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How Men Can Find the Most Convenient Gray Hair Cure

photolibrary_rf_photo_of_man_looking_at_gray_hairDid you really think that only women are extremely concerned about their appearance? In reality, most men would also do everything it takes to stay young and attractive for the longest period of time. Some of them want to find a way to banish those premature wrinkles and to take pride in healthier, firmer skin, while others have to struggle hard to spot the very best gray hair cure.

Unfortunately, lack of research can make some prospects think that hair dyes are the one and only solution to the graying problem. As a matter of fact, hair coloring products only represent a camouflage method and aren’t designed to tackle the root of the hair oxidation issue. So which other alternatives should you consider? Keep reading to find out.

Everything You Need to Know about Popular Hair Coloring Options

The first gray hairs can send chills down your spine, especially if you detect them in your late 20s or early 30s. They are clearly not a sign that you’re old, and still they make you look and feel more mature and less irresistible. This is one of the main reasons why men rely on hair coloring options to mask those creepy gray hairs.

In fact, according to the info provided by Survey, a U.S-based marketing research company, the percentage of men who use hair dye has witnessed a radical growth from 2% to 7% from 1999 to 2010. Moreover, it seems that 11% of all men in the 50-64 age box use hair coloring products frequently to recover their youth and their confidence. Here are 4 of the most common hair coloring options embraced by men:

a)      Progressive coloring, also known as “the Grecian formula” is based on lead acetate, allowing the user to control the darkening process and obtain satisfactory results.

b)      Direct hair dyes are easy to use; however the new color can disappear after only 5 to 10 washing cycles, depending on the quality of the product.

c)      Semi-permanent hair dyes last twice as long as direct dyes, due to their amount of peroxide that ensures a longer lasting color.

d)      Permanent dyes contain ammonia and peroxide and can be used to obtain highlights or to mask those dreadful grays. On the other hand, you’re basically forced to embrace the end result. Otherwise, you would have to cut it really short or to dye it again and again.

Win the Fight with Hair Oxidation with a Pill

Obviously, hair coloring options are not a gray hair cure. So what’s the best alternative at hand, when it comes to fighting the first signs of premature aging? You can reverse gray hair with a pill. Get Away Grey is a magnificent vitamin complex based on Catalase.

You might ask: what’s the connection between Catalase and gray hair? Catalase is a powerful enzyme that decomposes hydrogen peroxide- the element responsible for the presence of those annoying silvery roots- into 2 harmless compounds: water and oxygen.

Therefore, a natural source of Catalase suitable for both men and women, like Get Away Grey, is the best answer to your hair oxidation problem. Buy it, use it with confidence and start kicking that unappealing gray hair to the curb today!