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How to Do Your Own Gray Hair Styling

0809p32-gray-mAre you already dealing with your first silvery strands? If that’s the case, you should know that your grays can actually make you feel proud. Instead of trying to struggling to conceal your grayish or all-white mane you can actually own it and make it look gorgeous at any age.

Regardless of your eye color, facial features and skin tone, you can turn a beautiful gray with prominent metallic accents into the most flattering shade that you’ve ever dared to try. Nonetheless, there is one more thing that you may have to figure out: what’s the best at-home styling routine for graying hair? Let’s find out.

1) Be Patient and Get Ready for a Long Period of Transition. According to Today Health, if you have recently decided to stop using dyes and embrace your grays, you should be prepared to cope with a period of transition ranging from 4 to 8 months, depending on the actual length of your tresses. It takes more than half a year to go from colored hair to fantastic, natural locks.

2) Get Highlights and Invest in a Fantastic, Low-Maintenance Cut. Truth be told, only a few women call actually flaunt extremely long, graying hair. If you’re having a hard time trying to tame your rebellious hairs every morning and you’re dealing with an ever-changing shade of gray that is constantly fading, you may want to go for a shorter cut. A sleek book could be just the thing for you: it is classy and elegant,ageless and easy to maintain.

cool-gray-hair-23) Use a Shampoo Especially Formulated for Gray Hairs. Replace your everyday shampoo with a top-rated substitute especially designed to fight that awful yellow cast that usually threatens to rob gray hair of its natural beauty. Shampoo with bluish or violet accents keep your silver strands smooth, shiny and healthy-looking. Gently brush your locks before every single washing cycle. This will help you keep your hairs untangled.

4) Condition Your Hairs Regularly. You don’t need to have a diploma in trichology to realize that grays are drier and much more prone to extensive deterioration than fully pigmented hairs. According to Oprah.com, this is precisely why it is mandatory to invest in a quality conditioner that you can use at home. Also, if you swim in pools frequently, you should wear a swim cap or condition your hair before going into the water. In case you love sunbaths and plan a long vacation at the seaside, don’t forget to pack gentle styling products ensuring a great UVA/UVB protection. Also, if you have serious issues with your damaged, frizzy grays, you may want to invest in salon deep-conditioning treatments once or twice a month, to regenerate your hair, restore its brilliance and prevent further damage.

5) Upgrade Your Hairstyle. After applying a premium volumizing product on your tresses, you can comb your hair with your fingers and let it dry naturally. Obviously, this is the simplest and safest styling routine. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have enough time to follow this course of action, you could also blow dry your hair, but make sure you always utilize the low heat setting to avoid potential damage caused by elevated temperatures. Using a brush, you can create beautiful, large, natural-looking curls. Romantic curls are a great choice for women who are looking forward to upgrading their current hairstyle; not to mention that they match every type of face and any kind of attire.

6) Get Creative by Using Accessories. Sophisticated accessories can really make your grays pop. From classy bobby pins decorated with pearls to gemstone headbands, there are numerous kinds of fun, flirty embellishments that you should try at least once, to boost the appeal of your aging hair.