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Stop Gray Hair: Physical Exercises Could Help You Win the Fight with Premature Graying

premature gray exerciseIf your parents were forced to deal with the first signs of premature aging in their late 20s or in their early 30’s, chances are that you will follow in their footsteps. Unfortunately, scientists are still pretty far from discovering the fountain of youth.

Aging is a natural process that will eventually change your looks, your attitude and priorities and your level of self-esteem. The good news is that you can delay the aging process and stop gray hair from shattering your confidence.

You may ask: How could I do that? You could wipe many years off your skin and hair by eating clean and training hard. Yes, you’ve got that right: physical exercises play an important role in this equation, allowing you to stay in excellent shape, look younger and prevent those annoying grays.

An Interesting Experiment Sheds Some Light on this Matter

The respectable Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky from the Ontario-based McMaster University suggests that a well-balanced exercise routine can help men and women perverse their youth for a longer period of time. He and many other reputable researchers have reached the conclusion that the loss of perfectly healthy mitochondria is one of the main causes of premature aging.

The scientist conducted an experiment on mice that had been genetically programmed to age faster. He altered the mice’s ability to repair their defective mitochondrial repair system. The results were pretty shocking: the mice aged and died at a fast pace.

All of them shared the same fate, expect the ones that exercised. Mice that used to run on their tiny wheels for 45 minutes at least 3 times on a weekly basis managed to preserve the natural color of their fur and prevent the appearance of gray hairs.

As a result, Dr. Tarnopolsky indicates that exercise can help restore the mitochondrial system, by stimulating the body to produce a protein entitled PCG-1alpha.

A different study conducted by experts from the University of Florida highlights that the damage caused by free radicals is up to 13% more severe in men and women who do not exercise. In this context, it appears that a good workout can actually stop gray hair. Moreover, it would also bring you different other amazing benefits worth considering, including toned, glowing skin and superior bone mass.

Fighting Gray Hair with a Pill

Can you actually reverse gray hair fast and without exposing yourself to considerable health risks? The answer is yes. You can stop gray hair with a pill and rest at ease, knowing that unwanted side-effects will never be a part of the picture.

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