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How Much Water Should You Drink to Stay in Shape?

fitness mature woman drinking water after exerciseMost aging people think that they should only drink water when they are thirsty. No wonder their gray hair and pale skin look unhealthy and dehydrated. So at the end of the day, one pressing question comes to mind: how much water should you actually drink to look and feel good? There is no easy answer to this question. It all depends on your age and general state of health, as well as on how active you really are.

Surprising Things That You May Not Know about Water

Water represents up to 60% of our overall weight and is listed as one of the most prominent chemical components comprised by the human body, according to Mayo Clinic. Basically, all cells, tissues, organs and systems depend on the water that we drink on a daily basis to function properly. Water is an indispensable ally and carries out several important tasks. For instance, it flushes various toxins from different systems and manages to preserve an ideal moist environment for throat, nose and ear tissues. Even the mildest form of dehydration can drain the energy out of you and make you feel tired and lifeless.

The Institute of Medicine points out the men should drink approximately 13 cups of water (3 liters) per day, while women should settle for 9 cups (the equivalent of 2.2 liters).

The Connection between Healthy Hair and Water Intake

As we grow older, out hairs become coarse and much more rebellious simply because they lose a significant percentage of their natural oils. Aging hairs are also unappealing because of their fading color. But how could you actually turn back the clock and prevent the first signs of premature graying? According to eHow, those who want to improve the looks and functionality of their body should start by drinking enough water. If your body is not properly hydrated, nutrients won’t manage to reach hair follicles as fast as they should, in normal conditions. An optimal water intake won’t help you become immortal and hold on to your natural pigment forever, but it will definitely allow you to slow down the hair oxidation process.

Easy DIY Hacks to Delay Premature Graying

Here are a few simple lifestyle changes that you could decide to implement to protect your natural pigment and keep premature graying at a distance:

  • Avoid caffeine and junk food
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Get a better mattress (it will help you sleep better and keep your hairs shiny and younger-looking)
  • Include plenty of protein-rich fresh foods in your daily diet
  • Take scientifically-proven vitamins for hair based on catalase to allow your body to dissolve hydrogen peroxide accumulations and maintain a natural color on your tresses

Pure water is a true gift from above, enabling you to stay young and beautiful and display fantastic hair and skin even after turning 50. Regardless of your current culinary preferences, percentage of graying hair and daily habits, always keep in mind that an optimal hydration is the key to a healthier mind and body.