementia, memory loss and irritability.

Can You Treat Gray Hair without Modifying Your Diet?

If you feel the need to take better care of your aging hair without implementing substantial dietary changes, consider testing an innovative treatment based on catalase. This powerful enzyme could put hair oxidation on hold by decomposing hydrogen peroxide deposits into water and oxygen. Getawaygrey, one of the most popular new-generation grey hair treatments available on the market, incorporates an ideal concentration of catalase and also contains vitamin B-6, copper, Para-Aminobenzoic Acid and various plant-based extracts that could boost the vitality and beauty of aging hair. Visit www.getawaygrey.com to analyze the complete list of ingredients comprised by this revolutionary formula and order your first bottles to test its benefits on your own mane.

4 Gray Hair Rules That You Need to Start Breaking Right Away

A mature couple laughingWhen it comes to taking better care of your gray hair, you shouldn’t follow any rules blindly. Instead, try to discover and analyze the real needs of your locks and find out how you could address them in the most effective manner. Here are four of the most popular outdated gray hair care and styling rules that don’t do your hairs any favors.

Older Women Shouldn’t Opt For Long Hairstyles. This age-shaming myth has no connection with our reality and some of the most popular celebs over 40 can actually prove it. Stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Julianne Moore tell us that longer locks are perfectly acceptable (and extremely flattering) even when you’re in your 40s and 50s. In this case, the key is to choose your cut based on your personal style and facial features, not based on the amount of gray hair that you have started to show.

Grays Should Be Concealed Using Hair Dyes. A few decades ago, gray hair was perceived as the imminent decline of your youthful beauty. At this point, women can actually let their hairs go gray and get away with it. Major runway shows back this new trend. According to InStyle, some of the most well-known fashion powerhouses, including Calvin Klein and Chanel allowed us to contemplate models with white steaks. They looked absolutely gorgeous and confident, proving that modern women should no longer feel compelled to apply dyes on their locks to mask their loss of hair pigment.

You Should Always Reduce the Heat While Styling Your Gray Hair. Gray hair can be quite difficult to tame, so the fact that you have become addicted to your flat iron is perfectly understandable. Should you turn down the heat while using such styling appliances? According to reputable stylists, dragging your flat iron over your tresses multiple times can actually damage your hairs by weakening their exterior protective layer. Instead, you could make just one pass using the highest temperature setting, which usually reaches 410 degrees.

Dyes Are Your One and Only Friend When You Refuse to Go Gray

A few years back, gray-haired women only had two options at hand: the chance to conceal grays using permanent, semi or demi permanent coloring formulas, or the possibility to go gray naturally and embrace their lack of hair pigment. These days, men and women who dislike their graying hair have one other alternative worth considering, which comes in the form of catalase supplements. These grey hair pills revolve around catalase, the powerful enzyme that turns hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. By neutralizing the component that robs your hair of its pigment, this new generation of vitamins for grey hair could help you get a few steps closer to your natural color. Incorporating the finest plant-based extracts and vitamins that promote a healthy hair growth, Getawaygrey is the vitamin complex that you’ve waited so long to try. Visit www.getawaygrey.com to discover its utilization recommendations, ordering methods and feedback from satisfied clients who have already included this grey hair treatment into their personal hair care routine.

Gray Hair 101: Best Ways to Deal with White Streaks While You’re in Your 30s

Blowing Out Small Candles On CakeAs you grow older, you realize that you are constantly being bombarded with intimidating, age-shaming messages introduced by the biggest brands operating in the beauty industry. Giant corporations make you feel the pressure of looking young and attractive by pointing out that gray hair, cellulite, creases and fine lines can impact the way in which other people interact with you in your personal and professional life. This explains why celebrities who are always into the spotlight feel compelled to undergo cosmetic surgery and become addicted to the services provided by their hairstylists and colorists. According to Daily Mail, even the Duchess of Cambridge was extremely upset by the recent pictures revealing her not-so-flattering gray strands and decided to have her roots covered right away. But is all-around color the best way to deal with the silver strands that have started to trouble you at an early age?

How Do Celebs Manage to Address the Premature Graying Problem?

According to some of the most reputable celebrity stylists, there are several other alternatives that men and women could try before deciding to apply a permanent coloring product on their aging hair. Vegetable dyes and color glosses appear to be the safest, most convenient methods that can be put to the test by all categories of consumers, including women who are expecting. Highlights and lowlights can become the best tricks that you could apply to mask regrowth when you feel the need to postpone your upcoming coloring appointment. Nonetheless, it goes without saying that all these styling tricks have a short lifespan. Even if you choose to get highlights to mask your grays, you would have to get them redone after a couple of months, to preserve the natural aspect of your hair.

Discover the Latest Gray Hair Treatment That You Should Try

If you’d much rather opt for a different kind of gray hair treatment offering more permanent results, what’s the best product that your money can buy? According to customer reviews, the new generation of vitamins for grey hair is arguably the best solution that you could count on to intensify the color of you aging hair and keep it radiant, silky and healthy. Customers who have already tried Getawaygrey, the promising grey hair pill based on catalase and a unique mix of herbal and mineral compounds, have witnessed positive changes after only a few weeks of utilization. This product is made of safe, natural ingredients and comes with a money-back guarantee, so you have all the reasons in the world to give it a try. To find out more about its list of active ingredients, usage and other tips on how to tame and beautify your gray hairs, go to www.getawaygrey.com and get informed.

Should You Go for a Short Cut to Address the Gray Hair Problem?

b2dc9063c51c9c407aca8a861b8d52dcGoing gray is a scary process that most people just don’t know how to handle. Some of them get trapped in a vicious circle revolving around the usage of hair dyes, while others prefer to cut their hair really short to facilitate their transition from a dark and fabulous mane to a colorless and flat one. But the question is this: why do so many women over 50 choose to say goodbye to their fabulous long locks, while going in favor of a bold pixie that doesn’t always manage to accentuate their femininity? Moreover, could a pixie or a short bob be considered the best method to cope with the effects of premature graying?

Why Do Most Gray-Haired Women Actually Prefer Shorter Hairstyles?

Truth be told, there are many reasons why millions of women decide to flaunt a bold, somewhat edgy short hairstyle in their 40s, 50s and 60s. First of all, a short cut does a great job at masking the signs of the graying process. Just think about it: when you see someone with dramatically short hair, you focus on the shocking length of the gray hairs, instead of paying attention to the tone of the locks. Moreover, more than a few women choose to cut their hair to address a wider range of problems associated with aging, hormonal imbalances and several other causes. Hair thinning, brassiness and frizziness are only a few of the aesthetic issues worth mentioning here.

Is a Short Cut the Best Solution to Your Gray Hair Challenge?

Indeed, a shorter cut can help you go from dark to fifty shades of gray seamlessly. On the other hand, according to an article published by The Guardian, colored hair should be treated like the finest cashmere, and gray hair always requires special styling tricks and deep conditioning treatments to stay healthy and shiny. Therefore, even if you choose to chop off your tresses to make the signs of graying seem less apparent, you will still have to invest in a generous selection of hair care products to maintain the attractiveness of your silver strands. No matter how short they are, your grays demand a complex pampering routine to keep you pleased in the long run.

Could Catalase Supplements Help You Intensify Your Hair Color?

While a short cut may not be the most satisfying answer to your gray hair challenge, you could always test the effectiveness of new vitamin complexes to beautify your aging hair and fortify it from the inside out. The innovative line of supplements based on catalase could delay the hair oxidation process by decomposing excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide, the element that is responsible for your loss of hair pigment. If you’re interested in this type of vitamin complexes, find out how Getawaygrey could improve the looks and feel of your tresses. Visit www.getawaygrey.com, take a look at its premium active ingredients and discover how they could help you achieve healthier, more luscious and powerful strands in only a few weeks.