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Smoking and Gray Hair: Are They Connected?

smokerThose who are in the habit of smoking may not associate their habit with gray hair. But cigarettes do play a role, and not only in the color of the hair as we get older. Hair loss, as well as damage to the follicles, roots and scalp can also occur as the result of smoking.

The Link between Smoking and the Hair

In fact, a study was recently conducted on the effects of smoking on hair with some surprising results. Not only was it found that smoking definitely accelerates graying; it was also found that the habit is responsible for hair that is more prone to breakage and loss.

The damage to hair as reported by the study included hair loss. The results showed that the hair follicle is directly impacted by the smoke from a cigarette. Considering the fact that cigarettes contain over four thousand chemicals, this comes as little surprise.

The chemicals in cigarettes rob the body of oxygen, a substance on which many of the body’s processes, including hair growth and health, rely. When an individual smokes, less oxygen and fewer nutrients are available in the blood. And when the body doesn’t get enough, or specifically the hair, the result is hair that is dry, brittle and easily broken. And of course, the deprivation of oxygen to the hair can cause premature graying.

Other Effects Smoking Has On Your Hair

An imbalance in hair oils can be caused by smoking, as it has been found that the tar in cigarettes can build up and block the channels through which oil is secreted and distributed. Smoking has also been shown to thin the skin on the scalp, which can leave follicles and roots with even less protection.

The synthesis of collagen, necessary for healthy hair, relies on Vitamins A and C. But smoking deprives the body of these two vitamins, which can leave hair looking lank and lifeless.

Although there are many negative side effects where it comes to smoking and the hair, the good news is that any damage done can be completely reversed when an individual quits.

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