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How to Look Young with Gray Hair

42a401b9b134b55986fc463a11f74b9aYou may think that gray is the foundation of a horrendous look, but in fact it is just a color. As a matter of fact, according to many celebrity stylists, this hue is witnessing a major popularity increase. As all the coolest kids on your block are going gray, following in the footsteps of classy A-list celebs which are far from being threatened by premature graying, like Rihanna, Adam Lambert or Nicole Richie, we can’t help but wonder: how can you actually look young with gray hair? Here are a few essential pointers that will help you solve this puzzle and rock neat, fabulous grays in no time.

Get an Attractive Cut. Here’s a great words of advice that you shouldn’t ignore: keep it short &classy. Whether we’re talking about a rebellious Pink or Jamie Lee Curtis-inspired pixie or an elegant elongated bob, both options will emphasize your best facial features and distract people’s attention from your fading color. Use high-shine sprays or mousse-based products to keep those untamable grays in place and profit from the strongest hold without compromising the glossy image of your depigmented locks.

Style It Properly. Avoid heat-based styling tools and try to dry your hair naturally as often as you can. You can achieve one of the many sleep-friendly, no heat hairstyles based on loose, and bouncy curls by using rag or sock buns.

Condition Your Locks. Want to avoid frizziness that will make your locks resemble Albert Einstein’s’ distressed mane? Don’t forget to condition your grays regularly. Salon deep conditioning treatments are an inspired choice, as long as you can afford them. According to Ladies’ Home Journal, clarifying and moisturizing shampoosand conditioners are the best picks for both men and women struggling to enhance the beauty and general state of health of their graying hairs. Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo,Artec White Violet Color Shampoo and Phytargent Whitening Shampoo are three excellent alternatives for people interested in fighting brassiness and yellowish tints.

Love Your Natural Texture and Learn to Embrace It. Trends come and go, but the natural texture of your hair will stay in fashion forever. Don’t work against it. According to Oprah.com, aggressive styling tools and products will only leave your aging hair deteriorated, dull and lifeless. Going gray is not a styling error; it is a mature choice that will boost your confidence and your independence and help you save some cash in the process. If you think that you are not quite ready to embrace a silver metallic tone, opt for a gentle transformation. Use catalase supplements to darken your hairs gradually, from the inside out. Catalase will help your body dissolve hydrogen peroxide accumulations and stop the hair depigmentation.  Whichever option you choose, remember that dealing with aging hair shouldn’t be a hassle. Vitamins for hairand delicate hair care products will facilitate your transition and ensure the brilliance and health of your locks at any age.