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Types of Minerals and Gray Hair Vitamins That Can Beautify Your Aging Locks

18edae4b31a4caab0090ba75d6495883As we grow older, we tend to focus on natural remedies that could make us look and feel younger and more attractive. In an attempt to prevent potentially harmful deficiencies that could impact our hair health we choose to take eat cleaner and take daily multivitamins allowing us to fill the gaps present in our diets. Most vitamins comprise a series of important compounds, such as biotin, B-complex and zinc, which support the health of our aging strands. If you’re looking for the most suitable gray hair treatment based on all-natural and safe ingredients, it is highly recommended to rely on a complex formula incorporating the following essential nutrients:

  1. Many people who pursue ambitious weight loss goals do not eat red meat very often. This is one of the reasons why they may be dealing with an iron deficiency. Iron is an extremely important element that transports oxygen to your strands and promotes a rapid hair growth. In case you want to include more iron-rich foods into your daily diet, try to prepare delicious meals based on spinach, chicken, lentils and egg yolks.
  2. Zinc is commonly known as the hair growth mineral. Did you know that enthusiastic sweaters and exercisers usually lose considerable amounts of zinc during their workouts? To prevent a potential deficiency, you should get up to 30mg of zinc on a daily basis. If you don’t want to take gray hair vitamins to supplement your zinc concentration, at least add a few delicious zinc-rich ingredients to your daily meals. Chocolate, pumpkin seeds, turkey and lamb are only a few suggestions that you may want to consider.
  3. B-Complex Vitamins. According to an article published by Huffington Post, several B-complex vitamins, including niacin, biotin and cobalamin do a great job at restoring the thickness and natural glow of your strands. In order to explore these benefits, you should consume avocados, eggs, legumes and whole grains as often as possible.

Should You Trust Gray Hair Vitamins?

Getting all the essential minerals and gray hair vitamins that you need from your daily diet can be quite difficult. Is there a simpler and more convenient way to nourish and protect your grays from the inside out? Of course there is! Start taking Getawaygrey, the natural promising gray hair treatment based on catalase. These pills for gray hair could fortify, feed, protect and rejuvenate your aging tresses from the inside out in just a few weeks. By neutralizing the culprit for premature graying, this product could also lead to a natural darkening effect. For more info on the benefits of Getawaygrey, product usage and ordering methods just go to www.getawaygrey.com and find out everything you need to know about faultless hair care at any age.

3 Celebrity Gray Hair Management Secrets You Should Keep in Mind

herbal-hair-dyeEvery single day, we strive to learn something new from the most fortunate ones. Since they are always accompanied by an army of makeup artists and hairstylists, celebs always know best. They manage to create trends and sometimes they are kind enough to share their wisdom with those in need. If you are desperately looking for professional advice to improve your hair care ritual why break the bank to pay for expensive salon treatments when you can just check out a list of working tips and tricks employed by the rich and famous to keep their tresses healthy and radiant? Keep reading to discover 3 of the most well-kept gray hair celebrity secrets enabling you to take better care of your mane.

1) Color Depositing Shampoos

As we grow older, our natural color fades away. This is the ugly truth that most men and women try to sweep under the rug. You can rely on permanent hair dyes to camouflage this major drawback. However, traditional, centuries-old remedies won’t reverse gray hair or let you intensify your natural hue for a long period of time. On the other hand, catalase supplements tackle the real root of the problem and give you more time to enjoy the natural brilliance of your hairs by putting premature graying on hold.

But if you don’t feel ready to test the new generation of catalase-based scientifically proven gray hair remedies, you could follow in the footsteps of first-class celebs who rely on color depositing shampoos that fight brassiness between hair coloring sessions. According to Allure Magazine, Drew Barrymore uses a combination of 2 ARTec shampoos (sunflower and walnut) to maintain her gorgeous, glossy color. The same secret is shared by Jenna Elfman who managed to go from blonde to a delightful red tone using the quality Strawberry Color Depositing Shampoo launched by the same brand.

Donatella Versace, who is worldwide famous for her long, brilliant platinum blonde uses a mix of Lemon Flower and White Violet to preserve the unique gloss of her locks. Minnie Driver doesn’t seem too intimidated by the effects of premature graying. Perhaps this is mostly because she knows how to add depth to her dark mane, by utilizing Cocobean. You may be wondering: why are all these celebs crazy about color depositing shampoos? These special shampoos and conditioners are especially designed to address the needs of dyed tresses. They contain protective sunscreens and contain active elements that hold the color molecules in place for the longest period of time. Therefore, if you want to mask graying hair by relying on commercially available permanent dye, make sure you use color depositing hair care products to preserve a brighter tone for many weeks in a row.

2) A Less Aggressive Styling Routine Is the Key to Healthy-Looking Tresses

Do you think that famous models, actresses and singers who are forced to try dozens of different hairstyles on a daily basis aren’t paying attention to the transformations that their tresses have to suffer? Their locks may go from extra straight to curly in a matter of a few minutes, but this doesn’t mean that they are necessarily impacted by an aggressive styling routine. Most celebs use ceramic irons like Sedu Flat Iron on their mane. Ceramic irons are much more effective and are less of a threat for extremely vulnerable aging hair. Moreover, celebrities who want to curl their hairs usually use steam, gel and Velcro rollers to get the job done in no time.

This type of rollers holds the curls for a longer period of time; therefore it is the perfect alterative to standard rollers. Furthermore, many women don’t want to cut their hair short because they love it too much. However, if you want to boost the appeal of your graying hair, you have to trim it every 2 or 3 months. According to eHow, this is the key to growing super long, extra healthy locks. Keep in mind that you’d have to cut anywhere from ¼ inch to 2/3 inches during every single trimming session to attain your objective. Aside from regular trimming, there are a few other simple tips that any good hairstylist will share with you:

  • Wash your tresses 2 or 3 times on a weekly (at most). Too frequent washing cycles could strip your hair of the natural oils that keep it in excellent condition. If you wash your mane too often you expose it to breakage and brittleness.
  • Avoid heat-powered appliances.
  • Avoid harsh, potentially dangerous chemicals that may be contained by commercially available hair care products and try to turn to natural substitutes that protect the scalp and brighten up the natural color of your locks.
  • Swim in fresh water. Avoid salted water. When possible, also try to stay far away from the chlorine-rich water from pools. If this is not an option, at least apply a good leave-in conditioner on your tresses before jumping in the pool. The conditioner will form a solid barrier against exterior factors (chlorine in this case) and make your hair become less vulnerable.
  • Eat healthy. Do you really think that gorgeous celebs with aging hair stuff themselves with junk food every single day? They don’t. We see them exercising at the gym, jogging in the park, eating mouthwatering healthy dishes in restaurants and doing their best to maintain a simple, lifestyle based on risk-free choices. If you want to strengthen your hairs and boost their development, it is imperative to minimize the amount of animal fats, sodium and sugar that you consume. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and try to eat fewer processed foods that are bad for your body.

3) The Shine Spray

Do you think that the real hair of A-list celebs shines brighter than a new penny at 6 in the morning? As a matter of fact, it doesn’t. All celebs have bad hair days; however, when they get ready for a red carpet event they don’t let tern or rebellious locks stand in their way. Flat hair can be upgraded by simply pulverizing a silicon-based high-shine spray. This is the well-kept secret that allows beautiful celebs to display glossy hair making most everyday people really envious.

All in all, you can take really good care of your hairs even if you can’t afford to pay a small fortune for professional salon products. Silicon shine sprays, color depositing shampoos and a gentle, minimalist styling routine involving as few heat-based appliances as possible represent the ingredients of the recipe for success shared by Hollywood celebs that we all know and love.

Restoring Your Natural Color from the Inside Out

Sometimes, you get tired of using dozens of products to keep your tresses in excellent condition. You’d just want to simplify your hair care routine and go back to your natural pigment fast and hassle-free. At this point, this is actually an attainable goal, due to the new generation of hair care vitamins based on catalase. Get Away Grey is a revolutionary catalase supplement representing the best treatment for fading color. Catalase dissolves excessive amounts of hydrogen peroxide, protecting the natural tones of your mane and keeping premature graying at a distance. The good news is that you can test this product on your own skin. Buy this verified gray defense with a few clicks to enjoy its remarkable long-term benefits.

Gray Hair Solutions: Is Enzyme Treatment Right for You?

The body’s everyday chemical processes rely on enzymes. The purpose of enzymes is to increase the speed at which chemical reactions occur in the body. In fact, enzymes boost the speed of these chemical reactions millions of times.

Enzyme treatment may be a familiar term, simply because it has been used for decades to improve our health. However it has only recently earned exposure for the treatment of gray hair. Now being touted as a solution for gray, enzyme therapy appears to be taking the world by storm. It was a recent discovery by European scientists that made enzyme therapy a popular gray hair solution.

How Enzymes Work

An enzyme is a protein. Enzymes exist in two forms: those that join, and those that separate. In order to make a chemical reaction happen, an enzyme must join two substrates. To prevent a chemical reaction, enzymes break up substrates. And the latter is exactly what happens to cause gray hair.

How Enzyme Therapy Works To Prevent Gray Hair

Sometimes, products are formed within the body that can be toxic if they exceed a certain concentration. Such is the case with hydrogen peroxide. When it is present in the body, it is basically toxic to the hair’s natural color, causing gray.

But when two important enzymes are introduced, the situation can be reversed. Those enzymes are Catalase and Glutathione Peroxidase. When they are introduced, the hydrogen peroxide molecules are broken down into harmless oxygen and water. Just one molecule of Catalase can convert over 40 million molecules of hydrogen peroxide, and it takes just one second to do so. This means that enzyme therapy is an incredibly efficient and effective way for anyone to get rid of their gray hair.

Other Benefits of Enzyme Therapy

Using enzyme therapy for gray hair can also have a host of additional benefits for the body. Because many illnesses are directly related to deficiencies in minerals, vitamins and enzymes, this type of therapy can provide ways for people to improve their health when prescription medications have failed.

Get Away Grey – Another Natural Gray Hair Solution 

In addition to enzyme therapy, help exists in the form of other natural solutions like Get Away Grey. Currently, a promotion is being offered that gets new customers three month’s worth at a deep discount. Many men and women have discovered the power of Get Away Grey to gradually but naturally reverse their grey hair. Will you be next?

There are many testimonials about this product, and each one contains a story that could be very similar to your own.

Even if you’ve never tried this kind of gray hair solution to reverse graying before, you can get great results by trying it now. Take advantage of our special offer of all natural anti graying supplements! Getting rid of your gray hair and never having to see it return is worth every penny.

Is There a Grey Hair Cure?

With the multitude of celebrities going grey, one could wonder if they are just succumbing to the inevitability of salt-and-pepper crowns. Could it be that there is really no such thing as a cure for grey hair? There are many ways that companies have claimed to cure grey hair, but are they really the ultimate solution? This post sets out to list the different ways grey hair is “cured,” and which ones really work.

Color It

Dyeing hair

Some people choose to dye their hair back to its natural color.

Dyeing your hair back to its natural color is the classic gray hair cure. It’s cheap, easy, and accessible. The only problem is: it’s horrible for your hair! Dye tends to dry out your hair follicles, destroying them over time. Eventually, you will not only have dry, brittle hair, but also the grey hair you were trying to desperately to get rid of. Because the color-producing cells in your hair are diminishing, hair dye makes the problem worse by killing off cells with its powerful chemicals. While the chemicals in classic hair dyes keep hair colored, they do not aid in maintaining the quality of your hair.

Style It

Another general grey hair cure is to accept the color and choose a great style! Short or long, many styles allow for a lovely look. However, these styles can be difficult to maintain, as natural gray hair tends to be coarse and unmanageable. As the hair has lost much of its properties, it tends to do whatever it wants regardless of product or consistent styling applications. Pixie cuts are the most common grey hair styling option, giving the wearer an easy cut to handle and a younger look despite the hair color. But are these two options the only way to fix grey hair?

Shampoo It


Some companies claim their shampoo can solve your grey hair problems.

Many of our favorite shampoo brands have come up with new and exciting ingredient lists that tackle the grey hair problem. With daily use, these products promise to get your hair back to its natural color. And, because you have to shampoo your hair anyway, it seems like a perfect solution! The ingredients in the shampoos, however, are not going to change your hair color. Because no dyes are included, your hair cannot simply change color. Additionally, because the actual chemical responsible for color production in hair cells is catalase, there is virtually no way these can work to cure the grey hair problem.

Cure It

GetAwayGrey speaks up with a resounding “No!” Scientific evidence proves that there really is a cure for the silver strands of visible wisdom. Our experts have created a supplement that includes all of the necessary ingredients to not only cure grey hair, but reverse it completely! By adding catalase to your body, you can stop grey hair from occurring and get your natural hair color back on track. Catalase is what your body needs in order to produce color in your hair follicles.

By replenishing this supply, you will be able to effectively cure gray hair forever.

Hair Why You Turn Grey? – 5 Reasons for Premature Grey Hair

As he stood there, reflecting upon the man he once was, with his chiseled good looks and long wavy hair, it suddenly dawned on him that he had been abandoned by his youth. For his dark, thick mane was now home to the relentless great white …

Ah yes! The ruthless plague infecting us all, leaving us to be tortured and shunned by society, never to be understood, never to hear or be heard … okay, perhaps we’re getting way over our head here, it’s just grey hair, really! Although, those comfortable with grey hair are either on their way, or perhaps are color blind, the rest of us, well we end up spending about $42.5 billion a year trying to cover those insufferable grey locks that sit there mocking our every move.

What’s surprising is that we Americans spend more on trying to cover graying hair up than we do on diet products, and look at how big we are. Even women, who are so afraid of the idea of getting old that a single wrinkle on their foot could send them into a psychotic meltdown, compelling them to try anything to cover it up, just don’t realize that a little bleaching won’t do the trick.

In fact, if you think about it, grey hair is just one of those things that actually make sense. Let us take for example the ink cartridges in your printer, they run out the minute they get old. So, why wouldn’t the ink cartridges in your head run out too? And since they keep printing the same color, they are pretty much asking for it, or so we thought.

It’s actually quite the opposite. When our hair turns grey, it’s our body that’s bleaching the hair from the inside. The body naturally produces hydrogen peroxide; which begins to build up so much that it obstructs the melanin (which is the body’s natural hair dye). With no melanin, our hair turns grey, then white. And snap! We’re old.

But what about those poor souls who see the “great white” at an early age, why is the universe punishing them? Well, they’re pretty much punishing themselves with bleaching, dyes and various other unnatural remedies to have their hair sleek and shiny.

Take a look at their …


Many people wash their hair every single day and the harsh chemicals in shampoos make their hair susceptible to turning grey. In addition to that, various coloring and hair treatments, hair straightening and perms cause constant stress on the hair and can lead it to becoming grey.

And yes! Let’s not forget the…

Stress Factor

It’s been proven that stress is one of the major causes of premature grey hair. Any form of stress can increase the chances of your hair growing grey and there could be a number of factors for stress, such as school, work and even family. Your diet can also lead to premature grey hair as well.

However, the good news is, and yes there is good news, that if you understand the process of your hair turning grey, you figure out how to stop it naturally. In fact, science has brought you a natural remedy that no longer requires you to color your hair.

Seriously, science discovered it, and it’s called GetAwayGrey and it’s the perfect solution for your premature grey hair.  Say bye, bye to irritating grey hair! And hello to the rest of the world!

How Get Away Grey Works – Understand Your Catalase Supplements

Catalase is an enzyme responsible for preventing grey hair produced naturally in our body to fight against cell damage. In case of depletion of this essential protein at any age, your hair starts going grey fast. Get Away Grey is a naturally made and quite effective catalase supplement that can reverse grey hair and get them back to their original color. Get Away Grey combines together all the essential vitamins and proteins that overcome the deficiency of catalase in your body.

How Does It Work

As a by-product of several reactions in our body, hydrogen peroxide which acts as a natural bleaching agent is produced. Catalase, an enzyme produced in our bodies, breaks down this hydrogen peroxide into water and molecular oxygen before it can cause any damage to our hair. If the catalase fails to break it down, it has the tendency to bleach our hairs to grey color. Usually with age and sometimes due to other reason, the production of catalase in our body starts depleting and grey hair starts appearing fast.

Get Away Grey is a supplement that is rich with catalase enzyme, derived from completely natural sources. With the consumption of these supplements, you can sustain the level of catalase in your body that starts fighting the hydrogen peroxide and reverse grey hair back to their original color.

How Long Will It Take

The basic thing to understand is that the hair already grown on your scalp cannot be changed to your original color in any way except a hair dye. Get Away Grey works on the new hair growth, ensuring that they grow in your natural color. So, the length of time it can take to reverse grey hair depends on how long it takes to build back your catalase count and the natural rate of growth of your hair.

When the catalase enters your body, it starts breaking hydrogen peroxide preventing it from causing any more damage to your hair cells. However, it cannot revive the cells that are already damaged. It may take you 8 to 12 weeks to see new hair growth in your natural hair color. This new growth can eventually replace your grey hair if you continue taking the supplements regularly.

Even when all your grey hairs have been replaced, you still have to keep up with the supplements in order to maintain your natural color. If you stop the supplements, your catalase sources will once again start to deplete and grey hair will appear once more.

Where to Get It

You can get this catalase supplement quite conveniently by ordering it online. You can visit GetAwayGrey.com and place your order. If you are not sure whether it will work or not, you will be relieved to know that you can get a 100% money back guarantee for the first 12 weeks.