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Most Flattering Tones and Cuts for Women with Gray Hair  

gray-hairInstead of fueling your obsession about ugly aging hair, you may want to see things from a different perspective: gray is not an enemy; it’s a color. As a matter of fact, according to celebrities and top-rated stylists, gray represents one of the trendiest shades at this point, so why do you let it get the best of you?

We know how tempting it is to grab a hair coloring kit from your nearest grocery store. Don’t. Dyes are just another indicator of the fact that you’re in denial. Sooner or later, gray roots will pop out of nowhere, compromising your uniform color coming from a tube. So what’s the best plan that you could apply to deal with graying hair in the most effective manner? Get a gorgeous cut, try to lighten or darken your aging tresses naturally to achieve a consistent color and flaunt your depigmented strands like a first-hand celeb.

Finding the Right Cut

Here are a few suggestions that may influence your upcoming makeover project:

  • Pixie cuts are for bold women with perfect facial features. If you don’t need to rely on your long tresses to camouflage certain minor flaws, go for it! Don’t forget to use a high-shine spray to get healthier-looking, glossy strands.
  • Shoulder-length cuts with loose curls are a safe bet, regardless of your facial particularities. They ensure a romantic, elegant look and are suitable for various occasions.
  • Straightened gray hair with bangs may be a good pick for women with gorgeous highlights and lowlights, like Diane Keaton. A word of advice: if you have thinning hair, don’t go for this hairstyle, as it would only make your grays look even more fragile. A messy parting is the key to making grays blend in and achieve a flawless image even in between coloring appointments.
  • Layered cuts are also a fabulous option, especially if you want to go for a modern hairstyle and avoid the old lady look.
  • Short cuts with lots of volume contribute to a sophisticated Queen Elizabeth II-inspired royal look.

Getting the Right Tone

When it comes to changing your tones, you should know that gradual transformations do not necessarily require the usage of dyes. You can use freshly squeezed lemon juice to lighten your locks and a mix of coffee, black teaand sage leaves to darken your tresses. All in all, lavender gray, anthracite gray and pure white are only three of the most sough-after shades that you could pursue after turning 40.

If you hate the idea of going gray and would much rather turn the clock in your favor, start using catalase supplements to restore your pigment rapidly and risk-free.