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Leading Causes of Premature Greying: Are You in The Loop?

Here’s what you need to know about premature greying.

What is Premature Greying?

Gray hair

Grey hair showing up earlier than expected? You’re not stuck with it!

Premature greying is happening to people everywhere, but why exactly does this happen, and at what age is grey hair considered premature? Grey hair occurs when the cells producing color cease their pigment production. So, grey is merely the absence of any color. This absence of color has been considered as a symbol of wisdom, but for most of us, it’s just another finger pointing at us and laughing. When this color deficiency appears sooner than we could have anticipated, it’s an extra disappointment.

How Soon Is too Soon?

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper is a classic example of premature grey hair.

Thinking your grey hair is showing up a bit too early on in life? Studies show that grey hair makes its appearance much earlier than most of us want to believe. For Caucasians, graying typically occurs during the mid-30s, with premature graying labeled as before age 20. For Asians, the normal graying process starts in the late 30s, and for African-Americans, their 40s! Signs of grey earlier than age 30 for African-Americans is considered premature. Classic examples of premature grey hair include Anderson Cooper and Taylor Hicks.

Did those numbers fall in line with your original thoughts? A grey hair cure is needed!

Why Does This Happen?

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 deficiency can contribute to prematurely greying hair.

Some studies tout genetics and an individual’s environment as the reason for early grey, but that isn’t always the case. Scientific studies have shown that one reason for our body’s underproduction of color-producing enzyme is a possible B-12 vitamin deficiency. Other reasons include excess hydrogen peroxide, issues with the pituitary or thyroid glands, and smoking.

Hydrogen peroxide is a naturally occurring element in the body, but when there is not enough catalase to break it down, the hair becomes bleached, making your hair grey. Getawaygrey has a way to naturally return your hair to its color-producing days.

What Can I Do?

As we age, those silver strands of wisdom are destined to show up. For those of us unfortunate enough to receive them early, there is hope, thanks to Getawaygrey! We understand the desires to find that grey hair cure, and have found the solution to this problem. Our grey hair vitamins were created with specific ingredients to target the underlying issues causing you strife. By combining vitamins and catalase, this product attacks the problems causing grey hair, returning your hair to its natural color.

This gray hair cure also contains Saw Palmetto and Zinc Oxide, two other ingredients that have been shown to assist in hair loss and thinning issues. The combination of ingredients in these grey hair vitamins is a proven tactic to naturally reverse grey hair. Take advantage of our Limited-Time Risk-Free offer and say goodbye to those unnecessary tresses.