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Most Elegant Evening Gray Hairstyles for Women Over 50  

Hairstyles-For-Older-Women-3Every single time you get invited to a very special event, you spend a few hours in different boutiques trying on dozens of glittery shoes and dresses. A couple of days before the party you spoil yourself with a mani-pedi, facials and the most complete spa treatment that you can afford. What about your gray hair? Last-minute decisions revolving around a new cut and color are very seldom a good idea, especially when you are getting ready for a cocktail party or a gala. Fortunately, there are quite a few sleek, low-maintenance hairstyles that flatter most women over 50 and don’t require an entire arsenal of styling tools and products to look their best for many hours in a row. Here are a few examples worth mentioning.

A Long Bob. The long or medium bob is one of the most versatile hairstyles that you could ever decide to try. It is suitable for women of all ages and is a great match for all face shapes, hair colors and textures and complexions. If you want to rely on this elegant style to hide your gray hairs, consider getting highlights and lowlights, or go for an asymmetrical cut with a messy parting to distract attention away from the depigmented strands.

Hairstyles-For-Older-Women-7Shoulder-Length Blonde Hair with Loose Curls. This hairstyle is a safe bet for most aging women for a number of reasons. First of all, as soon as they get hit by premature graying, more than a few classy ladies decide to lighten up their locks. A lighter color makes the grays less visible. Secondly, shoulder-length cuts work best for those who want to accentuate their feminine side and maintain a youthful look. When it comes to getting a new cut, don’t go to extremes. Aging hair that is way too long or too short may no longer suit you. Thirdly, loose curls add warmth to your face and contribute to an effortlessly chic romantic look. You can pull your curled locks in a pony or style them in a slightly messy updo. Either way, use your favorite hairspray to finish the look. You may also want to count on a high-shine styling product (preferably a different spray) to maximize the brilliance of your graying hairand accentuate your blonde tones.

Short Hairstyles with Side-Swept Bangs. You’ve tried to get rid of gray hair naturally using homemade potions without witnessing any signs of improvement. So now what? Here’s an idea: cut your hair short and create multiple layers and modern side-swept bangs. This is Emma Thompson’s iconic look that never ceases to attract compliments. To keep your aging hair in excellent condition, you may also want to start taking vitamins for gray hair based on catalase.