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Linda Rodin Shares Her Secret on Aging Gracefully

LindaDogWhy should you be terrified of the natural aging process, when every single year that you add to your own age can be the perfect opportunity to upgrade your personal style and perfect your daily habits? Self-acceptance correlated with an ever-growing desire to achieve higher standards could help you cope with inherent changes, like the appearance of the first wrinkles and gray hairs. You’ve probably always wondered how celebrities who are constantly into the spotlight manage to age gracefully and look their best throughout every single stage of their lives.

Linda Rodin has been kind enough to share her secret on growing old in style. In the 60s, Rodin was already recognized as a top-rated model. In the 70s, she left the runways to inaugurate her successful business- one of the very first New York-based concept stores. More than four decades later, Rodin is still the very definition of beauty, elegance and charm. How does she do it? According to her own statement, published by Style.com, healthy eating and more than enough hours of sleep are the main ingredients of her effective elixir of youth.

She Has Gorgeous Hair & Skin! What Does She Eat?

OK, so what are the foods that she consumes on a regular basis? As a matter of fact, Rodin is one of those people who like to eat the same dishes day after day. Before you rush to say that this diet is boring and unbalanced, you should know that Rodin consumes leafy greens, organic eggs, avocado and fish, as well as cheese and bread, on certain occasions. She is also a big fan of salads and Japanese food and likes to add coarse salt and olive oil to add a distinctive flavor to her preferred dishes. Therefore, the healthy, non-processed foods that she enjoys the most are excellent sources of protein that keep her graying hair and skin fresh and younger-looking.

How Does Rodin Stay Fit?

As she confesses, she is not a big fan of sustained physical activity. Rodin just likes to start the day by taking her dog out for a long walk, and she always spares a few moments to enjoy her cup of cappuccino. According to WebMD, even simpler, less calorie-consuming actions like walking your dog or taking the stairs can keep you in motion and add up to more significant health benefits.

Taking Openly about Gray Hair and Beauty Standards

Rodin thinks that beauty goes well beyond the unrealistic poreless skin advertised by fashion magazines. She sticks to the ideals that she developed when she was still in her 20s. She uses a minimal amount of makeup and follows a very simple nightly routine: based on a simplified face cleansing ritual and the oil that is a part of her personal line (“orange blossom” essential oil by Linda Rodin). She has been using the same mascara since she was 14. Rodin keeps her gray hair shiny and silvery by using a special conditioning shampoo formulated for depigmented strands: Shimmer Lights by Clairol.

All in all, a basic hair and skin care regimen that does not include the usage of tons of cosmetics, a clean diet and lots of sleep guarantees Rodin’s envy-generating tonus and fantastic beauty. If you feel that you can’t address the needs of your aging hair just by eating right or getting 8 hours of sleep every night, choose to give it a boost of TLC by taking catalase supplements. These pills for gray hair will fortify, protect and beautify your locks from the inside out.